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Tax author's religious experience and knowledge of the Fall into the Slough of Despond ; Pliable returns ;

way of salvation, first published in a treatise on the Christian, assisted by Help, goes on; meets Worldly-
covenants, and enlarged in his Grace Abounding to wiseman; complains of his burden, and is sent out
the Chief of Sinners; now completed in an allegory, of his way to the house of Legality; terrified at
showing the Christian's journey from time to eternity, Mount Sinai ........


under the title of

Evangelist appears, and puts bim again into the right

road ; arrives at the Wicket-gate ; is admitted by

TIE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS FROM THIS Good-will, and sent to the Interpreter's house ; is

shown a picture ; a dusty room ; Passion and
The Introduction by the Editor.

Patience; the fire of grace; the valiant man; the
Chap. !. Life a pilgrimage through a state of spiritual man in despair ; the trembler......

conflicts; The Pilgrim's Progress a guide to all hea- Proceeds to the cross ; loses his burden ; angels give
venward pilgrims; the author furnished with leisure him a pardon, new clothing, a mark, and a roll; tries
time to write it, by being for many years shut up in to alarm three men asleep, but in vain; meets For
prison for refusing to violate his conscience........... 1 malist and Hypocrisy ....


CHAP. II. The Pilgrim's Progress having been written Ascends the hill Difficulty ; sleeps in the Arbour, and

in prison, difficulties were thrown in the way of its drops his roll; is awakened, and pursues his journey;

publication ...

4 meets Mistrust and Timorous; misses his roll, returns

Chap. III. Bunyan's extraordinary qualifications to in grief, and recovers it; goes on to the Palace Beau-

write the pilgrimage, sanctified by prison discipline.. 9 tiful; encouraged by Watchful he passes the lions,

Cuap. IV. Bunyan's release from jail, and his publi- and, after examination, is admitted according to the

cation of The Pilgrim's Progress.........

16 laws of the house; entertained; sleeps in the Cham-

Casp. V. The inquiry, Was Bunyan assisted in the ber of peace ; sees the study; the armoury; the
composition of his Pilgrim's Progress, answered in Delectable mountains.........


the negative-Ist, From his own declarations, to Enters the Valley of Humiliation ; fights with, and

which may be added, " I am for drinking water out overcomes Apollyon ; comes to the Valley of the Sha-

my own cistern ;'** The opinions of the learned ; an dow of Death ; terrified by the spies ; assaulted by

analysis of every work previously published on the foes who care not for his sword; betakes himself to

same subject, or with a similar title page. For a another weapon, “ All-prayer;" comes out of the

list of these rare volumes see the Index. In these valley, and passes the old giants, Pagan and Pope... 111

analyses will be found a genuine picture of Popery Overtakes Faithful, a fellow-pilgrim ; hold communion

as painted by herself......

29 with each other ; converse with Talkative; Evange-

CHAP. VI. A bibliographical account of all the editions list forewarns them of persecution ; enter Vanity

of The Pilgrim's Progress published during the Fair; are maltreated ; imprisoned ; Faithful is tried
author's life, with notices of the more prominent and burned......


modern editions, and translations into the languages Christian pursues his journey, and joined by Hope-

of nearly all nations.....

55 ful; By-ends wislies to join them; the sophistry of

Chap. VII. An account of the versions, commentaries, IIold-the-world detected; Demas tempts them to

and imitations of The Pilgrim's Progress.......... 62 the Hill Lucre, but they refuse; arrive at the River

Caar. VIII. The opinions of many learned men of its of the Water of life; they go into By-path Meadow;

singular merits, and the causes of its extraordinary follow

Vain-confidence; are taken by Giant

Despair, 1


66 and imprisoned in Doubting Castle; arguments for

CHAP. IX. Observations upon some of the most promi. and against suicide ; escape by the Key of Promise;

nent parts.........

71 erect a Pillar to caution others.......



77 Arrive at the Delectable Mountains; entertained by'

Exact copies of the twenty woodcuts published in the the Shepherds ; are shown Mounts Error, Caution,

early editions, with Bunyan's verse under each...... 79 and Clear; see the Celestial Gate ; receive some

The Author's apology.......

