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6 Each faint his Saviour doth behold,
Whilft vivid flames doth round him play:
By faith he ftands divinely bold;
Joyful in that terrific day!

7 No flavifh fear of future dread
Can ever bind his foul in chains;
For through all dangers he is led
By God, who his fupport' remains!
& Secure on Chrift his hopes are built;
Should heav'n and earth now pass away,
He ftands abfolv'd" from fin and guilt,-
For who ought to his charge fhall lay?:



On Divine Mercy. .



REAT God! thy love and fov'reign care, & As univerfal as the air, Doth mercy fpread to Adam's race, In ev'ry age through earth's wide space! "Twas mercy that our being gave, Which still doth interpofe to fave.

2 Lo, when the first most happy pair
Had plung'd themfelves in deep defpair,
And were for fin condemn'd to die,
Mercy as quick as thought did fly,-
Did promife that the woman's' feed
Should bruife the ferpent's head indeed!:
3 And though mankind continues vile,
In love with fin which doth defile;
Still Jefus prays and intercedes',
And for the worft of finners pleads!
Hence we are fpar'd and call'd to prove
The pow'r of his redeeming love.

(j) Prov. xxviii. 1. (k) I John iv. 18. (m) Rom. v. 2. (n) 1 Cor. vi. 11. (0) Rom. viii. 17. (q) Rom. X. 12, 13. (r) Gen, iii, 15. (s) Gal. iij. 13.

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(1) Exod. xv. 21


(p) Deut. x. (f) Heb. vii. 25.

various means doth use,

Kind mercy
That man may not damnation chufe:
"Tis mercy warns of danger near,
And bids the heedless finner fear":
'Tis mercy that discovers fin',
And all our maladies" within.

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5 By mercy, lo! the gofpel's* fpread!
By mercy hungry fouls are fed;
Salvation mercy founds abroad,
To all who throng the downward road!!
Turna, mercy cries, turn now and live,
In Chrift eternal life receive!

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6 And in temptation's darkest hour
Mercy difplays her faving pow'r;
With couraged makes the humble ftand, I
And all hell's adverfe pow'rs command:
Unfhaken firmly they remain
Through health and sickness, loss and gain.

7 Mercy doth all the faithful keep,

When they pass through death's wat❜ry deep:
Mercy doth fet them on that fhore,

Where nought can grieves or vex them more;
There mercy their fupport will be,
And fong to all eternity!!

(t) Col. i. 28.-Tit. ii. 11. (v) John xvi. 8. (w) Ifa. i. 6. (y) Pfal. cvii. 9.-Matt. v. 6. iii. 6. (a) Ezek. xviii. 32. (d) Joh.i.g. (e) Heb. iii. 6. (1) Exod, xv. & -Pfal. Ixxviii.



Remarks on the Attributes of God. REMENDOUS God! by thy command, On heaps the feas like mountains stand; 8 And furging waves with folemn roar1, Refounds thy praife from fhore to fhore!



H 6 -.

8.-Luke xii. 5. (x) Mar. xvi. 15. 10.-Luke i. 77.-(c) 1 Cor. X. 13, (g) Rev. xxi. 4. 35.

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2 Wind, rain, and thunder, hail and ftorms,
Light'ning and fire, in all their forms,
Are each fubfervient unto thee,
Govern'd by thine all-wife decree !

3 Dreadful phænomenons have been,
Should ftill more awful ones be feen:
"Tis thine omnipotence that shakes.
The rending rocks and earth that quakes!

4 Lo! heav'n' and earth, all things that are,,
Do thine almighty pow'r declare!
Hence hell doth tremble at thy nod,
And own that thou alone art God.

5 Great God! thy pow'r is great indeed!
Yet it doth not thy love exceed :
Thine attributes all brightly fhine,
But none more bright than love divine!

6 Who? who fufficient ftrains can raise
This glorious attribute to praise?
Let those who do falvation prove
For ever own the caufe is LOVEP!



On the Sovereignty of GOD.



mighty God! let nations
And to his fovereign fway submit:
At whofe dread nod, kings' all bow down,
And conqu'rors do confounded fit.

2 Behold his works, how great! how wife!
Throughout the vast creation wide :
Above, beneath, through earth and skies,
He overs all things doth prefide.

(j) Exod. ix. 18,- -- 29.-1 Sam. xii. 16, - - - 19. 31, 32, 33.-Matt. xxvii. 51. (1) Pfal. xix. J. 19.-Rev. xx. 14. (n) Deut. x. 17.

---- 21.

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(k) Num. xvi.
(m) Jam. ii.

(0) John xv. 13.-
13. (q),Pfal. 1. 1.
(s) 1 Chron. xxix, 12,



In praise most gladly they combine,
To fhew his majefty and might,
And hence by day the fun doth fhine,
So doth the moon and ftars by night.

4 Loud peals of thunder fometimes roar,
And flaming light'nings flafh abroad :
Thefe faintly fhew his might and pow'r
To us while earth is our abode. -


His earthquakes shake and rend the ground,
Which large ftupendous chasms form!
And rapid floods are often found

To add force when he fends a storm.

6 The clouds he empties, or makes full,
And rules the fea" when raging most;
He giveth fleecy fnow like wool,-
Like afhes fcatt'reth the hoar frost.


His hand doth fend" or withhold rain,
And makes hail by the wind be driv❜n :
The hills, the vales, and ev'ry plain
He waters with the dew of heav'n.

8 With herbs and trees he decks the field,
To make the flow'ry carpet green:
Nature exults her fruit to yield,
In ev'ry plant his pow'r is feen.


The birds with warbling notes do fing
On high their great Creator's praise :
Fishes and beafts do alfo bring
Him conftant homage all their days.

10 Both day and night, and time and space
Do their appointed courfe fulfil :
These all obey, but Adam's race
Have finn'd, and are rebellious ftill.

(t) Pfal. cxlv. 10. (w) Jam. y. 17, 18,

(u) Pfal. lxv. 7. (v) Pfal. cxlvii. 16. (x) Rom. iii. 23.

11 We furely ought above the reft,"
(Since Chrift to save mankind did die).
Learn how in all things we may best
Our great Creator glorify

12 Thou God most high! thou God all-wife-!
From these thy works teach us thy ways, ~
That we before thy purer eyes
May live uprightly all our days.



On falfe Religion.


HOU jealousa God! to whom is known
The ways wherein we go;
Our rifing up, and lying down,
And all we think and do.

2 How long fhall Anti-chrift deceive, And captivated mankind,

By faying they in Chrift believe,
Who do not pardon find?

3 "Tis ftrange to see what great applause
Vain empty forms do meet:
How fome fuppofe they keep thy laws,
Who lifelefs pray'rs repeat.

4 Thefe foolifhe builders on the fand,
Build almoft to the skies;

But their tall Babelf cannot stand
When storms and tempefts rise.


(z) Hab. i. 13.

(y) Ifa. xlv. -12. (b) Pfal. cxxxix. 2, 3, 4. (c) 2 John 7. (e) Matt. vii. 26. (f) Gen. xi. 4, --

- 9.

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(a) Exod. xx. 5. (d) 2 Tim. ii. 26.

It is to be lamented, that there is any reafon to believe that fome FORMALISTS may be found among religious focieties of every denomination: Hence this must not be understood as a reproachful cenfure fixed upon any of them, but rather as a forrowful reflection before the Lord for thofe perfons every where to whom it really belangs

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