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I demand the yeas and nays on my motion. ber of extra copies be printed as of the testi- expengos of the territorial government of Montana,

Mr. SCHENCK. I withdraw the demand for mony heretofore reported by the same com- shall ever be paid to any person claiming to have
the previous question simply for the purpose

been elected to the Council and House of Represent-
mittee; which was referred, under the law, to

atives of the Legislative Assembly of said Territory calling the attention of the House to the fact the Committee on Printing.

for services as members or officers thereof, at theresthat the proposition of the gentleman to reduce

sion begun and held as aforesaid, or to defray the

COMMERCE WITI MEXICO. the Army to thirty-five thousand, if it were to

expenses incurred by said Legislative Assembly for

any purpose. prevail, would reduce the Army below its pres

Mr. JULIAN, by unanimous consent, introent maximum, forty-three thousand. I trust duced the following resolution:

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I call the prethat there will be no instructions given to the Resolved, That the Secretary of the Treasury be vious question on the bill and amendment. committee. I renew the demand for the pre

instructed to communicate to this House any infor- The previous question was seconded and the

mation he may have concerning discriminations made vious question. by the so-called Maximilian government of Mexico

main question ordered, which was upon agreeThe previous question was seconded and against American commerce, or against commerce

ing to the substitute. from particular American ports. the main question ordered; the question being

The question was taken ; and the substitute first upon Mr. Ross's motion to instruct the

Mr. RAYMOND. I suggest to the gentle- was agreed to. Committee on Military Affairs.

man that he call upon the President and not The bill, as amended, was then ordered to Mr. WRIGHT. What would be the effect the Secretary of the Treasury for this informa- be engrossed and read a third time; and being of moving to lay that motion on the table? tion. That is the usual form, and I believe the engrossed, it was accordingly read the third The SPEAKER. It would carry the bill || only form in which the head of a Department

time and passed. with it. can respond. I make that suggestion for his

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, moved to reconThe yeas and nays were not ordered. consideration.

sider the vote by which the bill was passed; The question was taken on Mr. Ross's Mr. JULIAN. I will modify the resolution

and also moved that the motion to reconsider motion, and it was disagreed to.

be laid on the table. The question recurred upon the motion to The resolution, as modified, was agreed to.

The latter motion was agreed to. recommit the bill to the Committee on Military CLERK FOR COMMITTEE ON AGRICULTURE.

BOUNDARIES OF NEVADA. Affairs and order it printed ; and being put,

Mr. BIDWELL, by unanimous consent, sub

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, from the Committee the motion was agreed to. Mr. SCHENCK entered a motion to reconmitted the following resolution; which was read,

on Territories, reported back Senate bill No. sider the vote by which the bill was recomconsidered, and agreed to:

155, concerning the boundaries of the State of mitted.

Resolved. That the Committeo on Agriculture be

Nevada, with an amendment.
allowed a clerk, at the usual compensation, for such

The bill was read. The first section.pro-

length of time as the chairman may deem necessary, vides that, as provided for and consented to in

in order to make a careful investigation of the exMr. STEVENS. I ask the unanimous conpenditures and administration of the Department of

the constitution of the State of Nevada, all that sent of the House to introduce a resolution Agriculture.

territory and tract of land adjoining the present relative to the recent attempted assassination MURDER OF NORTH CAROLINA UNION SOLDIERS. eastern boundary of the State of Nevada, and of the Emperor of Russia.

The SPEAKER laid before the House a

lying between the thirty-seventh and the forty. The resolution was read, and is as follows:

second degrees of north latitude and west of communication from the Secretary of War, Resolved by the Senate and House of Representativer

the thirty-seventh degree of longitude west of of the United States of America in Congrese assembled, transmitting, in compliance with a resolution That the Congress of the United States of America of the House of April 16, 1866, the report of

Washington, shall be added to and made part has learned with deep regret the attempt made upon

of the State of Nevada. the Judge Advocate General in regard to the the life of the Emperor of Russia by an enemy of emancipation. The Congress send their greeting to murder of certain Union soldiers belonging to

The second section provides that there shall

be added to and made a part of the State of his Imperial Majesty and to the Russian nation, and the first and second North Carolina loyal in.

Nevada all that extent of territory lying within congratulate the twenty million serfs upon the prov

fantry; which was laid upon the table, and idential escape from danger of the sovereign to whose

the following boundaries, to wit: commencing head and heart they owe the blessings of their freedom. ordered to be printed.

on the thirty-seventh degree of north latitnde, Mr. ROSS. I move to refer that resolution


at the thirty-seventh degree of longitude west to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, called for from Washington, and running thence south Mr. CHANLER. I move to insert after the the regular order of business.

on said degree of longitude to the middle of words “ head and heart'' in the resolution, the The SPEAKER. The regular order of

the river Colorado of the West; thence down the words "under God." The Emperor of Russia business for the morning hour of this day is

middle of said river to the eastern boundary is the head of the Greek church and there the consideration of reports from the Committee of the State of California; thence northwesterly ought to be some recognition of the divine on Territories.

along said boundary of California to the thirtypower in this resolution.

Mr. O'NEILL. Does not the unfinished seventh degree of north latitude; and thence The SPEAKER. The resolution is not business of the Patent Office Committee come east along said degree of latitude to the point before the House. Is there objection to the up this morning?

of beginning;, provided that the territory introduction of the resolution?

