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The FOUNTAIN-Head of all Bleflings: or, The great

Store-house opened. *.

2 Cor. V. 8.

All things are of God.

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Y friends, here is a fhort, but very subtantial

and comprehenfive text, God, and all things are in it. If our thirst were great this day, here we may drink our fill, not only at the streams, the word and fa. crament, and the good things, the great things held forth therein, for all things are here; but also at the fountain-head of all things that we want, by beholding and believing that all shings are of God. The nearer we come to the fountain this day, the better and the fweeter; and the furer will our communion be : for streams may fail us, and take a different turn; ministers may fail us, and be but dry breasts without milk; frames may fail us, and that which hath a sweet flow, may soon have a fad ebb; yea, fiefh and heart, and all things may fail us : but there is a fountain of light, and life, and com. fort, and of all good things here, that is always full,

* This subject was the substance of three Sermons. The first was an action-sermon, preached immediately before the celebration of the facrament of the Lord's supper at Dunfermline, August 10. 1740. To which is annexed, a discourse at the service of the first table. The other two serinons were delivered at the same place, sometime after the facrament,


and never empty, that is constantly flowing, and never ebbing, that never changes, but is perpetually the same. And could we fix the heart and eye of faith upon this fountain of all things, we might have a full communion this day, or a communion with fulness, notwithstanding of emptiness.

Though you were saying, I want a pardon, I want a blessing, I want a frame, I want all things I should have: yet faith may say, that is no matter'; I have what is better than all these things, I have the fountain here prefent, the God in whom I live, move, and have my being; in whom, and from whom I have all: “ Having nothing, I poffefs all things ;" for, All things are of God. If this be a feast-day, here is ample provision; here is a streamfeast, all things in Christ : here is a fountain-feast, All things are of God. If the stream be let out, then here is enough for sense, all things: yea, though these streams should be dry, yet here is enough for faith and hope ; All tbings are of God.

The verse immediately preceding shews us what view we are to have of the all things here spoken of; for we are told there, that, “ If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” So that the all tbings here intended, are there that relate to the new creation in Christ Jesus. The context immediately following shews us, what view we are to have of this God, viz. as a reconciled God in Christ; for the words are, “ All things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ; and hath committed to us the ininistry of reconciliation, to wit, that God was in Chrilt reconciling the world to himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them, and hath committed to us the word of reconciliation.” Hence the text in this view, affords us the following doctrine. Observ. " That all things relating to the new crea

“tion in Christ Jesus, are of God, as a reconciled

" God in him.” This is a great point of saving knowledge, as you see from Christ's words to his Father concerning his difciples, John xvii. 7. “ Now they have known, that all


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things, whatsoever thou hast given me, are of thee.”! To this agrees that word, John iii. 35. “ The Father loveth the Son, and haih given all things into his hand.” Whatėver bleflings then we share of out of Christ's hand, are given first out of the Father's hand; for, All things are of God. See also to this purpose, Eph. ii. 8, 9, 10,

By grace are ye saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.” It is of God; “ Not of works, left any man fhould boaft: for we are his workmanship, created in Chriit Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained, that we should walk in them.” Where it is evident, that all things relating to the new creation in Christ Jesus are of God; All things are of God.

The method we would lay down, for the prosecuting
of this observation, through divine aid, shall be the fol.
I. We would instance some of these all things, relating

to the new creation, that are of God.
II. Enquire how all these things are of God?
III. Whence it is that all things are of God?
IV. Make application of the whole subject.

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I. We would inftance some of these all things relating to the new creation, in Christ Jesus, that are of God. “ If any man be. in Christ Jesus, he is a new creature: old things are passed away ; behold, all things are become new,” verse 17. Who makes them fo? Why, God says of himself, Rev. xxi. 5.“ Behold, I make all things new;" and here it is said of him, All things are of God, namely, all the new things here spoken of; particularly,

1. The new birth is of God: and therefore they that are born again, are said to be born of God, 1 John iii. 9. v. I. They are “ Born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God,” John i. 13. They are born of the Spirit, John iii. 5,6. 8. And hence, to the same purpose,

2. The new heart is of God; “ A new heart will I give you, and a new Spirit will I put within you; and I will take away the stony.heart outof your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh,” Ezek. xxxvi. 26. If you get a be.



lieving heart this day, it will be of God; if you get a humble heart, a praying heart, a loving heart, a tender heart, a fixed heart, it must be of God.

