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when they are Nahash's instrument to "thrust out my right eye" of spiritual perception? No; it is time

? to call a halt to “mortal mind,” rather than truckle to it by taking its so-called remedies, which never cure but only emphasize its false claims until I become so deeply involved in error that I perfer error to truth (“Men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil”). Bear in mind, my optical wiseacre with all his skill and wisdom never once even hints at a possible cure or correction of the defective organ. He cannot do that! Oh, no, he can only straighten or modify rays of light! He cannot straighten or modify the organ at all! Shall I take his prescribed remedies, which only perpetuate a false claim of which I am already tired and from which I seek deliverance? Shall I allow him to use my eyes as a laboratory for fixing rays of light, which in themselves are all right? Oh, no, it is my astigmatic and myopic thought that needs correcting, not rays nor even eyes. I must throw my salt into the spring source if the waters of Jericho are bitter (11. King 2:21). Only in this way can the river of manifest effects be true and righteous. I need wisdom. Where is the prophet who can teach me wisdom? The prophet who can bring me salvation (“salt”) is within; I must listen to this prophet of the Lord, the eternal Christ who “bringeth salvation," who “restoreth my soul.” Thus the full remedy is at handit is within; I am without excuse; I must see myself from my divine side, as God sees me, see myself a Son of God, with all the perfections of a Son of God - this is what I am in my inmost Being. Therefore

perfect sight is already mine as a perfect Spiritual Being. There is no blemish in God nor in his Son. " He that formed the eye, shall he not see?” Who formed the eye but the Divine Son within? Who sees but the same Divine Self, the unblemished Son of God? Who has power to obstruct the Divine One in his seeing? In fact, I am a spiritual being in a spiritual world now, and as such must be able to see all things

spiritual and accurately symmetrical; for “the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." There is no deformity or inharmony anywhere.

In true understanding there is no room for warped or astigmatic thought. So long as I “abide in my Father's house” of spiritual realization the Father says to me, “All that I have is thine" - every perfection. By true understanding, by the perfect perception of harmonious, symmetrical Truth as the real status of being, and by the denial of every astigmatic error thought, and by continually abiding in Truth, shall I be able to look all things squarely in the face, seeing all things clearly without astigmatic thought or astigmatic vision. While I looked through blurred and distorted thought, I saw all things blurred and distorted, after the pattern of my thought. So I must proceed to correct the error subjective in myself -- I must “cast the beam out of my own eye”.

see clearly within if I would see clearly without. To see as through the eyes of Divinity is to see truly and without myopia or astigmatism.

Truth is not in time nor space — neither too near so as to make me myopic, nor yet too remote so as to make me presbyopic. It is. “Say not in thy heart, who shall ascend into heaven to bring Christ down, nor who shall descend into the deep to bring

It is nigh thee and in thy heart, the Word of Truth." Truth is not a something to get or acquire. It is not even a something. It is Divine Principle, unchangeable and ever present, not to be sought, but to be recognized and realized in all its perfection. Therefore, in Truth, omnipresent, without variableness, nearness or remoteness, there can be no astigmatism, no myopia, no presbyopia, no hypermetropia, or any other opia of the whole category of false claims. They are a part of the hallucination of mortal thought in the dream of illusion. I have nothing to do with illusion. I am Being, and as eternal Being belong and exist in the realm of reality, where all perfection eternally is. In


Christ up.

this 66

strong tower,” in this "secret place of the Most High," I now choose to abide, and realize that "all is good,that every perfection is mine now. Had I at all times this understanding, there could have been no acquired myopia; had my parents fully understood this truth, there could have been no congenital myopia. On me alone rests the responsibility of continuing to manifest what I now see clearly to be only error, falsity, illusion. I now firmly repudiate it and relegate it to the realm of the false and the unreal. I cast out the lie of the astigmatic thought, and affirm perfection of Being, perfectly square and clear perception of Truth, and claim the right to manifest all this implies.

