Obrazy na stronie

Dec. 17{ 11:41

18 { A.41




Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Cultonhill. 3.9. - The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock forenoon and four o'clock after. too. The second Observation, in the afternoon, in the tirst column, is taken by the Register Thermometer. Ther. Bart.



Ther. Baro.


Wind. Weather.

11.95 8.713 M.37 Cble.
Dec. 1

Dull day.
M.35 29.780 M.45)

Frost. morn.
.297 1.39)
rain night.

W. .990 A. 15

rain after.
192 M.59

Dull, cold,

.999 M.45

Very foggy,
11.38 .62 A. 39
but fair.

Cble. .999 A, 44

fair, V.2)

.Sti M.39 3

Fair, with

M.38 30.101 M.35


A. 41
.229.1. 41

Cble. Ditto.
.805 M.16

Rain, hail,


..12 M.111 1. 15

Very foggy, 398 . 38

20 { and sleet.

A. 40

Cble. .1701. 41

with raill. M.50 29.206 M.40

Cble. Ditto.
1. 36 98.422'A.37)

A. 38

1. Ditto.

.101 1.39
.999 1.38


Fair, with 1.36 29.580 1.38


M.31 29.950 M.59 Dull, but some sunsh.


4.19 ..520 2.38

Fair, but

.592 A. 38

.950 M.39

1. 39

with rain. 8 .623 ML38

Fair foren.


.984 1.13 1. 10

Foggy morn. .129 A. 39

rain aftern.

A. 38
.999 1. 59 )

but fair.
.475 M.43

Fair, with
M.50 30.265 1.58

Frost morn. some sunsh 25{

E. A. 37 .1911.35

sunsh. day! 916 M. 10

Fair foren.

.216 M.581

Keen frost.
.916 A. 40
rain aftern,

A. 35


with sunsh. 1.30 50.218 M. 40 us

Fair, with

M.2 29.998 M.32
1.35 .255|A.38) sunshine.

se. Ditto.

1:9 .920 1.32)
JS M.39

trost moin.


.896 M.30

L. 36
.231 A. 37
dull day, fair

SE. Ditto.
A. 97

.792 A. 30}
1.26 .104 M.33


.711 M.28

A. 26


.662.. 28 .84 M.36


Frost morn. 1.37

.570 M.30 .713 8. 36

30 sunsh. day.

.630 A.31

.617 M.J7


.53.7 M.31
.670 1.38

.555. A. 31

SE, Ditto.
.834 11..9

Average of Rain, 1.653 inches.

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.998 1.33 .954 A. 39} Cble. Very foggy,




-9.98 1.1.36 sw.


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31{ 1.50


AGRICULTURAL REPORT. From the date of our last to the 25th of that month, the weather continued mild and open. On the evening of that day, a severe frost set in, which continued till the Ud of the present month. 'On the 34 and 4th, a heavy rain fell, amounting to something more than an inch and a half in depth, accompanied by a loud casterly wind. The ground being previously dry, and rendered open by the frost, the moisture was soon absorbed, and ploughs were at work by the 6th. The weather continued mild till the 12th, when a slight frost, with a general fall of snow, obstructed the farmer's lalwurs in the field. The mean temperature, for the last ten days of December, was 39o. The mean for what is past of the present month is 36Fahrenheit; and it may be proper to remark here, that the mean temperature for the whole of last season, by daily observation at 10 morning and evening, about ten miles east from Perth, and about 172 feet above the level of the sea, is 48 degrees Fahrenheit- a degree, or nearly two, higher than the average temperature of this climate ; occasioned more by the mild temperature last winter, than by any elevation of temperature in the sum. mer months. Though farm-labour has met with some slight interruption since our last, yet it is, upon the whole, as far advanced as could be wished. Turnips have hitherto suffered nothing from the frost, and wheat holds out well. The appearance of barn-yards indicate that a scarcity of fodder will still be felt ; and complaints of the deficiency of oats and barley grown on dry lands, are frequent. Markets for farm. produce, however, continue dull. Meetings, to petition Parliament for Agricultural relief, have been held in this country; and, in the south, from the general tenor of these petitions, we anticipate little good; they are, for the most part, too much mixed up with state politics, to be at all palatable ; and we believe no serious friend to the farmer, or to his country, would wish success to the petitioners at Norfolk, who have rendered themselves famous, by their attention to William Cobbet.

