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575. T. 595.

To God the only wise,

Our Saviour and our King, Let all the saints below the skies Their humble praises bring.

2 'Tis his almighty love, His counsel and his care,

579.* T. 155.

THOU, my Light, my Leading-star, Who hast kindly me directed,

And protected;

When thy mercies, daily new, I review,

In the dust I fall before thee, Lost in wonder I adore thee,

Preserves us safe from sin and death, They are great, yea numberless.

And ev'ry hurtful snare.

3 He will present our souls
Unblemish'd and complete,
Before the glory of his face,
With joys divinely great.
4 Once all the chosen race

Shall meet around the throne,
Shall praise him for his saving grace,
And make his wonders known.
5 To our Redeemer-God,
Wisdom and pow'r belongs,
Immortal crowns of majesty,
And everlasting songs.

T. 83. Now with joyful songs appear, And with humble adoration, 'Fore the Lord, he's always near To his ransom'd congregation. With the poor he deigns to dwell: He is nam'd Immanuel.

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WHEN all thy mercies, Lord, to mind we call,

Astonish'd at thy feet we humbly fall. Grant us still in future, thy kind direction,

Till in us all the aim of thy election Be quite obtain'd.

· 580. T. 249.
IN humble, grateful lays,
The Lord :||: of hosts we praise,
His saving name confess;
Yea, fill'd with holy awe, revere
The Father, Son and Comforter.
Amen, Hallelujah!

Amen, Hallelujah!

2 Praise to the slaughter'd Lamb!
His love :: we will proclaim,
Who dy'd, us to redeem;
Let ev'ry being that hath breath,
Extol his meritorious death.
From angels and from men,
To the Lamb slain
All honour doth pertain.

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3 As oft as I approach the holy place,
And bow 'fore him, by whom I live
thro' grace,

Then graciously he answers my request,
And thus my troubled heart is sooth'd

to rest.

4 He is my All, my Sacrifice and Priest,
My Lord and God, my Saviour Jesus

His am I both in body and in soul,
Me neither sin, nor Satan can control.

5 I daily drink the healing streams of


584.* T. 136. THIS yields me joy, That God in his compassion, Doth not reject my pray'r and suppli cation, But graciously Regards my poverty; Thatwith unweary'd patience he is ready At all times, to attend to me his child most needy,

And to relieve my wants is nigh,
This yields me joy!

2 Long as I live,
The promises of Jesus

I'll to myself apply, to me they're pre-
When I to him

My faithful Saviour cleave,

And pond'ring on his wonders kneel before him,

Praise him with tears of joy, and in the dust adore him,

While here I live.

I of his love fresh proofs receive,

3 I'm well assur'd
His love to me is tender;
Therefore I now my all to him surrender;
He's merciful,

A kind forgiving Lord;
Tho' I may not immediately experience

And gain new strength to run my fu-The succour which I ask, I'll wait with

ture race;

He sheds abroad in me his love divine, I know that I am his, and he is mine.

faith and patience,

For he at last will help afford, I'm well assur❜d.

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3 Grant me a harmless, dove-like mind, To true humility inclin'd,

Thy will be mine indeed;
O may I labor constantly
Endow'd with spirit's poverty,

From ev'ry hurtful influence freed.

4 In peace with all may I be found,
Clearly thy gospel-truth propound,
In praying faithful be;

A share in others' welfare take,
The schemes and plots of Satan break,
Fast bound unto thy church and thee.
5 Presence of mind on me bestow,
A readiness O may I show
To execute thy will;
When I enjoy the highest good,
Partaking of thy flesh and blood,
My soul with thy love's ardor fill.
6 May I be serious, childlike too,
In all essentials firm and true;

Give me a trusty ear;

A constant, genuine brother's heart,
To sympathize with ev'ry smart,

And gladly others' burdens bear. 7 In converse make me tractable And mild, in storms invincible,

And never prone to yield;
May I maintain incessantly
A tender fellowship with thee,
From day to day by grace upheld.
8 Thy unction O may I obey,
And tread the pilgrim's rugged way,
Grant I may shun no toil;

In all

my senses render me
Well exercis'd, and let me be
Anointed with thy gladd'ning oil.
9 What for myself I thus request,
That pray I also for the rest

Of those, who cheerfully
Go forth salvation to proclaim
Thro' faith in thy most holy name,

Wherever they are sent by thee. 10 O Father, me with pleasure own The dear-bought purchase of thy Son;

O Spirit, bless thou me,

Guide and protect me as thy child; Lord Christ, who me hast reconcil'd Preserve me thine eternally,

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On us, thy children, deign to look in

favor; Our grateful hearts with thanks are overflowing, Before thee bowing.