85 cautions ; fail in attempting to convert Ignorance ;

List of Commentaries on The Pilgrim, and other robbery of Little-faith ; meet the Flatterer, and are

Works, which have furnished illustrative notes to caught in his net; released by a Shining One; meet

this edition ; a considerable number of the notes are Atheist ........


extracts from the author's Works, with some by the Adventures on the Enchanted Ground; means of

editor; a view of Bedford bridge over the river Ouse, watchfulness ; enter the Land of Beulah ; are sick

showing the prison in which the amiable and pious with love; approach the River of Death ; no bridge; À

author was incarcerated for more than twelve years, full of fear and dread, but get safely over ; received

in the prime of his life, rather than sacrifice his con- by angels; admitted to glory......


science by submitting to human laws interfering with

Divine worship



The Author's way of sending it forth........... .... 169


Sagacity relates how Christiana, the widow of Chris-

Graceless becomes a Christian ; alarmed for the safety tian, reflects upon her former conduct, feels her

of his soal ; is treated by his family as one diseased 89 danger, and agrees with her children to follow her

Guided by Evangelist; runs towards the Wicket-gate; late" husband in pilgrimage ; is encouraged by a

is overtaken by Obstinate aud Pliable ; persuades secret influence on her mind that she would be re-

Pliable to fly with him...........

90 ceived; her neighbours dissuade her, but she pre-

vails upon one of them, Mercy, to go with her; stie


• Vol. iii., p. 398.

'is reviled by her acquaintanc......

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Get over the Slough of Despond, and are admitted at

the Wicket-gate, and rejoice together; they are fed,

washed, and sent on their way; the children eat the

enemy's fruit; are assaulted, but rescued by the

Reliever ..

..... 178

Arrive at the Interpreter's house ; shown the signifi-

cant rooms, the man who prefers a muck-rake to a

celestial crown, the spider in the best room, the hen

and chickens, butcher and sheep, the garden, the

field, the robin; the Interpreter's proverbs; tree rot-

ten at the heart; they relate their experience; Mercy

is sleepless for joy; they are washed, which enlivens

and strengthens them ; sealed and clothed


Great-heart guards them to the house called Beautiful;

pass the Sepulclire where Christian lost his burden ;

pardon by word and deed, an important distinction;

see Simple, Sloth, and Presumption hanging; names

of those that they had ruined ; IIill Difficulty ; By-

ways, although stopped and barred up, still entered ;

rest in the Arbour, but are afraid to sleep; still suffer

by forgetfulness ; punishment of Timorous and Mis-

trust; Giant Grim slain ......


Pilgrims arrive at the Palace Beattiful; Great-heart

returns; they are entertained for a month ; the

children catechised; Mr. Brisk makes love to

Mercy ; her sister Bountiful's unhappy marriage ;

Matthew sick with the enemy's fruit; is healed by

Dr. Skill; his prescriptions ; instructive questions ;

they are greatly strengthened; Mr. Great-heart sent

to guard them.......

...... 196

Enter the Valley of Humiliation, and are pleased with

it; shepherd boy's song ; see the place where Chris-

tian and Apollyon fought ; come into the Valley of

the Shadow of Death ; are greatly terrified ; Giant

Maul slain ; find Old Honest, a pilgrim, sleeping ;

he joins them ; story of Mr. Fearing ; good men

sometimes much in the dark ; he fears no difficul-

ties, only lest he should deceive himself; case of

Self-will; a singular sect in the Author's time....... 205

Are entertained at the House of Gaius ; pilgrims the

descendants of the martyrs ; Matthew and Mercy

betrothed ; riddles in verse; Slay-good, a giant,

slain; Feeble-mind rescued; proves to be related to

Mr. Fearing ; Not-right killed with a thunderbolt ;

Matthew and Mercy, and James and Phebe, married;

Feeble-mind and Ready-to-halt join the pilgrims ;

profitable converse between Honest and Great-heart 217

Vanity Fair; the death of Faithful had planted a little

colony of pilgrims there ; pleasant communion ;

courage and an unspotted life essential to pilgrims;

Samuel and Grace, and Joseph and Martha, married;

the Monster (state religion) assaulted and wounded ;

believed by some that he will die of his wounds ; pass

the place where Faithful was martyred; the silver

mine ; Lot's wife...........


