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sors in coadjutorship, in the most since I could mind,” yet my prayers unhesitating manner, proceeded to had hitherto been private; and, with construe “ ante” as a preposition the exception of the Lord's prayer,

with - mare and tellus," whilst, had consisted principally in groans 1 being here in my proper sphere, and and inarticulate sounds, in the form upon ground purely and confessedly of ejaculations.

How to arrange classical, I found no difficulty in sentences and insert texts of scripconstruing the passage so as to save ture-how to modulate my voice, and the government. My two antago- how to recollect what I had previousnists were abashed and confounded, ly composed, and got by heart; these and from that hour, my character, as were questions at the time, I rememan accomplished classical scholar, ber well

, of the most weighty and was established in the place, above perplexing import. However, all is all comparisou or detraction. My the gift of resolution, built on reagratitude towards the vindicator of son; so up I went to the school one my scholarship was, indeed, so ex- Monday morning, primed and loadcessive, and begat so fervid an ad-ed with a prayer of no ordinary.cast. miration, and so close and indiscri- As my school-room was not accoin, minate an imitation, that for many modated with a desk, I was compelyears afterwards I used, in conver- led to wheel round the chair upon sation with what I conceived to be which I usually sat, and, with the genteel company, to throw the one seat turned towards the scholars, and leg over the other, and to pass my the back placed as a prop, or suphand slowly and alternately from port, under my arms, to proceed my knee to my ancle, and from my with the morning invocation. But ascle to my knee, merely because I scarcely had I advanced to the had observed this worthy clergyman second sentence, (and ere yet my practise this aukward movement. pupils were fully aware of the nature

Bat my embarrassments, in con- and intention of this novel measure,) sequence of the ill-omened visit I when the feet of the chair having had paid to the schoolmaster, did suddenly slipt outward, and the back not terinivate here. It was now accompanied and followed by my pretty generally known and believed arms and whole person, having come that I had fairly dumb-foundered equally expeditiously downward, I both my antagonists in Latin, but found myself laid, like Dagon, at my then they were still deemed iny su- full length upon the floor, with the periors in the gift and the endow- treacherous chair drifted to a consiment of prayer; and as I proceeded, derable distance before me. To fall contrary to the habit of all who had in such a situation, at such an exerpreceded me in office, to the work cise, and in such a presence, is inof the day without a morning invo- deed bad, and disconcerting enough; cation of the Deity, it was pretty but, to gather up one's limbs, and to generally omened that little success rectify, and raise into an erect posiFrould attend my unsanctified la- tion one's person, whilst half a hunbours. This, therefore, became an- dred quizzical imps are enjoying, other source of serious concern; with ill-suppressed laughter, your my landlady remonstrated, my em- misfortune--Oh, this is truly intoployers hinted, and the news having lerable! and so I felt it, and so my reached my mother's ears, she was pupils experienced it likewise ; for absolutely unhappy, and sorely vexed having nothing better to do, just to on the occasion. I wanted, besides, relieve my embarrassment, I resumbut this one triumph more, to lay ed—not the prayer, which had been the schoolmaster upon his back, by thus unpropitiously interrupted, but foiling him still at his own weapons; the taws, wherewith I dealt chas. but it was an arduous undertaking: tisement largely, widely, vigorously, Though, with Hogg'simpious “Laird and indiscriminately, on all who came o Lammington," I could not aver, in my way! with truth, that "I had never prayed

(To be continued.)


The willow trees his mourners are,

His bed of slumber weeping o'er,
Her mighty sails the breezes swell,
And last she leaves the lessening land,

Lorn waters sound his dirge-rote there And from the shore the last fareweil

They moan for evermore !
Is wav'd by many a snowy hand ;
And weeping eyes are on the main,

His gloomy fame u'er earth has spread,

Wherever men and nations be,
Until its verge she wanders o'er ;
But, from that hour of parting pain,

Like so ne dark mountain's giant-shade, Oh! she was never heard of more!

Grim stretching over land and sca.

His name to kings was as the peal In her was many a mother's joy,

Of rolling thunder, deep and dread, And love of many a weeping fair ;

At his wild presence thrones did reel,
For her was wafted, in its sigh,

An earthquake was his tread !
The lonely heart's unceasing prayer ;
And oh ! the thousand hopes untold

Yet in the regions once his own,
Of ardent youth, that vessel bore ;

(Their monarchs each his crouching Say, were they quench'd in waters cold? slave), For she was never heard of more!

His cold remains, when he was gone,

Found not the shelter of the grave ! When on her wide and trackless path Exult who may—that will not I Of desolation, doom'd to flee,

Above a mighty man's decay, Say, sank she 'midst the blending wrath Nor swell the coward note of joy Of racking cloud and rolling sea ?

