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and be thoroughly imbued with the knowledged that ALL IS GOOD in order to make a convincing impression on the mind of the patient. The healer's mind must be so enthusiastic in this thought of truth that it will be positive to the patient's beliefs that some evil exists and possesses the power to harm. Holding the patient in the power of this thought for a space of time, radiating its light through the mind and directing its forces into the parts of the body in need of education, will carry the conviction of the Spirit to the error thoughts and convert them to a more positive state of health and peace.

This supreme positiveness is the highest development in the healing thought, enabling the Goodness of Truth to assume command of the negative mind and remodel it after its own pattern of perfection.

In the treatment the whole mind becomes so devoted and concentrated in the healing thought that there are times when it seems to lose itself into the thoughtless, wordless, consciousness of power, becoming the instrument of the miraculous healing influx of the Christ.

There is a wonder-working Law which healers have occasionally touched - the magical mercy of Jesus Christ- and when those desirous of healing for self or others have fulfilled this law, either consciously or unconsciously, the results have been all that could be desired, the healing perfect and complete.

Jesus was dominated with but one purpose, the healing and awakening of God's beloved. Every cell of his nature thrilled with that one desire, the vital impulse of the Great Whole. He became so imbued with the realization of God present in all that with his glorified seeing he saw his persecutors as gods, and tried to reveal the infinite possibilities of the God presence in them and around them, waiting only their recognition to spring forth in newness of life and joy within, and abundant fruition of plentiful goodness without them. The healing presence became so actual to him through singleness of eye to the Power of Good that he fully represented this redeeming and saving power. He was physical and mental health, and his touch was the contagion of health,

We will grow more perfect in the power to heal as we lose our life of worldliness -- forget all thoughts and concepts of a mortal, material world of evil in the contemplation of the truth that we stand face to face with the living soul of the grand universe, expressing its vital energy in every atom of this splendid cosmos of manifested intelligence.

Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts. The whole earth is full of His Glory."


Written after reading “ Trusting and Resting,” by H. Emilie Cady.

There's a fountain bright and holy,

There's a refuge all may claim,
There's a cure for all our sorrows;

Simply trusting “In His Name."

For the weak and heavy laden

There is One who'll bear their load;
For the sad and heavenly-homesick,

One who'll point them to their road.

All with trouble heavy laden

Come with it to Him alone,
Lay your troubles, lay your sorrows
At the foot-step of His Throne.

- W. R. H.

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.


Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - GOLDSMITH.

“They also serve who only stand and wait.”



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An optician, observing my spectacles, and with an eye to business, asked whether astigmatism were a feature of my visual imperfection. After scientific tests carefully made, he triumphantly exclaimed, Yes, you have got it bad.”

Not desiring any more spectacles, for I was becoming heartily tired of them, and only wishing to banter with him a little, I asked, “What is astigmatism?

Is it not a mental condition, some state of mind outpictured in impaired vision? Isn't its origin in thought, which lies back of manifestation?” “No,” said my scientific friend, who thought he knew it all, “you were born that way; it is congeni

“ Well," said I, " whether congenital or acquired, its origin is in the creative activities of thought, where all conditions originate, and that being the case its remedy must be found there in the correction of that thought.” Much embarrassed at my remark, with a laugh and blushes, he gave me up as a hopeless case.

From the human standpoint, the increase in the number of people of impaired vision is becoming alarming. Students are every day becoming myopic in vision as a result of what is properly myopic thought. The seat of the difficulty is deeper than spectacles reach. Near-sightedness indicates myopic or constricted thought. In our school training constricted thought is cultivated; there is not sufficient diversity; pupils are generally required to fill up the school hours in close application to books, pinned down as to a definite point for long hours. Soon the eye becomes weary, and the book is drawn nearer unwittingly. A habit is formed and constricted thought ultimates in constricted vision, myopic thought in myopic vision. As by retrospection I examine my own case, this seems to have been the process by which the early impairment of my vision was effected.

Now there must be a mental remedy for this creature of mental causes. What is the remedy? The Homeopathic law of " similia similibus curantur" is never the treatment for the overthrow of error. Error can never destroy error. Two wrongs never make a right.” The attributed Allopathic, "contraria contrariis," must be the radical treatment to destroy the fruits of error. You must “destroy opposites with opposites.” Only light will destroy darkness; only good will destroy evil; only Reality can banish unreality from consciousness. Truth is omnipotent and infallible. Error has only the degree of power we give it; it has no other power.

As in the treatment of other diseases, we must strike at the root of the matter, and destroy the thoughts which have resulted in the manifestation; and results must be as faithfully brought about as with any other form of error's outpicturing, for this myopia is no less a manifestation of error than is indigestion or rheumatism, and may be overcome in the same way, under the same law.

But what is the insidious error thought which I am to destroy or overcome, and what the true thought which I am to substitute for it? Through functioning in the mortal consciousness all my life I have erred in my judgment of myself. I have thought myself a material being. Yet I now know that all Being is spiritual. Since I am a spiritual being, I am not subject to changing conditions, liable to receive damage by close application to study. From the standpoint of the spiritual, it is false to say that my eye is too convex, or that it is astigmatic, lacking uniformity of convexity. It is my thought that has been astigmatic. To believe error to be truth, or partly true, is astigmatic thought. I have not clearly defined ideas of Truth. I have been looking through astigmatic thought instead of astigmatic eyes. My thought

of Truth has been lacking in true sphericity. Consequently I have seen just as I have thought, and my eye has partaken of the same way of seeing. I must reform my thinking if I would reform my seeing. I must go to the cause. I have hearkened to the insidious lie of “Nahash the Ammonite," which is continually seeking to “thrust out my right eye" (I. Sam. 9:2), Spiritual Perception, so that I may not have clear understanding of Truth, for true sight is spiritual the perception of Truth. Perfect vision is Spiritual Understanding. It is proper to observe here that “ Nahash ” (serpent) in this allegory stands for the same “serpent” that the Eden allegory presents, namely, the thought of sensuality, which is the most common cause of impairment of vision. The root thought is deeply innate in the race consciousness, even if not prominent in the individual consciousness. Nothing so vitiates the spiritual life and dims the perceptions as sensual thought. These “ Ammonites” must be destroyed from conscious

Only the “pure in heart see Godwith clear spiritual vision. This is the most important point of

. all in this demonstration. The consciousness must be purified, clean and pellucid in order to perfect spiritual sight, the all-essential step to be gained.

My learned friend would have me understand that this external visual organ is too sharply convex, and that this convexity is lacking in uniformity, the lateral diameter being greater than the vertical, which he must correct by concave lenses so ground as to straighten the rays of light passing through them, or rather to correct the refraction of rays, which are too much or too little refracted by the unsymmetrical cornea of the eye.

To adjust lenses to my eye is to perpetuate the claims of error, and to continually emphasize those claims to my already false consciousness, and deepen the veil of obscurity before my spiritual vision, thus rendering my case the more hopeless as time goes on. Do I really want to continue the use of these glasses,


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