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great Ability of him that sayes and delivers a littie Company of poor feeble Ones, from so many. Enemies within and without, and at last to present them faultless before the presence of hisGlory.

I shall from the Text therefore, first a little farther shew the Ability of Jesus Christ, the Him in the Text, to do the whole work of Salvation and Presentation.

2dly. Shew how he Presents them. Faultless. 3dly. What the presence of his Glory is.

4thly. That it will be with exceeding Joy to the Prefenter and to the Presented. Lastly. Some USE.

1t. Of the Ability of Jesus Christ for this Work of Salvation and Presentation.

Now This Ability of his lieth in his being God and Man, as God he is the strong God rideth upon the Heavens by his Name (m) Fah; as Man he is invested with Ability by (n) Covenant Settlement. Now to open and demonstrate this, I shall a little consider fome Verses in the oth of Taiah 1oth to the 19th Verse, even this glorious Revelation of God-Man is in the first of these Verses, usher'd in with two Beholds in it, the Word Behold being a note of great Wonder or great Attention, that is, it notes the Matter that follows, is very great and wonderful, and therefore calls for very great Attention, if so, then where there is two it does much more fo.

Behold the Lord God will come with firong

(m) Pf. 68. 4. () Ifai. 42. 6. 49. 8.

Hand, Hand, and his Arm shall rule for him, behold bis reward is with him, and his work before kim.

The Lord God, is God the Son, his strong Hand is his Almighty Strength and Power, his ruling Arm is his Infinite Wisdom or Skill in all that Almightiness, or in all that is done by Almightiness, there is Infinitencss of Skill and Wisdom, as appears in the 12th Verse, so that the Almightiness of Power and Strength is one of the wondrous Parts of the great Ability of Jesus Christ here noted out for us to behold.

2dly. His infinite Wisdom and Skill in doing allthings by the strictest Rule of Justice and Judgment, so exactly, so harmoniously, that there is no Disorder or Defect in any Branchof his Almigh

ty Work.

THE Second Wonder here to behold, is his Reward and his work. I shall first consider his Work. Secondly his Reward.

ist. His Work thathere is said to be before him, and to have theReward of with him, can be no other then the great Work of Salvation of all his People (spoken of in the first Verse, and so to the roth) as I could give abundant Demonstration of had I here room for it, and in the nith Verse it is cvidently set forth, by his being set forth as a Shepherd, in which Office Jesus Chrift, owns himself to give his Life for his Sheep) (0) and that Work requires such great Strength and Skill to do it effectually, and this will appear if we con

(c) John 10. Ito

sider, first, who they are that are faved: 2dly, what they are saved from: 3dly, the Duration of it.

First, Who they are. They are all that the Father sanctified, or set apart to be faved ; and they are a (P) numberless Number, which no Man can number, out of all Nations, and Kindreds, and People, &c. and these all in a (9) loft and undone Condition, being (r) wretched and Mifera able, and


and blind, and naked. 2dly, WHAT they are saved from ; and that is First, From their Sins. Secondly, From Wrath, Thirdly From the World, and Fourthly; From the Devil.

First, (s) From their Sins, and this he doth by making an end of them, by blotting them out, by casting them behind his Back, and into the Depths of the Sea of his Blood.

Now if we consider what a numberless Number of Sins every one of us have to be made an end of by making Atonement for them, and blotting them out of the Book of Justice, casting them behind his Back, that is out of the Sight of Justice, ky burying them in the Sea of the Merit of his Blood.

2dly, And thereby saves them from that horrible (t) Tempeft of Snares, Fire and Brimstone, which is the Warth to come that he faves from.

(s) Mata

(p) Rev. 7. 9. (9) Luke 19. 10. (r) Rev. 3. 17. 1, 21. Dan. 9. 24. Ifai. 43. 25, 44. 22. Col. 2. 14. Ifai. 38. 170 Mic. 7. 19. () P 11. 6. i Ther. 1. 10.



3dly, He faves from the Yu) World, even out of the many Tribulations that they meet with in it.

4thly, From all the (20) Power, Rage and Attempts of the Devil, which are many, for he goes about as a Roaring Lyon, and oftentimes fadly a affrights the poor Children of God, but this Almighty ítrong Hand not only bruiseth and bindeth him, but by his Death has destroyed him

Now He that does this Work must be an :ble One, and none but Jesus Christ is able, and if he had not been the LORD God he had not had a Hand strong enough to have done it.

Secondly, I SHALL consider his Reward and that is to possess and enjoy this innumerable Company in a State of Perícátion, and fullness of glorious Joy in all those indeared Relations (in all the true Glory of them) that the Scriptures speak of, that they were first given to be in of the Father, before the World was, as has been a little shown in Page 2d. But to proceed to the Iith Verse, and here He that in the oth Verfe we were called to behold as the LORD God in the Almightiness of his Power and Strength, here as the Man in Union with the LORD God, in the Office of a Shepherd, which properly can belong to none but a Creature, for God absolutely fo, cannot be in, or have any Office conferred on him, because there can be none to call him unto it


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(2) Fohu 16. 33. Rev. 7. 14.' (w) Rev. 12. 17. Mat. 16. 18.

Pet. s. 8. Rom. 16. 20. Rev. 26. 1, 2. Heb. 2. 14.

or install

or instal him into it, and yet he that is the LORD God in the one Verse, is the Shepherd in the other, therefore he must have two distinct Natures in one Person, so that when the Scriptures any where fpeak of the Lord or God, or Lord God as a Shepherd, as is very often in the Old Testament, as may be seen in those (x) Texts cited in the Margin, which I could wish I had room to open and compare with those in the New, but I must leave them (with many other Things that present themselves with great Weight, and are of great Moment, and but little Notice taken of them) unto another Time, if the Lord will put it into my Hands, and then give me Ability for it.

And now a little Note some few things from this eleventh Verse. First from hence Note, that there is ( by comparing these Words with some of thofe Texts cited in the Margin. )

First Note, Two special Parts of this Sherherds Office-work.

The one to die for them; and 2.dly Note, The other to feed them and to gather them, that is, the Lambs (or new born Souls newly born of the Word and Spirit, or such as are very weak in Faith or Knowledge ) with his Arm of Power.

3dly Note, He carries them in his Bosom to fhew his great Love and tender Compassion towards them.

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