O'er greatness pass'd away!
Or, where the land but mocks the eye,

Went drifting on a fatal shore ?
Vain guesses all-her destiny
Is dark-she ne'er was heard of more!

Written by a Spaniard, upon sceing a The moon hath twelve times changed her Wild Rose growing out of a Scull, filled form,

with earth, in the corner of a deserted From glowing orb to crescent wan ; cemetery in Spain. Mid skies of calm, and scowl of storm,

Since from her port that ship bath gone ; BELLA for! donde naciste ? But ocean keeps its secret well,

Que temprano fue tu suerte! And though we know that all is o'er, Que al primer paso que diste, No eye hath seen-no tongue can tell Encontraste con la inuerte. Her fate—she ne'er was heard of more! Dejarte es cosa triste

Llevante es cosa fuerte Oh! were her tale of sorrow known,

Dejarte donde naciste, 'Twere something to the broken-heart,

Es dejarte con la muerte.
The pangs of doubt would then be gone,
And Fancy's endless dreams depart :

It may not be !- there is no ray

By which her doom we may explore ; Beautiful flower ! a dreary bed We only know she sail'd away,

Is thine, and early doom ;
And ne'er was seen nor heard of more! Craddled in death, thy sweets are shed

As first-fruits to the tomb.

To pass thee by, sweet flower ! must grieve His dust is in a distant Isle,

And to pluck thec- seals thy fate ; His tomb is in a desart place,

Yet in thy natal spot to leave thee Ho sleeps beneath a dreary pile

With death must leave thee desolate. The mightiest of the human race !





progress of the governments of France A Narrative is in the press of the Oper. and the Netherlands, will appear very ations of the Left Wing of the Allied shortly, and the remaining volumes will Army, in the Western Pyrenees and South be published periodically. of France, in the years 1813-14, under The author of “ the Wonders of the the Marquess of Wellington, compris. Vegetable Kingdom Displayed,” is preing the passage of the Bidassoa, Nivelle, paring the Wonders of Conchology DisNive, and Adour, the blockade of Bayonne, played, with a description of corals, &c. ; illustrated by numerous plates of spunges, &c. in a series of letters. mountain and river scenery, views of F'on. In a few days will be published, Topotarabia, Irun St Jean de Luz, and Bay- graphical and Historical Sketches of the omne, with plans, &c. drawn and etched Boroughs of East and west Looe, in Cornby Capt. Batty, of the Grenadier Guards, wall, with an account of the natural and F.R.S. and member of the Imperial Rus. artiticial curiosities and picturesque scesian Order of St. Anne.

nery of the neighbourhood, by T. Bond. Proposals are circulated for publishing Granger's Biographical History of Eng. by subscription, in one volume royal land, from Egbert the Great to the Requarto, Memoirs of Mr. John Debrett, volution, is reprinting, in six vols. octavo, and the History and Literature of his with the addition of nearly four hundred Time, from original documents and new lives, communicated expressly for papers prepared for publication by Mr. this work to the late Mr. William Rieh. John Debrett, some time previous to his ardson, by Horace Walpole Earl of Orford, death ; comprehending a period of forty- David Dalrymple Lord Hailes, Sir Wilfre years, from the year 1777 to the year liam Musgrave, Bart. James Bindley, Esq. 1532 inclusive.

and several other celebrated collectors and Yr Horner is about to publish an antiquaries. Illustrated Prospectus of his Panoramic Don Carlos, a tragedy, translated and View of London from the summit of St. rendered into verse, from the German of Paul's.

Schiller, and adapted for the English stage, The Rev. W. Buckland is printing a is in the press. description of what he calls an Antedilu- A prospectus has been published of a vian Den of Hyenas, discovered at Kirk- Map of Hampshire, upon an entirely new dale in Yorkshire in 1821, containing the principle, and upon a larger scale than remains of the hyena, tiger, bear, ele. any map of the same extent ever before phant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and published. It will be accompanied by sixteen other animals, all forinerly natives a complete topographical description of of this country, with a comparative view the county, compiled from the best and of many similar caverns and dens in latest authority, by Mr N. Lipscomb England and Germany.

Kentish, of Winchester, civil engineer and Researches in the South of Ireland are surveyor. It will appear in periodical preparing, illustrative of the scenery, ar- numbers or sheets. chitectural remains, manners, and super - Shortly will be published, in octavo, stitions, of the peasantry, from personal Diary of a Journey through Southern Inobservations, ancient authorities, and ori. dia, Egypt, and Palestine, in the years ginal manuscripts, by T. C. Croker. 1821 and 1822, by a Field Officer of Ca.

