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Imerican Literature, Science, and Art.






Harvard College Library

Gift of
Miss Longfellow, Mrs. Danan

and Mrs. Thorp,

9 Jan, 1895,

ENTERED according to Act of Congress, in the year 1853, by


In the Clerk's Office in the District Court for the Southern District of New-York.

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II. English Literature.

Bunsen's Hippolitus--Thackeray's Henry Esmond-- Tenny.

son's Odoon Wellington--Felinski's Revelations of

Siberia-Wanderings of a Pilgrim-- Alison's New His.

tory-Mrs. Hall's Pilgrimages-Collins's Basil-- Tenants

of the Woods-Hend's Ireland, etc. . . . . . . 107

“The Times" on Henry Esmond-Layard's Babylon--Life

of Niebuhr-Editorship of Edinburgh Review-Welling-
ton's Speeches Westminster Review - Ruskin's New
Volume - Sidney's Australia-St. John's Isis ---New
novels by the authors of Jane Eyre and Mary Barton ;

and by Mrs. Moodie. .
Collier's new Shakspeare-New works in press – Titled

Lecturers--Faber's new work on the Prophecies-Gulis-
tan- The Dean's Daughter-Spencer's Tour through
France and Italy.

Alexander Smith--Nelly Armstrong.

Memoirs of Thomas Moore.



1. American Literature.

Kraitair's Glossology-Children of Light-Romance of

Student Life-Clark's Knick-knacke Goodrich's British

Oraton Barry Comwall's Prose--Macaulay's Speeches

-Hildreth'. Theory of Politics-Prismatics--Bancroft's

Revolution-Downing'. Horticultural Papers-Meagher's

Speeches-Lectures-Cooper Monument --Hale's Wo-

men's Record--McLeods Life of Sir Walter Scott. 106

Christmas Books-Reprints of Alford's and Mackay's

Pooms- "To-day "Critics Differ-Land of the Caesar

and the Doge-Rector of St. Bardolph-War of Ormuzd

and Ahriman in the 19th Century-American Books in

England Callicott's Gazetteer-Industrial Exhibition



After the Holidaye-The Footpath and Highway-Ander-

bon's American Villa Architecture--Matt Ward's Eng-
lish Items- Fun And Eamest-Deck the Crescent City
-New Work by Hawthorne-Adventures in Fairy Land
-The Lofty and the Lowly-Whittier's new volume-
Wallis's Spain-Types of Mankind-The Curse of Clif-
ton-Miseries of Human Life-Death of Samuel Judd-
Works of Sir W. Hamilton-New edition of Coleridge
-Macaulay's Speeches-De Quincey.

. 935

Copyright Treaty-Note on harsh judgment-Stoddard's

Adventures in Fairy Land-Calhoun's Works-Beccher's

Works-Amabel-Dr. Skinner's Translation of Vinet's

Pastoral Theology-Neander's Library-Judge Story's

Life--Memoir of Whonton--Thalatta-Considerations

opon Social Theories.


Works of William H. Seward-Lives of the Brothers Hum-

boldt-The Captive in Patagonia-Correspondence of the

Revolution-Raral Eesaye by Downing-New Bond of

Love-Stuart's Naval and Mail Steamers-Bartlett's

Commercial and Banking Tables-Autobiography of an

English Soldier--Virginalia-Reason and Faith ---Jeffer-

son's Works-Willis's Cruise in the Mediterranean-Dr.

Cor's Interviews.


Prismaties, by Richard Haywarde- Judge Campbell's

Captain Kidd and Robin Hood - The Translators Revived

-Mre. Ellett's Summer Rambles-Literature of the

RappersLife of Chalmers

- Publications of Uncle Sam-

Now Rome, or the United States of the World--Thalatta
-Doral Reefs and Islands-Dr. Park's Handbook for
American Travellers-Old English Authors Revived-
Benton's Thirty Years in the Senate-M. B. Field's
Three Teles-Carey's Slave Trade-Brace's Home Life

