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Lithographic Drawings by Calvest. Folio. ARCHITECTURE

No. I. 10s. The Revived Architecture of Italy. Se

GEOGRAPHY. lected from Palaces, Churches, and other Edifices. By G. L. Taylor and Edward

Museum Africanum, being Vol. II. of Cresy, architects. Nos. I. and II. impe

the Select Museum of Nature and Art: rial folio, containing 7 plates, and 10 pages

exhibiting, in a brief but comprehensive of letter-press. 4.1,11,6d.

manner, the principal Antiquities, Curi.

osities, Beauties, and Varieties, of Africa, BIBLIOGRAPHY,

interspersed with entertaining Narratives, Albin's Catalogue of Books. Part II. ls.

Anecdotes, Original Observations and De. C. Baldwyn's Classed Catalogue of Se.

scriptions, illustrative of the Customs, cond-hand Books for 1823. Is.

Manners, &c. of the Natives of that porC. Baldwyn's Catalogue of Portraits, tion of the Globe. By Charles Hulbert. &c. for illustration. ls.


A Succinct Account of the Lime Rocks The Life of Mrs Bennis. By her hus. of Plymouth. By the Rev. R. Hennah, band. 12mo. 58.

Svo. 12s. The Life of John Goodwin, M.A. By

HISTORY Thomas Jackson. I vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A History of England, from the first Napoleon Anecdotes. Edited by W.

Invasion by the Romans, to the End of H. Ireland. No. III. 2s. 6d. (to be con

George III., with Conversations at the tinued monthly,) with a portrait of MarieLouise.

end of each Chapter. By Mrs. Mark

ham. 2 vols. i 2ino. 163. DRAMA.

Pignotti's History of Tuscany. TransThe Duke d'Ormond, a Tragedy ; and kited from the Italian by J. Browning, Beritola, a Tale. By Charles Lloyd, jun. Esq. 4 vol. 8vo. £2188. foolcsap. 8vo. 8s.

Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots, with King Edward and Queen Marguerite, Anecdotes of the Court of Henry II. by a Tragic Poem.

Miss Benger. 2 vols. 8vo. £1.4s.

Dodsley's Annual Register for 1821, The Practical Book-keeper, or Mer

8vo. 168. chant's Assistant ; being a comprehensive late War in Spain and Portugal. By R.

The First Volume of a History of the Method of Book-keeping, founded on the Real Practice of the Counting-house. By

Southey, Esq. 4to. £.2.10s. George Wilson.

Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution. Svo. 5s. Letters from a Lady to her Niece; con

By W. D. Robinson. 2 vols. 8vo. £.1u4s. taining Practical Hints intended to direct the Female Mind in the Pursuit of Attain. A Lecture, in which the Nature and ments conducive to Virtue and Happiness. Properties of Oxalic Acid are contrasted 18mo. 2s.

with those of Epsom Salts, &c. By RoSunday Stories. By Dennis Lawler. bert Venables, M.B. 2s. 6d. 2s. 6d. boards.

A View of the Structure, Functions, and Annals of the Family of M‘Roy. 3 vols. Disorders, of the stomach. By Thomas 12no. £.l.ls.

Hare, F.L.S.

Svo. 12s.

Practical Observations on the Symp. A Series of Portraits of Eminent Histo.

toms and Treatment of some of the most rical Characters introduced in the No.

Common Diseases of the Lower Intestines. vels and Tales" of the Author of Waver

By John Howship. 8vo. As, 6d. ley: with Biographical Notices. No. VII.:

Address to Parents on the present containing Graham of Claverhouse, Rob

State of Vaccination. 38.

Practical Observations on the TreatRoy, Prince Charles, King James. 12.no. 8s., 8vo. lus.

ment and Cure of Pulmonary Consump

tion. By Sir Alex. Crichton. Svo. Ss. FINE ARTS.

Illustrations of the Enquiry respecting Thirty-two Platesto illustrate the Poems Tuberculous Diseases. By John Baron, of Crabbe. Small 8vo. £.2.,23.

M. D.

8vo. 15s. Six New Coloured Plates, illustrative of A Treatise on Dislocations and on Frac. the Researches and Operations of G. Bel- tures of the Joints. 4to. £.1111.Gd. zoni, in Egypt, &c. folio. £.1,5s.

A Treatise on the Radical Cure of No. XXV. of the British Gallery of Hernia. By W. Dufour. 5s. Contemporary Portraits; with Biographic History and Method of Cure of the vacal Notices, &c.

rious species of Palsy. By John Cooke. The Forest Illustrated, in a Scries of 8vo. As.


