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Sect. VIII. Josiah cleanses the temple of the Lord, and

destroys idols. He fulfils a prophecy concerning
himself, spoken in the days of Jeroboam the son
of Nebat, and slays the idolatrous priests....
Sect. IX. Josiah repairs the house of the Lord. The
book of the law found. A covenant made. A
great passover kept



Sect. X. Part of the prophecy of Jeremiah. He warns
the nations of impending judgments, and calls
upon them to humble themselves and reform
their lives

Sect. XI. Part of the prophecy of Jeremiah. He de-

scribes the treachery of God's chosen people;

and foretells the judgment which would be in-

flicted upon them

Sect. XII. The conclusion of the reign of Josiah. He
is slain in battle. His good character
Sect. XIII. Part of the prophetic lamentation of Je-




Sect. XVII. The beginning of the reign of Jehoiachim
Jeremiah again sent to call the people of Judah
to repentance, and to threaten the destruction
of the temple. The priests and prophets con-
spire against Jeremiah. Urijah the prophet

Sect. XVIII. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon,

comes up against Judah. Jeremiah foretells se-

venty years captivity to the Lord's people; and

the subsequent punishment of the Assyrians... 65




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Sect. LI. The kindness of Evil-merodach king of Ba-
bylon to Jehoiachim king of Judah in his capti-

Sect. LII. Isaiah's predictions concernining the down-
fall of Babylon. Cyrus mentioned by name as the

Sect. LIII. Predictions of Jeremiah concerning Ba-

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Sect. LVI. The reign of Belshazzar king of Babylon.

His impious feast. The hand-writing on the

wall. Daniel's interpretation of it. His promo-


Sect. LVII. Babylon taken by Cyrus according to the

predictions of the prophets. Darius the Median

takes the kingdom.

Sect. LVIII. Daniel highly promoted by Darius. His
enemies persuade the king to make a decree.
Daniel cast into a den of lions for breaking it.
He is miraculously preserved ...



Sect. LIX. Daniel's vision of the four beasts..

Beet. LX. Daniel's prayer for the restoration of Israel 205

Sect. LXI. Cyrus makes a proclamation for the re-

building of the house of the Lord at Jerusalem.
He restores the sacred vessels. The captive
Jews return to their own land.....

Sect. LXII. The foundation of the temple laid at Je-

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