III. French and German Literature.
Annusire des deux Mondes--Des Interets Catholiques au

XIX. Siècle--Histories of the Restoration Origines de
l'Eglise Romaine--Essai sur St. Martin-Influence de la
Littérature Française--Haxthageen's Studies on Russia
--Tegoborski's Russia-Villebois' Memoires Secretes-
Lewitz's Mirabean--Duntzer's Women of Goethe's Youth
-Stahr's Weimar aud Jens-Seibert's Illustrated Faust
- Ritter's Palestine -- Grimm's German Dictionary -
Planta's Science or the State-Lepsius's Egypt, Ethiopia,
&c.Weber's Indian Literature Stark's Philistine Coast
- Radowitz's Writings-Raumer's Historical Pocket-
book--Winter's Popular Representation-Masius's Skiz-
zen, &c.-Wuttke's History of Heathendom - Jacob'e

Horace and his Friends-Gutzkow's Autobiography. 109
Calvin's Commentaries-Théâtre de Balzae-Enile Sourer

tre-John Lemoinne-Traité de Chimie Révue Arche
ologique - Dumas - Auerbach -- Gutzlaff - Muhlbach -
Sternberg-Deutsche Balladenbuch-Ticknor's Spanish
Literature in German-Szomere's Life of Gorgey-Dus-
Beldorf Kunstler Album..

Beauchesne's Life of the Dauphin-Painting on Glass-

Works of Napoleon I.--New work on Asia Minor-Pon-
tificat de Clement XIV.-Polish Authors in Paris-Me.
moirs of Mallet du Pain-Works published in France in
1852- Alexandre Dumas' Isaac Laquedem-Victor Cousin
--Gervinus's History of tho Ninoteenth Century – Die
Könige--Marriage by Mr. Von Lafaulr-Musical Portraits
--Rosenkranz's System of Science-May Queen--Henry
Heine-Quickborn--Dr. Ungwitter-Christian Lammfel
-Poems of Luis Ponce de Leon-Seibold'e Japan--Der
Getreue Ritter.

Lo Monde des Oiseans-Madame Emile de Girardin's Lady

Tartuffe--Jules Janin on Canary Bird g-Mirimée's False
Demetriuses-Gironière's Philippines-Mignet's Charles
V.-Deltuf's Contes---Houssayo's Regence--Krasinski's
Blares-Chaix's Pert-Burkhardt's Constantine the Great
-Hengstenberg's Song of Solomon - Newman's Dia
courses-Schwartz'a Holy Land--Spindler's Devil at the
Bath -- Tiodefreud's Napoleon III. -- Romancers --- Nor-
wegian Songs..

Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter--La Vie Parisienne-M. Tego-

borski's Essai sur les conséquences éventuelles de la dé.
converte des gites aurifères en Californie et en Australia
Mazzini jugé par lui-meme-Giulio--Les Cesart-Contes

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.639, 613



de Printemps-La Lotus de la Bonne Loi-Madame Gir.
ardin's new Comedy-Mont Roveche, by George Sand-
New History of the German People-Richard Wagner-
Dr. Klopp's Narratives and Traits of Character-Hof-
mann Von Fallersleben-Symbolism of the Haman Form
-Dr.Beck's Plato-Urchold's Compendium of Psychology
-Eschenmayer's Betrachtungen - Der Krieslsaf des
Lebens - Translations from Household Words - Otto
Schimdt- August Stóber's Sagen des Eslang--History
of Free Masonry in France-Chrysander's Minor Mode in
Music-Life and Artistic Career of the Negro, Ira Aldridge
-Songs of Mirza Schaffy-Deutsche Hauschronik--F.Ger-

placker's American Travels.
Huet's Social Reign of Christianity-Wallon's Presse de

1848–Stanislas Julien--Thierry's History of the Forma-
tion of the Tiers-Etat-Pierre Clement's Jacques Copur-
Jules Lecomte-Bodin and his Times Dr. Bouvet's Cor.
set-L'Architecture Monastique - Bernard's Origin of
Printing-Quatre Années de Presidence de la Republique
--L'Orient, by Eugene Flandin-Le Caucase Pittoresque-
Works of Rembrandt-Camp's Egypte-History of Con-
stantinople, by Pujoulat--Studies in Russia-Garden's
History of Treaties of Peace---Heine's Reisebilder-Gods
in Exile-The Comtesse d'Argoult-Jules Janin's His-
toire de l'Art Dramatique - The Imperial Guard, by