Dr Faithhorn en Diseases of the Liver The Fortnight's Visit : containing oriand Biliary System; comprehending those ginal, moral, and interesting Tales. By various, extensive, and often complicated, W. Gardiner. 2s. Disorders of the Digestive, Internal Or- Original Tales from My Landlord. By gans, and Nervous System, originating W. Gardiner. 2s. from these Sources: the fifth edition, with The Lollards, a Tale, 3 vols. 12mo. an Appendix of Cases, illustrative of the £.luls. principles of Treatment. 8vo. Is. boards. The Percy Anecdotes. Part 37. InMISCELLANIES.

genuity. 18mo. 25. 6d. The Retrospective Review. No. XII.

Who is the Bridegroom ? or Nuptial

Discoveries. By Mrs Green. 3vols. 16s, 6d. A Second Series of the Curiosities of Moscow, or the Grandsire, an Histori. Literature. By J. d'Israeli, Esq. 3 vols.

cal 'Tale. 3 vols. 1Ss. Sro. £.1.16s.

A New England Tale, reprinted from A Memoir of the Operations of the Allied

the second American edition. 12mo. 6s. Amies under Prince Schwartzenberg and Tales of my Father and my friends. Marshall Blucher, in 1813-14. By a

12mo. general officer. 8vo. £.lvls.

POETRY. A Comment on the Divine Comedy of The Enchanted Flute, with other Dante Alghieri. 8vo. 18s.

Poems; and Fables from La Fontaine. Fifteen Years in India, or Sketches of By E. P. Wolferstan. 8vo. a Soldier's Life. 8vo. 14s.

The Press, or Literary Chit-Chat. Sketches of Field Sports, as followed Satire. Foolscap 8vo. by the Natives of India. By Daniel The Temple of Truth, an Allegorical Johnson. Svo. 8s.

Poem. Svo. The Spirit of Buncle, or the Surprising The Vale of Apperley, and other Poems. Adventures of John Buncle, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 6s. 1mo. 8s. 6d.

An Ode on the Death of Napoleon The Bride's Tragedy. By Thomas Bonaparte ; Lines on the Neapolitans, Lovell Beddoes. Svo. 48. 6d.

and other Poems. 8vo. 3s. An Introduction to the Study of Con- The Story of our First Parents, select. chology. By Samuel Brooks, I.L.S. 4to. ed from Milton's Paradise Lost. By Mrs £3.103.

Siddons. Svo. 5s. 6d. Ude's French Cook. Seventh edition. Zaphna ; or the Amulet, a Poem. By

Isabel Hill. Foolscap 8vo. 5s. sewed. The Magic Lantern, 2s.

The Beauties of Scottish Poets, Ancient The Golden Ass, and Philosophical and Modern. No. I. 8d. Works of Apuleius. Translated by Thos. Rogvald, an Epic Poem. By J. E. Taylor, Esq. 8vo. 15s.

Pennie. Svo. 12s. Essays on the Love, the Poetry, and The Goldfinch, or Pleasing Vocal Comthe Character, of Petrarch. 8vo. 12s. panion. 2s. 6d.

Authentic Records of the Guild Mer. Poetic Pastime. 1 2mo. 6s. chant of Preston, in the County of Lan- Clontarf, a Poem. By W. II. Drumcaster, in 1822. By J. Wilcockson. 8vo. mond. Plates, 6s.

The Poetical Works of the Rev. G. The Cottager's Manual for the Manage- Crabhe. 5 vols. 8vo. £.2.12,6d. 8 vols. merrt of his Bces for every Month in the foolscap 8vo. £.2. Year. By Robert Huish, Esq. 12mo. 38. boards.


A Letter on the Present State and NOVELS, TALES, AND ROMANCES.

Future prospects of Agriculture. By W. German Popular Stories, translated from

Whitmore, Esq. M.P. 2s. 6d. the Kinder and Hansmarchen of M. M. Grimm. With an Introduction and Notes.

Sketch of a Simple, Original, and Pracand 12 plates by G. Cruikshank. 12mo. 7s.

tical Plan, for suppressing Mendicity, Isabella, by the author of Rhoda. 3 abolishing the present System of Taxarols, 12mo. £.ls.

tion, and ameliorating the Condition of

the Lower Classes of Society. Blan, or Anecdotes National and India vidual. By Mary Ann Hedge. 12mo.

REPRINTS. 46. 6d.