The SPEAKER. It does not ; that business

mentioned in this section shall not become a Mr. ROSS. I object unless it is to be

will come up when there is another morning part of the State of Nevada until said State referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs. hour for public business, when the Committee

shall, through its Legislature, consent thereto. Mr. STEVENS. I withdraw the resolution on Patents will be entitled to another morning

The amendment was read, as follows: until one man who is in favor of assassination || hour. The morning hour of this day was as

Add to the second section the following proviso: cannot obstruct it. signed, by order of the House on the 13th of

Provided further. That the possessory rights ac

quired by citizens of the United States, in mining Mr. CHANLER. I rise to a question of April, to the consideration of reports from the claiins discovered, located, and originally recorded in order. Committee on Territories.

compliance with the rules and regulations adopted The SPEAKER. The gentleman will state

by miners in the Pah Ranagat and other ýining disTERRITORY OF MONTANA.

tricts in the territory incorporated by the provisions his question of order.

of this act into the State of Nevada, are hereby Mr. CHANLER. It is that the reasons of Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, from the Committee declared to be valid subsisting mining claims; but the gentleman for withdrawing the resolution on Territories, reported back House bill No. nothing herein contained shall be so construed as were not stated so as to be heard here, and 202, to amend an act entitled "An act to pro

granting a title in fee to any mineral lands held by

possessory titles in the mining States and Territories. evidently had a bearing upon the action of the vide a territorial government for the Territory House. of Montana,'' approved May 26, 1864, with an

Mr. KASSON. I would inquire if this act The SPEAKER. The gentleman from | amendment in the nature of a substitute.

would make the titles to these mining claims Illinois (Mr. Ross) objected to the introduc- The amendment was read, as follows:

any different from what they would be if this

act should not tion of the resolution, and that objection pre- Striko out all after the enacting clause and insert:

pass. vents the resolution coming in. The gentle

That the Governor of the Territory of Montana

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. In the Territory man from New York was not recognized as

be, and he is hereby, authorized on and after the 1st of Utah, where it is supposed this Pah Ranagat

day of September, 1866, to reapportion said Territory district is situated, there is no law regarding objecting

for the election of the Council and Ilouse of Repro-
sentatives: Provided, That said apportionment shall

mining claims. And if this bill should pass be based on such an enumeration of the qualified without the amendment proposed by the comMr. BOUTWELL, from the committee on clectors of the several counties as shall appear from mittee, as soon as the information should reach reconstruction, reported evidence in reference

the election returns in the office of the secretary of to the State of Georgia; which was laid upon the Territory and froin such other sources of infor

the district the mines now located there would mation as will enable the Governor, without taking

be liable to have their claims jumped by perthe table, and ordered to be printed.

a new census, to make an apportionment which shall sons who would at once enter them under the Mr. BOUTWELL moved that the same

fairly represent the people of the several counties in
both Houses of the Legislative Assembly of said Ter-

mining law of Nevada. And it is proposed dumber of extra copies, be printed as of the ritory; and the Legis ive Ass nbly elected in pur- that the possessory right to those claims shall testimony heretofore reported by the same suance of this act shall provide by law for the clec- remain the same as if they had been originally committee; which motion was referred, under

tion of a Council and House of Representatives as
directed in the act of which this act is an amendment.

discovered in Nevada; but they are not thereby the law, to the Committee on Printing.

Sec. 2. And be it further piacted, That the acts of to have the title in fee.
Mr. CONKLING, from the same committee, the so-called Legislative Assembly elected without Mr. KASSON. Mr. Speaker, I concur en-
reported testimony in relation to the States of

authority of law, and in pursuance of the proclama-
tion of the acting Governor, which met and began its

tirely in the propriety of the object which it is Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina; session in the city of Virginia on the 5th of March, desired to accomplish; but I fear that the manwhich was laid upon the table, and ordered to 1866, be, and the same are hereby, declared disap- ner in which it is proposed to be accomplished be printed.

provedl and null and void; and no money now approMr. CONKLING moved that the same num: printed, or which may hereafter be appropriated, by

will interfere with any legislation that this Conthe Congress of the United Statos for detraying the gress may determine upon touching the valid

ity of those mining claims, unless the gentle || I cannot consent to such a motion as the gen- kind, transferring land from one Territory to man will consent to have the amendment so tleman proposes:

another, with the inhabitants thereof, is redumodified as to provide that the titles shall Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I think that || cing these people, and nothing more nor less, remain as valid as if this transfer of jurisdic: the gentleman from Ohio, [Mr. Asuley,] the to the condition of serfs; and in behalf of my tion were not made. If the gentleman will chairman of the Committee on Territories, 1 constituents, the people of Utah, I here most consent that the amendment shall be put in | ought not to urge this matter against the wishes | solemnly protest against it. that form, it will be safe; but it now declares of the Delegate from Utah without giving him According to the amendment of the gentlethat those titles shall be valid ; and I fear that a fair hearing. This bill proposes to take off man from Maine, [Mr. Rice,] that part of the if the amendment be adopted in its present | eighteen thousand square miles from that Ter- bill which proposes to dismember Arizona is in form, it may stand in the way of legislation | ritory; and I think it only fair and just that mercy stricken out. which we may hereafter desire to enact. the Delegate representing the Territory should Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. The amendment

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. If the gentleman have a full opportunity to be heard on this has not been adopted. will examine the amendment, I think he will || question.

Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. On the principle find that it is not justly liable to the objection, Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I demand the pre- of equal legislation the amendment should which he raises. Both the Mining Committee vious question on the amendment and the cover the whole ground. and the Territorial Committee are unanimous amendment to the amendment.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Then there would in favor of the adoption of this proposition. The previous question was seconded and the be no bill.

Mr. KASSON. Let the amendment be again main question ordered; and under the opera- Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. There ought not to read.

tion thereof Mr. Kasson's amendment to the be. I deem it almost next to useless to refer The Clerk read the amendment. amendment was agreed to.

to the fact that the people of Utah were the Mr. KASSON. The point which I make is The amendment, as amended, was agreed to. first to break a path from the Missouri river that instead of the language, "are hereby de- Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I now yield to

to the center of this continent. We claim to clared to be valid,'' the amendment should read, my colleague from Maine [Mr. Rice] to offer

to be the pioneers. We claim to have taken the "shall remain as valid and subsisting as if this a further amendment.

germ of everything now in that country, over act had not been passed." By the language

Mr. RICE, of Maine. By instruction of the the broken roads and there planted them which I propose, we shall avoid precluding our

committee, I move to amend by striking out without any expense to the Government. We selves from making any modification as to the the following words:

have there built up a State of one hundred extent of the claims, if we should choose to

