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alas, there is no (d) Weight for the Wind ; as Fobkiem speaks,no Water of Life in them, therefore carried os. about with (e) Winds of Pride, of Conceit, and of Man the Devil, and so they speak great swellinghi fr Words of Vanity; They are said to be Trees whose Fruit withers, so that it is good for not thing, and therefore in the next Words said toonar be without Fruit: That is, Persons who at firftrent seem'd to promise fair, bloom well, begin to fed our for Fruit, but some Whirlwind of Error blowston. them down, or plucks them up by the Roots and so all the blooming Hopes, or Beginnings, tai wither; as indeed they must do becaused plucka Ap up by the Roots, twice dead, that is, first dead the ( as all are ) in (f ) trespasses and fin, fince (6) fin entered into the world.

2dly, DEAD from that Life they seem'd to bui have, or were thought or judged to have, and fout is twice dead, pluckt up by the Roots; that is, out get of the Profeflion of Faith in Cbrist' as God, then that all Arians are pluckt up by the Roots. Foreng right Faith in him, as God-Man, and Love tonici him as being so, and thereby being (b) Faird als than the Sons of Men, (i) white and ruddy, thi chiefest of Ten thousand unto the Soul, it is (k) GOO rooted and grounded in him.

In the 13th Verse they are called saging and Waves of the Sea, to set forth either the raging laro of their Lusts in their vain Conversation, or the raging of their blind Zeal in propagating, and its

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(d) Fob 28. 25. (e) 2 Pet. I, 2, 17, 18. (f) Ephef. 2:1 6) Rom. 5. 12. (1:) Pf. 45. 2. ( i ) Song 5. 18. (k) Ephef. 3. '? W

their endeavouring to maintain their abominable Errors.

Wandring Stars ; That is Men that are wandred from the Truth, into Error. Well, these sungodly Men, these filthy Dreamers, called Spots, empty Clouds, fruitless Trees, raging Waves, wandring Stars, this Apostle faith, Enoch the Seventh prophesied of, and also that the Apostles of our LORD Jesus Christ had told them of these Men. Verses, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.

3dly. The third distinct Head of Matter is contain'd in the 20, 21, 22, 23, verses, which is the Apostle's counsel and advice that he gives unto the fan&tified, preserved, and called Ones, what they should do, or how they should behave themselves one towards another, and that is First, to build up themselves on their most holy Faith; that is to be free and ready familiarly to conversé together, with one another about the things, whereby Faith and Love may be increased and strengthened ;. in this I can say, our deceased Friend and Brother, took much Pleasure and Delight, and was often greived to see so little of it among Professors in this Day. I can also say God had given him, a good Understanding and Light into the Mistery of God, and of the Father and of Christ. So that I, and he, had sweet and favoury Communion together, and so did build up one another on our most holy Faith.

2dly. Praying in the holy Ghoft; that is, in the Light and Direction he gives, both as to the Wants of the Soul for to ask suitable Supplies

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according to the Will of God, and to be thanks ful for what we enjoy from him. .

3dly. To keep themselves in the Love of God: and to be looking for the Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto Eternal Life: That is, use all means that God has appointed and promised to come into and communicate of his Love unto Souls in; for by so doing, we keep our felves in the Communion Love of God by being in the way of the (1) Promise, and so by Faith looking for daily Supplies out of Christ's Fullness whilst here, and to be possessed of Eternal Life when we go hence. · 4thly. How we should carry our felves to others: Unto fome to be very compasionate; unto Some making a Difference; others save with fear, pulling them out of the Fire; and to bate the Garments Spotted with the Fleso. ...

THUS I have spoken of the distinct Matters of this Epistle unto the Text. I have been the longer because of the word Now having such an Eye unto those things, and because I found my Mind (as soon as the Text was recommended to me to preach from led so to do, and becaufe the Weightiness of the Matters that requires much more to be said of them then I can contain in so little room, here being so much of the special Grace of the Three-One, as has been a little hinted upon, and so many Opposers of it, that it requires much to be said about it, to set forth the

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great Ability of him that saves and delivers a little Company of poor feeble Ones, from so many. Enemies within and without, and at last to prea fent them faultless before the presence of bisGlory.

I shall from the Text therefore, first a little farther shew the Ability of 7esus Christ, the Him in the Text, to do the whole work of Salvation and Presentation.

2dly. Shew how he Presents them Faultless. 3dly. WHAT the presence of his Glory is. .

4thly. That it will be with exceeding Joy to the Presenter and to the Presented.

Lastly. Some USE.

14t. Óf the Ability of Jefus Christ for this Work of Salvation and Presentation.

Now This Ability of his lieth in his being God and Man, as God he is the strong God iideth upon the Heavens by his Name (m) ab; as Man he is invested with Ability by (n) Covenant Settlement. Now to open and demonstrate this, I Thall a little consider fome Verses in the çoth of Isaiah 1oth to the 19th Verfe, even this glorious Revelation of GOD-Man is in the first of these Verses, usher'd in with two Beholds in it, the Word Bebold being a note of great Wonder or great Attention, that is, it notes the Matter that follows, is very great and wonderful, and therefore calls for very great Attention, if so, then where there is two it does much more so.

Behold the Lord God will come with strong

(m) Pf. 68. 4. (i) Ifai. 42. 6. 49. 8.


Hand, and his Arm fall rule for him, behold his reward is with him, and his work before him.

The Lord God, is God the Son, his itrong Hand is his Almighty Strength and Power, his ruling Arm is his Infinite Wisdom or Skill in all that Almightiness, or in all that is done by Almightiness, there is Infinitencís of Skill and Wisdom, as appears in the 12th Verse, so that the Almightiness of Power and Strength is one of the wondrous Parts of the great Ability of Jesus Christ here noted out for us to behold.

2dly. His infinite Wisdom and Skill in doing allthings by the strictest Rule of Justice and Judgment, to exactly, so harmoniously, that there is no Disorder or Defect in any Branchof his Almighty Work. · The Second Wonder here to behold, is his Reward and his work. I shall first consider his Work. Secondly his Reward. ..

ist. His Work thathere is said to be before him, and to have theReward of with him, can be no óther then the great Work of Salvation of all his , People (spoken of in the first Verse, and so to the Toth) as I could give abundant Demonstration of had I here room for it, and in the uth Verse it is evidently set forth, by his being set forth as a Shepherd, in which Office Hesus Christ, owns himself to give his Life for his Sheep) (0) and that Work requires such great Strength and Skill to do it effečtually, and this will appear if we con

(6) John 10. lio

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