Charlet-Bozquet's History of the French Clergy.
New Periodicals—Thackeray's Pendennis-Waldmuller's

Poet's Night-Quartere Patriotic Poems Gedichte, by
Chikh-Alfred Meissner-Florien Mul--Brockhaus' Con.
versationas-Lexikon-History of German Imaginative and
Poetic Literature, by Gervinus-Have we a Bourbon among
U$!-City Stories, by Max Ring-Theatrical Almanacho-
Contributions to the Aesthetics of the Vegetables-Ritter
Bunsen-Tales of Poor Folka-Nagler's New Dictionary
of Art-New Work on the French Army---Sketches of
Greek Travel-Kaulbach's Illustrations of Shakspeare-
Pictures of Travel and Life.


IV. Miscellaneous.

Italy The Civita Catholics-The Hebrew of Verona, 347



Belgium :-Reply to Certain Journals relative to the af-
fairs of Turkey.


International Copyright,


Note on the Bourbon Question,

Note on Old Ironsides,


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V. Soientific Intelligence, 114, 286, 847
VI. Music,............117, 237, 348, 463, 583, 698
VII. The Fine Arts,... ...120, 240, 351, 471, 700
Elegant Tom Dillar,...

Ericsson's Caloric Ship,..


Excursion to Canada, .

.54, 179, 821

Family Portraits,




Fine Arts (See Editorial Notes).
Fountain of Youth,...

French Almanacs, ....


From Venice to Vienna,


Franklin, Sir John, and the Polar Seas,..

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2 Magazine of Literature, Science, and Art.

VOL. 1,-JANUARY 1853.—NO. I.


STRONOMERS assert that the nebulous mist with which the ether is charged is

perpetually taking form—that the regions of space are but a celestial dairy, in which the milky way is for ever churned into stars. Nor do the new stars extinguish the old; for, as the thirteenth man in the omnibus always says—there is room for one more. It will not, therefore, surprise the public to see a new Magazine. The reader, like the astronomer cognizant of infinite star-dust, knows very well that in the rapid life of this country there is a constant scintillation of talent, which needs only & nucleus to be combined into beams of light and heat.

Taking the reader, therefore, by the hand, or rather by the eye, here at the portal, we invite a moment's conversation before he passes within.

A man buys a Magazine to be amused—to be instructed, if you please, but the lesson must be made amusing. He buys it to read in the cars, in his leisure hours at. home-in the hotel, at all chance moments. It makes very little difference to him whether the article date from Greece or Guinea, if it only interest him. He does not read upon principle, and troubles himself little about copyright and justice to authors. If a man goes to Timbuctoo and describes his visit picturesquely and well, the reader devours the story, and is not at all concerned because the publisher may have broken the author's head or heart, to obtain the man

anuscript. A popular Magazine must amuse, interest and instruct, or the public will pass by upon the other side. Nor will it be persuaded to "come over and help us” by any consideration of abstract right.. It says, very justly, “ if you had no legs, why did you try to walk ?”

It is because we are confident that neither Greece nor Guinea can offer the American reader a richer variety of instruction and amusement in every kind, than the country whose pulses throb with his, and whose every interest is his own, that this Magazine presents itself to-day. The genius of the old world is affluent; we owe much to it, and we hope to owe more. But we have no less faith in the opulence of our own resources. Not alone in the discussion of those graver contemporary interests: of every kind, which is the peculiar province of the foreign Quarterly Review, but in the treatment of minor matters of daily experience, which makes so much of the distinctive charm of a Magazine, we hold to the conviction that our genius is as: good as it is in practical affairs. To an American eye, life in New-York, for instance. offers more, and more interesting, aspects, than life in London or Paris. Or, again, life.

VOL. 1.-1

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