To the middle of the river Colorado of the West;

and fifty thousand people; we have built up attempt hereafter a general system of regu- thence down the middle of said river to the eastern two hundred and fifty grist and saw mills; we lating these mining claims.

boundary of the State of California; thenco north- have established three cotton factories; we I may remark that I take some special inter

westerly along said boundary of California to tho
thirty-seventh degree of north latitude; and thence

have grown two thousand bales of cotton ; we est in this question in consequence of examina- east along said degreo of latitude to the point of have opened up one hundred and fifty thoutions made during my trip to the mountains beginning.

sand acres of arable land, from which not only last year. The amendment which I propose Mr. Speaker, I only wish to say that the that State but all the Territories adjacent draw will accomplish, as I think the gentleman must effect of that amendment is to exclude from the their supplies. admit, the entire purpose which he has in view, || portion of the territory to be attached to Ne. Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I must resume the while it will avoid the danger that I certainly vada that portion in the Territory of Arizona, || floor. for one apprehend from the present language so that all the territory annexed to Nevada by Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. I ask the House, of the amendment.

this bill will only be the portion taken from in the name of justice, and in respect to the Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I have no objection | Utah.

rights of a people who have done as much as to the amendment which the gentleman sug. Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, demanded the pre- any other to sustain the Government, to reject gests. The Mining committee, of which I am vious question.

the bill. a member, as well as the Territorial Commit- The previous question was seconded and the Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I yield ten mintee, have had this matter under consideration, main question ordered.

utes to the Delegate from Arizona. and are unanimous in favor of amending the Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. I ask the gentle- Mr. GOODWIN. I hope the amendment of bill in this way in order to secure the interests man to consent to the printing of this bill before the gentleman from Maine will prevail. The of parties who have made large outlays. I action is taken on it.

bill, as amended, would provide for taking a have no objection to the insertion of the gentle. Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. It has already been || portion of Utah and annexing it to Nevada, man's proposition.

printed and is upon our files. I yield to the || striking out so much of the Senate bill as proMr. Kassox's amendment to the amendment | gentleman fifteen minutes of the hour to which vided for the annexation of any portion of was read, as follows: I am entitled under the rules.

Arizona. Strike ont before the word "valid” the words "are Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. Mr. Speaker, I This bill came to the House of Representahereby declared to be," and insert in lieu thereof the do not propose to make a speech, but I feel it tives from the Senate. While it was pending words "shall remain as.

due to my constituents to elicit for them as before the Committee on Territories in the Mr. WRIGHT. I desire to ask whether our much information as I can why this dismem- Senate no hearing was had on the merits of action in declaring possessory rights valid is to berment should take place.

this question. With my consent no hearing affect the legal title to those lands.

From the reading of the report of the House was had at that time, thongh I was notified Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. We desire to neg. committee, as well as from the report of the that the bill was pending, for the reason that ative entirely the idea that it shall have any Senate committee, upon which that body has I desired to hear from my constituents in relasuch effect.

acted and passed this bill, I have not been tion to the matter. When the bill came before · Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. This is a question || able to find any tangible reason assigned, || the Committee on Territories of the House a affecting the Territory which I represent here; || indeed any reason at all, for the course which full hearing was had on the merits of the quesand from the reading of the bill I have not is attempted to be pursued. The bill presented tion, and the committee, after hearing, decided been able to trace distinctly the line of divis- to the Senate, as I understand, was drafted by to strike out so mueh of the bill as related to ion proposed. I therefore ask the chairman one of the Senators from Nevada. It was there the Territory of Arizona. of the committee to state to what extent the referred to the Committee on Territories, and Mr. Speaker, the House of Representatives committee propose to dismember the Territory I believe specially referred to him, and by him is not the most convenient tribunal before of Utah.

reported favorably to the Senate, when the which to present a question of this kind. A Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. They propose to Senate, acting in accordance with the report, | question regarding the dismemberment of a take off eighteen thousand square miles. passed'it.

Territory should be decided upon evidence Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. Will the gentle- I will say that during the pendency of this mat- and facts, and not upon simple statements man be kind enough to give it to me in degrees? terin the Senate I never received any notice, nor made in the course of debate; and the quesIs it one degree east and west?

did I have any opportunity of appearing before tion was so regarded by the Committee on TerMr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Yes, sir.

that committee to represent the views of the ritories of this House." I hope that the House Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. Moving the bound- citizens of Utah touching this matter which so will adopt the recommendation of the commit. ary from the thirty-eighth to the thirty-seventh vitally affects their interests. I have had an tee on this subject. degree?

opportunity of appearing before the House I can only state very briefly, in the time Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Yes, sir; taking committee, and there stated my objections to allotted to me this morning, the substance of eighteen thonsand square miles, leaving the this maiter.

the argument, the points that were made be. Territory of Utah with eighty-eight thousand It is not, Mr. Speaker, only in behalf of fore the Committee on Territories. It would square miles, whereas it now has one hundred the people of Utah that I object to the dis- be impossible to go over the argument in full. and six thousand.

The first objection to taking this portion of Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. Mr. Speaker, would that is to be established. I believe the course the Territory of Arizona and annexing it to it be in order for me to move that the further of legislation now proposed is without prece. Nevada is this: there is no natural connection consideration of this bill be postponed until it dent in the history of the country or its legis- || between those Territories. This portion of shall have been printed?

lation in reference to the Territories. On the the Territory of Arizona is part of the waterThe SPEAKER. It would be, if the gen- | simple action of a committee thousands of shed of the Colorado river. All the streams tleman from Ohio yields for that purpose, square miles are taken from one Territory and running through that Territory empty into the

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I do not yield for attached to another without assigning a reason Colorado. The people &receive their supplies that purpose. This is a Senate bill; it has been or consulting the people who are to be trans- up the Colorado river. The principal mail printed in the Senate, and is now on onr files. ferred. It does appear to me a position of this route into Arizona runs down through a settle

39TH Cong, 1st Sess.No. 149.

