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Contendat; illi turba clientium bit major; æqua lege Neceffitas Sortitur infignes et imos:

Omne capax movet urna nomen.

Diftri&tus enfis cui fuper impia
Çervice pendet, non Sicula dapes

Dulcem elaborabunt faporem ;
Non avium citharæque cantus

Somnum reducent. Somnus agreftium
Lenis virorum non humiles domos
Faftidit, umbrofamque ripam,

Non Zephyris agitata Tempe.
Defiderantem quod fatis eft, neque
Tumultuofum folicitat mare,
Nec fævus Arcturi cadentis
Impetus, aut orientis Hadi;
Non verberatæ grandine vineæ,
Fundufque mendax; arbore nunc aquas
Culpante, nunc torrentia agros
Sidera, nunc hiemes iniquas.
Contracta pifces æquora fentiunt,
Jactis in altum molibus: huc frequens
Cæmenta demittit redemtor

Cum famulis, dominufque terræ
Faftidiofus: fed 'Timor et Mine
Scandunt eodem quo dominus; neque
Decedit ærata triremi, et

Poft equitem fedet atra Cura.
Quod fi dolentem nec Phrygius lapis,
Nec purpurarum fidere clarior
Delenit ufus, nec Falerna

Vitis, Achæmeniumque coftum;

Cur invidendis poftibus, et novo
Sublime ritú moliar atrium?

Cur valle permutem Sabina
Divitias oporofiores ?*

Daerofiores. Bentl

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morals and a better reputation; a third has a fuperior number of dependents; but death, by the impartial law of nature, is allotted both to the confpicuous and the obfcure: the capacious urn keeps every name in motion. Sicilian dainties will not force a delicious relish to that man, over whofe impious neck the naked fword impends: the fongs of birds and the lyre will not restore his fleep. Sleep difdains not the humble cottages and fhady bank of peasants; he difduins not Tempe, fanned by zephyrs. Him, who defires but a competency,neither the tempestuous fea renders anxious, nor the malign violence of Arcturus fetting, or of the rifing Kid; not his vineyards beaten down with hail, and a deceitful farm; his pl. ntations at one feafon blaming the rains, at another, the influence of the conftellations parching the grounds, at another, fevere winters. The fifhes perceive the feas contracted, by the vaft foundations that have been laid in the deep: hither numerous undertakers with their men, and lords difdainful of the land, fend down mortar but anxiety, and the threats of confcience, afcend by the fame way as the poffeffor; nor does gloomy care depart from the brazen-beaked galley, and the mounts behind the horfeman. Since then neither the Phrygian marble, nor the use of purple more dazzling than the fun,t nor the Falernian vine, nor the Perfian perfume compofes a troubled mind, why should I fet about a lofty edifice with envy-exciting columns, and in the modern tafte? Why fhould I exchange my Sabine vale for wealth, which is attended with more trouble?

Alluding to the ftory of Damocles.

† It is prefumed that commentators upon this possage might bave fucceedea better, had they remembered Seneca's expreffion, clarum mundi fidus, fpeaking of the fun. That orb, in many languages, is frequently and emphatically termed the ftar. Clarior, bere rendered dazzling, refers not at all to the colour of purple, but only to the use of it as a badge of dignity and office.



Bellicam fortitudinem, probitatem, et arcani fidem commendat.

Abus acri militia puer
NGUSTAM, amici, pauperiem pati

Condifcat; et Parthos feroces

Vexet eques metuendus hafta;
Vitamque fub dio, et trepidis agat
In rebus: illum ex manibus hofticis
Matrona bellantis tyranni
Profpiciens, et adulta virgo

Sufpiret, Eheu! ne rudis agminum
Sponfus laceffat regius afperum
Tactu leonem, quem cruenta
Per medias rapit ira cædes.

Dulce et decorum eft pro patria mori :

Mors et fugacem perfequitur *virum ;
Nec parcit imbellis juventæ
Poplitibus, timidoque tergo.

Virtus repulfæ nefcia fordidæ,
Intaminatis + fulget honoribus;
Nec fumit aut ponit fécures
Arbitrio popularis auræ.
Virtus, recludens immeritis mori
Cœlum, negata tentat iter via :

Catufque vulgares, et udam

Spernit bumum fugiente penna.

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Efficacem. Markl. Profequitur. Codd. B. Confes

quitur. Bentl.

In-contaminatis. Giphant



He praises military bravery, probity, and fidelity in the keeping of a fecret.


ET the robuft youth, my friends, learn to endure pinching want in the active exercife of arms; and as an expert horfeman, dreadful for his fpear, let him harafs the fierce Parthians; and let him lead a life expofed to the open air, and familiar with dang rs. Him, the confort and marriageable virgin-daughter of fome warring tyrant, viewing from the hoftile walls, may figh-alas! left the royal hufband, unacquainted with the state of the battle, fhould provoke by a touch this terrible lion, whom rage hurries through the midft of flaughter.* It is fweet and glorious to die for one's country; death even purfues the man, that flies from him; nor does he fpare the trembling knees of effeminate youth, nor the coward back. Virtue, unknowing of bafe repulfe,t fhines with immaculate honours; nor does the affume or lay afide the enfigns of her dignity, at the capricious veering of popular air. Virtue, throwing open heaven to thofe who deferve not to die, directs her progrefs through paths of difficulty, and fpurns with a rapid wing groveling crowds, and the flippery earth. There is likewife a fure reward

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* Which be fpreads wherever he goes.

t Virtue, as independent of factions and parties, can fuffer no diminution of it's native bonours from popular caprice. Cato's virtues are bere fuppofed to be alluded to, and how did they

Through the dark cloud of ills that cover'd him

Break out, and burn with more triumphant brightness!


Eft et fideli tuta filentio

Merces: vetabo, qui Cereris facrum
Vulgarit arcana, fub iifdem

Sit trabibus, fragilemque mecum
Solvat phafelum. Sæpe Diefpiter
Neglectus incefto addidit integrum:
Raro antecedentem fceleftum
Deferuit pede Pœna claudo.


Auguftum, ne fedem imperii Trojam transferat, elam debortatur.

JUSTUM, et tenacem propofiti virum,

Non civium ardor prava jubentium,
Non vultus inftantis tyranni

Mente quatit folida, neque Aufter

Dux inquieti turbidus Adriæ,

Nec fulminantis magna Jovis manus :
Si fractus illabatur orbis,
Impavidum ferient ruinæ.

Hac arte Pollux, et vagus Hercules
Innixus, arces attigit igneas;
Quos inter Auguftus recumbens
Purpureo bibit ore nectar.

Hac te merentem, Bacche pater, tuæ
Vexere tigres, indocili jugum

Collo trahentes; hac Quirinus
Martis + equis Acheronta fugit ;
Gratum elocuta confiliantibus

Junone Divis: Ilion, Ilion

Fatalis inceftufque judex
Et mulier peregrina vertit

Innifus. Enifus. Bentl.
Patris. Barth.






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