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Q. What should we do while the Priest is communicating himself?

A. After adoring our LORD, we should pray that GOD may cause His Angel to bear the Sacrifice to the Altar in Heaven, and then we may offer our own private prayer, for deceased friends, for the whole Church, especially for the Priest then at the Altar, and for our own wants.1

Q. How should we prepare ourselves for this? A. By making up our minds, before we come to Church, what thing we want most to pray for. Q. What is this preparation called?

A. The Intention.

Q. What comes next after the Communion of the Priest?

A. The Communion of other Clergy, of Choristers, and of Sisters of Mercy who may happen to be present.

Q. What follows after that?

A. The Communion of the people generally. Q. How should we receive the Sacrament of our LORD's Body?

A. We should, if it be not impossible, come to take It fasting, and receive it kneeling upright, and holding the right hand with the palm uppermost, and the left hand under it as a rest.

Q. What does the Priest do then?

A. He places the Sacrament of the Body in our right hands, and we put It into our mouths without otherwise touching It, lest any crumbs of It should chance to fall.

Q. How should we receive the Cup?

A. Kneeling as before, and taking It very gently and steadily in both hands, and after

1 Phil. iv. 6.

swallowing a few drops, giving It back carefully and reverently.

Q. What should we do then?

A. Return at once to our places, to leave room for others, and remain kneeling in prayer till the end of the service.

Q. What does the Priest do when all have communicated?

A. He replaces the Holy Sacrament on the Altar and covers the Paten and Chalice with a fair linen cloth.

Q. What does that signify?

A. The cloth in which our LORD was wrapped at His burial.

Q. What comes in the seventh place, when the Communion is over?

A. The Thanksgiving after Communion, beginning with the LORD's Prayer, said by both Priest and people.

Q. What follows after the LORD's Prayer?
A. The prayer of oblation of ourselves.
Q. What is the nature of this prayer?

A. We ask GOD in it to accept all the prayers which we have been making to Him, and to take us also, both body and soul, to be His for ever.

Q. What is the next part of the thanksgiving? A. The hymn "Glory be to GOD on high," said by the Priest and people together.

Q. Of what parts is it made up?

A. The first part of it is in praise of GOD the FATHER, and the second a prayer to GOD the SON to have mercy on us.

Q. How does the Communion end?
A. With the Blessing.

2. Of what parts does it consist?

A. Of the prayer for the peace of GOD, and of the blessing proper.

Q. How should we receive it?

A. As the gift of GOD, humbly kneeling. Q. What takes place when the Blessing has been given?

A. The consecrated Gifts are consumed, and the Priest takes the Ablutions.

Q. What are they?

A. Wine and water poured into the Chalice and swallowed by the Priest lest any of the Precious Blood should remain unconsumed.

Q. How often does the Church direct the people to receive the Holy Communion?

A. At least three times a year, of which Easter must be one; but pious persons will usually communicate at least once a month.

Q. Why should we be so careful to communicate?

A. Because our LORD has said, "Except ye eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink His Blood ye have no life in you. 1

Q. If we are not going to communicate, ought we to go out of the Church before the Communion?

A. No, we should stay to worship our LORD, even if we are not about to receive His Body and Blood, and should never leave at any rate until after the Consecration, because the Sacrifice is not offered at all until then.

Q. What good will this do us?

A. It is good for us to be near our LORD, like

1 S. John vi. 53.


the woman who was cured by touching His garment, though she did not touch His Body.1

Q. In what spirit should we pray when we are not going to communicate?

A. Like the centurion, who prayed our LORD to heal his servant, we should say, "LORD, I am not worthy that Thou shouldest come under my roof, but speak the word only, and my" soul "shall be healed." 2

Q. What is this Act of Worship called?
A. Spiritual Communion.

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