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ment about two hundred miles distant from square miles; New Mexico has 121,000 square pays a tax of $286,000. Utah has a populaPrescott, which is the capital of the Territory. || miles; and with the dismemberment which we tion of eighty thousand, and pays but $41,000 All their connections and business are with the propose from Arizona, we still leave that Ter- The people of Nevada pay taxes at the Territory of Arizona.

ritory 121,000 square miles. Thus the terri- rate of $5 70 each; the people of Utah at the Now, if they were annexed to the State of torial area of Nevada will be 104,000 square rate of fifty-one cents cach, or about one elevNevada they would be obliged, in order to reach | miles, Utah 88,000, Arizona 121,000, New enth as much as the people of Nevada. Let the capital of the Territory, either to go round Mexico 121,000, and Colorado 104,000. members judge which is the most benefit to the by San Francisco or to go up nearly to the point In addition to that, the annexation of this United States. of the overland mail route before they could get | territory to Nevada makes the boundary line The gentleman from Utah (Mr. Hooper] into the route leading to the capital of Nevada. of that State a navigable river. The head || speaks of the principle of the thing. I should There is no natural connection between this waters of navigation will then be within the like to know what principle is violated by this country and the State of Nevada. It is sepa- State of Nevada; they will have an outlet to bill, when the organic act of Utah provides for rated from that State by a portion of the great the Gulf and to the sea; and as they have || reserving to the Congress the right to take a desert, which presents an almost impassable | less arable land susceptible of cultivation than portion of the territory to be annexed to some barrier. It is so perfectly barren that it is called either Arizona or Utah, I think it due that we other State or Territory. And that is the case “Death Barren.” That forms the boundary should annex this territory to the State of in regard to the organic act of Arizona. The between the two. Nevada.

Territory of Utah has twenty-five thousand There is another objection to this bill. It I will state that at the time the Territory of square miles more than Nevada has, and the establishes a new precedent in legislation. Nevada was erected, but few of the members | Cistrict proposed to be annexed to Nevada is While the consent of the State of Nevada is of the Committee on Territories understood a mining territory. The people of Nevada made a condition-precedent to the annexation | anything of that country; it was comparatively are a mining people, while the people of Utah of this Territory, no consent is required on the unknown; we only knew it as a mining coun- are an agricultural people. We need this strip part of the people of Arizona. They are obliged || try. Since that time I myself have been of territory; our interests are identical with tho to take upon themselves the burden of a State through the Territory of Utah and the State of interests of those who inhabit that strip of tergovernment without their consent. I would be Nevada, coming back by the southern route; || ritory. Utah will then be left with eighty-eight perfectly willing that this bill should pass if and I think I understand the wants of the peo- thousand square miles, which is seven thousand the people of that portion of Arizona can be ple of that country; and I am sure the Speaker square miles more than Nevada now has. permitted to vote on this question and decide also understands them. I hope, therefore, In regard to Arizona, I will say that there is it by a majority. And I propose to offer, if this that the proposition made by the Senate and a point of land across the Colorado river, runamendment should not be adopted and the bill sent in here will be adopted, and that the ning up between Nevada and California, of should pass in its present shape, an amend- amendment of the gentleman from Maine [Mr. about six thousand square miles. It has been ment of that kind. “And sir, I know, and gen- RICE] will be voted down.

very little occupied until lately. Since navitlemen who advocate this bill know, that if the I now yield, for a moment, to the gentleman | gation has been opened, a few persons from bill does pass in this shape there will be an from Nevada, (Mr. ASHLEY.]

Utah have gone down there and settled at the almost unanimous vote of the people of that Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. Before the gentle- || head of navigation on the western side of the portion of the Territory against it.

man from Ohio yields the floor, I desire to ask Colorado river. They are opposed to being It may be urged that there are but few peo- him a question. I would ask him whether he united with Nevada, because they will then be ple within this Territory. Last year there were thinks that, from a trip across the country, he under a State government, and not under a fifteen hundred people at least upon the Muddy || knows more about that country and the wants territorial government, where they might have river and its branches, and I am informed by of its people than a man who has lived there more influence. the Governor of Arizona, Mr. McCormick, that for sixteen years.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I must resume the there are now nearly twenty-five hundred peo- Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I do not know that floor now, and ask for a vote upon the amendple within the Territory, and that by the mid- a man could pick up the same amount of in- ment of the gentleman from Maine, (Mr. Rice.] dle of this summer there will be five thousand. formation in the time I was there that a man The question was taken; and upon a division,

The burden of a State government is sought could pick up in fifteen or sixteen years; but there were-ayes twenty, noes not counted. to be imposed upon these people without ask- I know that the information I obtained was So the amendment was not agreed to. ing in any way their consent, and I believe that from reliable gentlemen, and that I am quite The bill, as amended, was ordered to be is establishing a wrong precedent.

as disinterested in this matter as the gentleman | read a third time; and having been read the Mr. GRINNELL. With the permission of can be who represents the Territory of Utah. third time, it was passed. the gentleman froin Ohio, [Mr. Ashley,] I I now yield to the gentleman from Nevada. desire to say that I have a friend living upon Mr. ASHLEY, of Nevada. Mr. Speaker, | the vote by which the bill was passed ; and also

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, moved to reconsider this portion of the Territory proposed to be set it was for a long time understood in Nevada off, and if we are to yield to the vote of the peo- that we had this territory that it is proposed the table.

moved that the motion to reconsider be laid on ple whether it shall be annexed to Nevada, I now to take from Utah. Some of the maps The latter motion was agreed to. see no objection whatever, inasmuch as Utah showed it; a map which the Delegate from has a much larger portion of arable territory. Arizona had here showed it. But the law

