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N EXT to the dispositions and man

I ners of Young Women, those of Young Men may be regarded as of the greatest consequence, both to the present and future generations. It is certain they will be attended with the most powerful inf.uence on that Sex, whose empire is universal. Their mutual intercourse indeed is evidently much more efficacious, in moulding the minds, and directing the actions, of others, than the highest authority, or the wisest example, of age. How deeply society will be affected by the connexions which Young Men Thall form, and by the conduct which they shall hold, as they advance, it is not difficult to imagine ; nor can it be necessary to prove, that, as the behaviour of individuals in their early, days gives for the most part a turn to the reft, fo from the character of our Youth in general, we may prognosticate favourably, or otherwise, concerning our own times, and those that shall more immediately succeed them. For these reasons, and others that need not now be stated, the improvement of the rising age in the best things, has always appeared to me an object of the first magnitude. On this principle Sermons to Young Women were attempted. From the generous reception with which they were honoured by the public, many persons, whose judgement I must ever respect, were induced to intimate the most oblia ging wishes that I might proceed to address the Youth of my own sex. But such an undertaking was at first rendered impoffible by ill health ; and afterwards, when I thought of engaging in it, I hesi: tated long from real diffidence. !

I readily reflected, that I could add but little to the large stores of moral and reli. gious instruction, with which Young Men

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