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A Few words of explanation are due to the members for the tard appearance of the report of proceedings of the Congress. Desirous o ensuring accuracy, the Editor distributed the reports of speeches amon the several speakers for their correction, immediately on the receipt o them from the publishers, who undertook the charge of having then reported; and as soon as they were returned to him he forwarded them to the press. In passing through these several stages much valuabl time was lost. It is not for the Editor to say more than that he has sparec no pains por trouble to expedite the publication, and although he has failed in his efforts, he begs the members to believe that the delay does no lie at his door. He takes this opportunity of thanking the numerous readers and speakers for the readiness with which they complied with his request that they would undertake the correction of the papers

submitted to them; and he trusts that the volume will be found to contain a faithful and accurate record of ail that was said and done at the several meetings.

No words need now to be written in defence of Church Congresses, They are an established institution, and are usually looked for by all parties in the Church with interest and anxiety. It may, however, be useful to give some account of the preparatory steps taken, which resulted in so successful a meeting as that of Southampton.

The selection of Southampton for the place of meeting was made at the close of the Liverpool Congress in 1869, but was not generally known until the Clergy and Laity of the town and neighbourhood were invited to hear from Earl Nelson, on the 10th of February, an exposition of the local and other measures to be adopted, if the Town should decide on receiving the Congress. The meeting was well attended; and all were of one mind, not only to welcome the Congress to the town, but to exert themselves strenuously in the promotion of the object. At this and subsequent meetings a very large general Committee was formed, before whom the proceedings of all the other Committees were to be brought for confirmation. After the month of February it was not found necessary to convene this Committee more than twice-in May and September. The great work of preparation was carried on by an Executive Committee consisting of twenty-five Clergy and as

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