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mann this Prblican, I fall twice in the Week, I gives Tithes of all that I p. Defi. 'The Jews rested

höre, bilt mer with a Disappointment, Rom. 9. • 30 31, 32. What shall we say then? That the

Gratnes woich followed not af.er Righteoul pets, have attained to Righteousness, even the Rigie ufnets , which is of Faith ; bnt Hivel wirich foilowed afier the Law of Righrea ouine's. hich not attained to the Law of Righre outieis, Nherefore? Because they fought it nt by Faith, but as it were by the works of the Liw for tey stumbled at that Siurbling Scone, i, e. JESUS CHRIST.

And to will it fare with all Self Justiciaries at the great Day; for nothing short of the Righteoufness of CHRIST will do, Gal. 2 16. K:20wing that a Min is not justified by the Works of the Law, but by the Faith of Jesus Chrift, et ven we have believed in Jefus Chris ; that we might be justified by the Faito of Christ, and not by the Wiks o; the Law.

Learn the wonderful Condescen. tion of God the Father to us, in providing fuch a Righteousness for us who have done our own. It is wonderful Condefcenon and Love! Tnat tho' he will have his fur tice satisfied, yet he will dispense fo far with the Offender, as not to demand Satisfa&ion from himseli, but will allow the Substitution of a Strety to make Sicisfaction, is not here Grace indeed! that he should thus contrive the Sa tisfaction, and give his own Son to make it. Suppore he would have accepted a Satisfaction yet he mighc have left it to the Offender,



have found the Way and Means of makirg its. but herein is Love! That GOD. Thould pitch upon his owu Son, to die and fuffer, in order to make Satisfaction to divine Julii e for us ; and that he should accept of his. Obsdience as a Righteousness for us, and not for Angels ; that he should translate our Sips from us to CHRIST, and exact full Paynent at his Hands, when he was under no Obligation to us more than the fallen Angels, tut might have honoured justice in the Damnation of both alike, is not this distinguishing Love and Grace indeed! 1 John 4. 9. 10. In this was manifefted the Love of GOD towards us, because that GOD sent his only begotten Son into the World, that we might live througı him.

Herein is Love, not that we loved GOD, but that he lived us, and sent his Son to be the Propitiation for our Sins, Rom, s. 8. Bot GOD commended his Love towards us, in this while we were yet Sinners CHRIST died for us.

3. Learn how Justice and Mercy are reconciled, and are with infinite Witdom glorified in the Accomplishment of Man's Redemption and Salvation by JESUS CHRIST.

We may suppole a Contest between Futice and Merey about the Salvation of Sinners whom GOD forefaw would plunge themselves inco . woful Condition ; Justice pleading for their Destruction, Mercy pleading for their Salvation; Juftice cries out the Sinner has violaced the Law, rebelled against Heaven, trampled upan

Goodnelse Goodness, and injured me, and I muft and will be fatisfied, to Hell the Sinner mult go, and fuffer the Vergeance of eternal Fire.k's true, says Mercy, I acknowledge the Charge is juft, Man hath by his Sin greatly wronged thee

, i ang. purged himfelf, into a miserable State and Condition, but if he be damned what will become of me, how must I be glorified ? The Angels finned and fell, and I was not glorified by their Redemptioil, there was no Mercy for · them but Wrath and Vengeance, and if Mar fall a Sacritice to Justice, I shall be buried in Objcurity and Oblivion.

No, iays infinite Wisdom, I have found out a : way for your Reconciliation, whereby you shall : meet together in a sweet Harmony; I have found out such a way whereby Justice shall be satisfied by the Sacrifice of the Son of GOD, in the and stead of

poor Sinners: : The

utmoft Farthing shall be paid to it, a

more compleat and plenary Satisface tion than ever. Man could have made, had - he suffered to Eternity, and by this means Merey shall be glorified in the full and free pardon of Sinners.; and how was this, but by CHRIS T's becoming our Righteoufness. Had Sinners been faved without Satisfaction, Juffice had been wronged, and had the Sinner himSelf been the Sairi fice, Merey could not have been displayed; but now by this Righteoufness of CHRIST, Justice is paid in its Severities, and Mercy pleas'd in its Indulgencies. Thus Mercy and Truth are met together. Rightc



business and Peace have kisfed each other; Pfal. 85. lo. Here we have the wonderful Contrivance of infinite Wisdom, whereby a blessed Harmony is procured among the Attributes and Perfe&ions of GOD, which could have been done no other way then by this Righteousness of Christ.

4. Learn by what way and Means we come to be justified in the Sight of GOD, it is by CHRIS T's Obedience in his Lifeand Death;

by which he fulfilled the Law's Righteousness, whereby we are justified. The Žrani', fation of our Sins to, and their being laid upon CHRIST, was held out evidently by fome Sacrifices under the Law, wherein by con: fefling their Sins with their hands laid upon the Head of the Sacrifice, the Offenders pafsed over their Offence before they could be difcharged ; and this leads us to CHRIST for our Justification : Because our Sins are translated from us to him before we can be Righteous ; and in the fame Sense that he was made Sin in the very same sense, we are made Righteous ; now he was made Sin for us by Imputation and not by Infusion ; he had no Sin in him, nor did he any Sin, but our Sins were laid upon him, and reckoned to him, and so his Righteousness is ours by Imputation ; it is not a Righteousness in us, but a Righteousrefs put upon us whereby we are justified, Ezek. 16. 14. Thy Beauty was perfe&t through my Cimeliness which I had put upon thee faith the Lord Godo 5 Learn what Ground and Foundation F


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there is for the Christian's 'Confolation and Trail umph under the greatest Affli&tions, yea, in the Hour of Death. There is groupd of Comfort and Confolation for poor distressed Souls. Are your Consciences perplexed with the guilt of Sin? Here is a Righteoufness whereby you are justified, and sanctified, which is fufficient to create Peace and Quiet of Cunfiience, Rom. I Therefore being justified by Faith, we have Peace with GOD through our Lord Jesus Christ. Chrik H is first King of Righteousnels, and then King of Peace. Are you troubled and perplexed about the weakness of your Grace, as well as for the Strength of your Sin? Fly to this San&uary the Righteousness of CHRIST; this cannot only cover your Sins, but also the .. Imperfection of your Graces: For it is fuch a la Righteousness as satisfies all the Demands of GOD's Justice, and nothing less can pacifie Conscience; here is a Righteousness too hard for all your Sins, Rom. 5. 20, 21. Where Site abounded Grace did much more abound : That as Sin hath reigned unto Death, even so might Grace reign through Righteousness, unto eternal Life h

W Jesus Christ our Lord.

O then let the troubled Conscience fly from the the Sin that pursues it, to this secure Righ- a teousness: It is only this Righteousness made yours, that can scatter your Fears, and answer be your Scruples. Joh. 14. 1. Let not your Heart le troubled : Te believe in God believe also in me. D

Here's ground also for Triumph over all Ene mies, within and without, whatever Charge is

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