The Antiquities of England and Wales, Tom 5

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Hooper & Wigstead, N0: 212, Hight-Holborn, facing Southhampton Street, Bloombsury-Square., 1784
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Strona 103 - ... better measured by the compass of it, it being computed at no less than a mile about. In this church the Conqueror offered up his sword and royal robe, which he wore on the day of his coronation. The monks kept these till the suppression, and used to...
Strona 147 - On the north-west side there was another ditch of the same breadth, commencing at the cliff opposite to the westernmost angle, and bearing away almost due north, leaving a level intermediate space, which, opposite to the sally-port...
Strona 16 - Earl of Chester, in the time of Edward the Confessor ; but again falling to decay, and being forsaken, it was in the 14th of William the Conqueror rebuilt, and endowed by Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Arundel, Chichester, and Shrewsbury, a person of vast possessions in these parts.
Strona 73 - The subject represented by this glass was the history of man from the creation to the day of judgment, three lights in a window. The two side-lights contained the types in the Old Testament, and the middle light the anti-type and verity of the New.
Strona 140 - Collectanea," which says, that " when Arviragus threw off the Roman yoke, it is likely he fortified those places which were most convenient for their invasion, namely, Richborough, Walmer, Dover, and Hastings.
Strona 38 - This castle stands on the summit of a rocky hill, whose sides are beautifully wooded. From its windows it commanded a most extensive prospect over five counties, and into part of Wales. It is situated near the east end of the town of Dudley, which is in the county of Worcester. The mansion consisted of a variety of buildings, encompassing a court, surrounded by an exterior wall flanked with towers. The keep, which stands in the south-west angle, shews mauifest marks of antiquity.
Strona 103 - Though this abbey be demolished, yet the magnificence of it appears by the ruins of the cloysters, &c. and by the largeness of the hall, kitchen, and gate-house, of which the last is entirely preserved. It is a noble pile, and in it are held sessions and other meetings for this peculiar jurisdiction, which hath still great privileges belonging to it. What the hall was...
Strona 38 - Jands of the said Roger within his jurisdiction, for the king's use; and to keep them, with all the cattle found upon them, so that nothing may be moved off without the king's permission. Witness the king at Wenlock, &c.
Strona 185 - John Tregose a knight was the chief owner of it, and one Maurice and Bataille Abbay. The king compoundid with them: and so was there vii. score and tenne acres limited to the new toune, whereof part is in the king mede withoute the toune, and part in hangging of the hille.
Strona 147 - The walls, no where entire, are about eight feet thick. The gate-way, now demolished, was on the north side near the northernmost angle. Not far from it, to the west, are the remains of a small tower, enclosing a circular flight of stairs; and, still farther westward, a sally-port and ruins of another tower.

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