Mr Huish intends to publish, in a, valry. short time, Letters to my Daughters on Mr John Dunlop, author of the “ His. the most important l'ruths of Revelation. tory of Fiction," has nearly ready for pubThe same author has also in the press, lication, the History of Roman Literature, Remarks on the Queen Bee, in answer to from the earliest periods to the Augustan the “ Observations on Bees" of the Rev. Age. Mr Dunbar, of Applegarth.

In the course of the present month Mr T. E. Evans is engaged in trans. will appear, a new edition of the Saxon lating a Collection of the Constitutions, Chronicles, with an English translation, Charter3, and Laws, of the various Na- and Notes, critical and explanatory, by the tions of Europe and of North and South Rev.J. Ingram, Fellow of Trinity College, America, with historical sketches of the Oxford, and late Saxon Professor in the origin of their liberties and political insti- University of Oxford. tutions, from the French of Messrs. P. A. Sharon Turner, Esq. F.S.A. is about Dufau, J. B. Dowergin, and J. Guadet. to publish, in quarto, the third volume The first volume, containing the rise and of his much esteemed and elaborated His.



tory of England, embracing the Middle The author announces himself as a me Ages.

ber of “ the Satanic School." In a few days will appear, Views of A Spanish quarterly magazine is about Ireland, moral, political, and religious, to appear, under the title of Variedades o by J. O'Driscol, Esq.

Mensagero de Londres, the first number The third volume of Transactions of of which is expected to appear in Japuary. the Literary Society of Bombay is printing. Capt. Franklin and Dr Richardson an

The Rev. Mr Dibdin is going to press nounce a Narrative of their Overland with a new and enlarged edition of his Journey and Observations, during the late Introduction to the Classics.

Expedition to the Coasts of the Northern A new work on English Composition American sea. Nothing has yet been is about to appear, entitled, the English heard of Capt. Parry, who entered the Master, or Student's Guide to Reasoning same sea in the spring of 1821. and Composition, by W. Banks.

Dr Thomas is printing a popular vo. A Narrative of a Tour through the lume on the way to preserve Good Health, Morca, giving an account of the present and on Domestic Medicine. state of the Peninsula and its inhabitants, A work, called Pharmacopæia Impeby Sir William Gell, is just ready for pub- rialis, is in the press. It is to consist of lication.

a comparative view of the Pharmacopæias T. Park, Esq. F.S.A. is engaged on a of London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, in new edition of Walpole's Catalogue of the Latin text, with English notes. Royal and Noble Authors.

The Orlando Inamorato, abridged from Early in January will be published, the Berni, with specimens, will soon be pubAnnual Biography and Obituary for the lished by W. S. Rose, Esq. year 1823.

A volume of Essays on the Manners, Mrs Hoffland has in the press a new

Habits, and Customs of Bengal, is in pretale, entitled Integrity.

paration. Shortly will be published, a Letter to The fortieth volume of Transactions of the Right Rev. Dr Milner, Catholic Arch. the Society for the Encouragement of bishop, on the controversy between Mess. Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, with Lawrence, Abernethy, and Rennell, on an Analytical Index for Volumes XXVI. the subject of the human soul, and on to XL. will be ready for delivery early organization.

in January The State of the Cape of Good Hope Popular Tales and Romances of the in July 1822, will soon be published. Northern Nations, are preparing for pub

Observations on the Diverse Treat- lication, in three volumes. ment of Gonorrhæa Virulenta, with par- High-ways and By-ways, or Tales of ticular reference to the use of diuretics, the Roadside, gathered in the French purgatives, and piper cubeba, or Java provinces, by a Walking Gentleman, will pepper, will soon be republished from the soon be published. London Medical Repository, with ad. Prosings, by a Veteran, or the Luciiditional remarks by Mr. James Morss brations of Humphrey Ravelin, Esq. late Churchill, Fellow of the Royal College of major in the Regiment of Infantry, Surgeons.

are printing A Series of Views in Spain and Portu. The Theory and Practice of Music, gal are preparing, to illustrate the “ His. professionally analysed, for the use of the tory of the late War in Spain and Por- instructor, the amateur, and the student, tugal,” by Robert Southey, Esq. drawn will soon be published, by J. Nathan, on stone by W. Westall, A.R.A. to consist author of the “ Hebrew Melodies.” of three parts, quarto ; and part 1. con- Tales of Old Mr Jefferson, of Gray's taining eight views, illustrative of Vol. I. Inn, collected by the Young Mr Jefferson, will be published in January.

of Lyon's Inn, will soon appear. Series I. A Biographical work is announced, will consist of_Mandeville, or the Voyunder the title of the Cambrian Plutarch, age; the Welch Cottage, or the Woodfrom the pen of Mr. J. H. Parry, editor man's Fire-side ; the Creole, or the Ne. of “ the Cambro-Briton.”