WASIIINGTON TERRITORY. At present I do not believe it is as well gov. turned out to be different.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, from the Commiterned as Nevada, but if we are going to yield The reason why we want this territory for tee on Territories, reported back, without to the people, to common sense, and to the Nevada is that our people from Nevada have amendment, House bill No. 179, amendatory laws of nature, they would go there; and if discovered mines in that degree of latitude, of the organic act of Washington Territory, eighty thousand square miles is not enough for and we are occupying the country now. I live | approved March 2, 1853. Utah, as it is at present constituted, I think we in the eastern part of Nevada myself, and I The bill was read. The first section provides had better take off a little on the north. I hope know of but one Mormon living in that degree that after the next annual session of the Legis. we will by all means give Nevada a slice, thus of latitude. The Mormons have always been lative Assembly of the Territory of Washing. securing more arable land to that State which averse to mining; they have crushed it out in ton the sessions shall be biennial; members is well governed and is now yielding a very that Territory, and I can tell this Congress || of the Council shall be elected for a term of four large revenue to the Government.

that our people who discover and work mines years, and members of the House for a term Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. In a moment I there do not wish to be under the control of of two years, and shall receive the sum of six will yield to the gentleman from Nevada, who the government of Utah ; and I tell you that || dollars per day instead of three dollars, as here. is more interested in this matter than any it is for the benefit of the United States that tofore allowed, and the same mileage now other member of the House. I want to say, they should not be. All of Nevada was made allowed by law. in reply to the gentleman from Utah, (Mr. out of the Territory of Utah. They opposed The second section provides that each House Hooper,] that when I was on a visit last sum- the organization of the Territory of Nevada | shall have authority to elect, in addition to the mer through his Territory, President Young || in the beginning.

officers now allowed by law, an enrolling clerk, told me he had no objection whatever to this Mr. HOOPER, of Utah. I would like to who shall receive five dollars per day; the proposed dismemberment of the Territory of ask the gentleman a question. I believe that | chief clerk shall receive six dollars per day, Utah. There are but few, if any, of his people || when the Territory of Nevada was organized and the other officers elected by said Legislaliving upon the territory proposed to be trans- I was the Delegate from Utah, and so far from ture shall receive five dollars each per day. ferred.

opposing the measure, I acquiesced in it. And The third section provides that the first elecMr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I would let me repeat here that it is merely as a matter tion for the first biennial session under this act like to know who President Young is ?

of principle that I object to this measure. shall be held at the time of holding the general Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Mr. Brigham Mr. ASHLEY, of Nevada. The Territory of election for the Territory in 1867. Young is president of the church.

Nevada was here three years before she could Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I call the previous Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. Oh! be admitted. And if Utah was in favor of it, | question.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I favor this meas. as well as the people of Nevada, it is a little The previous question was seconded and the ure and am opposed to the amendment of the strange it took so long to get her in.

main question ordered. gentleman from Maine, because the bill equal- Now, our people are occupying this strip of The bill was ordered to be engrossed and izes the Territories and makes the area of Ne territory, which Utah does not need and which read a third time; and being engrossed, it was vada, which is now but 80,000 square miles, we do. The State of Nevada has not to exceed | accordingly read the third time and passed. by the additions taken from Utah and Arizona, | fifty thousand inhabitants, while the returns of Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, moved to recon. 104,000 square miles; Colorado has 104,000 ll the collector of internal revenue show that she Il sider the vote by which the bill was passed;

and also moved that the motion to reconsider to say that in this immense region, cast of the mittee on Territories shall have a morning hour be laid upon the table.

Sierra Nevada mountains, there is not one acre on Saturday next. The latter motion was agreed to.

in ten thousand that can be used for agricul- Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I object. ARTESIAN WELLS IN THE TERRITORIES. tural purposes without irrigation; and in all I do not object to the committee having a mornMr. RICE, of Maine, from the Committee

that country there is not in any living stream ing hour after the usual morning hour. on Territories, reported back, with an amend

or lake sufficient water to irrigate one acre in Mr. HARDING, of Kentucky. I object, ment, House joint resolution No. 32, to facili

every ten thousand. The only hope of redeem- Mr. STEVENS.' I suggest that Saturday tate communication, with certain Territories.

ing this land is in having these artesian wells week be set apart to receive reports from all The question was on ordering the joint res

dug, in order that the lands there may have the committees. We can never get through olution to be engrossed and read the third irrigation.

unless that be done.

Mr. STEVENS. time.

May I ask the gentleman Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. An hour The joint resolution was read at length. It a question ?

for each committee. provides that whenever any loyal citizen of the

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Yes, sir.

Mr. ROSS. I call for the regular order of United States shall make and establish an

Mr. STEVENS. Does the gentleman expect

business. artesian well on the line of any mail route in that irrigation for agricultural purposes will be

Mr. STEVENS moved that the House proNew Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, and the furnished by artesian wells?

ceed to the business upon the Speaker's table.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. It is the only hope. The motion was agreed to.
Colorado desert of California, at least ten miles
distant from any spring or stream of living
Mr. STEVENS. Is it any hope at all?

ADMISSION OF COLORADO. water upon such route, and a like distance from

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I do not know

whether sufficient water can ever be obtained The SPEAKER accordingly laid before the any well which may be established thereon by virtue hereof, he shall be entitled to one section

in this way; but I do know that some of the finest House Senate bill No. 74, for the admission of of the public land, not including mineral land, regions in the Old World have been opened to

Colorado into the Union ; which was read a embracing such well, the same to be marked cultivation by means of the irrigation furnished

first and second time.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I am instructed to out and designated in a compact form by such | by artesian wells; and I know that in this vast citizen; and upon filing with the surveyor country, ranging from Mexico to the northern put this bill on its passage, unless some gen

tleman desires to be heard on it, or an early general a sworn notice of the fact that such || Pacific, there is not one acre in ten thousand well has been established, with a particular

which can ever be brought under cultivation day can be fixed for its consideration.
unless by the aid of artesian wells.

