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sition of Rullia towards Great Britai!), your religion, and bring up your genea especially since it has been reported that ration in the love of the Great People. Ruffia, Prullia, and France have en- Let your wretched gallies be replaced by tered into an alliance, offentive and de- good thips of war, which protect your fenlive.

trade in the Levant; that country is The Prench papers contain several still full of the recollections of your anSenatus Consulta ; but the most remarka- cestors.” ble is one declaring the island of Elba “ Tell them often, that every thing that united to the territory of the French Re- fhail occur to make them happy, will be public, with the right of sending a de- a subject of joy and satisfaction to me; puty to the Legislative Body, making the and that their milery will be subjects of number of that body 301. Though sorrow and regret. this accession is but small, being, as we The Moniteur of the 14th contains an may fuppofè, in the proportion of i to account of the installation of the new 301 to the existing territory of France, Republic of the Valais. The only point it is yet worthy of notice, inasmuch as worthy of notice in this ceremony is, it Mews the continued system of France that the Republic has been declared always to add to its dominions. Its lie equally independent of France and Swittuation abreast of the new kingdom of zerland. In the Address to the People Etruria, and its fortresses, the itrength of the Valais, the French Government which was known by the dificulty takes credit to itself for restoring peace to which the French themselves found in Europe, and observes, that it devoted reducing them, render it a itation from the first moments of tranquillity to conwhich nothing but a combination of the sidering of the means of enabling them greatest naval and military power can to enjoy the beneficial effects of this event, difpoffefs the French, while it affords by terminating their state of indecision. every facility to any plans of aggran. It then continues to ftate, that the diteinent which the French Government French, Italian, and Helvetic Repubmay form, or may have already formed, lics have concluded a folemn treaty, by on the side of Italy.

which the independence of the Valais is To the obedient and tractable govern. established under the guarantee and proment of Genoa, the First Contul ad. tection of those three Republics. The drefed a note, in which the following Address concludes with the nomination remarkable passages occur.

of several individuals to the posts of “ Genoa and its rivieras have been the Grand Baillie, Countellors of State, theatre of a bloody war. It is with Vice-Baillie, &c. pleasure I remember that, in the midst The new Government was installed of the most dreadful vicillitudes, you with pomp, and the people were gratified have been faithful, and have always made with a proceslion, Te Deum, illuminayour cause the cause of the Great People. tions, fireworks, &c. You have destroyed the oligarchy that Upon the subject of religion, very little nourished different sentiments. Factions novelty has lately occurred in France; have since disturbed your repose, com- the First Consul, we hear, has presented promised your credit, and endangered an episcopal ring to the Prelates of your liberty:-it is true even that great Amiens, Autun, Avignon, Arras, powers will, perhaps, preserve some re- Coutances, Evreux, Ghent, Limoges, fentment at your conduct; but the Meaux, Metz, Mans, Namur, Nancy, French People will always conlider your Orleans, Soissons, St. Brieux, Troyes, cause as their own. A Conftitution Versailles, and Vannes. The gift is in founded upon equality, that first of bles- testimony of his facisfaction for the rehto. fings, confolidates your existence, and ration of harmony among the prieits of gieat provinces round and increase your their respective dioceses, and for the territories.

annihilation of all the feeds of clerical “ Let, then, your sufferings be forgot- schism. ten-remember what your fathers luf- When the Protestant Clergy of France fered to acquire some poor communes-- paid their respects to BONAPARTE upon proscribe all factions; maintain and his election for life, he received them nourish respect for your Constitution, for with very particular distinction, and de.


tained them near him for an hour and a first sight. All nations must come to half. He questioned them very seriously England for coffee and sugar, which it is as to the mode which could be adopted the object of the French to, prevent.-to prevent begging; and observed that Great part of Germany, all Switzerland, their religion was the only one which ad- and other countries, receive their goods ministered charitable donations and pecu- from England by way of France. The niary aslistance to the poor in a suitable French are jealous of our trade, and with and useful manner. He said, that on to force all nations to come to France for his journey to St. Quintin he had lodged Wet- India produce, by forbidding them at the house of a Proteftant, who gave to go transit through France. him excellent notions upon the subject, The attention which the First Conful which he should not easily forget.-- has lately shewn to Mr. Fox, has jully His conversation with M. Marron upon been the cause of much speculation, if it the usages of Protestant countries respect- be true that the former addressed him with ing the poor was long and interesting; the common place cant of the Revolution, he very attentively liltened to this wor. " That there were in the world but two thy Clergyman's obiervations and infor- nations, the one of the East, the other of mations, and, upon their conclufion, he the Welt; the latter, Europe, compresaid, “ Very well, give me a statement hending France, England, Italy, Gerof these matters this evening ?"-". This many, &c.” Perhaps the old projiet of evening, General Conful! it is impollio reducing all Europe under one Monarchy ble!”—“ Does it require then fo much was in B naparte's head. Suiely this time?” He then asked M. Marron how he sort of philanthropy in the Firit Conful, had escaped the storms of the revolution ? borrowed from Anacharfis Cinots, mult “ That is very simple," replied Marron; have excited derilion in Mr. Fox, had $6 our religion teaches us to obey the au- any reply on the subject been prudent on thority which governs; we faithfully such an occafion. obeyed all those which so rapidly fucceeded each other, and we were