Sir Robert Naunton's Fragmenta Re. A Threatening Letter from Douglas galia, or Court of Queen Elizabeth. A (he author of No Fiction) to Le Fevre, new edition ; corrected by the original with Le Fevre's Reply. 8vo.

MSS. With Noles, and a Life of Naur. The Story of Pigou, a Malay Boy. Dy ton; cight protraits. Small Svo. 19s. Ed.; W, Gardiner. 25,

demy, Llls.


The Genuine Reinains, in Prose and guages in the University of Edinburgh. Verse, of Samuel Butler. With notes by With a Life of the Author. In two hand. R. Thyer. Part II. Six plates. 8vo. 98. some volumes. 8vo. £.1.8s. boards. royal 8vo. 18s.

An Abridginent of all the Statutes now

in force, relative to the Revenue of ExAn Accurate Table of the Population ranged and Alphabetically Digested. The

cise in Great Britain, Methodically Ar-' of the British Empire in 1821 ; specifying

Fourth Edition. Revised and brought all the Cities and Boroughs in Great Bri

down to the end of the year 1822. By tain, with every other Parish or Place

James Huie, Collector of Excise. Svo. containing Two Thousand Inhabitants or

£.1.10s. boards. Upwards, &c. Printed on double demy

Illustrations of British Ornithology, paper, 5s. or on fine paper, of a very largc

Series First-Land Birds. By J. P. Selby, size, 7s.

Esq. of Twissel House, Northumberland, THEOLOGY.

Member of the Wernerian Natural His. Friday Evening, or an Attempt to prove tory Society of Edinburgh. No. 5. Con. that we are now Living in the Sixth Day sisting of Twelve Plates; the subjects of the Millenary Week. 1s. 6d.

drawn from Nature, and etched in a Sermons, selected and abridged from superior manner by the Author. In the Works of Archbishop Tillotson. By Elephant folio. £.1.11,6d. plain, and the Rev. J. Dakins. 2 vols. 8vo. £.1. £.5158. coloured.

A Sermon, preached at Rochester at Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Visitation of the Lord Bishop of the John Gordon, M.D. F.R.S.E. Late Lec. Diocese. 8vo. Is. 6d.

turer on Anatomy and Physiology in A Chart of the Episcopacy of England Edinburgh. By Daniel Ellis, F.R.S.E. and Wales, on a roller. £.1, Is.

&c. &c. Foolscap octavo. With Portrait,

Os, boards.

Essays, Descriptive and Moral; con. The Reading Guide and Berkshire Di.

nected with Scenes chiefly in Italy. By rectory for 1823.

an American. Post octavo. Ss. bds. VOYAGES AND TRAVELS.

Ladies' Fancy Pattern Book, contain. Vestiges of Ancient Manners and Cus. ing Fifty--wne Engraved Ornamental Detoms discoverable in Modern Italy and signs for Needle-work, with Directions Sicily. By the Rev. J. J. Blunt. Svo. for using them. Os. Gd.

A Letter to the Right Hon, the Lord Narrative of the Expedition to Dongola Advocate, proposing a Means of procuand Sennaar. 8vo. 9s, 6d.

ring, (by Act of Pariiament,) Subjects A Journey to Two of the Oases of Upper

for the Instruction of Medical Students, Egypt. By Sir Archibald Edmonstone. whereby the present Barbarous System Svo. 10s. 6d.

of Raising the Dead will be effectually An Historical and Topographical Essay prevented ; the Celebrity of our Medical upon the Islands of Corfu, Leucadia, Schools promoted; a permanent Fund Cephalonia, Ithaca, and Zante. By be acquired for the Burial of the Poor ; William Goodison, A.B. Svo. 12s. and the Admission to Hospitals extendLetters from Mecklenburgh and Hol.

ed to all; whilst the demands for supstein. By George Downes, A.B. 10$. 6d. porting Charity Work-houses will be di.

Notes during a Visit to Mount Sinai. minished, and the State and Morals of By Sir Frederick Henniker, bart.

all Classes ameliorated. 6d.

The Entail, or The Lairds of Grippy.

By the Author of “ Annals of the Pa. EDINBURGH.

rish,” &c. 3 vols. 12mo. £.1.1s. bds. Peveril of the Peak, by the Author of The Edinburgh University Journal, Waverley, Kenilworth, &c. 4 vols. post and Critical Review. No. I. 6d.to be octavo. £.2.2s. boards.

continued weekly. The Encyclopædia Britannica ; or Dic- Poems and Songs, By John Goldie. tionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscel. Foolscap octavo. 3s. 6d. boards. laneous Literature, Vol. XVIII. Part I. Index to the Decisions of the Court Sixth Edition, Revised, Corrected, and of Session, contained in all the Original Improved. Illustrated by nearly six hun. Collections, and in Mr Morison's Dictiondred Engravings. 16s. January 1823. ary of Decisions. 4to. £.3.38. boards.