Several MEMBERS. Let us act on it now. description of the premises so marked out and designated, the same shall be treated as reserved

Mr. HIGBY. I desire to state, in connection

Mr. RICE, of Maine. If I understand the land, and after the lapse of three years from with this question, that in San José valley, in

action of the Committee on Territories, it was the date of such establishment and upon satis

the State of California, there are several arte- that a day should be assigned for the considersian wells which have been sunk to a great

ation of this bill. factory proof made to the said surveyor gen

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. If no one desired eral of conformity to the foregoing stipulations, depth, and which give an abundant flow of water. and that pure water from such well has been And in the city of Stockton, in the county of

to be heard I was to put it on its passage. constantly furnished without charge to the pubSan Joaquin, an artesian well has been sunk

MESSAGE FROM THE SENATE. lic traveling upon such route, the inceptive || feet, giving a stream of water which rises twelve to the depth of nine hundred or a thousand

A message from the Senate, by Mr. McDoxright of the claimant shall be affirmed, and or fifteen feet above the surface.

ALD, its Chief Clerk, informed the House that upon the extension of the lines of the public survey, the boundaries of such section shall

Mr. RICE, of Maine. I resume the floor to

the Senate had agreed to the report of the be adjusted according to the lines thereof. demand the previous question.

committee of conference upon the disagreeing The second section provides that effect shall

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I hope the

votes of the two Houses upon the bill (S. No. House will refuse to second the demand for the

26) entitled "An act to encourage telegraphic be given this resolution by the Commissioner

communication between the United States and of the General Land Office, who shall have full | previous question. I desire to know from the power to revise and finally determine all rights | faw, there is not provision by which title to a

the island of Cuba and other West India islgentleman from Maine whether, under existing

ands, and the Bahamas.'' and claims arising under the same, and to furnish evidence of title to such reserves, by pat: portion of the land on this mail route can be

Also, that the Senate had passed a bill (H. obtained from the Government.

R. No. 280) making appropriations for the ent or otherwise, with such conditions incorporated therein as may be necessary to secure

Mr. RICE, of Maine. No, sir.

service of the Post Office Department during and perpetuate the purposes of the grant;

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I under

the fiscal year ending June 30, 1867, and for provided that no more than six hundred and stand there is. I can get the book in a minute.

other purposes, with an amendment, in which forty acres shall be granted in the case of any

the concurrence of the House was requested. They are entitled to preëmption. one well; and provided further, that no

Mr. RICE, of Maine. Under the homestead bill they may be.

dry acts that originated in the Senate. grantee or beneficiary under this act shall be allowed to enter any lands under any home

Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I hope the

On motion of Mr. STEVENS, by unanimous stead act of the United States. previous question will not be seconded.

consent, House bill No. 280 was referred to the Mr. RICE, of Maine, obtained the floor, but

On seconding the previous question there

Committee on Appropriations. yielded it to

were, on a division-ayes 67, noes 35. Mr. GOODWIN, who moved to amend by So the previous question was seconded.

Mr. HARDING, of Illinois. I ask unaniinserting after the word "well,”' in the fourth

The main question was then ordered to be

mous consent to take up from the Speaker's line, the words "at places where water cannot put.

table Senate bill No. 220, for the relief of cerbe procured by other means;"

The amendment was agreed to. so that the

tain contractors for the construction of vesselsclause would read :

The joint resolution, as amended, was ordered of-war and steam machinery. Whenever any loyal citizen of the United States to be engrossed and read a third time; and Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I ask to shall make and cstablish an artesian well at places being engrossed, it was accordingly read the have it read. It involves the payment of milwhere water cannot be procured by other means. third time and passed.

lions of dollars for the benefit of contractors, Mr. RICE, of Maine. I have no objection Mr. RICE, of Maine, moved to reconsider Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I cannot yield for to that amendment.

the vote by which the joint resolution was passed; || all that. Mr. STEVENS. I desire to inquire whether and also moved that the motion to reconsider this is the bill we had before us some time ago

ADMISSION OF COLORADO-AGAIN. be laid upon the table. proposing to give a square mile of land to any The latter motion was agreed to.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Unless some genman who digs a well.

tleman desires to offer an amendinent, or unless Mr. RICE, of Maine. No, sir; by the amend


I can have an early day fixed for the considment which has just been proposed, it is pro

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I ask that the Com- eration of this bill, I shall ask the previous vided that these grants shall not be made, mittee on Territories shall have another morn

question. ,except in cases where water cannot be procured || ing hour after the call of the select committees. Mr. RICE, of Maine. Will the gentleman by other means.

When the committee was called before I was yield for an amendment? Mr. STEVENS. If the gentleman would absent on account of sickness.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Certainly. reduce the quantity, so as to give only a quarter Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. I object. Mr. RICE, of Maine. I desire to strike out · section or one hundred and sixty acres in each

the word "white" where it occurs.

AMENDMENT OF TERRITORIAL ACTS. case, I do not know that I would object to the

Several MEMBERS. It is not in the bill.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, from the Committee Lill. As it is, I move that the bill be laid on

Mr. RICE, of Maine. I did not understand the table. on Territories, reported back House bill No.

that this was to come up for discussion to-day. The SPEAKER. The gentleman from Maine | 508, to amend the organic acts of the Territo

Mr. INGERSOLL. I demand the report[Mr. RICE) is entitled to the floor.

ries of Nebraska, Colorado, Dakota, Mon; ing of this bill. Mr. RICE, of Maine. I demand the pretana, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and

Mr. RICE, of Maine. Is it not in order to New Mexico. vious question, and yield to the gentleman from Ohio, the chairman of the committee.

move to refer it to the committee ? During the reading of the bill the morning

The SPEAKER. It is if the gentleman from Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I am very certain

hour expired, and the bill went over until the that the gentleman from Pennsylvania would next morning hour for public business.

Ohio [Mr. ASHLEY] withdraws his demand for

the previous question; not otherwise. not desire to have this bill laid on the table had COMMITTEE ON TERRITORIES-AGAIN. Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I do not withhe ever traveled over those plains. "I undertake Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I ask that the Com- draw it.

