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ful and zealous in maintaining the Truths of the Gospel, the Unity of the Church and Peace thereof against all Opposition you may meet with?


5. Have


you likewise own, and will you adhere to the Worship, Discipline and Govern, ment of the reformed Presbyterian Churches, as being founded on, and agreeable to the Scriptures?


been led in your engaging in the Work of the Ministry by a single and line cere Love to God, and aim at his Glory, and not by filthy Lucre, and the Motives of work dly Gain? 6. Do

you engage to be diligent and affic, duous in praying, reading, meditating, preaching, adminiftring the Sacraments, catechising, exercising Discipline; and in performing all other minifterial Duties toward the People committed to your Charge ?

you be subject to us your Brothren in the Lord, and to the Discipline of the aforementioned reformed Churches?

7. Will

8. Will you take Care that you and your


Family walk unblameably; be Examples to the Flock; and adorn the Profession of the Gospel. ::

Finally. Do you own and promise Allegiance to his Majesty's King George the Third, in all Things civil and lawful ?


Given, by the Rev. Mr. LYON.


HE Scene that now opens upon you, my

Dear Brother, is ineffably important: And you cannot be too sensible of your own Unworthiness, and 'the Honour God has now conferred upon you. You now begin to move in a more extensive Sphere than formerly, and all your Actions become more awfully pregnant with either Life or Death to Mankind. Whatever the Consequences of your former Life may be, God will now make you, if found faithful, a Savour of Life unto Life to fome, and (would to God I were not obliged to add) a Savour of Death unto Death unto others. The great Shepherd and Bishop of Souls has made you an Overseer of Part of his Flock; and he requires you with the greatest Fidelity and Care to break the Bread of Life unto them in due Season. And this Spiritual Food will prove moft falutary to all who Taste its Sweetness, but the furest Poison to those who taste it not. Who then is sufficie ent for these Things?

Beware youdo not mix any Thing of your own with the Provisions of God's House. Preach not yourself but CHRIST JESUS, the Lord and him crucified. Make yourself well acquainted with the Nature and Perfections ofGod; the Relation that subfifts between God and us; our Apostacy from God' by Sin, and the Way of Salvation thro' the Lord Jesus CHRIST. Faithfully explain these and all other Interesting revealed Truths, in as clear and full a Manner as you are capable. Faithfully and frequently warn the careless and secure Sinner, and those who live at Ease in Zion of their dangerous Situation. Set their Sins in Order before them, cry aloud and spare not. Thunder the Sentence of the violated Law in their guilty. Ears. Give them no rest while they remain deftitute of the Grace of God ; for if you warn them not, and they die in their Iniquities, their Blood shall be required at your


Hands. But while, by the Terrors of the Lord you perswade Men to be reconciled to God, study to enlighten the Understanding, and to convince them that you disinterestedly aim at their Salvation.

But when you have informed Sinners of their Danger, shew them also the Way of efcape. Lead them to Jesus the City of Refuge; press them to believe in him, and tolay hold on the Hope fet before them in the Gospel. Study the Scriptures of the old and new Teftament; they will prove a Light unto your Feet and a Lamp unto your Paths.

Devote yourself wholly unto the momentous Businefs to which you are now called ;

; I mean, as much as your Circumstances in Life will possibly admit

. Take heed unto your self and unto all the Flock over which the Holy Ghost hath made you an Overseer to feed the Church of God, which he had purchased with his own Blood.

You must expect, Dear Sir, to meet with innumerable Difficulties in the faithful Difcharge of your facred Office, and to pass thro' evil Report as well as good Report.


Your Lord and Masterdid so before you. But lay hold of the gracious Promise, which he was pleased to give his disconfolate Disciples; “ In the World ye shall have Tribulation; “ but in me ye shall have Peace: Be of

good Cheer, I have overcome the World.

You ferve a kind and gracious Master, who will always vouchsafe to support and reward you while you continue faithful in his Service; and he hath said, I will never leave nor for

sake thee.

You are engaged in a noble and glorious Cause which is worthy of your greatest Fidclity and Zeal. You are called from the mean and servilc Employments of this World to promote a Design which engages the Attention of all the heavenly Hosts: a Design, which God himself has been carrying into Execution from the Beginning of Time to the present Hour, and will compleat at the Consumation of all Things. Be then faithful to God, to your own Soul, and to the Souls committed to your Care.

And in the Words of St. Paul to TIMOTĦY, I charge you before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick and D


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