gro's Suicide. Mr. Westall is employed on a series of In the course of this month will be drawings to illustrate the Sketch-Book. published, the Second Part of Mr Bobn's

A poem will make its appearance in Bibliographical, Analytical, and Descripa few days, entitled Falearo, or the tive Catalogue of Books, comprising above Neapolitan Liberal. The work is written sixty thousand volumes in all languages in cantos, in the stanza of “ Don Juan,” and classes of literature, accompanied by and containing satirical, humorous, and literary notices. quizzical remarks, on the principal per- Proposals are issued for the publication soringes and institutions of Great Britain. of an uniform edition of the Works of Dr

" " Douglas,"

John Owen, to be edited by T. Cloutt, The History and Topography of London M.A.

and its Environs, to correspond with PinDr Yates announces a work on the nock's County Histories, with a map of Establishment, Patronage, and Pre-emi. twenty-five miles round the metropolis, nence, of the Church Establishment. is preparing for publication.

Pulpit Orations, Lectures, and Sermons, Early in January will be published, delivered in the Caledonian Church, Hat. Relics of Literature, by S. Collett, A.M. ton Garden, by the Rev. E. Irving, A.M. in octavo, with a frontispiece of autoin one volume octavo, are in the press. graphs of eminent characters.

The Actress, or Countess and No An Introduction to the Hebrew LanCountess, a novel, in four volumes, by guage, by W. Heinemann, Professor of the author of " Malcolm,"

the Hebrew and German Languages, and &c. Fill be published in January.

author of " the Catechism of Hebrew The Noble Pilgrim, a novel, in three Grammar," “ an Introduction to German volumes, by W. Gardiner, author of "the Reading," will be published in January. Story of Pigou," &c.; also, Edward The Lives of Scottish Poets are enWilliamson, a warrative, by the same tirely completed, and will be ready in a anthor, will shortly be published.

few days, in three volumes, with thirty Mr Grant, of Crouch End, has in the portraits. press, and nearly ready for publication, a In a few days will be published, with new edition of his Institutes of Latin twenty-six Engravings, a Narrative of a Grammar, revised and considerably aug. Voyage round the World in the Uranie, mented.

Capt. Freycinet, dispatched on a scientific The first part of the Cabinet of Por. expedition by the French government traits will appear early in January, during the years 1817, 18, 19, and 20, containing-Burns, engraved by Scriven; in a series of letters to a friend, by J. Corneille, by Thomson ; Schaw, the Lin- Arago, draftsman to the expedition. nean Professor, by Cooper ; Bishop Sher. The Orlando Furioso of Ariosto, transboek, by Freeman ; and the late President lated by W. S. Rose, cantos 1, and 2, West, by Meyer; accompanied by Bio- foolscap octavo, will soon be published. graphical Sketches, by Robert Scott, author of " the History of the Reign of George the Third." A Part, containing

EDINBURGH. five prints, will appear every month.

A Sequel to the Unpublished Manu. A new Poem, entitled A Sabbath a. script of Henry Kirke White's, is pre. mong the Mountains, is nearly ready for paring, by the author of " the Wonders publication. of the Vegetable Kingdom Displayed." Shortly will be published, Collections

The Antiquities of Free-masonry, com- and Recollections ; or, Historical, Bioprising illustrations of the five grand pe. graphical, and Miscellaneous Anecdotes, riods of masonry, from the creation of the Notices, and Sketches, from various Sourworld to the dedication of King Solomon's ces ; with Occasional Remarks. By John Temple, will soon be published, by G. Stewart, Esq. ; post octavo. Oliver, vicar of Clee.

J. M. Duncan, A. B., of the Univer. Memoirs of the Life of Rossini are in sity Press, Glasgow, author of " A Sabthe press, with an historical and critical bath among the Tuscarora Indians," is account of his compositions, and an his- preparing for publication an account of torical sketch of the state of music in Travels through part of the United States Italy, from the beginning of the present

and Canada, in 1818 and 1819, intended century, to the year 1822, or the era of chiefly to illustrate subjects connected Rossini, by the author of the Lives of with the Moral, Literary, and Religious Haydn and Mozart.

condition of the country.


ANTIQUITIES. The Architectural Antiquities of Rome : consisting of Views, Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details of the Ancient Edi. foes in that City. By G. L. Taylor and Edward Cresy, architects, and Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries. 2 vols. folio. 2.18.185.

Description of the Ruins of an Ancient City discovered near Palenguc, in the Kingdom of Guatemala. 4to. £.1.18s.

Part I. of a Series of Views of the most Interesting Remains of the Ancient Castles of England and Wales ; with Engravings and Historical Descriptions. By E. W. Brayley, jun.

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