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cross of Jesus, his mother, and that he saith true; his mother's sister, Mary of also may believe. Cleophas, and Mary Magdalen. 36 For these things were

26 When Jesus therefore had done that the scripture might seen his mother and the disci. be fulfilled : 6 You shall nos ple standing, whom he loved, break a bone of him. he saith to his mother: Woman, 37 And again another scrip behold thy son.

ture saith : « They shall look on 27 After that, he saith to the him whom they pierced. disciple: Behold thy mother. 38 d After these things Joseph And from that hour the disci- of Arimathea, (because he was a ple took her to his own.

disciple of JESUS, but secretly 28 Afterwards Jesus knowing for fear of the Jews) besought that all things were now accom- Pilate that he might take away plished, a that the scripture the body of Jesus. And Pilate might be fulfilled, said: I thirst. gave leave. He came therefore

29 Now there was a vessel set and took away the body of there full of vinegar. And they JESUS. putting a sponge full of vine- 39 And Nicodemus also came, gar about hyssop, put it to his he who at first came to Jesus mouth.

by night, bringing a mixture of 30 JESU8 therefore when he myrrh and aloes, about an hunhad taken the vinegar, said : It dred pound weight. is consummated. And bowing 40 They took therefore the is head, he gave up the ghost. body of JEBU8, and bound it in

31 Then the Jews (because it linen cloths with the spices, as was the parasceve) that the the manner of the Jews is to bodies might not remain upon bury. the cross on the sabbath-day 41 Now there was in the (for that was a great sabbath- place, where he was crucified, day) besought Pilate that their a garden : and in the garden, a legs might be broken, and that new sepulchre, wherein no man they might be taken away. yet had been laid,

32 The soldiers therefore 42 There therefore because of came: and they broke the legs the parasceve of the Jews, they of the first, and of the other laid Jesus, because the sepulthat was crucified with him. chre was nigh at hand.

33 But after they were come to JE808, when they saw that

CHAP. XX. he was already dead, they did not break his legs.

Christ's resurrection, and manifestation

to his disciples. 34 But one of the soldiers with an phareopened his side, and im- AND on the first day of the mediately there came out blood


Magdalen and water.

cometh early, when it was yet

dark unto the sepulchre : and 35. And he that saw it hath given testimony: and his testimony is true. And he knoweth b Exod. 12 46. Nuin. 9. 12. Zach.

12. 10.-d Matt. 27. 57. Mark 15. 43.

Luke 23. 50.-e Supra, 3. 2.- Matte a Ps. 68 22.

23. 1. Mark 16. 1. Luke 24. 3.


she saw the stune taken away taken away my Lord: And I from the sepulchre.

know not where they have laid 2 She ran therefore, and bim. cometh to Simon Peter, and to 14 When she had thus said, the other disciple whom JESUS she turned herself back, and loved, and saith to them : They saw Jesus standing; and she have taken away the Lord out

knew not that it was JESUS. of the sepulchre, and we know 15 JESUS saith to her:Woman, not where they have laid him. why weepest thou? whom seek

3 Peter therefore went out, est thou ? She thinking that it and that other disciple, and was the gardener, saith to him: they came to the sepulchre. Sir, if thou hast taken him

4 And they both ran together, hence, tell me where thou hast and that other disciple did out- laid him: and I will take him run Peter, and came first to the away. sepulchre.

16 JESUS saith to her : Mary. 5 And when he stooped down, She turning, saith to him: Rabhe saw the linen cloths lying: boni (which is to say, Master). but yet he went not in.