Puthshire, 12th January 1823.

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Wheat, 240 lbs.

Oats, 264 lbs. Barley, 320 lbs. ||Bns. & Pse. Oatmeal | Flour, 1822.

140 lbs. 280 lbs. Dantzic. For. red. British. Irish. British. English. Scots. Stirl. Meas. S.

S. s. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. Dec. 19

18 240 13 15 6 150 19 0 260 90 220 26 0 | 160 176 136 146 36 38 26

18 240 13 160 156 19 6 30236 180 25 0|| 160 176 136 170 36 58 Jan.

18 240 | 13 15 6 15 6 19 6 280 28 618 0 95 01 160 176 136 170|| 36
18 240 || 13 160 156 19 6 || 230 230 180 450 | 160 176 136 17 0 36 38

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S. d. s. d. s. d. S. d. s. d. s. d. S.



S. Dec. 171 3 6 6 6 2 5 2 10 2 10 4 10 18 20 25 31 23 36 28 31 26 30 28 32 20 24 20

24 3 6 6 6 9 5 3 0 2 10 4 10 18 20 25 32 25 36 28 31 26 30 28 32

31 3 6 6 9 2 5 3 0 2 10 5 0 18 20 25 32 23 36 128 31 26 30,28 32 20 24 20 Jan. 7 3 6 6 9 2 5 2 9 2 10 5 0 18 20 25 32 23 36 28 31 27 51 28 32 20 24 20

England & Wales.


Wht. Rye.

Barley Oats. Beans. Pease. Oatm.


8. d. S. d. S. d. Se d. s. d. & d. s. d. 7 38 6 19 8 28 8 18 9 25 10 28 5 141 38 10 23 029 3 18 6 25 10 28 5 21 38 8 23 6

18 9 25 10 294 28 39 9 24 5 29 3 18 7 25 10 30 0

Course of Exchange, London, Jan. 10.—Amsterdam, 12 : 6. Ditto at sight, 19: 3. Rotterdam, 12:7. Antwerp, 12:6. Hamburgh, 37 : 9. Altona, 37 : 10. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 35. Bourdeaux, 25 : 85. Frankfort-on-the-Maine, 157. Madrid, 37). Cadiz, 36. Gibraltar, 305, Genoa, 434. Leghorn, 47. Lisbon, 524. Oporto, 521. Rio Janeiro, 46. Dublin, 91 cent. Cork, 9f 4 cent.

Prices of Bullion, poz. Foreign gold in bars, £.3. 17. 6d. New Doubloons, £3.5s. New Dollars, 4s. 9d. Silver in bars, standard, 4s. 114d.

Premiums of Insurance. Guernsey or Jersey, 25s. a 303.—Cork or Dublin, 25s.a 30s. --Belfast, 25s, a 30s.-Hambro', 20s. a 50s.-- Madeira, 20s a 30s.-Jamaica, 40s. a 508.-Greenland, out and home, 6 gs. to 12 gs.

Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from 18th Dec. 1822, to 8th Jun. 1823.

Dec. 18. Dec. 24. Jan. 1. Jan. 8.

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ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 20th.

November and the 20th December 1822 ; extracted from the London Gazette. Atherstone, T. Nottingham, dyer.

Griffiths, W. Abergavenny, seedsman. Austin, J. Berkhamstead, coach-maker.

Grocett, J. T. Manchester, wine-merchant. Bailey, T. Shoreditch, seedsman.

Hawkes, P. C. Little Abingdon-street, coal-mer, Ball, J. Poultry, ironmonger.

chant. Balster, W. Sherborne, maitster.