Arrive at the river near the Delectable Mountains ;

By-path Meadow ; Slay Giant Despair, and Diffi-

dence, his wife, and destroy Doubting Castle; release

Mr. Despondency and Miss Much-afraid ; Great-

heart addresses the Shepherds in rhyme ; Mounts

Marvel, Innocent, and Charity; see the Hole in the

side of the Hill; Mercy longs for a curious Mirror ;

the Pilgrims are adorned....

Story of Turn-away ; find. Valiant-for-truth wounded


by thieves ; account of his conversion ; the question

debated, that if we shall know ourselves, shall we

know others in the future state ? arguments used by

relatives to prevent pilgrimage ; the Enchanted

Ground ; an arbour called the Slothful's Friend ; in

doubt as to the way, the book or map is examined ;

Heedless and Bold in a fatal sleep ; surprised by a

solemn noise, they are led to Mr. Stand-fast in

prayer, he having been assailed by Madam Bubble... 232

arrive in the Land of Beulah, and are delighted with

celestial visions on the border of the River of Death;

Ciristiana summoned, addresses her guide, and

blesses her children and her fellow-pilgrims; her

last words ; Mr. Ready-to-halt passes the river ;

Feeble-mind is called, will make no will, and goes up

to the Celestial City; Despondency and Much-

afraid die singing ; Honest dies singing, Gracs

reigns ; Valiant-for-truth and Stand-fast joyfully

pass the river, leaving a solemn message to relatives;

joy in heaven on the arrival of the pilgrims; Chris-

tiana's children a blessing to the church....... 240

The deep working of the Foly Spirit with the author's

soul, in its recovery from ruin to the divine favour,

in the form of an allegory called




Losing and Taking again of the Town of Mansoul.

Advertisement by the Editor......


Poetical Preface to the Reader by the Author... 251

This Work was originally published in the form of

a continuous narrative; but, to enable the reader
more readily to pause and reflect, the Editor has
ventured to adopt the plan, first introduced by Mr.

Burder, of dividing it into chapters.

Chap. I. The original beauty and splendour of Man-

soul under Shaddai; her noble castle ; five gates ;

perfection of the inhabitants, the origin of Diabolus;

his pride and fall; his revenge ; council of war to

reduce the town; Diabolus approaches Eye-gate; his

oration ; Captain Resistance slain; My Lord Inno-

cence killed the town taken.......

...... 255

Chap. II. Diabolus occupies the castle; deposes the

Lord Mayor, Mr. Understanding, and a wall erected
to darken his house ; Mr. Conscience the Recorder
put out of office; very obnoxious to Diabolus and the
inhabitants; Mr. Lord-will-be-will heartily espouses
the cause of Diabolus, and is made the principal
governor; the image of Shaddai defaced, and that of
Diabolus set up; Mr. Lustings made Lord Mayor :
Mr. Forget-good, Recorder; new Aldermen appointed,

-Messrs. Incredulity, Hlaughty, Swearing, Whoring,

Hard-heart, Pityless, Fury, No-truth, Stand-to-lies,

False-peace, Drunkenness, Cheating, and Atheism ;

three strongholds built-Defiance, Midnight-hold,

and Sweet-sin-hold.....


Chap. III. The Revolution known to king Shaddai;

his resentment against Diabolus; his gracious inten-

tion of restoring Mansoul; intimations published, but

suppressed by Diabolus; his artifices to secure the

town and prevent its return to Shaddai......


Chap. IV. Shaddai sends an army of 40,000 spiritual

energies to reduce Mansoul, under the command of

Captains Boanerges, Conviction, Judgment, and

Execution, who address the inhabitants powerfully,

but with little effect; Diabolus, Incredulity, Ill-

pause, and others, interfere to prevent submission ;

Prejudice defends Ear-gate, with a guard of sixty

deaf men......


