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of a heart untinctured by all malignity to the perfons o mankind, and claiming to himfelf an unreferved avowal of his own sentiments on every subject of intellectual difcuffion, without which he should cease to be himself.

His late occupation, in the revifal of Pope's Homer, has led him to a more particular obfervation of the imperfection of rhyme even in our correcteft poets; and he thinks himself able to affert, without any violation of truth, that he here presents (and especially in the translation of Juvenal, very lately executed, with what celerity he is afraid to mention) the most unexceptionable specimens of poetry, with respect to the purity of it's rhymes, in the English language, to the best of his knowledge and


One precaution he must fubjoin in juftice to himself. The resemblances, that may be found to the translations of former artists, are wholly accidental; as the following pieces were faithfully executed without any obligation, of which he is confcious, to their labours.

Some apparent fingularities in the formations of the verbs will not escape the notice, and, perhaps, the cenfure of the reader: but the tranflator believes them ftrictly analogical, and fuch as will be uniformly adopted, when our language has attained that stability of construction and accuracy of grammatical inflexion, fo lamentably wanting to the compofitions of our countrymen.

Hackney, Feb. 22, 1795. .





Dî faciles: nocitura toga, nocitura petuntur

Militia: torrens dicendi copia multis

Et fua mortifera eft facundia: viribus ille.

Confifus periit, admirandisque lacertis.

Sed plures nimia congefta pecunia cura

Strangulat, & cuncta exfuperans patrimonia cenfus,

Quanto delphinis balena Britannica major.

Temporibus diris igitur, juffuque Neronis,

Longinum, & magnos Senecæ prædivitis hortos. Claufit, & egregias Lateranorum obfidet ædes

Tota cohors: rarus venit in cœnacula miles.

Pauca licet portes argenti vafcula puri,

Nocte iter ingreffus, gladium contumque timebis, Et motæ ad lunam trepidabis arundinis umbram :

Cantabit vacuus coram latrone viator.

How few, thro' this wide fcene of erring care,
True blifs diftinguish from the flattering fnare;
That cloud difpell'd, which maddening paffion flings,

Dark and illufive, o'er the face of things!

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Man's varying vows now War, now Peace employs: is
His conquefts ruin, and her ease destroys.
Some rue th' endowments of exalted fenfe,
Whelm'd in the tide of their own eloquence.+
The bulk and arm Herculean dies at length
In the proud confidence of matchless strength.‡

Each passion teems with death; but luft of gain
Sees thousands, daily, and ten thousands flain.
Infatiate Avarice knows no mean to keep,
Nor rests, 'till peerless towers it's mountain-heap;
'Till the pil'd ftores o'er rival chefts prevail,
As yields the Dolphin to the polar Whale.
Hence, the dire days of Nero's tyrant-reign
Saw the proud manfion and the rich domain
To ruffian foldiers' lawless fangs a prey:
Safe in his garret the Plebeian lay.

If but one filver vafe thy carriage load,

When Night's black mantle shrouds the lonely road,
A club, a sword, thy ftartling foul will deem
The tall reed quivering to the lunar beam.
With thieves befet, the beggar trills his note,





Nor fees th' affafsin-dagger at his throat.

†The Satyrift alludes particularly to Demofthenes and Cicero; on whose examples he defcants exprefsly below.

Referring to Milo of Croton in Italy; whofe ftory may be found i Paufarias, Pliny, Ovid, and all the fabulifts of claffical antiquity.

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Prima fere vota, & cunctis notiffima templis,

Divitiæ ut crefcant, ut opes ut maxima toto

Noftra fit arca foro: fed nulla aconita bibuntur

Fictilibus; tunc illa time, cum pocula fumes
Gemmata, & lato Setinum ardebit in auro.

Jamne igitur laudas, quod de fapientibus alter
Ridebat, quoties a limine moverat unum
Protuleratque pedem, flebat contrarius alter?
Sed facilis cuivis rigidi cenfura cachinni:
Mirandum eft unde ille oculis fuffecerit humor.
Perpetuo rifu pulmonem agitare folebat
Democritus, quanquam non effent urbibus illis
Prætexta, & trabeæ, fafces, lectica, tribunal.
Quid fi vidiffet prætorem in curribus altis
Extantem, & medio fublimem in pulvere circi,
In tunica Jovis, & pictæ farrana ferentem

Ex humeris aulæa togæ, magnæque coronæ
Tantum orbem, quanto cervix non fufficit ulla?
Quippe tenet fudans hanc publicus, & (fibi conful
Ne placeat) curru fervus portatur eodem.

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