History of the European Languages ; The Aberdeen Almanack and Northern or, Researches into the Affinities of the Register for 1823. 4s. 3d. bound in red, Teutonic, Greek, Celtic, Sclavonic, and carefully corrected to the day of publica. Indian Nations. By the late Alexander tion. Murray, D.D. Professor of Oriental Lan. Christian Theology, or, a Connected

View of the Scheme of Christianity, in The Chorister ; being a Choice Selecwhich the Facts and Statements of Scrip- tion of the most admired Psalm and ture are examined, and the Doctrines and Hymn Turus, in Four Parts: to which Inferences, deducible from them, illus. is prefixed, a most complete Introductrated and enforced. By the Rev. James tion to the Art of Singing. By James Esdaile, Minister of the East Church Pa. Davie. 4s. rish of Perth. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

The Glasgow Commercial MemoranThe History of Scotland, from the In. dum-Book, or Daily Remembrancer for rasion of the Romans till the Union with 1823: comprising a Correct Diary for England; with a Supplementary Narra- Memorandums, Appointments, Bills Pay. tive of the Rebellion in 1715 and 1745: able or Receivable, and all Cash Transac. together with Sketches illustrative of the tions ; and a Table (calculated expressly National Institutions of the Scots, the for this Work) showing the time of High progress of Education and Literature, Water at Glasgow, Moon's Age, &c. ; Agriculture, Manufactures, and Com. with a variety of Useful Mercantile In. merce. With Six Hundred Questions as formation. Printed on Superfine Yellow Exercises." By Daniel Macintosh. The Wove Foolscap, and neatly done up, Second Edition. Revised and Enlarged with Tuck and Pockets. 4s. 12mo. 4s. 6d. bound.

An Examination of Mr Owen's Plan Dr Chalmers' Christian and Civic Eco. for relieving Public Distress, removing nomy of Large Towns, No. XIII. “ On Discontent, and “ recreating the Cha. the Evils and Difficulties attending even racter of man ;" shewing that they are the best State of Scottish Pauperism.” 1s. directly calculated to root out all the vir.

No. XIV. “ On the likeliest means for tuous affections of the human mind, and the abolition of Pauperism in England,” to destroy all that is valuable in the inwill be published in February. This stitutions, the manners, and the laws Number will contain Dr Chalmers' First of human society. Dedicated to the paEssay on the Causes and Cure of Pau- tronage and perusal of those Gentlemen perism in England, and is designed to of Lanarkshire who, by a vote of the exhibit the evils, and point out the means Country, declared themselves Mr Owen's for electing its abolition.

coadjutors. By Jasper Beatson, L.L.B. 2s. Memoirs of Timothy Dwight, 18mo. Report of Trial of the Issues in the Fine, 23. bds. Common, 1s. 3d. sewed. Action of Damages for Libel in the Bea.

Baxter's Compassionate Counsel to con, Jas. Gibson, of Ingliston, Esq. Clerk Young Men. New Edition, Is.

to the Signet, Pursuer, against Duncan The Perseverance and Success of Mes. Stevenson, Printer in Edinburgh, Defensiah, in promoting the Sul mission of Man- der. Taken in Short-hand. 35. kind to his Government by the Agency Memoirs of George Heriot, Jeweller to of the Gospel. By the Rev. William LóKing James VI. ; with an Historical gan, Lesmahago. ls.

Account of the Hospital founded by bim Memoir of the late Mrs Paterson, wife at Edinburgh. Handsomely printed in of the Rev. Dr Paterson, St Petersburgh, Foolscap 8vo. with Engravings. 7s. 6d. containing Extracts from her Diary and boards. Correspondence. By the Rev. William An Address to the Conductors of the Swan, Missionary, Selioginski. 12mo. Periodical Press, upon Religious and Po. 35. 6d. boards.

litical Controversy ; in which their atActive Goodness beautifully exempli. tention is called to the marked distincfied in the Life and Labours of the Rev. tion betwixt the Local and the General Thomas Gouge, of London. 6d. meaning of certain Words and Terms

Macneil ; or, The Scottish Orphans : such as Knowledge, Wealth, Christian, A Story. 12mo. As. 6d. boards.

