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One other tribute remained to be paid to the remains of this great man. Sacred as was the spot where he was laid, and requiring to those who knew and loved him no stone to mark the spot, beneath the overhanging trees, which their hearts reverenced,—yet it was right that the public should have access to his grave, and should see a befitting monument erected over it. This could not be done at Stapleton Grove, which had now passed out of the CASTLE family. The Rajah's friend, the celebrated DWARKANATH TAGORE, desired to pay this mark of respect to his memory, and it was therefore arranged that the case containing the coffin should be removed to the beautiful cemetery of Arno's Vale, near Bristol. This was suitably accomplished on the 29th of May, 1843, and a handsome monument was erected in the spring of the year following by his friend, the enlightened and celebrated DWARKANATH TAGORE. * A visit was afterwards paid by him to the spot, and recently by his grandson, SATYENDRA NATH TAGORE."

DWARKANATH TAGORE died also in a strange land, but he lies in a gloomy cemetery in London, Kensal Green, and no tomb befitting his rank has been erected to mark the spot. Surely his remains will be transferred to the spot where rests his noble friend !

Many of the countrymen of the illustrious Brahmin have already visited the spot where reposes all of him

* It is well represented in the accompanying engraving, and attracts considerable attention.

+ This gentleman was the first Hindoo who passed the Civil Service Examination, and he now holds office in India.

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that is mortal, and doubtless all will feel what is beautifully expressed by one of them, —"The place where lies the funeral temple of Rajah RAMMOHUN Roy is a sacred place for Hindoo Pilgrims !” May such a pilgrimage

” rouse and stimulate those who undertake it to fresh exertions for their country. "The memory of such a man,” writes another, whose words have been already quoted in the preface, “must ever be dear to the Hindoos; and it is the duty of those of our countrymen who can afford to visit England, not to return without paying their tribute of respect to the spot where rest the remains of that illustrious man. To perform this duty we have visited this famous city, which has the honour of possessing the mortal remains of RAMMOHUN Roy. It was the good name of your revered and pious father which brought the Rájá here, and it is that of the latter again which has attracted us here; you can therefore imagine how greatly we must feel the satisfaction of having performed this pilgrimage (if I may so call it), with your kind assistance. We hope that the performance of this

. duty will stimulate our exertions, and help us on in following the paths of truth and righteousness. My great ambition in life is to be useful to my country, and to do good to others; it is this strong desire that has brought me to this part of the world, in order to seek knowledge, and the acquaintance of the great and the good. Our prayer is that God may give us the power, ability and knowledge, which we may devote to the service of our country. The performance of duty is its own reward, and though our exertions may not bear any fruit in our lifetime, the thought of having done our duty will be the greatest happiness to us. May God hasten the day when all strifes and party feelings will subside, -when sects and castes will merge into one, that of humanity,—when we shall cease to regard the English, the Hindoo, and the Jew, as belonging to different nations, and when we shall all sing, the . “FATHERHOOD OF GOD AND BROTHERHOOD OF MAN."

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