2 What peace do we derive, what consolation,

What strength from thy atoning death and passion!

2 O may he so sensibly

That we, in humility,

Bless us with his grace and favor,

May he, in his mercy, grant
All we weep for, all we want.
May his presence constantly
Yield us joy and consolation,
In the certain hope that he

May rejoice in him, our Saviour;


Will regard our supplication,
Grant our pray'rs, and much more give
Than we're worthy to receive.

Impress'd with holy rev'rence, we a-4 This be our supreme delight,
And fall before thee.


dore thee,
3 Thy goodness, as thy pow'r, is
We trust, that thou, whene'er with

We seek thy face, in mercy wilt ac-
cept us,
And not reject us.

To remain in closest unión
With our Lord, both day and night,

And enjoy his sweet communion;
This our heav'n, while here we stay,
Him to love, serve and obey.

591.* T. 580.

4 O Lord, thou great High-Priest of O THOU, who in the sanctuary

our profession,
Who at God's right-hand makest in-

And by thy pow'rful pray'rs to help
the needy
Art ever ready.
5 The many drops of blood which
from thee flowed,
The streams of tears, which oft thy

cheeks bedewed,

Are all in our behalf for mercy plead-
And interceding.

6 O may thy church before thee bloom
like flowers,

Unto thy praise, thro' thy atonement's powers;

Yea, glorify thy name in us, dear Sa


Both now and ever!

590.* T. 83.

FLOCK of Christ, in fellowship
Offer fervent supplication,
Whether to rejoice, or weep,
We may now have most occasion;
When the lips no more can pray,

Sighs will find to him their way.

Dost minister! thy church supply
With incense for her pray'r;
Grant to us all a cheerful heart;.
A burning, steady light impart,

Defended from all noxious air.
2 Lord, give us an attentive ear,
Which may thy voice distinctly hear,
An eye to view thee still;
And feet earth's rugged craggy ways
And priestly lips to tell thy praise,
To traverse, without fearing ill
Our hands for blessing hallow'd be,
Our bodies temples be to thee,


Our souls enjoy thy peace;
Grant us, thy still small voice to hear,
A breeze divine our spirits cheer,
Unknown, save to thy flock of grace.

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2 May he give us his unction,
To tell, with heart's compunction,
The wonders of his grace;
A constant deep impression
Of Jesus' wounds and passion,
And simple, childlike cheerfulness.
3 Lord, our High Priest and Saviour!
Pour fire and spirit's fervor

On all thy priestly bands;
When we are interceding,
And for thy people pleading,

Thy flocks preserve in peace and unity, And walk amongst them with compla cency.

us on,

6 From grace to grace still farther lead
And finish the good work thou hast
That we thy saving name may magnify,
And for thybittertorments yield theejoy.
7 Thy messengers, who storms and
waves disdain
[to gain,
To teach the nations, and their souls

Give incense, and hold up our hands. Bless thou, and touch their lips with

4 By thine illumination,

Thy church's situation

In the true light we trace;
We rise from pray'r with blessing,
O'ercome what is distressing,
Thro' thee, and run with joy our race.

593.* T. 583.

hallow'd fire; [inspire. To witness of thy death, their tongues

8 May thy whole flock by thee, their
Shepherd, led,

Afford theejoy and in thy footsteps tread;
Unto eternal life let us, by faith,
Feed on the merits of thy blood and

LORD Jesus, may thy blood-bought 9 May all thy people, far and near,

church increase



594.* T. 583.

From day to day in knowledge and in Supported by thy aid, thy holy will; grace; To thee all praise, all honor doth pertain To all her choirs those special bles-Let all who love thy name, reply, Amen! sings grant, Which they in their degree and measure 2 Thy servants and thy handmaids THOU hast thy church appointed, keep in faith, [death; Lord, that she [should be; And ground them all on thy atoning O'er all the world unto thy praise Let those, who have the care of souls, Achurch, who in herself is void of good, by thee [rous be. And yet by thee with grace and pow'r Be taught; thus will their labor prosp'- endow'd.

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