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vealed Truth, to stimulate the these mine iniquities; and to will to the efforts necessary for

refresh my soul, bowed down salvation. A meditation has three parts:

by sins and evil deeds. Amen. (1) The preparation, consisting of suitable preliminary prayers, invocation of the Holy Ghost;

Another. and leading of the thoughts into harmony with the subject to be AT

LMIGHTY and most contemplated. (2) The consi

merciful Father, I desire deration, in which the subject

to make this Meditation to is recalled to memory, and so thought over by the intellect as Thy honour and glory, and for to encourage the will to choose the benefit of


sinful soul. what is right. (3) The conclu- Assist me with Thy grace in sion, consisting of suitable resolutions and prayers.

It would every part of it. Strengthen not be possible within the com- and renew my memory, that I pass of this work to add a suth

may ever be sensible of the cient number of meditations to be of any real use.

blessed and awful truths re

The reader is recommended to procure one

vealed to me.

Illumine my of the many volumes of medita- understanding that I may think

I tions which have been published.

thoughts pleasing unto Thee, The following devotions for use at the time of meditation, may

and profitable to myself. Guide be found helpful.

and support my will, that i may choose, and, having cho

sen, courageously fulfil the Prayer before Meditation.

better part, which shall not be

taken away. Through Jesu O

Christ our Lord. Amen. Lord Jesus, compassionate Lover of men, and gracious

Another. Saviour of the erring. I, a miserable offender, desire to think of Thee, to gaze upon and earth, I humbly Thy wondrous works, and to come to adore Thee as here learn how great Thy loving- present before me; pardon the kindness towards us sinners is: sins which I have committed that I may not be separated against Thee, which have renfrom Thee by despair on ac- dered me unworthy to approach count of my sins : but by Thee, and grant my mind light the recollection of Thy truth, to understand, and ny will may learn at last to cease from

grace to accept the truths on

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O GOD, who fillest Heaven

of God.


which I am about to meditate, myself at the feet of Thy both to Thy glory, and by Thy Divine Majesty, before which mercy, to my ghostly benefit. the whole universe is but a For the merits of Jesus Christ little dust, acknowledging our Lord and Saviour. Amen. Thee as my Creator, and

myself as Thy creature, and Acts of Faith in the Presence offering myself entirely unto

Thee, Amen. MY. God, I firmly believe that Thou art here pre

Another. ; that beholdest all my deeds, and / My God, I believe that

Thou art here present, readest my thoughts. I ac- watching and judging all my knowledge myself unworthy

actions, as Thou wilt one day to appear before Thee, or to

reward condemn them. lift up mine eyes to 'Thee; but Prostrate I adore Thy Divine do Thou, O Lord, have mercy Majesty with all the reverence upon me, and pardon all my

I cau.

I acknowledge Thee sins. Strengthen me, also,

as my Lord and King, and with Thy free Spirit, that I desire to obey Thee entirely may with humble and contrite

and for ever. Amen. heart make my supplication before Thee to-day. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, to

Invocation of the Holy Spirit, Whom with Thee, in the

Fill the hearts of Thy all honour and glory, world faithful servants, without end. Amen.

And light in them the fire of

Thy love.
Anot ber.

Who, through the diversity of

all languages, I FIRMLY believe, O my God, as 'Thou hast taught

Hast gathered the nations me by the voice of Thy holy

together in the unity of the Church, that Thou art as

Faith, Amen. truly present here as in the highest Heavens among the Or Hymns, or Collect for hosts of angels. I prostrate

Whitsun Day.

unity of the Holy Ghost, be COME Holy Ghost,

Act of the Presence of God. Brief recollection of subject.

Prayer after Meditation. I

God, for the light and grace granted me in this Meditation; and I pray Thee to bless my desires, and to strengthen me with Thy om. nipotent grace to carry out the resolutions I have formed, that I may amend my evil ways, and walk hereafter in the path of virtue. Through the infinite merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. After an unsuccessful Medi.


Consideration. What is to be known or be.

lieved on this subject ? What, therefore, to be done? What have I done hitherto ? What will I do? How, where, when, by what


O LORD: 50 far as I am

Conclusion. Resolution of amendment,

with sorrow for the past. Strengthen resolutions. Doubt your own ability. Put your trust in God. Conclude with acts of love,

or other appropriate aspir-
ations, and the Lord's

Prayer after Meditation,

myself the cause of these distractions and inattentions, I deeply grieve for them ; but so far as they have happened according to Thy will, I accept them as a just and due rebuke for my sins, chastising my faults and my manifold negligences, and with gratitude receive them at Thy hand, Who livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

SACRED READING. Prayers Before and After. OPE PEN Thou mine eyes,

that I may see the wondrous things of Thy law. Ps, cxix.

A very brief Method of Me


Preparation. Preparatory prayer. Invocation


the Holy Sp.r.t.


to understand, to love. to practise [and to preach] Thy Word.

A Prayer before hearing or Before reading the Lives of reading the Word of God.

the Saints. O HOLY and eternal Jesus, O GOD. Who hast granted Who hast

the labours by Thy Word, renewed us Saints to be recorded for our by Thy Spirit, fed us by Thy edification, grant that we who Sacraments, and by the daily take pleasure in their memory, ministry of Thy Word, con- may be encouraged by their tinue still to build us up to life examples. Through Jesus eternal. Let Thy most holy Christ our Lord. Amen. Spirit be present with me and reston mein reading or hearing After reading the Lives of Thy sacred Word; that I may

the Saints. study it humbly, reverently, without prejudice, with a mind O ALMIGHTY


Who hast knit together ready and desirous to learn

thine elect in one communion and to obey; that I may be readily furnished and instructed

and fellowship in the mystical to every good work, and may

body of Thy Son, Jesus Christ practise all Thy holy laws

our Lord : grant us grace so to and commandments, to the

follow Thy blessed Saints in glory of Thy Holy Name, o

all virtuous and godly living, holy and eternal Jesus. Amen.

that we may come to the se

unspeakable joys which Thou BLES LESSED Lord, Who hast

hast prepared for them that uncaused all Holy Scrip

feignedly love Thee: through

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. tures to be written for our learning : grant that we may in such wise hear them, read,

Before Reading any Holy

Book. mark, learn, and inwardly digest them, that by patience OLOI

LORD JESUS CHRIST, and comfort of Thy holy


and ears of Word, we may embrace and my heart to hear and underhold fast the blessed hope of stand Thy Word, and to do everlasting life, which Thou Thy will, O Lord, for I am a hast given us in our Saviour

stranger upon earth ; hide not Jesus Christ. Amen,

Thy commandments from me.


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