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so bold a step, rather than seem to be wanting, in a period like the present, to their spiritual instruction.

The spirit of inquiry upon all subjects now abroad, the diffusion of education, the multiplication of readers and thinkers, call on the ministers of religion to state the Christian evidences again and again. They have no reason to be ashamed of the cause in which they are engaged. On the contrary, Christianity is the glory of our rational nature. It is the foundation of moral order, the bond of civil society, the spring of all mental improvement, the best friend of individuals and communities, the source of mercy, tenderheartedness and beneficence amongst men. And the more fully it is known in the commanding discoveries it makes of the state of man, and the remedy of that state, in the mighty redemption of Christ, the more adequately will it appear to meet all the necessities of our fallen and disordered state-every desire of the human heart. The author is deeply impressed with the persuasion, that to eradicate secret infidelity, or a coldness in the Christian cause, next to infidelity, we must unite the internal with the external evidences of Christianity, and make both to bear upon the conscience of man. Thus will Almighty God be honored in the arguments adduced for the revelation which he has given us-thus will the sacrifice of the blessed Saviour be continually adverted to as the centre truth of that revelation-thus, will the sacred influences of the Holy Spirit be exhibited as the means for the moral restoration of our nature. And thus will man-feeling all his case relieved, all his wants supplied, all his apprehensions and fears calmed, all the capacities and desires of his immortal being directed to an object of

corresponding magnitude and elevation-acquiesce with entire repose of mind, in the Christian religion, as emanating from the Fountain of all goodness and holiness, and leading him to the full and exuberant fruition of all the highest ends for which he was created.

Islington, April 12, 1828.



INTRODUCTION.-1 Peter iii. 15,

The Christian's Reason for the hope that is in him,

The meekness and fear with which he gives it,

The object of this Course of Lectures,

Suggested by various motives,

Advantages for a defence of our faith afforded by the circum-

stances of the times,

Order of Lectures,

Importance of the subject,

To be entered upon with prayer to God,

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MENT.-2 Thes. iii. 17,

Authenticity important,

GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS; the authenticity of the New
Testament proved in the ordinary way of ascertaining the
genuineness of other ancient works,

Not one mark of spuriousness is found in our sacred books,

The circumstances of the case make it impossible that they

should be forgeries,

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