GERMANY. molested."

."-" These « said the Con. On the 14th of August was executed at (ul) are the sentiments of a truly peace. Swabmunchen, near Augsburg, a wo. able religion--you may leave me-Iman, aged 38, whose crime is of a nahope that every year you may have to fo- ture calculated to fix the attention of those licit more churches from me, and you who study mankind. Between the 15th may be persuaded they shall be granted of January, 1798, and the ad of Novemto you."

ber, 18c1, this woman fet fire to the The Senate of Etruria seems to be fill. town of Swabmunchen fifteen times, in ed with alarm at the idea of the King and consequence of which fifty houses became Queen of Etruria's intended departure a prey to the flames. Several individuals for Barcelona, to be present at the cele- on whom fufpicion feil, were fent to pribration of the Infanta of Spain's marriage fon; but at length, happily for them, with the Hereditary Prince of the Two the real criminal was discovered by a laSicilies. We know not what has occa- bourer, who caught her in the fact. fioned these alarms. The King, in an- Her name is Maria Frankin; after seven swer to the Senate's address, has replied, examinations, in which the denied the that he will deliberate upon it, and that crime, she at length confessed her guilt, the only object of his journey was to and pleaded in her justification, that gratify the parental fondnets of their Ca- from her youth the had been tormented tholic Majesties.

with a violent propensity to fet houses on From the rigour which is used against fire; that she had refifted this desire for a English veliels carrying any thing deemed long time; but at length, overcome by contraband, to France, no favourable her paffion, she had burnt the houles al. conclusions can be drawn for a speedy luded to, without any end in view, and conclusion of a commercial treaty: and without any remorfe. This woman, in among the late prohibitions is mentioned other repeats, conducted herself with that of the transit of coffee and refined great propriety, and did not appear to fugar. This is of greater consequence be deranged in her mind. She was bethan many people may be aware of at headed, and her body burnt.

Z 2


An article from Vienna, dated the The French and Russian Minifters a 26th ult. fays, that the Queen of Eng- the Diet of Ratisbon have presented land, to whom a warm compliment is Notes, in answer to the Rescript of the paid, has required Mr. Paget, the am- Austrian Government, complaining of bassador, to fend her a Treatile upon the the intervention of their respective Courts Education of Princesses, written fome in regard to the affairs of Germany. All years ago by the Duchess of Geovani, explanation is avoided in the reply, lady of the Palace to the Empreís. which merely states that the Declara

The frontiers of European Turkey tions communicated by the two Powers have been in a state of agitation for fome prove their constant folicitude for the time past, in confequence of a singular good of the Empire, and that it is unneincident, which seems to turn the heads cessary to enter into detailed observations not only of the Christians, but even of upon the state of affairs, which is so gethe Turks. Three feinales who call nerally known. In another Paper, the themselves the Meffengers of three Saints, fame Ministers testify their discontent at St. Gregory, St. Nicholas, and St. La- the flow proceedings of the Deputation of zarus, travel about through the country the Empire, and have again invited that preaching to the inhabitants, reproaching body to discuss the Plan of Indemnities them with their vices and depraved ha- en maje. bits, and threatening them with divine Letters from Augsburg, Dillengen, vengeance unless they change their course and Ulm, announce, that the Bavarian of life. They consider the drought troops have taken possession of all the which has prevailed for some time past, towns and territories which the Plan of as a punishment, the forerunner of the Indemnities gives to Bavaria. greateit evils, unless the people return to Advices from Eichfeld announce, the paths of virtue and the practice of re- that the Prussian Commissaries, having ligion. They fummon the inhabitants taken poffession of the Collegiate Church in the name of the Most High to renounce of St. Peter, belonging to Eichfeld, and their evil ways, among which they in- fituated at Noerton, in the territory of clude the smoaking of tobacco, and to Hanover, in the neighbourhood of Ġot throw away or burn every thing that tingen; and having placed the Prussian serves for luxury, such as rich clothes, arms there, the Regency of Hanover, in. articles of gold and silver, to assume the formed of the circumstance, ordered, affimplest dress, and to carry no kind of ter the departure of the Prusian Commis.

