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14. Legal Righteousness must be personali erformed ; the Man that doth thele things all live by them. The Law hath made no rovision of a Surety to supply our Defects, and

do that for us which we cannot do for our lves. 12d. Legal Righteousness must be perfect : oth in regard of the Object, and in regard of Je Subječt ; the whole Liw must be kepe with he whole Heart : The least defect eicher of arts, or Degrees in the Obedience fpoils all :

al. 3. 10. Curjed is every one that continueth nx on all things which are written in the Book of the

aw, to do them. Tho' we be not guilty of

Aurder, Fornication, or Adultery; of Thefc, merjury, or Covetouiness, yet, if we do not

porthip the true GOD as we ought to do; we take his Name in vain, or break bis Sabr

aths, we are gone for ever, living and dyr c.pg under that Covenant ; nay, tho' we live

lever fo circumspealy, yet if we do but comis inic one Sin, or, omit one Duty in all our Life,

Ne are gone by that Covenant ; a failure in the east Action, or the minutest Circum tances of an Adion, fpoils our Legal Righteousness, and feoders us uncapable of being justified by the Law. 13d. Obedience to the Law, if it be out * Righteousness, must be perpetual, Gal. 3, 10.

Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the Book of the Low, to do them. The Law being once broken in one wry and Wandriog Thought, cho' but once in all thy


Life, it: condemos thee for it, and there is no Place of Repentance in that Covenant, tho afterwards thy Life - were never fo exa&t and boly. Now none of us have personally, perfect ky, apd perpetually, or, continually obeyed the Law of GOD, and so none of us are legal Righteous, no not ont. Neither the most pret cile Pharisee amorg the Jews," who looked for Juftification by his Obedience to the Mora Law ; nor the proudest Self justiciary unde the Gospel, with all his Train of Duties and Performances ; nor the holiest Saint chat every lived upon the face of the Earth, can stand be Lore the Bar of GOD in this Sense; Job. 15.14 What is Man that he poould be clean ? And he whid is born of a Woman, that he should be Righteous Eccle..7. 20. There is not ajust-Manapon Earth the doth good and fimeth not. Plal. 143- 2 Enter not in

0 Fudgment riith thy Servant : For ini thy Sight mali no Man living be justified. - Job. 9. 30,3

I wash myself with Snow-Water, and make me Hands never fo: iclean, get alt thou plunge me into the Ditch, and mine own Cloaths hall abhora me Gal. 20:21. If Rightevufriefs.come by the Law then CHRIS T is dead in våin,.. If there had been a Law given which could have given Life, verily Righteousness should have been by the Law Gal. 3. 21..

(3) We have no Evangelical Righteoufness or our own wherein to appear before GOD with Acceptance. Some may -perhaps think this a Itrange Affertion, after we have been told byt. Come Writers, that there is an Evangelical per


Innal Worthiness and Righteousness, which is the Condition upon which GOD bestows the Righteoufness of CHRIST upon us, viz. Faich, Repentance, and sincere Obedience. Bur how industrious foever fome are to take the Crown from off the Head of CHRIST, and set it upon their own, yet for my Part, I can see no Ground in Scripture to conclude, that we have any Evangelical Righteousness of our own, fit to be the Matter of our fuftification. There is nothing in Us, or done by Us,: that can properly' be called an Evangelical Righteousness ; when the Apostle Paul speaks of his owo Righteousness, he calls it rather a

Legal than an Evangelical one, and would noć · be found in it, but in another, even the Righ

teousness of CHRIST, Phil. 3. 9. And be found in hin, not having mike own Righteousness which is of the Law; but that which is througb the Faith of C HRIST, the Righteousness which is of GOD by Faith. : '; - Indeed we read of the Righteousness of Faith, which is not so much to be understood of the A&t as the Object that Faith apprehends "and applies, even the Righteoufress of angther : For when we are said to be justified by Faith, it is to be understood Instrumentally, being the great Instrument to lay hold on the Obedience of CHRIST for Juili ification. And tbo' che Church is said to be arrayed or cloathias ed in fine Linnen > Clean and White, which is the Righteoufness of the Saints, yer it is not iberent in her, bus granted to her, Rev. 19.

ho che Linens the Saintsiet, Rev: 136

8. To her was granted that she should be arrayed an is, in fine Linnen, Clean and White ; For the finĉ Singe Linnen is the Righteousnefs of the Saints. if we

The best Righteousness we can suppose our forment selves to have, whether Legal or Evangelical, is echle! not fit to appear before GOD in: For the four fi Prophet tells us, we are all as an unclean Thing, Raine and all our Righteousnesses are as filthy Rags, fepted Isa. 64, 6. Our best Duties and Performan- fud na ces, tho' never fo plausible, are so defe&tive, and and far short of the Rule, that they are but by c Rags, and so cannot cover us; and have socioar much Sin and Corruption cleaving to them, that is do they are as filthy Rags, and therefore are odious et Ada and nauseous in the Sight of GOD: For an an when we would do Good, Evil is present with Ri us, and if the LORD should deal with us in eilence ftri& Justice, even the Iniquity of our Holy tres of Things would be our Ruin, Job. 9. 15. Tho' 1 a e were Righteous, yet would I not answer, but make and in my Supplication to my Judge. A sensible Believa krible er would not be found in any. Righteousness Lisand of his own for a World : For it is but a decid be f filed and defective, bot a sinless and perfell Hario Righteousness. :

(4) Therefore there is a necessity of having ano-Rich ther and a betterRighteousness than our own where in to appear before GOD. Now there is no ai other Righteousness but that of JESUS CHRIST, which will stand us in any stead sheer at the great Day ; if we have not this Righteo bi bat ousness upon us, we shall never be able to stand deren before the awful Tribunal of the grear GOD, AGO


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who is so holy that he cannot look upon Sin, or Sinders in themselves, without Indignation.

If we have not on us the Wedding Garment, the Garment of our Elder Brother, we shall stand Speechless' at the Great Day. If we be nor stript of our filthy Garments, and cloathed with Change of Raiment, even the best Robe, we shall not be accepted of our heavenly Father, but shall be found naked, and expos'd to Shame before Angels and Men ; hence our LORD counsels us to buy of him White Raiment, that we may be cloathed, and that the shame of our Nakedness do not appear, Rev. 3. 18. Our first Father Adam being sensible of the dreadful Presence of an angry GOD, and the wanting of 2 : better Righteousness then his own, fled from the Presence of the Lord, and hid himself among the Trees of the Garden. And thus it will be with us at the Great Day of Judgment, if we be found in our own Righteousness. Paul being sensible of this, Counts all his Righteousnet's Lors and Dung, that he may win CHRIST, and be found in him, not having, says he, mire own Righteousness, which is of the Law, but that which is through the Faith of CHRIST, the Righteousness which is of GOD by Faith, Phil. 3. 8, 9. He knew he was lost and undone to all Intents and Purposes, if he depended up. on any Righteousness of his own, short of the

righteousness of CHRIST; here he desired : to be found, in this City of refuge he would

shelter himself, that he might be hid in the Day of GOD's Anger. Ca

2. Which

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