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Whio krieir ro Sin; that we might be made the Righteousness of GO Din him,

3. This Righteousness comes to be ours by Faith. Faith is an Instrumenter apprehend that which justifieth, even CHRIST and his Obedience.

As the Israelites ftung with fiery Serpents were cured, so are we justified: Now the Israelites did nothing at all but look to the Brazen Serpent, so are we to do nothing at all for our Justification, but fix the Eye of our Faith up---5n CHRIST. The Bankrupt pays the Debt

by accepting the Payment made by the Surety. - And in this Sense it is I understand we are said to be justified by Faith, and that Faith is faid to be imputed to, Abraham for Righteousness,

which is not to be understood of it as our Act, for so it is as a filthy Rag and Dung, but as it is the most fit and proper Organ and Instrum ment to receive and lay hold upon the Righteousness of CHRIST; as it is a Friend's Gift that enricheth me, and not my taking it into my Hand, so it is the Righteousness of CHRIST that justifieth me, and not Faith as my A&t. And yet it is Faith, and not Hope, or Love, or any other Grace, that is the proper Inftrument to receive and apply this Righteouiness to us, Rom. 5. 11. We also joy in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now rectived the Atonement. This is the way that Paul would be justified, as knowing that Faith is the ordained Means of actual Interest in, and saving Benefit by his Blood and Righteousness,


Phil. 3.

Phil. 3. 9. and we read of Faith in his Blood,
Rom. 3. 25.

This Righteousness indeed is white Rayment beautiful and glorious Apparel, but it will never cover our nakedpeis unless it be put om,

and we be cloathed therewith ; now this is put op by Faith. on cur Part, Rom. 13. 14. put ye on the Lurd Jesus Christ, Rom. 3. 22. for by him all that belii ve are juftifid from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the Law of Moles, Aas 13. 39

IV. 'Ihe 4th thing is to speak of the Proper. tics of his Righrecutreis.

Ard I shall only rention two as comprehende ing many others in them. 1. It is a perfe&t and compleat Righteousness

. It is so full and perfect, so adequate to all the demands of the Law, that the Law could not but say I have enough, I am fully satished I can ask no more. The Righteousness of CHRIS T is every way as long and as broad as the Law of GOD, and fo is a compleat and perfe& Rightecusness; there is no defect of flaw in it, nothing a-wanting to make us happy here and hereafter ; I have seen an end of all Perfe&ion ; (lays the Psalmift) but thy Como mandment is exceeding broad, Pfal. 119. 96 when we bring our own Obedience to the broad Command of GOD we find it comes far short of answering its Timentions; buf CHRIST's Obedience is proportionable and answerable thereunio: So that tho we come Giort in our felves we shall both in Perfur ald


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Performance be presented complear in hin, C 2. 19. j. e. fully and per e.Fly Righteous ; you need no more to render you the Osjects of divine Acceptance ? For he is well pleated for his Righ-eousness fake. This is my beloved Sin (lays he) in whom I am well pleated, Mat. 3:17. and he hath made us accepted in the beloved, Eph. 1. 6, 2. It is an everlasting Righteoufness : 'cis everlasting in the Counfels of it, and will be everlasting in the Consequences of it, The Author of it is the everlasting Father, and it is of everlasting Virtue : For he is able to save to the urtermoft all that come unto GO by him, to the urtermoft. of GOD's Mercy, and the Sinner's Misery, to the uttermoft Com ration of Time, and to the uttermoft Ages of Eternity, Dan. 9 24. he is said to make an End of Sin, and to bring in everlastingRighteousnelse GOD might juftly have made an end of sin by making an End of the Sinner, but he hath found out such a way as to fave Sinners, by providing a Rigiteousness which is of infinite and ciernal Virtue: For, as GOD from all Eter. pity immutably purposed in himself ro bestor this Righteousnets upon all his Peopli, so he will never abolish it and lay it aside ; bụi ic is a Righteoufnets which fhail continue when there visible Heavens are vanished away, and this Earth diffolved : Even in the new Heavens and new Earth, which we look for, wherein thall

dwell this Righteousness for ever, isa. Se 6 - Lift up your Eyes to the Heavens, and look upon the

Earth beneath : Fur the Heavens fall vanillo away like Smuke, and the Earth ball wax old like a Gara

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whene, and they that dwell therein fhall dye in liks manner : But my Salvation shall be for ever, and my Righteousnejs Mall not be abolished.

The Application,

1. Use is for Information, and from hence we may learn thele following things.

1. The great Ignorance and Folly of moft Persons in the World, who take up with any thing short of the Righteousness of CHRST, for justification and Salvation.

Mary depend upon the mere Mercy of GOD, not considering that he is just as well as merciful, and that we must have a Righteousness fonic where or other, or we are miserable.

Others depend upon their being the Creas tures of GOD, the workmanship of his own Hands, not considering they are not such Creatures as GOD at first made them, but Enemïes and Rebels to his Laws, and so are far from being the Obje&s of his Mercy in thenselves. We have a remarkable Place to this Purpose, Isa. 27. 11. For it is a People of no Underfunding: therefore he that made them will not bave Mercy on them, and he thai formed them will hew them no Favuur.

Others depend upon their Morality, think, ing thereby to patch up a Righteousness of their own; for there is a natural propensity in Man to the Works of the Law; the Vefsel favours of the

Liquor that was first put into it. Being convinced that they have offended and


ronged GOD, the next thing is to berako emielves to do something whereby they may gratiate themselves with him, and make him nends for the wrong they have done him and hen they have done some good thing, there ey rest and rely, and hope to have Salvation rit.

How common is it to hear fuch Lanlage as this, we hope to be saved as well as hers, we do no body any harm, we live quily among our Neighbours, we pay every one eir own, we wrong no body either by Word : Deed, we are charitable to the Poor, and .) constantly to Church, &c. why all thele e good in their Place, but if you depend upo i these for Salvation, and think thereby to obin the Favour of GOD, Pardon of Sin, d Heaven, you will meet with a great Dita pointment ; for the Pharisees did more than

this, and yet our LORD says, that expt your Righteousness exceed the Rightę. afness of the Scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in o Case enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, lat. 5. 10. They were in a great measure free om gross Inormities, and perfornied a great iany good W.dks. but they made a Righteouiels of them, and fo fpoii'd all, Luke 18. 9, 0, 11, 12. He spake this Parable unto certain shich trusted in themselves that they were righteous, nd despised others. Two Men went up into the Tema le to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a Pubcan ; the Pharisee food and prayed thus with him elf, GOD I thank thee, that I am not as other Men Are, Extirtioners, Unjuft, Adulterers, or even


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