17 JESUS saith to her: Do 6 Then cometh Simon Peter, not touch me, for I am not yet following him, and went into ascended to my Father: but go the sepulchre, and saw the to my brethren, and say to linen cloths lying.

them; I ascend to my Father 7 And the napkin that had and to your Father, to my God been about his head, not lying and your God. with the linen cloths, but apart, 18 Mary Magdalen cometh wrapt up into one place. and telleth the disciples : I have

8. Then that other disciple seen the Lord, and these things also went in, who came first to he said to me. the sepulchre : and he saw and 19 6 Now when it was late Believed

that same day, the first of the 9 For as yet they knew not week, and the doors were shut, the scripture, that he must rise where the disciples were gaagain from the dead.

thered together for fear of the 10 The disciples therefore de- Jews, Jesus came and stood in parted again to their home. the midst, and said to them:

11 « But Mary stood at the Peace be to you. sepulchre without, weeping. 20 And when he had said Now as she was weeping, she this, he shewed them his hands, stooped down, and looked into the sepulchre :

b Mark 16. 14. Luke 24, 36, 1 Cor. 12 And she saw two angels in 15. 5. white, sitting, one at the head, and one at the feet, where the

CHAP. XX. Ver. 19. The doors ·body of Jesus had been laid. were shut. The same power which

13 They say to her: Woman, could bring Christ's whole body, en. why weepest thou ! She saith

tire in all its dimensions, through the

doors, can without the least question to them. Because they have make the same body really present in

the sacrament; though both the one

and the other be above our compre a Matt. 28. 1. Mark 16, 5, Luke 24.4. honsion.


send you.

and his side. The disciples 29 Jesus saith to him: Bo. therefore were glad, when they cause thou hast seen saw the Lord.

Thomas, thou hast believed: 21 He said therefore to them blessed are they that have not again: Peace be to you. As seen, and have believed. the Father hath sent me, I also 30 6 Many other signs also

did Jesus in the sight of his 22 When he had said this, he disciples, which are not written breathed on them; and he said in this book. to them : Receive ye the Holy 31 But these are written that Ghost:

you may believe that Jesus is 23 - Whose sins you shall for- the CHRIST the Son of God; and give, they are forgiven them: that believing you may have and whose sins you shall retain, life in his name. they are retained. 24 Now Thomas, one of the

CHAP. XXI. twelvo, who is called Didymus, Christ manifests himself to his disciples was not with them when JESUS by the sea side, and gives Peter the came.

charge of his sheep. 25 The other disciples there- Ahimself again to the dis

FTER this JESUS shewed fore said to him: We have seen the Lord. But he said to them :ciples at the sea of Tiberias. Except I shall see in his hands And he shewed himself after the print of the nails, and put this manner. my finger into the place of the 2 There were together Simon nails, and put my hand into his Peter, and Thomas who is called side, I will not believe.

Didymus, and Nathanael who 26 And after eight days, again was of Cana in Galilee, and the his disciples were within, and sons of Zebedee, and two others Thomas with them. JESUS of his disciples cometh, the doors being shut,

3 Simon Peter saith to them: and stood in the midst, and said: I go a fishing. They say to Peace be to you.

him: We also come with thee. 27 Then he saith to Thomas: And they went forth and entered Put in thy finger hither, and into the ship: and' that night see my hands, and bring hither they caught nothing. thy hand and put it into my

4 But when the morning was side; and be not faithless, but come, Jesus stood on the shore: believing.

yet the disciples knew not that 28 Thomas answered, and it was JESUS. said to him : My Lord, and my 5 JESUS therefore said to God.

them : Children, have you any

meat ? They answered him: a Matt. 18. 18.

6 He saith to them : Cast the

net on the right side of the ship; Ver. 23. Whose sins, &c, See here the commission, stamped by the broad

and you shall find. They cast seal of heaven, by virtue of which the

therefore : and now they were pastors of Christ's church absolve

ating sinners upon their confesjon,

b Infra, 21. 25.


not able to draw it for the mul- | Lord, thou knowest that I love titude of fishes.

thee. He saith to him: Feed 7 That disciple, therefore my lambs. whom JESUS loved, said to 17 He said to him the third Peter : It is the Lord. Simon time: Simon son of John, lovest Peter, when he heard that it thou me? Peter was grieved, was the Lord, girt his coat about because he had said to him the him (for he was naked) and cast third time, Lovest thou me! himself into the sea.