Hoult, L. Norwich, iron-founder. Beams, H. Lorůship-lane, Sydenham.

Hudson, T. Lower Pillerton, Warwickshire, Heunet, H. L. Liverpool, tobacconist.

weaver and farmer. Berry, N. Huddersfield, merchant.

Hulbert, T. S. Chippenliam, linen-draper. Blackhand, J. Newport, Shropshire, grocer. Jermyn, J. Great Yarmouth, malster. Borker, J. Bolton-le-Moors, grocer.

Jones, J. C. Bridgenorth, linen-draper. Boylance, S. Liverpool, merchant.

Jones, T. Cleobury, Mortimer, Shropshire, inn: Bridgman, E. L. Fish-street hill, undertaker.

keeper. Browne, J. N. Manchester, cotton-spinner. Jordin, A. Leatherhead, draper. Bury, Jamei, Manchester, J. Bury, Pendhill, and Kirby, T. Market Weighton, Yorkshire, brewer. T. Bury,

Bucklersbury, calico-printers. Knipe, S. Liverpool, merchant. Bulterten, J.Drayton-in-Hales, Shropshire, money- Lee, F. Bocking, Essex, victualler. scrivener.

Le Roy, C. Pall Mall, haberdasher. Butler, J. Milk-street, merchant.

Marks, M. Romford, slopseller. Chaplin, J. Lisson Grove, bricklayer.

Martelly, L. H. Finsbury-square, merchant. Clerk, H. Swallowfields, Wilts, grocer.

Matthews, T. Starston, Norfolk, farmer. Clift, H. Painswick, Gloucestershire, clothier. Matthews, T. Roes, Herefordshire, curier. Cookson, J. Leerls, woollen-cloth manufacturer. Morgan, J. Elde: strect, Norton Falgate, leadCotterell, W. Bishop's Cleve, Gloucestershire,

pipe maker. farmer.

Nettleton, W. Edgeware-road, victualler. Craig, J. High Holborn, linen-draper.

Passman, J. Old-street-road, merchant. Crisps, W. Bramfield, Suffolk, grocer.

Paul, J. Winchester, maltster. Crisp, J. Peasenhall, Suffolk, shopkeeper.

Pearson, T. Oxford-street, oil and colour-man. Dane, W. Working, nurseryman.

Pill, M. Sidmouth, upholsterer. Dawson, T. St. Thomas's Mill, Staffordshire, Rainy, G. Marshall-street, Cavendish-square, ironmiller.

monger. Desvill, E. Manchester, grocer.

Reithmuller, C. U. Mark-lane, broker. Edwards, J. Langhearne, Carmarthenshire, inn- Ridley, W. and D. Wilson, Whitehaven, curriers. keeper.

Scott, J. Cumrew, Cumberland, butter-dealer,
Fasards, T. Gerrard-street, Soho, woollen-draper, Seward, J. H. Leominster, mercer.
Elks, H. Friston, Suffolk, farmer.

Shackle, J. Milk-street, Cheapside, hosier.
Errington, R. Hexam, butter and bacon-factor. Singer, sen. Frome Selwood, clothier.
Evans, B. P. Freeman's-court, Cornhill, law-sta- South, J. Cardiff, iron-monger.

Sowter, R. Water-street, Blackfriars, merchant. Fairclough, T. Liverpool, slater.

Spedding, R. G. jun. Rickınansworth, coal-merField, J. and L. Royston, Leeds, cloth

merchants. chant. French, G. Whitechapel-road, provision-agent. Stock, C. Ashweek, somersetshire, farmer. Glading, J. Ipswich, victualler.

Stockdale, J. J. Strand, bookseller. Glyde, J. Yeovil, Somerstshire, farmer.

Thompson, J. J. Bermondsey Wall, boat-builder, Goldstein, N. High-street, Shadwell, slopseller. Todd, 'D. J. Douglas, and D. Russell, Fleet-street, Gray, C. Upper Montagu-street, horse-dealer.

and W. Russell, Bow Church-yard, drapers Greeme, H. H. Lower cuntain-place, City-road,

and mercers. merchant.