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Mr. STEVENS. Will the gentleman yield ? || and then, if a majority of the House prefers to tleman from Maine [Mr. RICE] will withdraw
Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Yes, sir.

take up the tax bill, they can postpone this his call for the previous question and let the
Mr. STEVENS. I suggest to the gentleman measure and take that up. The matter will be question be taken upon the motion to refer,
that he had better allow a day or two for some within the control of a majority of the House. and I hope the motion to refer will not pre-
friends to amend this bill. There are reasons It seems to me that to refer this bill to the vail, but that we will go on with the considera-
why a great many of us cannot now vote for it, Committee on Territories would be to kill it. tion of the bill to-day.
but we may amend it so as to pass it. I hope Mr. BINGHAM. That is what is intended. Mr. RICE, of Maine. I will withdraw the
the gentleman will consider whether it is pru- Mr. FARNSWORTH. I understand that demand for the previous question.
dent to take the sense of the House upon it now. that is what is intended, but I do not desire to The question recurred upon the motion of

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I cannot yield for see it killed. If any gentlemen here have op- Mr. Rice, of Maine, to refer the bill to the
that purpose unless we fix, say to-morrow after || position to make to this bill, I am willing that Committee on Territories.
the morning hour, for its consideration. they shall have a fair opportunity of presenting The question was taken; and upon a divis-
Mr. ROSS. I think we had better have it | their views to the House.

ion, there were---ayes 53, noes 56. postponed, say to-morrow two weeks.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I make the prop- Before the result of the vote was announced, The SPEAKER. The gentleman from Illi- osition that we go on with the bill now, and if Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, called the nois objects.

gentlemen have anything to say, or have any yeas and nays on the motion to refer. Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Then I insist on amendments to offer, do it now.

The yeas and nays were ordered. the demand for the previous question on the Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. What is The question was taken; and it was decided passage of the bill. the question before the House?

the negative-yeas 64, nays 74, not voting
On seconding the demand for the previous The SPEAKER. The question is on refer- 45; as follows:
question, there were--ayes 45, noes 57. ring the bill to the Committee on Territories. YEAS-Messrs. Alley, Allison, Ancona, Baxter,

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I demand tellers. Mr. RICE, of Maine. I demand the pre- Bergen, Blaine, Boutwell, Boyer, Buckland, Chan-
Tellers were ordered ; and the Speaker ap- vious question on that motion.

ler, Conkling, Darling. Dawson, Denison, Dixon,

Eldridge, Eliot, Finck, Garfield, Glossbrenner, Gripointed Messrs. ASHLEY, of Ohio, and Le Blond, Mr. ROSS. I desire to hear that bill read

der, Griswold, Aaron Harding, Harris, Henderson, The House divided, and the tellers reported before we are called to vote upon it.

Higby, James R. Hubbell, Hulburd, James Hum-ayes 46, noes C3.

The bill was read.

phrey, Jenckes, Julian, Ketcham, Kuykendall, La

tham, Le Blond, Marshall, McCullough, McRuer, So the previous question was not seconded. Mr. CHANLER. Is it in order to move to Morrill, Morris. Newell, Niblack, Paine, Perham, Mr. RICE, of Maine. I now move to refer lay the bill upon the table?

Phelps, Pike, Raymond, Alexander H. Rice, Joha it to the Committee on Territories.

The SPEAKER. It is in order.

H. Rice, Ritter, Ross, Shanklin, Sitgreaves, Stevens,

Stilwell, Strouse, Taylor, Thornton, Elihu B. WashMr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I hope it will not Mr. CHANLER. Then I make that motion. burne, Henry D. Washburn, James F. Wilson, Winbe committed unless the House is disposed to Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I demand the yeas field, Woodbridge, and Wright-6t. reject it entirely. I demand the yeas and nays. and nays upon it.

NAYS--Messrs. Ames, Anderson, Delos R. Ashley,

James M. Ashley, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barker, Mr. RICE, of Maine. I desire myself that The yeas and nays were ordered.

Beaman, Benjamin, Bidwell, Bingham, Blow, Bransome day may be assigned for the consideration

Dir. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Before the vote is

degee, Bromwell. Broomall, Bundy, Reader W. of this important question, and I hope it may

Clarke, Sidney Clarke, Cobb, Coffroth, Cullom, Detaken, I ask the Chair to state the question to

frees, Deming, Dodge, Driggs, Dumont, Eckley, be an early day. I do not wish to send this to

the House distinctly, so that it may be under- Farnsworth, Farquhar, Ferry, Grinnell, Abner c. the committee if it can be avoided, but rather stood.

Harding, Hart, Holmes, Chester D. Hubbard, Ingerthan be driven to a vote upon it to-day, I

soll, Kasson, Kelley, Kelso, Laflin, George V. Law

The SPEAKER. The question is on the rence. William Lawrence, Loan, Longyear, Lynch, shall insist that it go to the committee. But I

motion of the gentleman from New York, (Mr. McClurg, McKec. Mercur, Miller, Moorhead, Moultrust the chairman of the committee will name CHANLER,] that the bill do lie upon the table.

ton, Myers, O'Neill, Orth, Patterson, Plants, Rollins, an early day for the consideration of this bill.

Sawyer, Schenck, Shellabarger, Spalding, Francis

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Which would kill Thomas, John L. Thomas, Trowbridge, Upson, Burt There are great principles involved in it. the bill.

Van Horn, Robert T. Van Horn, Warner, Welker, Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I will name Mon

The question was taken; and it was decided

Whaley, Williams, Stephen F. Wilson, and Winday, after the morning hour.

dom-74. in the negative-yeas 29, nays 109, not voting NOT VOTING - Messrs. Cook, Culyer, Davis, Mr. ROSS. I call for the special order. 45; as follows:

Dawes, Delano, Donnelly, Eggleston, Goodyear, Hale, The SPEAKER. This is before the House

llayes, Hill, Hogan, Hooper, Hotehkiss, Asahel W.