CHAP. V. The Captains give battle to the town, which

resolutely resists; they retire to winter quarters ;

Tradition, Human Wisdom, and Man's Invention,

enlist under Boanerges; they are taken prisoners,
and join Diabolus under Captain Anything; hostili-
ties are renewed, and the town much molested ; a
famine and mutiny in Mansoul ; a parley ; proposi-
tions made and rejected ; Understanding and Con-

science quarrel with Incredulity; a skirmish......... 276

CHAP. VI. Lord Understanding and Mr. Conscience

imprisoned; the besieging officers petition Shaddai

for a reinforcement; it is approved; Emmanuel, the

king's son, is appointed to conquer the town; marches

with a great army, and surrounds Mansoul, which is

strongly fortified against him......


Chlap. VII. Emmanuel prepares for war against Man-

soul; Diabolus sends Loth-to-stoop with proposals
for peace, which are rejected; he proposes to patch
up a peace by outward reformation, offering to become

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numerousness :

Emmanuels deputy, this also rejected : preparations THE HOLY CITY, OR THE NEW JERUSALEM,
for battle; Diabolus injures the town; Ear-gate wherein its goodly light, walls, gates, angels, and the
assaulted, gives way; Emmanuel's forces enter the manner of their standing, are expounded ; also, her
town, and take possession of the Recorder's house ; length and breadth, together with the golden measur-
several Diabolonians killed.........

289 ing-reed explained, and the glory of all unfolded;

CHAP. VIII. The principal inhabitants hold a con- as also the numerousness of its inhabitants, and what

ference, and agree to petition the prince for their the tree and water of life are, by which they are

lives; the castle gates broke open ; triumphal entry sustained....


of Emmanuel ; Diabolus is bound in chains; the in- Advertisement by the Editor.


habitants, in great misery, petition again and again; Dedication to the Godly Reader....


a free pardon is published, and universal joy succeeds 296 Dedication to the Learned Reader...


CHAP. IX. The liberated prisoners return to Mansoul Dedication to the Captious Reader and to the Mother

with great joy; the inhabitants request Emmanuel of Harlots......


to reside among them; he makes a triumphal entry This deeply-interesting Treatise is a Commentary on

amid the shouts of the people ; the town is new- Rev. xxi. 10-27; and xxii. 1-4.......


modelled, and the image of Shaddai again erected... 304 First, The vision of the Holy City, or gospel church in
CHAP. X. The strongholds of Diabolus destroyed ; the general :
great Diabolonians tried, condemned, and executed,

Returning out of Antichristian captivity; why the
to Mansoul's great joy.

309 church is called a city; descends out of heaven; has

Chap. XI. Experience is made an officer ; the charter the glory of God; her light.............


renewed and enlarged, with special privileges; minis- Second, Á discovery of its defence, entrances, and

try established ; Mr. Conscience the preacher, his fashion in particular :-

duties and rewards specified; the inhabitants are

The defence of the city; the wall; the gates ; the

clad in white; receive many distinguishing favours angels at the gates ; the names written on the gates;

from the prince; God's peace appointed to rule; the the order of the gates ; the foundations of the wall;

unexampled felicity of the town......

317 how we are to understand the word TWELVE; the

Ceap. XII. Carnal-security prevails; Emmanuel pri- measuring line or golden reed; the city measured ;

vately withdrawing, Godly-fear detects it, and excites the gates measured; the wall measured; the form

the people to destroy Carnal-security; they try to and measure of the city..........


induce Emmanuel to return.......

324 THIRD, A relation of the glory of the city, its walls,
CHAP. XIII. The Diabolonians take courage; plots are gates, and foundations :
formed to re-conquer Mansoul; vices, under virtuous

The glory of the walls ; the glory of the city ; the
names, are introduced, and do immense mischief ; glory of the foundations ; the foundations, what they

and 20,000 Doubters are raised to surprise the town 330 are, and how placed ; the glory of the gates and of

Chap. XIV. Mr. Prywell discovers the plot; prepara- the streets; the city has no temple; needs not the

tions for defence; more Diabolonians executed; the light of sun or moon.....


Doubters assault Ear-gate, but are repulsed; the Fourth, The inhabitants of the City, their quality and
townsmen will not parley ; flattery tried in vain ;
Jolly, Griggish, Gripe, and Rakeall, executed; Any-

The city secure; the gates always open ; the glory
thing and Loosefoot imprisoned.