Infidel, Excessive Population, National Thornton Hall; or, Six Months at Distress, Radical Reform, &c. By AbSchool. (Dedicated to Mrs Barbauld.) By ram Combe, Edinburgh. Is. 6d. the Author of a “ Visit to Edinburgh." Observations on the Present State of 25. 60. balf bound.

Landed Property, and on the Prospects The Edinburgh Almanack ; or Uni. of the Landholder and the Farmer. By versal Scots and Imperial Register, for David Low, Esq. 2s. 6d. 1823; 5s. bound in red, or 4s. 6d. sewed ; A Catalogue of Books, now on Sale, at carefully corrected to the day of public the Prices affixed, (comprehending, a. cation.

mong others, the Library of the late Pro. Embarrassments affecting the Interests fessor Ogilvie, of King's College.) By of Agriculture. By George Skene Keith, Alexander Brown, and Co. Booksellers, D.D. Minister of Tulliallan. 2s.

Aberdeen. 2s.

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with a resolution at once so benevolent Me



notwithstanding the dangers which that FRANCE AND SPAIN.--The insulting revolution presented for ber, carefully en. propositions (noticed in our last Number) deayoured to draw close the bonds which said to have been made by France to -unite the two Kings, and to maintain Spain, as the price of peace, have been de the relations which exist between the two cidedly contradicted, and the subsequent

nations. But the influence under which policy of the former Government proves the changes in the Spanish monarchy that they were faloricated. The war party were brought about, has become more in the French council of ministers has powerful in consequence of the very rebeen overcome by the advocates of peace,

sults of these changes, as it was easy to through the help of the King, who pre De foreseen. A constitution which King sided over their deliberations, and decided, Ferdinand, on resuming the crown, neiit seems, in favour of the smaller party. ther recognised nor accepted, was impoThe previous arguments of the Duke of sed on hiin by a military insurrection. Wellington, it is supposed, powerfully as.

The natural consequence of this transacsisted the minority on this occasion, in tion has been, that each dissatistied Spa· producing the King's decision. But though niard considers himself authorised to seek, the determination was against a war, it

hy some means, the establishment of an can scarcely be considered as decisively order of things more in harmony with in favour of peace. The contest took his opinions and principles. The em. place ai a cabinet council on Christmas. ployment of force has created the right day, when M. de Montmorency, minister of force. Hence the movements of the of foreign affairs, who was one of the re Guards at Madrid, and the appearance presentatives of France at Verona, and of armed corps in different parts of Spain. was created a Duke immediately on his

The provinces bordering on France have return from the Congress, as a reward been chiefly the theatre of the civil war. for his services at that place, prociuced a

Thus it has become necessary for France paper of instructions to the French Am to protect herself from this state of disbassador at Madrid, in conforunity with

order in the Peninsula. The events the decision of Russia, Austria, and Prus. which have occurred since the establish. sia, and his own views with regard to ment of an army of observation at the Spain, and which contained a list of the foot of the Pyrenees, have sufficiently changes required by the members of the justified the foresight of his Majesty's GoHoly Alliance in the constitution of Spain, vernment. Meanwhile, the Congress, and the conduct of its present rulers; and which, since last year, had been looked to spoke decisively of the immediate effect for deciding on the affairs of Italy, asof a refusal. The president of the coun. sembled at Verona. As an integral part cil, M. de Villele, the head of the paci. of this Congress, France was bound to fic party, produced a paper of a more explain herself with respect to the arma. moderate character; and after a full dis. ments to which she had been compelled cussion, the King preferred the latter, to have recourse, and to the manner in which was accordingly dispatched to which she might eventually employ them. Madrid on the 26th, and, for the public The precautions of France appeared just satisfaction, was inserted in the Moniteur: to her allies, and the continental powers as follows:

adopted the resolution of uniting with * The President of the Council of Mini- .her, to aid her (if there ever should be

sters, charged ad interim with the De. occasion) in maintaining her dignity and partment for Foreign Affairs, to the

tranquillity. France would be satisfied Count de la Garde, his Majesty's Mi. nister at Madrid.

and so honourable with respect to her ; “ Me le Comte. As your political si but Austria, Prussia, and Russia, judged tuation may be changed, in consequence it necessary to add to the particular act of the resolutions adopted at Verona, of alliance a manifestation of their senti. French candour requires, that you should ments. Diplomatic notes are for that be directed to make known the views of purpose addressed by these three powers the Government of his most Christian to their respective Ministers at Madrid,

Majesty to the Government of his Catho. who will communicate them to the Spalic Majesty. Since the revolution which nish Government, and in theit uiterior took place in Spain in April 1820, France, conduct follow the orders wbich they

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