3. The new life is of God, who is the fountain of life, and who faith unto us, when we are in our blood, Live, Ezek. xvi. 6. The fpiritual life, hid with Christ in God, is of God. Why, the life of justification in Christ, is of God; “ It is God that justifieth, who is he that fhall condemn?" The life of sanctification and holinefs . is of God; “I am the Lord that fanctifieth

you.” •4. The new light is of God; “ The God who conimanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined into our hearts, to give us the light of the knowledge of his glory in the face of Jesus Christ,” 2 Cor. iv. 6. God is the Father of all lights, natural and spiritual; “Every good and perfect gift cometh down from the Father of lights,” James i. 17.

5. The new liberty is of God; “ The Lord looseth the prisoners, Psal. cxlvi. 7. and where the Spirit of God is, there is liberty,” 2 Cor. ii. 17. If any bonds be loofed here this day, God must get the glory of it: and the foul that is loosed from the bonds and fetters of dark. ness, doubts, fears, and unbelieving jealousy, so as to be at liberty to ferve the Lord with freedom, ought to fay, “ Thou hast loosed


bonds." 6. The new garment is of God: it is he that clothed us with the garments of salvation, and covers us with the robe of righteoufness, Ifa. Ixi. 10. It is of God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, speaking in the plural number, that fays to the spouse of Christ, Song ii. 11. “We will make thee borders of gold, with studs of filver.” The robe of imputed righteousnefs is of God's making: He, by whom Christ is made fin for us, by him we are made the righteousnefs of God in him, 2 Cor. v. 21. The robe of imparted grace and holiness is of God's making; “ The king's daughter is all glorious within, her clothing is of wrought gold," Psal. xlv. 13. ; wrought by the finger of God, whose workmanship the new creature is.

In a word, All things relating to the new creation in Cirrist, are of God. The new eye is of God, who opens

of the understanding. The new ear is of God, who opens the ear to discipline, and seals instruction. The


the eyes

new tongue and language is of God, who creates'the fruit of the lips. The new food for immortal foul is of God's giving; - My Father giveth you the true bread.” The new appetite and defire after Christ is of God, who draws it out after him ; * No man can come to me, except the Father, which hath sent me, draw him." The new will is of God, who maketh willing in the day of his power. The new hope is of God, in opposition to the old hope of our life upon our doing so and fo.-

The new hope of life, upon the doing, dyiog, and rising of Christ, is of God, who hath begotten us again to a lively hope, by the resurrection of Christ from the dead. The new walk is of God, who says," I will put my Spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes.”—The new strength is of God, who giveth power to the faint, and to him that hath no might he increaseth strength. --All our new ability and sufficiency is of him; “ We are not sufficient, of ourselves, to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God.”—All things relating to the new creation are of God. The new heaven and the new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, is of God, vho maketh all things new.--The new covenant is of God, who says, “ I have made a covenant with my chofen.”_The new-covenant fealt is of God; “In this mountain shall the Lord of hosts make unto all his people a fealt of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined,” Isa. xxv.6.

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II. The second general head propofed was, To their how all these things are of God,

1. All things are, of God, as the contriver and willer of them. The old creation was a great contrivance ; but the new creation is not only a great, but a good, and yet a more glorious contrivance. It could never have been devised but in the breast of infinite Wisdom. All proceeds from an act of God's sovereign will; “ Of his own will begat he us, by the word of truth," James i. 18. And Heb. X. 18. " By this will we are fanctified, thro' the body of Christ, once for all." Hence all the promises of the new covenant are so many I wills; Ezek. xxxvi. 25,3@." I will be your God; I will


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