They recommend fafting in par- saries, the arms to be taken down and ticular, 'and they have already gained a replaced by Georgius Rex, which was great number of partizans. The Carni. done. val began eight days before the fixed Bonaparte is expected at Strasburg; time, and Nill continues. One of these and, it is confidently said, he will, in the Prophetesses is now travelling through course of next month, have an interview, that district, next to the Auitrian cor. with the King of Prussia, at Dusseldorf. don : she is followed by more than 400 The presence of those Sovereigns on the persons bare-footed and bare-headed, who Rhine may be necessary to Tupport the continually recite prayers. The inhabin execution of the Plan of Indemnities. tants of Bosnia, who, according to cus- Another account, by a late Dutch tom, have pieces of gold and silver at- mail, says, orders have been received at tached to their clothes, tear them off, and Brusels, to prepare lodgings for 200 deliver them to the Propheteffes, who men of the Consular Guard, against the have already a large collection of thele middle of the present month; about Spoils.

which period, the First Consul will, it The latest accounts from Vienna say, is understood, visit that capital, from that the illuminations for the peace with whence he will proceed to Antwerp to France, which were to have been ex- open the Scheidt. tremely splendid, have again been put off, Letters from the Hague, of the 22d of at leait till the final arrangement of the Auguft, ltate, that the Amnesty had business of the indemnities at Ratisbon, been published there in a Proclamation to which the dictating powers had pre. dated the 16th of August. The Emi. scribed a period of about two months. grants who were in English pay, in the


Idle of Wight, have been armed, and navy may be employed in the expedi. embarked for North Holland. Previous tion. to their arrival, every precaution had As this is the first voyage round the been taken at the different ports to pre- world undertaken by Russians, no pains vent any disturbance.

are spared to assure to the expedition à The same letters say, that 40,000 happy result. The command of the ships French troops will assemble on the Rhine, is given to Captain Krurnstern, who has as well to make an impression on the been long in the East-Indies, and was Diet of Ratisbon, and halten its decisions the first proposer of the plan. For the on the Plan of Indemnities, as to be formation of the establishment at Urup, ready to go through their manæuvres the Company have engaged an English when the First Contul makes his visit to man residing here, at an annual salary of Belgium and the Rhine.

15,000 rubles for three years, and a

douceur of 20,000 rubles; he is also to GENOA.

fuperintend there the building of the neAugust 14.

A Treaty of Commerce cestary tips. Hitherto all the above is at this moment negotiating with the necessaries have been transported a valt French Republic, by which ours will way by land carriage, at an enormous renounce all its rights to the Islands of expence to the Company. That no time Corsica and Capraja ; a renunciation may be left, these two ships will be purwhich our old Government never made chased at Hamburgh, and will fail but with a reservation, and we shall have on their voyage from that port in Oce in lieu of them Oneille, Loano, and their tober. dependencies.

Aug. 17. Our Monarch has refused

the guarantee of Malta, demanded by RUSSIA.

England. St. Petersburgh, July 25.--The Ruf- Lord St. Helens had his audience of sian American Company continue to give leave of the Emperor of Russia on the more and niore extent to the branch of 15th of August. Mr. Garlick delivered commerce they have undertaken, which, his credentials as Chargé d'Affaires, on in time, will undoubtedly become of the same day. His Imperial Majesty high importance to Ruflia. Ii is now made Lord St. Helens a present of a dia. employed in a plan which is of the great- mond ring of great value. eft confequence, not only to the trade, Louis XVIII, who still keeps his but also to the honour of Russia. It is Court at Wartaw, it is stated, in a letgoing to fit out two lips, which are to ter received by the mail, has refused to sail from this place with a cargo of pro. accept the annual alimony offered him by visions, anchors, cables, rigging, &c. the Courts of Prullia and Russia, from a to fail round the southern extremity of notion, that if he really contented to reAmerica, across the South Sea, to the ceive such a sum in the shape of a pension, North West Coast of America, and the he would, by so doing, forfeit his title of Aleufian Ilands, to supply the Russian fuccession to the crown and kingdom of establishments there with these necessa- France, which his Majesty does not deries, take in a cargo of furs, to be bar- fpair of obtaining some day or other. tered in China for Chinese goods, to This unhappy Prince, whose mind is make by the way an establishment at much depressed, has written letters both Urup, one of the most southerly of the to Frederick and Alexander, thanking Kurile INands, for the greater conveni- them for their magnanimous offer, but ence of the trade to Japan ; and then to informing them, that he begged leave to return from China by the Cape of Good decline any ftipulated sum, but would Hope. The ships will be wholly man- appeal to them, on proper occasions, for ned by Russians, and the Emperor, who what little exigencies might require, in highly approves of the plan, has ordered the proud hope of repaying all on the day that the best officers and tailors of the of his restoration.


