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distintlly handled by it self; which, may be, if

. this should meet with any answerable Acceptance, fomething farther may be; for if the LORD will continue to lead my Mind and Thought as he has done, I must have something ready to give full and plain Demonstrations of the Truth bereof. Here it lay so in my Way, or on my Heart in this Subje&t that I could not altogether pass it by; but after many Struggles in my Mind, and Cries unto God for to have his Mind in it, I was inclined to do it. So not doubting but God will bless it unto poor Souls that are glad of the Gospel in a plain Dress

, (and I know my LORD does not defpise the Day of small Things ) and if any that are fallen are recovered hereby from the Error of their Way, or those that fiand, established, fed, and firengthned, 1 mall have what I desire; and that God would thus bless it unto your Souls, I fall pray, the God of all Grace to pour forth bis Spirit upon you in reading of it, that so you may receive the Truth in Love, whoever is the Penman. So defiring your Prayers for me, that while I live here I may exalt Christ Jesus my Lord, and debase the Creature,

I am your Souls Well-Wilher,


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P. II, l. 22:f- tbe in y, in tie. P. 24. 1. 26. f oner.our. P. 28, 1. 1, after for add the Winde 9.31, 1. 17, between God and rideth add which.


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J UDE, Verse the 24th. Now unto him thnt is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the prefence of bis Glory with exceeding Joy.

HESE Words being made sweet and comfortable unto the Soul

of our deceased Friend and BroIT

ther in Chrift, he defired that I should preach from them on this Occasion.

THESE Words are a part of the Gpuile's Conclusion of this short and general Enlle to all Saints, Then and Now, they also ale a Part of his Doxologg', or giving of Glory and Honour unto the One Eternal God, who is Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, and unto the One Mediator, who is God and MAN, even the * MAN Cbrift hefits, as appears by the Words Now and Him in the Text; for the Word Now has a special Eye upon the several distinct Matters of this Epistle.

* I Tim. 2. S.




I fvall therefore firyt a little open them.

1. The Tirit is in the it and ad Verses, and in them there be two Things; Firft, The Persons anto whom fie writes : Secondly, What he wisheth' unto therin. 1-15;

FIRST, The Parfons anto wkom be writes, ani they are such as are made Partakers of the Special Game of the One Elernal God, who has reveal ed Hinself to be molt Glorious in Three diftina Persons of Falixt, Son, and Spirit. art

3. Tre Sadial Grace of the Father here al fertcd, is, Thit they are Sanctified by Gon the Futker, that is, (disthe Eniker having (2) chosen a certain Number of Mankind in Cul as Head, before the Foundation of the World) He fet them apart for hnöfiif; as his own Broecial Ule and Service. (3) Bir know that the Lord hath fet apart the Man that is a lor himself,

He bath done it, that is, Set him, or them, apart to be Godly, or like Himself, that they may be forever with Himself: Ile having fore-known them in Love as his highest Favourites. (C) Hepiedestináted them to be conform’d to the image of bis Son, Predestination is the Father's fanctifying, or setting apart, his chosen Ones as Sons and Brethren to Jesus Christ, and fo to Eternal Life.

(4) Having predestinated us unto the Adoptionof Children by Jesus Christ to himself, accord

(*) Ephef.1.4(b) Jer. 1. 5. PC: 4. 3. () Rom. 29. (d) ab

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