Indian Missions

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O. Murray, 1874 - 102

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Strona 45 - Thou shalt love the Lord thy God " with all thy heart, and with all thy mind, and with " all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and thy
Strona 46 - The spirit of Christianity has already pervaded the whole atmosphere of Indian society, and we breathe, think, feel, and move in a Christian atmosphere. Native society is being roused, enlightened, and reformed under the influence of Christian education.
Strona 14 - The Societies for promoting Christian Knowledge, and for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, had committees, but no Missions or Missionaries.
Strona i - Canon Norris. Cathedrals in Ireland, Past and Future. — Dean of Cashel. Cathedrals in their Missionary Aspect. —AJB Beresford Hope. Cathedral Foundations in Relation to Religious Thought —Canon Westcott.
Strona 47 - Neither will Germany adopt the religious life of China, nor will India accept blindly that of England or of any other European country. India has religious traditions and associations, tastes and customs, peculiarly sacred and dear to her, just as every other country has ; and it is idle to expect that she will forego these ; nay, she cannot do so, as they are interwoven with her very life. In common with all other nations and communities, we shall embrace the Theistic worship, creed, and gospel...
Strona 90 - Scriptures, chiefly single books ; and 8,604,033 tracts, school books, and books for general circulation. During the ten years between 1862 and 1872. they issued 3,410 new works in thirty languages; and circulated 1,315,503 copies of books of Scripture, 2,375,040 school-books, and 8,750,129 Christian books and tracts. Last year two valuable works were brought to completion, — the revision of the Bengali Bible, and the first publication of the entire Bible in Sanskrit. Both were the work of the...
Strona 89 - The labours of the foreign Missionaries in India assume many forms. Apart from their special duties as public preachers and pastors, they constitute a valuable body of educators : they contribute greatly to the cultivation of the native languages and literature, and all who are resident in rural districts are appealed to for medical help to the sick.
Strona 98 - This view of the general influence of their teaching, and of the greatness of the revolution which it is silently producing, is not taken by Missionaries only. It has been accepted by many distinguished residents in India, and experienced officers of the Government ; and has been emphatically endorsed by the high authority of Sir Bartle Frere.
Strona 47 - ... are interwoven with her very life. " In common with all other nations and communities, we shall embrace the Theistic worship, creed, and gospel of the future Church. We shall acknowledge and adore the Holy One, accept the love and service of God and man as our creed, and put our firm faith in God,s almighty grace, as the only means of our redemption. "But we shall do all this in a strictly national and Indian style.
Strona 98 - Without pronouncing an opinion upon the matter, the Government of India cannot but acknowledge the great obligation under which it is laid by the benevolent exertions made by these 600 missionaries, whose blameless example and self-denying labours are infusing new vigour into the stereotyped life of the great populations placed under English rule, and are preparing them to be in every way better men and better citizens of the great Empire in which they dwell.

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