YEAS – Messrs. Ancona, Bergen, Blaine, Boyer, now, by its order to proceed to business on the

Hubbard, Dema: Hubbard, John H. Hubbard, Edwin Chanler. Coffroth, Darling, Dawson, Denison, Eld- N. Hubbell, James M. Humphrey, Johnson, Jones, Speaker's table.

ridge, Finck, Grider, Aaron Harding, Harris, Le Kerr. Marston, Marvin, McIndoe, Nicholson, Noell, Mr. ROSS. Can I ask for the reading of

Blond, Marshall, McCullough, Niblack, Pike, Ray- Pomeroy, Price, Radford, Samuel J. Randall, Wilthe bill?

mond, Ritter, Ross, Shanklin, Sitgreaves, Strouse, liam H. Randall, Rogers, Rousseau, Scofield, Sloan,
Taylor, Thornton, Winfield, and Wright-29.

Sunith, Starr, Taber, Thayer, Trimble, Van Aernam,
The SPEAKER. The gentleman can de- NAYS- Messrs. Alley, Allison, Ames, Anderson, Ward, William B. Washburn, and Wentworth-5.
mand it.
Delos R. Ashley, James M. Ashley, Baker, Baldwin,

So the motion to refer was not agreed to.
Mr. FARNSWORTH. What is the special

Banks, Barkor, Baxter, Beaman, Benjamin, Bing

ham, Blow, Boutwell, Brandegee, Bromwell, Broom- The question recurred upon ordering the order?

all, Buckland, Bundy, Reader W. Clarke, Sidney bill to be read a third time. The SPEAKER. The Chair will state that Clarke, Cobb,'Conkling, Cullom, Defrees, Deming,

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I now propose Dixon, Dodge, Donnelly, Driggs, Dumont, Eckley, there are two special orders in the House, made

Eliot, Farnsworth, Farquhar, Ferry, Garfield, Grin- that this bill be considered in the House. If some time since, operating after the expiration nell, Griswold, Abner C. Harding, Hart, Henderson, any gentleman desires to be heard upon it I of the morning hour, one to establish the grade

Higby, Holmes, Asahel W. Hubbard, Chester D.
Hubbard, James R. Hubbell, Hulburd, James Hum-

will yield a part of my hour to him.
of general in the Army and the other in regard
phrey, Ingersoll, Jenckes, Julian, Kasson, Kelley,

Mr. STEVENS. The gentleman is very to the pay of officers of the Army, both coming Kelso, Ketchain, Kuykendall, Laflin, Latham, George | liberal, seeing that the previous question has from the Committee on Military Affairs. On

V. Lawrence, William Lawrence, Loan, Longyear,
Lynch, McClurg. McKce, McRuer, Mercur, Miller,

been refused him.
Tuesday next, immediately after the reading Moorhead, Morrill, Morris, Moulton, Myers, Newell, Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Well, I have the
of the Journal, the constitutional amendment O'Neill, Orth, Paine, Patterson, Perham, Phelps,

floor now. reported from the committee on reconstruction

Plants, Alexander H. Rice, John H. Rice, Rollins, is made the special order. On Wednesday and Sawyer, Schenck, Scofield, Shellabarger, Spalding,

Mr. STEVENS. Very well; go ahead. Stevens, Stilwell, John L. Thomas, Trowbridge, Up- Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois. If the Thursday, immediately after the reading of the son, Burt Van Horn, Robert T. Van Horn, Warner, gentleman from Ohio [Mr. ASHLEY] makes & Journal, the two bills reported by that commit

Elihu B. Washburne, Henry D. Washburn, Welker, tee are also made special orders to continue

Whaley, Williams, James F. Wilson, Stephen F. Wil: || speech, I suppose we can answer it.
son, Windom, and Woodbridge-109.

Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. On the 24th March, until disposed of. Besides that, there is the NOT VOTING - Messrs. Bidwell, Cook, Culver, 1864, the Congress of the United States passed tax bill reported by the Committee of Ways

Davis, Dawes, Delano, Eggleston, Glossbrenner, Goodand Means, which has been made the special year, Hale, Hayes, Hill, Hogan. Hooper, Hotchkiss,

an enabling act authorizing the people of the Demas Hubbard, John H. Hubbard, Edwin N. Hub- Territory of Colorado to form a constitution and order in Committee of the Whole on the state bell, James M. Humphrey, Johnson, Jones, Kerr,

State government prior to their admission into of the Union for next Monday, after the morn

Marston, Marvin, McIndoe, Nicholson, Noell, Poinc-
roy, Price, Radford, Sannuel J. Randall, William H.

the Union. Enabling acts were also passed ing hour.

Randall, Rogers, Rousseau, Sloan, Smith, Starr, Ta- for the Territories of Nebraska and Nevada.
That is the condition of the business of the ber, Thayer, Francis Thomas, Trimble, Van Aernam, I drew up those enabling acts and introduced
House with regard to special orders.
Ward, William B, Washburn, and Wentworth-45.

them into this House; but finding that the
Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Then I ask that So the House refused to lay the bill upon Committee on Territories would not be reached
this bill be assigned for next Monday, after the
the table.

in time for action on them in the Senate durmorning hour.

During the roll-call,

ing the second session of the Thirty-Seventh The SPEAKER. The special orders now Mr. CHANLER said: My, colleague, Mr. Congress, I carried them to the Senate and had made can only be overridden by unanimous JAMES M. HUMPHREY, has paired off with Mr. them introduced there, and they passed that consent. POMEROY.

body; but this House failed to pass them at Mr. WILSON, of Iowa. I shall object, if The question recurred upon seconding the that session. At the first session of the Thirtyit is to interfere with other special orders. demand for the previous question.

Eighth Congress the same bills or enabling acts Mr. FARNSWORTH. If it should be made The SPEAKER. The Chair would state were again introduced into both the Senate and a special order for Monday, could it not be post- that if the previous question is seconded and House, and became laws. The bill authorizponed by a vote of a majority of the House? the main question ordered, and the motion to ing the people of Colorado to form a constituThe SPEAKER. It can.

refer is then voted down, the previous ques- tion and State government became a law, as I Mr. FARNSWORTH. Very well; then I | tion would not be exhausted until the bill has have said, on the 24th of March, 1864. cannot see why the House should not consent passed its third reading.

My object in drafting and urging the passage to let it be made the special order for Monday, Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. I hope the gen- of those enabling acts was twofold: one to

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