Waterloo: A Sequel to The Conscript of 1813;

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C. Scribner's sons, 1894 - 368

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Strona 197 - Now, however, leagued together, they aim at the independence and the most sacred rights of France. They have commenced the most unjust of aggressions. Let us, then, march to meet them.
Strona 197 - Rhine, lament that they are compelled to use their arms in the cause of princes, the enemies of justice and of the rights of all nations. They know that this coalition is insatiable! After having devoured twelve millions of Poles, twelve millions of Italians, one million of Saxons, and six millions of Belgians, it now wishes to devour the states of the second rank in Germany.
Strona 55 - but I have seen a frightful thing." And I commenced to cry as I told him of the affair. He walked up and down with his hands behind his back, stopping from time to time to listen to me, while his lips contracted and his eyes sparkled. "Joseph," said he, "these men provoked them? "
Strona 264 - ... who had not yet learned the art of living while on a campaign, and who had unfortunately already eaten all their bread, as will happen when one is twenty years old, and is on the march with a good appetite, they had not a spoonful of anything. At last about seven o'clock we reached the camp. Zebede came to meet me and was delighted to see me, and said, " What have you brought, Joseph? We have found a fat kid and we have some salt, but not a mouthful of bread.
Strona 259 - But nobody even turned his head. Twenty paces farther on we found the ruins of a cottage, completely riddled with balls: but half the thatched roof was still there, and this was why Sergeant Rabot had selected it; and we filed into it for shelter. We could see no more than if we had been in an oven; the sergeant exploded the priming of his musket, and we saw that it was the kitchen, that the fireplace was at the right, and the stairway on the left. Five or six Prussians and Frenchmen were stretched...
Strona 264 - I showed him the rice which I had left, and my turnips and carrots. " That's good," said he, " we shall have the best soup in the battalion." I wanted Buche to eat with us too, and the six men belonging to our mess, who had all escaped with only bruises and scratches, consented. Padoue, the drum-major, said, laughing, " Veterans are always veterans, they never come empty-handed.
Strona 70 - The floor had been well scrubbed, the round table in the middle of the room was covered with a...
Strona 262 - ... impression upon me. Before I went to Liitzen such a sight would have knocked me down. I should have thought then : — " Do our masters look upon us as brutes ? Will the good God give us up to be eaten by wolves ? Have we mothers and sisters and friends, beings who are dear to us, and will they not cry for vengeance ? " I should have thought of a thousand other things, but now I did not think at all. From having seen such a mass of slaughter and wrong every day and in every fashion, I began to...
Strona 355 - All these kings and emperors, old and new, would not give a hair of their heads to save our lives, and shall we go and break our necks in order to shout one thing rather than another?
Strona 169 - France with an armed force, owe it to their own dignity and the interest of social order, to make a solemn declaration of the sentiments which this event has excited in them. By thus breaking the convention which...

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