339 and honour of the nations brought into it; none but

CHAP. XV. Mensoul makes a rash sortie by night and visible saints can enter.......


is worsted; Diabolus attacks Feel-gate, which he Fifth, The provision and maintenance of the City :-

forces, and Doubters possess the town, doing incre-

Its drink the water of life ; whither this water

dible mischief; Mansoul petitions Emmanuel, and goes, and its extension ; its food the tree of life; the

Credence is appointed Lord Lieutenant..... ..... 348

ease, peace, and tranquillity of the city...... 450

CHAP. XVI. A new plot laid to ruin the town, by riches

and prosperity; Emmanuel appears to assist Man- SOLOMON'S TEMPLE SPIRITUALIZED; or,
soul ; the army of Doubters routed; he enters the Gospel light fetched out of the Temple at Jerusa-
town amidst the joyful acclamations of the inhabi- lem, to let us more easily into the glory of New
355 Testament truth........


Cuap. XVII. A new army of bloodmen or persecutors Advertisement by the Editor ............

attack the town, but are taken by Faith and To the Christian Reader


Patience; the principal Doubters tried, convicted, I.-IV. Where the temple was built ; who built it; how,

and executed.......
361 and of what it was built....


Casp. XVIII. More Diabolonians condemned; Em- V.-VIII. Who was to fell the trees and to dig the
manuel's admirable speech to Mansoul......... 369 stones ; in what condition these were when brought;

Bunyan's poetical Epilogue to The Holy War; in the foundation ; the richness of the stones which

which he claims The Pilgrim's Progress entirely as were laid for the foundation .......


his own, and anagramatizes his name.................... 374 IX.-XVII. Which way the face of the front of temple

stood ; of the courts ; the brazen altar; the pillars ;
THE HEAVENLY FOOTMAN; or, A Description the height of the pillars; the chapiters of the pillars;

of the Man that gets to Heaven, together with the the pomegranates; the chains upon these pillars ; the
Way he runs in, the Marks he goes by; also, Some lily-work upon the chapiters..........

Directions how to Run so as to Obtain.....

375 XVIII-XXIV, Of the fashion of the temple; the out-

Advertisement by the Editor.......

375 ward glory; the porch ; the ornaments of the porch ;

Epistle to Slothful and Careless People .................. 373 the ascent by which they went up to the porch ; the

I. The words opened, and this doctrine laid down, gate of the porch ; the pinnacles of the temple........ 473

namely, that they that will have heaven, they must XXV.-XXXV. Of the porters of the temple; the

run for it.........

381 charge of the porters; the doors ; the leaves of this

II. The word dus opened by three Scripture expres- gate; what the doors of the temple were made of,

sions-flying, pressing, continuing.........

381 and how adorned ; of the wall: the garnishing ; the

III. Several reasons for the clearing of the doctrine.... 381 windows, chambers, and stairs............
IV. Nine directions how to run so as to obtain.. 383 XXXVI.-XLVIII. Of the molten sea ; the lavers ; the
V. Nine motives to urge us on in the way...

389 tables ; the instruments wherewith the sacrifices
VI. Nine uses of this subject .........

391 were slain; the candlesticks and lamps ; the shew-
VII. Nine provocations to run with the foremost.... 394 bread; the snuffers and snuff dishes; the golden
VIIL. A Short expostulation........

394 tongs ; the altar of incense; the golden censers...o. 183

........ 513

XLIX.-LXV. Of the golden spoons, bowls, basons, Pilgrim's Progress. Printed and sold by William

flagons, and cups belonging to the temple; the Marshall, at the Bable, in Newgate Street, where you
chargers; the goings out; the singers ; the union of may have Dr. Owen’s, and Mr. Bunyan's Works.
the holy and most holy temple ; the holiest or inner

'This curious and rare copper-plate engraving, on
temple; the vail; the doors, golden nails, floors, and a large sheet, was published in 1663 ; soon after
walls of the inner temple; the ark of the covenant; the author was first sent to prison, the profits pro-
placing of the ark, the mercy-seat, the living waters, bably assisted in maintaining his family. It is now

and the chains in the oracle or inner temple....... 492 engraved from an original impression in 1691, at

LXVI.-LXX. Of the high-priest, and of his cffice in which time the words, "Author of The Pilgrim's

the inner temple ; of the high-priest's going alone, Progress," and the publishers' names, were added.

and but once a year, into the holiest; the cherubims; It has never been re-published in any edition of

the figures that were upon the walls........

