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tion shall put on incorruption, and your mortal immortality. In that glorious kingdom on which I have entered, I have prepared seats for you; and where I am, there ye shall be also. Thy Almighty Saviour and King, O my soul, after having conducted thee triumphantly through the assaults of thy spiritual foes, will not desert thee in that last awful conflict, when death enfolds thee in his embrace. Faith in that Almighty King, whose unseen but powerful arm supports thee, will enable thee to repel the assaults of thy foe.

In the ardours of lively faith and gratitude, 0, then, for ever magnify the all-conquering power of the King and Captain of thy salvation. To invigorate thy confidence, and to enliven thy hope, he provides for thee, in his holy supper, pledges of his grace and love. Penetrate, then, through the vail of sense, and in the humble elements of the altar behold, by the eye of faith, the immortal body and blood of thy Redeemer, by which thou art nourished and strengthened to everlasting life. On the altar Jesus erects the throne of resistless dominion, and extends that sceptre which is the pledge of triumph to his followers over the assaults of the powers of darkness. Be it thy habitual care to renew, in the holy eucharist, thy vows of faith in thy divine Redeemer, of subjection to his sovereign sway. His body and blood shall nourish and strengthen thee to everlasting life. Oh! esteem it a glorious privilege which should excite thy most lively

gratitude, that during thy wearisome sojourn in this vale of tears, thou art permitted to refresh thy drooping spirits at the fountain of immortal joys. Ever hasten, with reverent and holy triumph, to that ordinance, where thy glorious King dispenses strength, victory, eternal life. There prepare thyself, by invigorating supplies of grace, for the conflict, which, before the crown of glory rewards thee, thou must sustain with the King of Terrors. And when the pangs of sickness, or the decays of frail nature, proclaim the near approach of thy last enemy, seek, with renewed frequency and fervour, the pledges of thy Redeemer's grace conveyed to thee in his holy supper. Hope, peace, and consolation, shall flow upon thy spirit. The immortal VIATICOM, transfusing divine energy, shall support thee through the darkest shadows of the vale of death. Under the guidance of the Almighty Captain of thy salvation, mounting the everlasting hills, thou shalt reach the city of the living God. In the glorious temple of the celestial Zion, those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, shall - serve God day and night; they shall hunger no more, nor thirst any more, neither shall the sun light upon them, nor any heat. For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of water, and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.”

Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto thee, O holy Jesus. Eternal Son of

the Father, who, as our divine Prophet, dost instruct and guide us; who, as our gracious High Priest, dost intercede for us, and bless us; who, as our Almighty King, dost redeem us from the bondage of sin and Satan, and exalt us, victorious over death and the

grave, to the immortal glories of thy throne.


ALMIGHTY GOD, who hast displayed thine infinite wisdom and goodness, in the covenant of mercy which thou hast offered to fallen man; open mine understanding to discern the excellence and glory of this wonderful dispensation of grace; and may my heart be impressed with the emotions of reverence, gratitude, and love. With deep and grateful humility I adore thee, Almighty Father, that thou hast appointed, as the Mediator of this gracious covenant, thy eternal and only begotten Son, "the brightness of thy glory, and the express image of thy person.” I adore thee, that the Redeemer who is to restore fallen man to thy favour, possesses those divine powers and glories which render him at once the object of holy adoration and worship, and of lively gratitude, confidence, and love. Glory be unto thee, O God, for thy unspeakable mercy and grace in Jesus Christ, who, as God, is mighty to save-as man, is touched with a feeling for my infirmities. O may I humbly and thankfully commit the salvation of my soul to that blessed Jesus, whom thou hast “anointed with the Holy Ghost and with power;" whom thou hast " set forth to be a propitiation for the sins of the world;" whom thou hast exalted to be “a Prince and a Saviour," to redeem guilty and perishing man. In all his divine, glorious, and consoling offices, may my understanding clearly and fully discern him—my soul submissively and triumphantly embrace him.

As the eternal Son of the Father, may I bow before him with reverence and homage-may I ascribe unto him glory and dominion—may I magnify the divine fulness of his mercy, and the almghty energies of his grace—may I evermore triumphantly rejoice in the certainty, the all-sufficiency, the everlasting glories of his salvation.

Grant, O God, that embracing by faith the Saviour as my divine Prophet and Instructor, I may evermore revere the glorious lustre which surrounds him-may implicitly receive his illustrious revelations as the only standard of truth and duty-may study, with devout admiration and gratitude, his hallowed doctrines and precepts—and with humble fidelity and zeal seek to bring all the powers of my soul into obedience to the instruction of this divine Teacher whom thou hast sent.

As my gracious and compassionate Priest and Intercessor, may I gratefully revere and celebrate his mercy and grace—may I apply to his precious blood for pardon and peace—through his mediation and intercession alone, may I seek an access to the throne of thy mercy.

As my Almighty King, may I evermore adore his eternal glory, his invincible power-may I humbly submit to the sceptre of his righteous dominion --may I sacredly observe his holy decrees and laws, threats and promises--on his omnipotent arm may I ever place my supreme reliance for victory over my spiritual foes, for redemption from death and

the grave.

And, oh! thou holy Jesus, eternal Son of the


Father, have mercy upon me.

" Thou who only urt holy, who only art the Lord, who only art most -sigh in the glory of God the Father, grant me thy peace."

Divine Prophet of the Highest, illumine mine understanding with celestial truth; instruct me in the knowledge and love of the Father; guide me in the way of righteousness and peace.

Gracious and prevailing Priest and Intercessor, sprinkle my guilty soul with the blood of the atonement; and present it pure and spotless before the Father. · By thine unknown and dreadful agonies,” by the all-suffiency of thy atonement, by the mighty power of thy death, by all that thou hast done and all that thou hast suffered, intercede for me and bless me, most compassionate Jesus.

O thou Almighty King, to whom the Father hath given all power in heaven and in carth, stretch out thy omnipotent arm and save me; subdue every thought, desire, and passion that riseth in rebellion against thee; purify my heart by the mighty power of thy grace; "guide and govern both my soul and body in the ways of thy law, and in the works of thy commandments ;" in every difficulty and trial, be thou my Almighty Helper and Defender; over all my spiritual enemies enable me to rise triumphant ; and finally, O thou omnipotent Saviour, exalt me, sanctified by thy grace, and redeemed by thy power, to the immortal seats of bliss which thou hast prepared for thy people.

Blessed be thy name, O thou most high God, that in Jesus the Mediator thou hast engaged, for my salvation, omnipotent power and infinite love. Blessed be thy name, that thou dost invite me to that sacred banquet, where the illuminating guidance of Jesus the divine Prophet, the all-sufficient

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