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I know a great many things in the subject ar verted among Divines, and u hat Doctrine of pel is there but some or other have oppos’d it? I have not leveľd sny Discourses againf any pa Person or Party, but only shewed unto others 1 of Juftification and Salvation' which I Have en my self, fo I have on purpose fimbolized with the guage of our Ancient and Modern Divines, tot that if any cavil with what is delivered, it is

them as well as me. I do not exped that in a time when the Relgion is become Matter of Contempt and dicule among many of the learned Part of the World that this loctrine Tould be relished by them, who will receive nothing for Truth but what is commensurate the Rules of Philosophy and Logick; but tho" this Dan trine of the Imputation of CHRIS T's Righteoufen to us, as well as to many other Doctrines in the Scrige ture, have nothing in them contrary to yet many thil

above the reacb of human Reason; and whether I burn the applause of some, or reproach of bother's, for pall lifhing this Discourse, I hope none of these things a

I can truly say I have not it out of ople tation, but with a view to the publick Good, always firing rather to be useful than popular : boping it may agreeable Food to some, tho it may not fuit the Palata of others. Let your Chriflian Charity cover my involuntat

Miftakes, and may the billing of GOD Succeed my un intended endeavours for bis Glory and your Good whild she defire of, your affectionate Friend,

Humble Servant,


move me i

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Jeremiah, CHA P. XXIII. Verse 6.

And this is his Name whereby' he shall be called the LORD our Righteousness.

S the Captivity of the Jerus in Babylon was Typical, and

Figurative of our Captivity A under the Power of Sin and

Satan ; fo their Deliverance by Cyrus was Typical of our

Celiverance from both the one and the other: by JESUS CHRIST.

And it is very observable, that usually when the LORD promised Deliverance to those Captives, he comforted them with a Promise of CHRIS T the great Deliverer, who was to be sent in the Fulness of Time.

For as we believe in a CHRIST already come, fo the Old Testament Saints believed in a CHRIST to come, and from the foresight of him as the great Meffiah, they fetched all their Comfort, Confolation, and Joy, for they fave his Day, and were glad.

Now the Prophecies as well as the History of CHRIST, were written that we might be B


lieve on the Name of the Son of GOD, and that believing we might have Life through his Name : For they prophe!ied of the Grace that was to come unto us at the Revelation of J E SUS CHRIST, and to us is the Gospel here preached as well as unto them that lived then, and more clearly ; they had it but in dark Shadows, we behold as in a Glass the Glory of the LORD.

In the Beginning of this Chapter we have the LORD JESUS CHRIS T set forth by Four of his most glorious Titles; the great and good Shepherd, the Branch, the King of his Church, and the Lord our Rightevulness; it is the last of these I am now to speak to.

In the Words then you may observe these folJowing Things.

ift. His Efential Charader, (He is the Lord, or Jehovah, as the Word is rendred by fome, which is the incommunicable Name of GOD Speaking his Eternity, and Self-Existence ; and so carries in it a considerable Proof of the Deity of CHRIST: For whereas Angels and Men, tho they are everlasting, and to Shall have no Eod, yet they are not Eternal, they had a Beginning, but CHRIST is the fame Yesterday, To-day, and for ever, He which js, which was, and which is to come ; and whereas all Creatures have their Being from the Creator, CHRIST is independent, have ing his Being in and from himseif.

2d. Here is his Mediatorial Chara&er, he is our (Righteousness) he hath not only a Righ


lequinefs às ĠOD, but as Mediator : For by waking Satisfa&ion to the Justice of GO D for he Sin of Man, he hath brought in an everlast, og Righteousness; and that not for himself but or us.

3d. Here is the Propriety that Believers have h this Righteousness, it is (Our) Righteousness, It is not called his Righteousness, but Ours, it is for Us, it is ordain'd to be Ours: As much Ours to save us, trusting in it as his own, to glofifie himself by it; Oilrs, not for himself, he had no need of it, being GOD blessed for ever* more ; Ours, not the Angels ; neither the Good, for they needed it not, having never fallen ; being justified by their own Righteousness; nor the Bad, for they are reserved in Chains of Darkness to the Judgment of the Great Day but Ours who are the Sons of Men ; Ours, if we receive Rest, and rely upon it alone for Justification, and Salvation.

4th. Here's the Manifestation and Declaration of it, (This is his Name whereby he shall be called) i. e. he shall not only be so, but be known to be so : God the Father shall call him " by this Name, as having appointed him to be

Our Righteousness. Israel, or every true Believer shall call him by this Name, or glory in him under this. Title above any other, as fetching the greatest comfort and Confolation < from hence.

And this is his Name whereby he thall be called the LORD our Righteousness. This glorious Text is an estire Proposition of Ba

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self, and in speaking to it, I shall observe this Method

ift. Shew what is implied in CHRIS T's being our Righteoufneis

. gd. Shew what Righteousness of CHRI$Tit is, which is made ours.

G zd. Shew how the Righteousness of CHRIST comes to be Ours,

4th. Lay down some Properties of this Righ, teoufness which is made Ours.

And then improve the whole by way of Application. 1. The first Thing proposed, is to

, thew what is implied in CHRIS T's being Our Righteousness. (1)

lt implies that there is no appearing beford GOD without a Righteousness : For we are all guilty before GOD, and shall be cons demn'd as guilty, if we have not a Righteous. ness wherein to appear before him.

Had we stood, and not fallen in our first Fathér Adam, our Innocence would have been our Righteon fness ; but being fallen, we must have something else wherein to appear, even 'the Righteoulness of another, or, we shall not be able to stand before the Justice of GOD.

And the Reason is evident from the very Nature of GOD himself, who is just as 'well as merciful ; and in the Juftification of a Sinner, acts as a GOD of Justice, 1. Joha

He is faithful and just to forgive us our Sins, and to cleanse us from all Unrighteousness: Elle where he is called a juft GOD, and a Savie

1. 9.


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