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Description of a Sabbath morning in the country. The labourer at home.-The town mechanic's morning walk;—his meditation.The sound of Bells.-Crowd proceeding to church.-Interval before the service begins.-English service.-Scriptures read.The organ, with the voices of the people.-The sound borne to the sick man's couch.-His wish.-The worship of God in the solitude of the woods.-The shepherd boy among the hills.-People seen on the heights returning from church.-Contrast of the present times with those immediately preceding the Revolution.-The persecution of the Covenanters.-A Sabbath conventicle.-Cameron.Renwick.-Psalms.-Night conventicles during storms.→→A-funeral according to the rites of the Church of England.—A female character. The suicide.-Expostulation.-The incurable of an hofpital.-A prison scene.-Debtors.-Divine service in the pri son-hall.-Persons under sentence of death.-Appeal on the indiscriminate severity of criminal law. Comparative mildness of the Jewish law :-The year of Jubilee :-Description of the commencement of the Jubilee :-The sound of the trumpets through the land :-The bondman and his family returning from their servitude to take possession of their inheritance.-Emigrants in the wilds of America.-Their Sabbath worship. The whole inhabitants of Highland districts who have

emigrated together, still regret their country.-Even the blind man regrets the objects with which he had been conversant.—An emigrant's contrast between the tropical climates and Scotland.The boy who had been born on the voyage.-Description of a person on a desart island.-His Sabbath.-His release.-Missionary ship. The Pacific Ocean.-Defence of Missionaries.Effects of the conversion of the primitive Christians.-Transition to the slave-trade.-The Sabbath in a slave-ship.-Appeal to England on the subject of her encouragement to this horrible complication of crimes.—Transition to war.-Unfortunate issue of the late war-in France-in Switzerland.-Apostrophe to TELL.-The attempt to resist too late ;-The treacherous foes already in possession of the passes;-Their devastating progress. -Defolation.-Address to Scotland. Happiness of seclusion from the world.-Description of a Sabbath evening in Scotland.Psalmody. An aged man. Description of an industrious female reduced to poverty by old age and disease.—Disinterested virtuous conduct to be found chiefly in the lower walks of life.Test of charity in the opulent-Recommendation to the rich to devote a portion of the Sabbath to the duty of visiting the sick.Invocation to health-to music.-The Beguine nuns.-Lazarus. -The Resurrection.-Dawnings of faith-Its progress-Con



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