History of the eighteenth century and of the nineteenth till the overthrow of the French empire, tr., with a preface and notes, by D. Davison, Tom 4

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Strona 210 - And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.
Strona iv - Schlosser, FC— History of the Eighteenth Century, and of the Nineteenth till the Overthrow of the French Empire, with Particular Reference to Mental Cultivation and Progress.
Strona 252 - Europe an equal number that look so wretched. The greater part of them are absolutely in rags and patches ; and in Lisbon many of them asked my charity, not only in the streets, but even where they stood sentinels.
Strona 384 - This was that unholy alliance which, from 1764 till the present day, has proved the source of all the misfortunes of the European nations, because it has served as a model for all the treaties which have been since concluded, by means of which the fate and internal administration of the weaker states have become wholly dependent on the compacts, arms, and diplomatists of powerful nations.
Strona 209 - From what has been already stated, and from what follows, it will be evident that Peter was neither worthy nor capable of conducting the government of a great empire, and that sooner or later he must have been removed from his office ; but the- manner in which his deposition was effected was not therefore the less detestable and cruel. It is maddening to read, that his wife and her Orlofs behaved to this poor prince with more barbarity and cruelty than Louis XVI. endured from the...
Strona 210 - ... bearer respecting the honour and life of her husband. The bearer of the letter was Ismailof, who enjoyed the complete confidence of the unfortunate Peter: he now accepted the empress's silverlings and betrayed him. The agreement entered into between Catharine and Orlof on the one part, and Ismailof on the other, was as follows:—" If he was able to prevail upon Peter to sign a document in which he should declare himself unworthy and incapable to rule, he should receive a fixed sum of money ;...
Strona 127 - Volkof and Vorontzof aided him by their advice. Volkof was one of the ablest and most cunning men in the empire ; he had been long in the confidence of Bestujef, but now betrayed him in consequence of mutual misunderstandings and disputes ; and the vicechancellor Vorontzof informed the grand-duke of the plans which were being forged against him. At the commencement of the year 1758, the empress, as soon as she had recovered, was informed by the grand-duke of the scandalous combination of ambitious...
Strona 168 - ... attaining these great and essential ends, to treat with the crown of Spain, as an effectual condition thereunto, concerning an exchange of Gibraltar for the island of Minorca, with the ports and fortresses thereof, their lordships are most humbly of an unanimous opinion, that the court of Spain should without loss of time be sounded with respect to their dispositions thereupon...
Strona 168 - ... that the court of Spain should without loss of time be sounded with respect to their dispositions thereupon ; and if the same shall be found favourable, that the said negociation should be carried forward and ripened for execution, with all possible dispatch and secrecy.
Strona 186 - ... any lady presumed to wear dresses of the same pattern as those of the empress, or to receive the newest French fashions before her. When she died, there were found in her wardrobe between fifteen and sixteen thousand dresses, some of which had been but once, and many never, worn ; two large chests full of silk stockings, two others of ribands, some thousand pairs of shoes, and several hundred pieces of French and other rich stuffs. These were neither given away nor sold, but left undisturbed...

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