Tuck, J. L. Haymarket, jeweller.

Turner, T. Saundridge, Hertfordshire, timber- Wheeler, J. Frome, Selwood, clothier. merchant.

Wilcox, J. Madeley Wood, Shropshire, grocer. Urany, J. Snowhill, grocer.

Wingfield, G. Worthing, inr:keeper. Walker, F. Ley Moor, Yorkshire, clothier. Wiltshire, J. Wootton Bassett, draper. Watts, R. Lawrence Pountney-lane, merchant. Woodward, E. Whetstone, Middlesex, butcher. Wells, W. Hendon, hay-salesman.

Wynch, J. Ashton-under-Line, Lancashire, timber Weston, E. J. and R. Manchester, hop and spirit- merchant. mercliant.

Yates, J. A. Weymouth, ironmonger.


December 1822, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Craig, James, corn-merchant, miller, &c. at Kill-

conquhar Mill, Fifeshire.
Cushny, William, merchant in Aberdecn.
Dempster, George, merchant & builder in Green-

Dykes, John, grain-merchant at Clayhudgeons,

Ferguson, Duncan, merchant in Glasgow.
Fraser, Edward, & Co. merchants, Inverness.
Harkness, Robert, cattle-dealer, &c. at Inishinen-

rousk, Argyleshire.
Kerr, Alexander, haberdasher in Edinburgh.
Levach, George, merchant in Thurso.

1'Alie & Hardie, grain-merchants in Glasgow.
Robertson, William, innkeeper in Perth.

Recall of Sequestration.
Jamieson, Thomas & William, millers at Dun-

tiblae, and inerchants in Kirkintulloch.

Henderson, Thomas, jun. merchant inAnstruther;

by W. Scott, accountant in Edinburgh.
Ouller, James, cattle-dealer at Memus, Forfar-

shire; by James Miller, jun. banker in Cuper

Macfarlane, Robert, & Co. Greenock, and Macfar-

lane, Scott, & Co. Newfoundland, merchants;

by D. Maceway, Greenock.
M•Math, Donald, merchant in Inverary; by

Colin Campbell, the trustee there.
Mitchell, James, jun. merchant in Dundee, after-

waris at Gartocher Hill, near Glasgow; by

Charles Walker, writer in Dundee.
Murdoch, Thomas, woollen-draper in Ikirk; by

Robert Haldane, writer in Stirling.
Nicol, William, bleacher at Gaieside; by James

Craig, accountant in Paisley.
Wright, Malcolm, merchant in' Paisley; by Geo

Smelie, merchant in Glasgow.


Dec. 12, Mrs Lyon, 26, Forth Street, Edin. 1822. June 25. At Madras, the Lady of David burgh, a daughter. Hill, Esq. ouc of the Secretaries to Government, 13. At Norfolk House, the Countess of Surrey, a daughter.

a daughter. July 23. At Madras, the Lady of Major George - At St Andrew's, Mrs Grace, a son. Cadell, Assistant Adjutant-General, a son.

14. At Rigment House, Bedfordshire, the Lady Sept. 10. At the Cape of Good Hope, the Lady of Thomas Potter Macqucen, Esq. M.P. a son of James Duff Watt, Esq. Deputy-Commissary.

and heir. General to the Forecs, a son.

- At Harpole, near Northampton, the Lady of Nov. 22. At Bargaly, the Lady of John Mackie, the Hon. and Rev. T. L. Dundas, a daughter. Esq. a son.

In Heriot Row, Edinburgh, the Lady of Do 23. The Lady of Thomas Mackenzie Paterson, nald Horne, Esq. W.S. a son. Esq. of Drumcudden, a daughter.

15. In London Street, Mrs Boswell, a son. 94. At Albury Park, Lady

Harriet Drummond, 17. At Kentish Town, near London, Mrs S. R. a son.

Block, a son. - At 66. Great King Stroet, Edinburgh, Mrs 18. At Auchtermuchty, Mrs James Bonar, a son. Paton, a daughter.

