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Lady Glenorchy in a bad state of health-Miss Hill writes her on

this occasion-She goes to Bath-Miss Hill, afraid that her spiri-

tual interest would suffer in that city, again writes her on that

subject-She returns to Taymouth, and in a letter Miss Hill

expresses her satisfaction, that she is now in a place more conge-

nial to devotional exercises At Taymouth, Lady Glenorchy re-

ceives visits from some clergymen, by whom she is benefited

Miss Hill writes to Lady Glenorchy, and adverts to this circum.

stance with pleasure-When Lady Glenorchy was on a visit at

the Earl of Hardwicke's, where the change wrought upon her

mind must have exposed her to trials, she receives a letter from Miss

Hill, alluding to these circumstances, and giving at the same time

an account of the death of Mrs Venn-Miss Hill writes to Lady

Glenorchy, in which she mentions some interesting facts with re-

spect to some of the younger branches of her father's family—Miss

Hill suffers much from worldly acquaintances, and in a letter in-

forms Lady Glenorchy of this–Lady Glenorchy attends meetings

for religious purposes in Edinburgh-Letter from Lady Glenor-

chy to Mrs Bailie Walker - Lady Glenorchy indisposed-Letter

from Miss Pin on that occasion-Miss Hill writes to Lady

Glenorchy, giving an account of her own Christian experience

Lady Glenorchy in her religious feelings discovers a peculiar de-

gree of sensibility-Miss Hill writes her on this subject--Lady

Glenorchy more comfortable in her mind-Congratulated by Miss

Hill, who gives a farther account of her own experience.


Lady Glenarchy's zeal leads her to go lengths which unnecessarily

espose her to trials—This remonstrated against by her Christian

[blocks in formation]

respect to her chapel there cause her much uneasiness Extracts

from Diary-Letter from Lady Glenorchy to the Presbytery of

Edinburgh concerning Mr Grove-Answer from the Presbytery

to her Ladyship-Mr Grove determines to return to England

burgla— Makes choice of the Rev. Mr Sheriff– Mr Sheriff falls

into bad health-Obtains an assistant—Forms the congregation

into church order-His health gradually declines-Extracts from

Diary from November 2. to December 30. 1777–Lord's supper

dispensed for the first time in the chapel-Death of Mr Sheriff

- Extracts froin Diary, from February 2. to June 14, 1778. 404

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