505 Bunyan's Whole Works, until the present complete

series. It commences with a symbol of the Trinity;

A DISCOURSE OF THE HOUSE OF THE on the one side is the line of grace, from election, by

FOREST OF LEBANON, showing it to be typical every step of the ascent to eternal glory; and, on the

of spiritual things..........

510 other, in a darker shade, the road from reprobation

Advertisement by the Editor ......

510 to eternal ruin. The whole is interspersed with

Chap. I. A distinct building at a great distance from poetry.

the temple at Jerusalem ......


Chap. II. Of what this house was a type; the church THE BARREN FIG-TREE; or, The Doom and

under persecution in the wilderness....

the Downfall of the Fruitless Professor : showing

CHAP. III. Of the largeness of this house ; a place of that the day of grace may be passed with him long

defence and not of assault; if afflicted, fire proceed- before his life is ended—the signs also by which such

eth to devour her enemies.....

515 miserable mortals may be known. A treatise founded

Cuap. IV. Of the materials of which it was built, sweet- upon Luke xii, 6-9.


scented wood...............

516 | Advertisement by the Editor.......


Char. V. Of the windows, and of what they were types 519 To the Reader....


Chap. VI. Of the doors and posts, and their square ; Introductory Remarks on the parable........


admirable for beauty; the world striving to ravish Two things to be taken notice of and to be inquired

and plunder her .......


into :

Chap. VII. Of the repetition of light against light; First, The metaphors made use of: A certain man; a

Divine light against Antichrist; all opinions to be vineyard ; a fig-tree, barren, or fruitless ; a dresser;

submitted to the Word .....


three years; digging and dunging, &c.......... 562

Chap. VIII. Of the golden shields and targets, and Second, The doctrine or mysteries couched under such

what they typified; as King Solomon supplied all metaphors :-

this armour, so God arms his saints......

525 1. By the man in the parable is meant God the Father 562

Chap. IX. Of the vessels of pure gold, not for divine 2. By the vineyard, his church ..............................


worship, but private use ; sometimes full of bitter 3. By the fig-tree, a professor......


draughts, at other times the cup of consolation and 4. By the dresser, the Lord Jesus Christ......... 570

of salvation : God's love tokens like honey............ 527 5. By the fig-tree's barrenness, the professor's fruitless-

A most interesting letter from Pomponius Algerius,


an Italian martyr, one of the pillars in God's house 530 6. By the three years, the patience of God that for a

CHAP. X. The porch of the house capable of holding time he extendeth to barren professors......


1000 men; a refuge from the storm ; a defence from 7. The calling to the dresser to cut it down, is to show

persecutors; not enough to be content with the porch; the outcries of justice against fruitless professors..... 571

we must enter the house.........

533 8. The dresser's interceding shows how the Lord Jesus

CONCLUSION--Why persecution is allowed of God........ 536 steps in to stop or defer the execution of the sentence

on the barren fig-tree..........


THE WATER OF LIFE ; or, A Discourse showing 9. The dresser's interceding shows how unwilling he is

the Richness and Glory of the Grace and Spirit of that the barren fig-tree should perish.........


the Gospel, as set forth in Scripture by that term, 10. His digging about and dunging it shows his willing-

The Water of Life ..........

538 ness to apply gospel help to the barren professor...... 574

Advertisement by the Editor.

538 11. The supposition that the barren fig-tree may yet

The Epistle to the Reader, or Bunyan's Bill of his continue fruitless, shows that after all is done there

Master's Water of Life...

539 are some professors will abide barren.....


Text-Rev. xxii. 1—The divisions. First, The subject 12. The determination at last, to cut it down, is a

matter. Second, The quantity of this water, "a certain prediction of such professor's unavoidable

river." Third, Its source, the throne of God. destruction........