Those spectacles! they are an offense unto me, because they emphasize and perpetuate error, and thus hide the truth of being from my consciousness; and, besides warping vision, with consciousness clouded, they lead me into interminable labyrinths of error. I must be rid of the whole combination; and if these spectacles are the stumbling block by which error is perpetuated, and by which I am led into interminable mazes of error, then I throw them to the dogs -away with them (throwing them away). They shall never stand in the


of my understanding of Truth, and of my ultimate attainment to the manifestation of the Sons of God. Truth is full-orbed, symmetrical, omnipresent. Understanding is perfect perception of Truth, which is true sight. With true sight in realization I cast out all myopic and astigmatic thought, and find there is no myopic or astigmatic vision. I am no longer in bondage,

This reasoning was first entered upon as a sort of intellectual exercise to see how I stood before the bar of Truth, but before I got through I found myself the prisoner at the bar, under sentence, with no way of escape but through reform and demonstration. The result is an infirmity of forty years is overcome, and I have been a free man for six years.


Lesson 3. January 20.

Greeks Seeking Jesus, John 12:20-33.
GOLDEN TEXT -- We would see Jesus.-- John 12:21.

Mind has two broad aspects, the formless and the formed. In its formless aspect it is a unity; in its formed, it is a diversity. It might be compared in its first aspect to vapor, and in its second as that same vapor precipitated into crystals of snow.

In the vapor aspect there is a homogeneous whole, in the snow each little crystal has form and character peculiarily its own. Raise these inanimate crystals to the plane of thought and free-will, and you have the formed mind of humanity. So each individual has his formless and formed mind, and they seem in the present race consciousness to be “at enmity one against the other."

In Scripture these are referred to as Jew and Gentile (or Greek). In this lesson the Greek represents the realm of form which seeks Jesus, the illuminated center of consciousness.

Although we may intellectually reason out the unity of mind as an abstract truth, the evidences of diversity in the realm of forms is so palpable as to make us pause.

It may be that there are laws of mind manifestation deeper than the intellect can probe. Paul

there was

a " middle wall of partition” between these two, and that Jesus Christ abolished in his own flesh this enmity and created "one new man,” thus making the atonement, or at-one-ment, between the formless and the formed mind for the whole race.

Mind is very tenacious of its formed state of consciousness, and this was a tremendous undertaking.

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If you

It was virtually putting out lite on one plane of consciousness and kindling it on another. can imagine what it would be to put out through sheer will force the life in every cell in your organism and introduce there another and higher current of energy, you can in a measure conceive what Jesus went through. He compares this dying and resurrecting to grains of wheat that fall into the ground and bring forth “much fruit.”

“If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am there shall also my servant be." The way has been opened for each one of us, and we have but to study the inner life and follow the steps of Jesus to finally arrive at the same place in consciousness that he did. Begin at once to “die daily.” Let the old personality, with its little world of temporal thoughts and things, fall into the grave and die. Pride in the things of this world, and the strife to be recognized in authority, is a prominent characteristic of the Greek mind. Are you striving for your rights in this world of shadows? Then you are Greek, and you are evidently not seeking Jesus. The Greek thoughts that are seeking Jesus are those that are ready and willing to let go of temporal things that they may lay hold on eternal.

There will be struggles in this giving up of the ambitious Greek. He it is who cries out, “Father, save me from this hour.” « But for this cause came I unto this hour." In the transition from one plane of consciousness to another there are periods where all seem lost, and the soul cries out “save me. But the Father is always there ready to glorify his name, which is, I AM (see Ex. 3:14), in the midst of that eternal harmony, or heaven, at the center of our being. When we call upon this Mighty One, and it answers, the multitude of confused thoughts may not clearly get the message ("* some said it thundered"), but the inner convictions will come to you that the Voice has gone forth for the sake of those outer thoughts.

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