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The publishers have great pleasure in

APRIL 1, 1837. offering to the pub

They feel well as

lic, the following notices of this work. sured, that the well known character of the sources from which they come, will secure for them all the attention and credit which can be desired.


Gambier, Feb. 24, 1837.

GENTLEMEN: You are perfectly welcome to the use of my name, in recommendation of the "Library of Christian Knowledge," so far as it has been published, as a valuable depositary of the precious things of "the glorious Gospel of the blessed God;" to which no inquiring mind can apply in a prayerful spirit, without edification. Though I know not what works are to follow, I have entire confidence, that the editor, the Rev. H. Hooker, will select such only, as will be "for the edifying of the body of Christ." Yours, very truly,

Bishop of Ohio.

St. Mary's Parsonage, Burlington, 30th March, 1837. MESSRS. WM. MARSHALL & Co.

At a time when the country is inundated with a flood of trash, I have regarded your proposal to publish a LIBRARY OF CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE, as an auspicious sign of the times; and I most heartily bid you "God speed!" in your commendable enterprise. Thus far, my numerous avocations have prevented my particular attention to the volumes which compose it, and I can, therefore, speak with confidence only of two of the series. The volume which you have now in press, Blunt's Sketch of the Reformation in England, I have long considered among the most valuable books which the Church of England, fruitful in all good works, has lately produced; and the volume entitled, Popular Infidelity, written for the series by my accomplished and intelligent friend, the Editor, will take its place among the standard books of our language. If, indeed, I had seen none of the series, such is my confidence, founded on long and intimate acquaintance, in the Rev. HERMAN HOOKER, who has charge of it, that I should not hesitate to commend the undertaking to the confidence of the Church, and to the acceptance of the whole community. Praying fervently that HE, who in every good work gives the increase, may direct this Christian enterprise, and make it promotive of the Gospel in the Church, I remain very respectfully yours,


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G. W. DOANE, D. D.

Bishop of New Jersey. Philadelphia, Feb. 8, 1837.

GENTLEMEN: In reply to your communication, in reference to the Library of Christian Knowledge," edited by the Rev. Herman Hook. er, I take pleasure in saying, that I regard it as one of the most valuable and substantial publications of the present day. The original


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