Fourth, Its quality, pure and clear as crystal. PROPOSITION Fiest. The day of grace ends with sonie
The Spirit of grace compared to water.


men before God taketh them out of the world; Cain,

The greatness and abundance of the Water of Lile ; Ishmael, and Esau, instances of this..


what a river this is, and inferences to be drawn from Signs of being past grace............


the term RIVER..

542 PROPOSITION SECOND. The death, or cutting down of

The head or well-spring of the water of life..........

such men will be dreadful .............

The nature and quality of this water; pure, clear; no

grudge or upbraiding in it; comes from God's very LIFE AND DEATH OF MR. BADMAN.
heart; mighty beyond conception ; no fear of excess Advertisement by the Editor.— The Life and Death of
or of surfeiting bere; the chiefest good, the highest Mr. Badman supposed by some to have been intended

good ; conduct influenced by doctrines...

551 as a third part of The Pilgrim's Progress ; being

The application of the whole ; this water of lite excel- the downward road of a sinner to eternal misery; his

lent in nature, abundant in quantity, has a glorious setting out; miserable career; wretched in the grati-

head-spring, and a singularly good quality; therefore fication of the basest passions, and awfully impeni-

ought to be abundantly used ; bless God for provid- tent in death........

........ 586

ing it, and test all doctrines by it............... 557 Five curious and interesting illustrations of the form

and manner in which the Life of Badman was first

A MAP, showing the Order and Causes of Salvation published, being facsimiles of the engravings that

and Damnation. By John Bunyan, Author of The accompanied the first edition...............

....... 588



........ 584

The Author to the Reader ......

590 we must use good conscience in buying; charity
Cuap. I. Badman's death and its evil consequences.... 593 must be used in our dealings ; we should have an eye
This leads to the discourse of his life.

to the glory of God in all our transactions ; Badman

CHAP. II. Badman's wicked behaviour in childhood; u:ed to langh at those that told him of his faults..... 637

original sin is the root of actual transgression; Bad- Chap. XI. Instructions for righteous dealing ; how to

man addicted to lying from a child ; a lie knowingly live in the practice of this ; we ought to beware of

told demonstrates a desperately hard heart; the our own and our neighbour's hurt; a judgment of

liar's portion ; an example for liars; a spirit of lying God..


accompanied with other sins; Badman given to pil- Chap. XII. Badman's pride, atheism, infidelity, and
fer, and would rob his father ; more knit to his com-

envy; of pride in general ; it sticks close to nature ;

panions than either father or mother, and would two sorts of pride ; signs of a proud man ; professors

rejoice to think of their death; counted thieving no guilty of the sin of pride ; a stumbling-block to the

great matter; the story of Old Tod ; Badman could world; why it is in such request ; evil effects of

not abide the Lord's day; given to swearing and pride ; a general character of Badman, and brief

cursing ; examples of God's anger against them relation of his ways; his judgment of the Scriptures ;

that swear; a grievous thing to bring up children an angry, envious man; whence envy flows; some


of the births of envy ; a rare thing........... 642

CAAP. III. Badman put to be an apprentice to a pious Chap. XIII. Badman in some trouble of mind; he gets

master; had all advantages to be good, but continued drunk and breaks his leg ; it has no good effect upon
Badman still ; all good things abominable to bim ; him ; how many sins accompany drunkenress ; an
how he used to behave at sermons; the desperate open stroke; God's judgments upon drunkards ;
words of H. S.; Badman's acquaintances; he becomes Clark's Looking-Glass for Sinners ; Badman falls
a frequenter of taverns; his master's purse pays for sick............

................. 648
his drunkenness; a caution for masters; Badman Chap. XIV. His pretended repentings and promises of
becomes addicted to uncleanness; what evils attend reform when death stares him in the face; his con-
this sin; Badman and his master abhor one another; science wounded, and he cries out in his sickness; his
Badman runs away from him .........