LONDON NEWS. Sept. 14. His Excellency Lord in his Excellency's Houfe, on the Canal, the

26th July, 1802. Grace of Dorset, are now perfectly pre- It behoves the character of true friendpared for their journey to Paris, and only ship and sincere regard to promote with wait the arrival of M. Andreofli at chéarfulness all such affairs and objects Dover, which may be expected in the as may be reciprocally useful, and inay course of a few days, as it was intended have a rank among the falutary fruits of that he should leave Paris as yesterday. those ftcady bonds of alliance and per

Lord Whitworth will be accoinpanied feet good harmony which happily sublist by the following gentlemen :

between the Sublime Porte and the Court Mr. Talbot, Secretary of Legation ; of Great Britain ; and as permillion has

Mr. Benjafield, Private Secretary to heretofore been granted for the English. the Ambasador;

merchant ships to navigate in the Black Mr.Hudson, Chaplain to the Embassy; Sea for the purposes of trade, the fame Mr. Maclaurin, Physician to ditto. having been a voluntary trait of his Im

Part of his Lordship’s retinue is ar- perial Majesty's own gracious heart, as rived at Calais; and his furniture, which more amply appears by an Official Note is English, and very elegant, is arrived presented to our friend the Englith Miat Paris.

nister residing at the Sublime Porte, The Private Secretary of General An- dated 3 Gemaziel Ahir 1214-this predreoffi is in London, and has engaged fent “ Takrir" (Official Note) is iffor the embally a magnificent house, viz. sued; the Imperial Ottoman Court, the Earl of Shaftesbury's, No. 50, in hereby engaging that the same treatment Portland-place, at roool. per annum,

shall be observed towards the English, ready furnished. The furniture is very merchant thips coming to that Sea, as is fuperb, and belongs to the Earl of offered to the ships of powers most faShaftesbury, who, with the Countess, in- voured by the Sublime Porte, on the tends pafling some time abroad. General score of that Navigation. Andreofli is allowed Soool. per annum. The 23 Rebiul Evvel 1217 (23d July The General intends making his public 1802). entry into London on the ist Vendemiare, the first day of the French year, CLERKENWELL SESSIONS. which is the 23d of September. He brings with him a number of Agents of Monday, Sept. 20. Williain Ganer Commerce, or, as they have been hi- stood indicted for publishing two obscene therto callód, Confuls, who are to be prints, with intent to excite lewd and ftationed at our different commercial filthy passions in the beholders. ports. They must no longer be called The defendant in this case was an ItaConsuls, there being only one Consul, lian, and profefledly a maker of bathe Great Consul. Lord Whitworth rometers and candle thades. The traní. will fet off about the same time, Wed- action, as detailed by Robert Gray, the nesday next.

informer, was as follows:--He said that Two vefsels have been engaged at he was employed as an agent by the SoDover to carry over Lord Whitworth’s ciety for the Suppretlion of Vice and Imcarriages and horses, and they were to morality, to detect those persons who fail from thence yesterday. Mr. Hunter, were in the habits of telling obscene jun. the Meflenger, was at Dover, super- books and pictures. That in confeintending the embarkation.

quence of this emplov, he had seen a

man of the name of Revor, who was a From the LONDON GAZETTE, Sept. 14. partner of the defendant's, and by his

Downing-Street, Sept. 14. A dispatch appointment he went to their lodgings in has been received from Alexander Stra- Turnmill-street, Clerkenwell, on the 7th ion, Esq. His Majesty's Charge D'Af- of September last. He then er.quired affaires at the Ottoman Porte, transmitting ter fonje pictures: but they said they had an Official Note delivered to him by the none left, for they liad such a great deReis Efendi, on the 29th of July last, mand for thein they could not supply relative to the Navigation of the Blick them fast enough. He then stated fome. Sea, of which the following is a Copy :- further conversation, in which they in


formed him, that there was a fociety of Official Not: delivered ly the Reis Effendi to them in that trade, and that upwards of Alexandir Straton, E/7, at a Conference eighty persons were employed in diftri


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