And he said to him: Lord, thou 8 But the other disciples came knowest all.things : thou know. in the ship (for they were not

est that I love thee. He said to far from the land, but as it were him: Feed my sheep. two hundred cubits) dragging 18 Amen, amen, I say to the net with fishes.

thee: awhen thou wast younger, 9 As soon then as they came thou didst gird thyself,and didst to land, they saw hot coals walk where thou wouldst. But lying, and a fish laid thereon, when thou shalt be old, thou and bread.

shalt stretch forth thy hands, 10 Jesus saith to them: Bring and another shall gird thee, and hither of the fishes which you lead thee whither thou wouldst have now caught.

not. 11 Simon Peter went up, and 19 And this he said, signifydrew the net to land, fuil of ing by what death he should great fishes, one hundred fifty glorify God. And when he had three. And although there said this, he saith to him : Fol. were so many, the net was not low me. broken.

20 Peter turning about, saw 12 JESUS saith to thein: Come, that disciple whom JESUS loved and dine. And none of them following, 6 who also leaned on who were at meat, durst ask his breast at supper, and said: him: Who art thou? knowing Lord, who is he that shall be. that it was the Lord.

tray thee? 13 And JESUS cometh and 21 Him therefore when Peter taketh bread, and giveth them, had seen, he saith to JESUS : and fish in like manner.

Lord, and what shall this max 14 This is now the third time do? that JESUS was manifested to 22 JESUS saith to him: So I his disciples, after he was risen will have him to remain till I from the dead.

come, what is it to thee? follow 15 When therefore they had thou me. dined, JESUS saith to Simon Peter: Simon son of John,

a 2 Pet. 1. 14.-6 Supra, 13. 23. lovest thou me more than these?' He saith to him: Yea, CHAP. XXI. Ver. 17. Feed my Lord, thou knowest that I love sheep: Our Lord had promised the thee. He saith to him : Feed spiritual supremacy to st. Peter : si

Matt. xvi. 19; and here he fulfils that my lambs.

promise, by charging him with the 16 He saith to him again : superintendency of all his sheep. Simon son of John, lovest thou

without exception; and consequently me? He saith to him: Yca, church

of his whole flock, that is, of his whout 23. This saying therefore went and we know that his testimony abroad among the brethren, that is true. that disciple shouldnot die. And 25 a But there are also many JESUS did not say to bim : He other things which Jesus did: should not die; but, So I will which if they were written every have him to remain till I come, one, the world itself, I think, what is it to thee?

would not be able to contain 24 This is that disciple who the books that should be write giveth testimony of these things, ten. and hath written these things :

a Supra, 20. 30.



This Book, which gyon the first ages hath been called The Acts OY TAR APOSTL

is not to be considered us a history of what was done by all the Apostles, who were dispersed into different nations, but only a short view of the first establishment of the Christian Church. A part of the preaching and actions of St. Peter art related in the twelve first chapters; and à particular account of si. Paul's Apos. tolical labours in the subsequent chapters. It was written by St. Luke the Evan gelist, and the original in Greek. Its history commences from the Ascension Christ mer Lord, and ends in the year sixty-three, being a brief account of the Church for the space of about thirty years.


4 And eating together with The ascension of Christ. Matthias is them, 6 he commanded them,

chosen in place of Judas. that they should not depart from THE

Theophilus, of all things, the promise of the Father, which Jesus began to do and to • which you have heard (saith teach.

he) by my mouth: 2 Until the day a on which, 5 For John indeed baptized giving commandments by the with water, but you shall be Holy Ghost to the apostles baptized with the Holy Ghost whom he had chosen, he was not many days hence. taken up.

6 They therefore who were 3 To whom also he shewed come together, asked him, say. himself alive after his passion, ing; Lord, wilt thou at this time by many proofs, for forty days restore again the kiygdom to appearing to them, and speak- Israel? ing of the kingdom of God, 7 But he said to them: It is

4 A.D. 33

Luke 24. 49. John 14.26.-Matt. 11. Mart 1, 8. Lute 3. 16. John l. 26

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