........................... 605 atheism will not help him now; a dreadful example
CRAP. IV. Badman gets a new master as bad as him-

of God's anger; what Badman did more when he

self; a sign and demonstration of God's anger against was sick ; great alteration in him ; the town-talk of

Badman; masters should beware what servants they his change; his wife comforted; he recovers, and

entertain ; Badman and his master cannot agree, returns to his old course.....


and why; could bear the last master's reproof better Chap. XV. Death leaves Badman for a season, and he
than he could the first ; by what means he came to returns to his sins like a sow that has been washed
be completed in wickedness ; out of his time, and to her wallowing in the mire ; ignorant physicians
goes home to his father..........

614 kill souls while they cure bodies; the true symptoms

CAP. V. Badman in business ; the tricks of a wicked of conversion wanting in all Badman's sense of sin,

tradesman ; sets up for himself, and is almost as soon and desires of mercy; of sick-bed repentance, and

set down again; the reason of his running out; new that it is to be suspected ; a sign of the desperate-

companions; bad temper : his behaviour under his ness of man's heart...


...... 616 CHAP. XVI. Badman's wife's heart is broken; her
CHAP. VI. Badman's hypocritical courtship and mar- Christian speech, and talk to her friends and lier

riage to a pious rich young lady; neglect of counsel husband; he diverts her discourse; her speech to her
about marriage dangerous ; his wicked and ungodly children that were rude; to her darling child who
carriage; a great alteration quickly happens to Bad- followed her ways; her death ; one of her children
man's wife ; his creditors come upon him; she reaps converted by her dying words..............


the fruit of her unadvisedness; he drives good com- Caap. XVII. Badman's base language ; he is tricked

pany from his wife............

618 into a second marriage by a woman as bad as him-

CHAP. VII. Badman throws off the mask, and cruelly self; what she was, and how they lived ; he is pun-

treats his wife; seeks to force her from her religion ; ished in his second wife for his bad carriages towards

her repentance and complaint ; the evil of being his first; he is not at all the better ; none did pity

unequally yoked together ; a caution to young him for his sorrow, but looked upon it as a just

maidens; rules for those that are to marry ; Bad-

reward ........


mau's children by this good wonjan; advantages of Caap. XVIII. Badman, and this his last wife, part as

the children of godly parents; disadvantages of those poor as howlets; his sickness and diseases, of which he

of ungodly parents ; contest between Badman and died; his name stinks when he is dead; that he dies

his wife; his new discourse ; having paid his debts impenitent is proved ; how he carried it to good men

with his rich wife's money, he sets up again, and when they came to visit him in his last illness; how

runs a great way into the debt of many ; there are he was when near his end; the opinion of the ignor-

abundance like Mr. Badman.....

620 ant about his manner of dying.......


Caap. VIII. Badman a bankrupt, and gets by it "hint- CHAP. XIX. Future happiness not to be hoped from a

fuls of money;" how he managed things in order to quiet hardened death; how we must judge whether
his breaking; his sugar words to his creditors, who men die well or no; when we may judge of a man's
at last agree to what he propounds ; no plea for his eternal state by the manner of his death; account of
dishonesty; the heinousness of this sin ; fair warn- two of Badman's brethren ; the story of John Cox;
ing: good advice; honest dealing with creditors ; of dying in despair ; further discourse of Badman's
fraudulent bankruptcy of a professor a heavy blot death; he that, after a sinful life dies quietly, goes

upon religion ; such ought to be disowned.............. 628 to hell, proved ; sick-bed repentance seldom good for
Cuap. IX. Badman's fraudulent dealings to get money; anything;

; peace in a sinful state a sign of dam-

uses deceitful weights, scales, and measures ; the nation ..


sinfulness of such practices; how Badman did cheat Chap. XX. Without godly repentance the wicked man's

and hide his cheating ; some plead custom to cheat ; hope and life die together; a frivolous opinion; when

they get nothing that cozen and cheat; more of Bad- a wicked man dies in his sins quietly, it is a judg-

man's bad tricks ; of extortion........

..... 633

ment of God upon the man himself, and also upon

Chap. X. The simple Christian's views of extortion ; his wicked companions that beholdeth him so to die;
who are extortioners ; good conscience must be used

the quiet death of a wicked man
in selling ; we must not make prey of our neighbour's
ignorance, necessity, or fondness of our commodity ;

the wisest man; David himself was put to a stand
by this; enough to stagger a whole world; the godly

enough to puzzle

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