19. At Melville Place, Stirling, Mrs Birch, a son. - At Dublin, the Lady of Lieut.-Col. Gordon, 21. The wife of Jas. Burnett, cow-feeder, Monof the 5th, or Prince Leopold's regiment, of 'dra- trose, was delivered of three children, two boys goon guards, a daughter.

and a girl. One of the boys died shortly after the 25. In Newcastle, the Lady of Anthony Comp. birth; the other two children and the mother are ton, Esq. of Carham Hall, a daughter.

likely to do well. The remaining boy is a fine in. 26. AI Springhall, the Lady of Capt. Douglas, fant, and of the usual size. It is worthy of obR.N. a daughter:

servation, that the mother had twins formerly, 28. At Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, the Lady and that she has brought her husband nine chil. of Thomas Mackenzie, Esq. a son.

dren in the space of seven years. This prolific 29. At Ruchlaw House, Mrs Hathorn, a daugh- mother is a neat a tive woinan, rather below than ter.

above the ordinary size of her sex. Dec. 1. At Milbrook, Hants, the Lady of Major- - In London, the Lady of George Cleghorn, General Sir Patrick Ross, a son.

Esq. of Weens, county of Roxburgh, a daughter. - Mrs Thomas Kinnear, Great King Street, 22. At Brussels, the Right Hon. Lady Mabella Edinburgh, a daughter.

Knox, wife of the Hon. John Henry Knox, a son 2. At Bassendean, Edinburgh, Mrs Hewat, a son and heir. 4. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Willian Ogilvie, 24. At Portobello, the Lady of Wm. Cochrane Esq. younger of Chesters, a son.

Anderson, Esq. of Harehope, a son. - At 16, Royal Circus, Edinburgh, Mrs Renny, 26. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Mrs Tytler a son.

of Woodhouselee, a son. The Lady of J. Anstruther Thomson, of 28. The Lady of Gilbert Laing Meason, Esq. of Charleton, a son.

Lindertis, a son. 5. In Wimpole Street, London, the Lady of the Hon. J. T. Leslie Melville, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. 9. In Hope Street, Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs 1822. Nov. 18. At Montrose, Alexander Melville, Peter Ramsay, a daughter.

Esq. M.D. surgeon 25th King's own Borderers, to - At Gala House, the Lady of John Scott, Esq. Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. George Sutherland, a son.

of that place 10. At Llynon, in the county of Anglesea, the - At ('upar, Dr Andrew Bowes, physician, Lady of H. Herbert Jones, Esq. a daughter. King's Kettle, to Helen, only child of Mr James

- At Findratsie House, the Lady of Charles Maonaughton, Rossie. Abrain Leslie, Esg. of Findrassie, a son.

25. At Sıraloch, Major George Turner, of Me 12. At Sir Archibald Macdonald's at Eastsheen, nie, to Margaret, third daughter of the late Joha His Randolph, a daughter.

Ramsay, of Barra, Esq.

Nov. 26.41 Pirbright Church, near Guilford, main, Dart. M.P. to Flizabeth, second daughter
H. W, R. W. Habey, of Henly Park, Surrey, Esq. of the Hon. William Maule, of Panmure, M.P.
to Mary Noel, third daughter of Andrew Stirling, Nov, 27. At Edinburgh, Jas. Rutherford, Esq.
Esq. of Drumpellier, Lanarkshire.

W.S.to Susannah Hardcastle, of Haughton, daugh1. Atst Pancras, Middlesex, William Davidson ter of the deceased Michael Hardcastle, Esq. of Blair, Esq. of Glasgow, to Miss Jene Bruce, of Haughton, in the county of Durham. L'oper Gover Street, Bedford Square, only daugh. 28. At Edinburgh, James Block, Esq. of Kentur of the late Ltr Bruce.

tish Town, near London, to Susan, thírd daugh23. At Amfield, Mr John Hutcheson, mer- ter of Adam Wilson, Esq. Depute Clerk of Session. etant, North Leith, to Margaret, eldest daughter 29. At Dumfries, James Macarthur, Esq. Glas. of Mr W. M'Kerrzie, of the revenue cutter Prince gow, to Mary, second daughter of the late Capt. Regedit.

