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laid against you by Sin, Saran, and the World; Law, or justice, under Afliations, or upon a dying Bed, you may answer them all with this Righteousness. The Apostle Paul did fo, Rom. 8.'33, 34. Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's Elet? It is God that justifieth: who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right Hand of God, who also maketh Intercession for us. CHRIST having paid your Debt, and prom, .cured your Release, who is he that can, nay, dare lay any thing to your Charge so as to de mand the Debt over again.

II. Use by way of Exhortation, we be exhorted.

1. To disclaim and difown all Righteousness of your own in point of Justification : For there is no standing before GOD in our own Righteousness. The most eminent Saints of GOD in all Ages have utterly disclaimed and disowned their own personal Obedience in the point of Justification. They durft not place confidence in the best of their Doties and Performances, as knowing that all their good Works through the whole Course of their lives, tho they have been dever so adive for GOD, and useful in their Generation, yet all could not be a sufficient Righteousness to appear before GOD in lob 9. 20. If 1 jufti fie my felf my own Mouth Mall condemn me : Il fay I am perfect, it shall alfo prove me perverse: Again Chap. 42.6, I abhor my felf in Duft and Ashes : Nocwithstanding all his glittering moral Vira F2


upon Earth.


rues, and all his best Performances, he loatheson ed and abhorred himself, and yet bythe Testimony of GOD, there was not his equal Tab

So David a Man after GOD's own Heart, in who fulfilled all the Will of GOD, cries out byta If thou Lord, shouldest mark Iniquities : Lord who tri Mall Aand? But there is forgiveness with thee : tliet sich thou mayest be feared, Pfal. 130. 3: 4: And Dam niel a Man of singular Integrity, a Man greats ly beloved of GOD, yet renounceth all Self you righteoufness, and desires to be heard and acolo cepted for the LORD's Sake, i. e. the Lord Fesus Christ's Sake, Dan. 9. 17. ver. 18. Fir we do not present our Supplications before thee for me our Righteousnefs, but for thy great Mercies. Paul also who had as much to boast of, and glory in as any other (Perfon,/ yet renouncetħ all in lo point of Justification, Phil 3. 7, 8. But what is things were gain to me, those I counted lofs for Christ, yea, doubtless and I ccunt all things but luling the for the Excellency of the Knowledge of Christ Jefusenci my Lord : For whom I have suffered the lofs of all things, and do Count them but dung that I may win Ap Chrift

. What did he count Lots ? Not only are t the Evil that he had done, but the Good he had bati done ; all his Duties, Priviledges and Performarts fes ; yea, he counted them but Dung that he might win CHRIST. Our own Performans cies are to be efteemed Gold in San&ification, St but Dung to be abhorred in Justification ; hear thee ing, reading, praying, Meditation, Alms-givind jpg, and other ads of Religion and Devotion to

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are good in San&ification, but they are of na value in point of Justification.

Take up all Duties in point of Performance, but lay them all down in point of Dependance's For tho' you should live in the nearest Conformity to the Law, yet there would be some finful mixtures, in the most fpiritual Duties, which would be enough to condemn you without the Righteousnets of CHRIST.

2. Take heed of mixing and joining any thing of

your own with the Righteousness of Chritt for your fuftification. Tho' fome are not so bumble as to disclaim all their own Righteoufness, nor fo_confident as to say their own Aas, their Faith, Repentance and Obedience, is their euangelical Righteousnefs, yet they would make a mixture at their own and the Righteousnef's of CHRIS? together, é e, they must do what they can, and C HRIS I make out the rest ; what else is the meaning of such Expressions as thefee CHRIST hath made GO.D reconcilier, that he hath rendred the Salvation of Men possible, &c.

And hence it is that so many poor Creatures are tugging at the Task of Repentance, Reformation and Obedience, thinking thereby to fatisfy GOD for what they have done amifs, as if they could recompence GOD. or make him amends for their Offences. But let me tell thee Soul, there is no covering will either prote&t thee from the wrath of GOD, or present thee and thy Duties acceprable with GOD, but this Righteoufness, Shouldelt thou make up a co


yering of the finest Duties or Works of Rightë ousnel's that ever was Spun by the finest Pharisee in the World ; it would prove a Fig-leaf Covering which would leave thee naked and exposed to the Shame of Angels and Men ; and yer, such is the Ignorance and Corruption of Man's Nature,, that he is loch to submit to any other Righteousness but what is of his own working either in whole or in part, Rom, 10. 3. For they being ignorant of GOD's Righteousness

, and going about to establish their own Rightea oulness, have not submitted themselves to the Righteousness of GOD.

3. Is CHRIST the LORD our Righteousness, then let us make it the Subje& of cur Plea before GOD, and our glorifying before the World, Pfal. 71. 15. 16. My Mouth shall Mhew forth thy Righteousness, I will go in the Strength 'af the Lord God į I will make mention of thy Righteoufness

, even of thine only, i. e. in a way of Prayer and Praise.

And what have we to do, rejoice in, or boat of, but this Righteousness only. This we find

to be the Frame of all the Israel of GOD, liz. -45, 24, 25: Surely shall one say in the Lord have I Righteousness and Strength : In the Lord Ball all the Seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory. You see the Faith of Believers Triumpbs and 'Rejoice in it, Ifa. 61.10. I will greatly rejoice in the Lord my Soulshall be joyful in my God; for be hath eboate ed me with the Garment of Salvation. He hash of vered me with a Robe of Righteousnefs as a Bride sroom decketh himself with Ornaments, and as a Brike

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storneth her self with Jewels.

Here it is that I desire to rest, and here would I exhort you all to rest for Justification, and Salvation. And,

4. Notwithstanding all thar hath been said, I would earnestly press upon you the practice of Holiness : For tho? GOD slept it not from you in order to your Justificacion, yet it is nec cefsary in order to glorify GOD, testify your Love and Gratitude to him, edify your Breme thren, and discover your Juftification to yout felves, and others.

Great Aspertions and Calumnies are cast up on this Do&rine, as if it tended to make Men careless, loose, and profane, and as if it opened á wide Door to all Licenciouiness, and cut the Sinews of 'all Piety and Godliness : There fore would I intreat you to be more ftria, exa&, holy and obedient in your Course, that you may live down all these Scandals, that your Conversations may be à visible Confutation of them.

Tho' CHRIST be our Righteousness, having obeyed the Law in our stead, yet let none conclude we have nothing to do, are under no Obligation to obey, have a care of turning the Grace of GOD into lasciviousness. I know it is very natural for us to catch at se ny thing that may tend to the gratifying of the Flesh, and the easing of us as to the supposed feverity of an obedient Courses but we have a care of drawing this Consequence from this Doce trine, but labour to be found compleat in all the

Will of

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