Women's Writing in Stuart England: The Mother's Legacies of Dorothy Leigh, Elizabeth Joscelin, and Elizabeth Richardson

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Sylvia Brown, Sylvia Monica Brown
Sutton, 1999 - 260
It may peradventure ... appear strange to thee to recyve theas lines from a mother that dyed when thou weart born. So writes Elizabeth Joscelin to her unborn daughter, shortly before dying in childbirth on 12 October, 1622. As a godly woman, Joscelin was aware of her duty to instruct her child in religion. Prophetically fearing her death, she chose to embody her instruction in a text, a mother's legacy, through which she could (as it were) speak to her child from the dead. In 1624, a Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Goad, published Joscelin's legacy for a wider audience - but with significant changes.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS ADDED TO THE 1618 EDITION ¹4 The Contents of this BOOKE 1 The occasion of writing this booke was the considerati...
The first cause of writing is a motherly affection
The second cause is to stirre them up to write
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