Richard Johnston Wau and relict of James sil. At London, Charles Berwick Curtis, Esq. Reid, Esq. Edinburgh. Foungest son of Sir William Curtis, Bart. to Hen- Lately, At Achindarroch, in Argyleshire, Major rietta, second daughter of the late Rev. J. B. Pear- George Germaine Cochrane, half-pay 37th regiso, o Croxa!), Derbyshire.

ment, to Susan, eldest daughter of the Rev. DoDet. 3. At Glasgow, Jas. Benny, Esq. of Drum nald M.Coll. and Stoney Food, Stirlingshire, to Miss Margaret South, Foungest daughter of the doccased Mr Jas.

DEATHS. Sanith, inaltman, Stirling.

1822. April 2. At Wallajahbad, of the cholera - At Glasgow, Lieut. Chas. Reid, R. N. to Ag- morbus, after four hours il ness, Mr Peter M.Milpes, daughter of Mr Robert Jaffiay, merchant. Jan, surgeon in the Hon. East India Company's

At Burnbrae, William Macaliester, Esq. wri. service, third son of Dr M.Millan, in Whithorn, ter, Irvine, to Agnes, eldest daughter of the late Wigtonshire. Ardubald Douglas, Esq. of Burnbrae.

18. At Chinsurah, in Bengal, Captain John Gor- At Cheltenham, Major Hill Dickson, 64th don, 20th regiment of Bengal native infantry, only regiment, son of the late Archdeacon of Down, to son of George Gordon, Esq. Inspector of Taxes. Cardiine Emma, second Laughter of Thos. Stough- May 18. On his return from India, William, the ton, Esq, of ballyhogan, in the county of Keiry. eldest son of Wm. Fairlie, Esq. Portland Crescent,

3. As Aberdeen, William Allardyce, Esq. wine- London, menhant, to Janet, daughter of lex. Dingwail, 28. At Malacca, Dr Milne, the author of several Esq. Postinaster.

learned works on the literature of China, and the - At Holkham, the Hon. Spencer Stanhope, to historian of the first Ten Years of the Chinese Mis Coke. The bride and bridegroom left Holk- Mission. ham for Taversham, the seat of Mrs Branthwaite. June 4. At Masulipatam, Mr Thomas Dale, in The last act of tins excellent lady, previous to her the service of the Hon. East India Company, much quitting her paternal home, was to give away 100 regretted. jan o blankets to the neighbouring poor.

11. At Valparaiso, South America, Jas. Stewart, 8. At St James's Church, London, the Earl of son of the late James Stewart, Esq. of Persie, reBelfast, eluiest son of the Marquis of Donegall, to siding at Dowally, Perthshire. Laly Hartiei Butler, eldest daughter of the late August. At Mudras, in the early flower of his Lari of Glengall, and sister to the present.

life, the Hon. William Montague Douglas Home, lo At Coun Place, Aberdeen, Wm. Chalmers

second son of the Right lion, the Earl of Home. Hunter, Esq. of Tillery, to Rachel, second daugh- His premature death has plunged his family into taro Jam Thom, Esq. Union Place.

the deepest distress; and from being nearly con11. At Douglas Church, near Cork, Charles nected with many of the noblest families in SeotWelderburn Webster, Esq. of the Carabineers, to land and England, will spread a melancholy feelRebecca, youngest daughter of the late Sir James ing amongst a number who move in the first cirChatterton, Bart. of Cast.emahon, in the county cles, as well as amongst every other circle who of Cork,

had the honour of knowing him. 12. dt Rothsay, Isle of Bute, Mr Jas. Malcolm 1. On board the General Graham, on his passage Noble, Lieutenant of his Majesty's late 9.)th regi- from Jamaica to England, John Fairfoul, Esq. meat, fo Susannah, second daughter of William 26. At Plani •tion Helena, Demerara, in the Marse, Esq. of Rothsay.

23d year of his age, Mr Jas. Fraser Chisholm, el- At Lyndhurst, Hain shire, Daniel Gurney, dest son of Capt. Hugh Chisholm, Fort Augustus. Ex North Runcton, No.folk, to Lady Harriet Sept. 7. At Granada, Mr Archibald M‘Vean, son Hay, sister of the Earl of Errol.

of the late Patrick M.Vean, minister of Kenmore. Thomas Weir, Esq. W.S. to Lilias Gray, se- 72. At his seat at Hadersdorf, near Vienna, Gecond daughter of John Orr, Esq. York Place, neral and Field Marshal Baron Laudon. He was Edinburgh.

descended from an ancient and noble family in 19. åt Michelmersh, Hants, Elborough Wood

the county of Ayr, a branch of which settled in erk, of Onel College, Oxford, B. A., only son of Livonia, in which province he was born, at Totthe late Jotun Woodcock, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, to zer, in 1767. He first served in the Russian army, sophia, youngest daughter of the late Sir John, was Aid-de-Camp to Prince Potemkin in 1788, and sister to the present Sir James Stuart, Bart. and was sent with the news of the taking of Oczaof Allanbank, Berwickshire.

kow to the Austrian head-quarters, where his 1. At Adamton, Ayrshire, George James Camp- uncle, the celebrated Field Marshal Laudon, probell, Esq. of Treesbank, to Miss Elizabeth M Ker- cured hiin, from Joseph II., a commission in the rell Red, daughter of Colonel Reid, late of the Austrian army. He distinguished himself in all Hue East India Company's service.

the campaigns during the wars brought on by the - At Banff, Walter Biggar, Esq. to Anne, young- French Revolution, and deservedly attained the est daughter of the late James Duff, Esq. Banff. highest honours.

*. At Hariaw, John Johnson, Esq. inerchant, Oct. 1. At Mount Grace, in the island of Tabago, Coltstream, to Mary, ehlest danghter of the late Charles Warrack, son of Mr John Warrack, New Robert Kay, Esq. of Harlaw, Berwickshire. Mill of Fintry, Aberdeenshire, in the 25th yeur of 3. At Edinburgh, Lieut-Colonel Rose, Portu. se service, to Catharine, eldest daughter of Jas. 4. On board the Henry Porcher, Indiaman, on Sarkteil, Esq. of Kingston, Jamaica.

her voyage homeward, when off the Cape of Good - Ac Edinburgh, Jas. Cheyne, Esq. merchant, Hope, Mr Wm. Niven, Assistant Surgeon of the Leath, to Mrs Agnes Blackie, widow of Ralph Madras European regiment, aged 22, son of the Hanlie, Esq. writer, Edinburgh.

Rev. Dr Niven, of Dunkeld. 25. At Grange, Alex. Stoddart, Esq. younger of 14. At Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Hon. John Balletriek, to Miss Jess Young, daughter of Wil- Fraser, a Member of his Majesty's Council for Luam Young, Esq. Burntisland.

that place. *. At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Hunter, A.M. 17. At Pinebush, in the town of Montgomery, of Magialene College, Oxford, and youngest son New York, Capt. Archibald Hunter. The cír. stans kunter, Esq. of Holloway, Middlesex, cumstances of Capt. Hunter's death are soinewhat to Miss Douglis Richardson, eldest daughter of remarkable.--As he was opening a cow, supposed the late Robert Richardson, Esq. of Perth.

to have been poisoned in some way or other, he - At Dalkeith, Thomas Brander, Esq. of Rose received a slight wound, which became immelde, to Wise Jessie Grant, daughter of the late diately impregnated with the poison, and in less dies. Granl, Esq. W.S.

than an hour it was diffured over the whole sys- Linburgh, Sir Alexander Ramsay, of Bala lum, in consequence of which he died in about

his age.

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