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Az. a

B.V.M. and child sitting crowned and holding a sceptre of the second. 3rd part, quarterly, 1st and 4th. ar. a chev. betw. three bugle horns stringed sa. 2nd and 3rd, ar. a chev. betw, three cross

crosslets sa. 3. Coll. Corp. Christi. Dexter. gu. two keys indorsed

in bend the upper ar. the lower or. a sword betw. them in bend sinister of the second, hilted or:

impaling, az, a pelican vulning herself or. 4. Coll. Jesus. Vert three stags trippant ar. attired or. 5. Coll. Novum. Ar. two chevronels sa. betw. three

roses gu. barbed and seeded ppr. 6. Eccle. Coll. Westmonast.

cross patoncée betw. four martlets or, on a chief ar. a pale quarterly of France and England betw. two roses

gu. 7. Eccl. Coll. Windesor. Ar. a cross gu. 8. Coll. Etonense. Az. three lillies slipped and leaved

ar. on a chief per pale az, and gu. on dexter side

a fleur-de-lys on the sinister a lion pass. guard. or. 9. Villa de Buck. Per pale gu, and sa. a swan with

wings expanded ar. ducally gorged and chained 10. Villa de Bedford. Az. an eagle displayed ar.

crowned or. 11. Burgus Sancti Albani. Az. a saltire or. 12. Coll. B. Ma. prope Winton. Same as No. 5. 13. Will. Wake. Archiep. Cantuar. Az, an episcopal

staff in pale or, ensigned with a cross pattée ar. surmounted of a pall of the last charged with four crosses formée fitchée sa. fimbriated or, impaling, Or, two bars gu. in chief three torteaux. A Mitre

above the shield. 14. Wriothesley Russell Dux de Bedford. Ar. a lion

ramp. qu. on a chief sa. three escallops of the

field. A ducal coronet above the shield. 15. Johannes Montagu. Dux de Montagu. Quarterly,

1st and 4th ar. three lozenges conjoined in fess gu. a border sa. (Montagu). 2nd and 3rd or. an eagle displayed vert beaked and membered gu.

(Monthermer). A ducal coronet above the shield. 16. Scroop Egerton. Dux de Bridgewater. Ar. a lion

ramp. gu. betw. three pheons sa. A ducal coronet above the shield.


Sa a


17. Jacobus Compton. Comes de Northampton.

lion pass. guard. or, betw. three esquires helmets

An earl's coronet above the shield. 18. Arthur Annesley. Comes de Anglesey. Paly of six

ar. and az. a bend gu. An earl's coronet above

the shield. 19. Georgius Lee. Comes de Lichfield. Ar. a fess betw.

three crescents sa. An earl's coronet over the

shield. 20. Montague Venables Bertie. Comes de Abingdon.

Arg. three battering rams barwise in pale ppr.

garnished az. An earl's coronet above the shield. 21. Will. Cheyne. Vice-comes de Newhaven. Chequy

or and az, a fess gu. fretty ar. A viscount's

coronet above the shield. 22. Francisca Scudamore. Vice-comes Scudamore. on a

lozenge-gu. three stirrups leathered and buckled or. im paling az. a fleur-de-lis arg. A viscount's

coronet above the shield. 23. Radulphus Verney. Vice-comes Fermanagh. Az. on

a cross arg. five mullets pierced gu. A viscount's

coronet above the shield. 24 Tho. Uthwat. Armig. Vice-comes Com. Bucks. Az.

a lion ramp. arg. 25. Aler. Denton. Justiciar Dom. Regis de Banco.

Arg. two bars gu. in chief three cinquefoils sable. 26. Hon. Car. Leigh. Miles pro com. Bedford. Gu. a

cross engr. arg. in first quarter a lozenge or. a

crescent of the first on the cross for difference. 27. Johan. Chester. Baronett. Per pale arg. and sa. a

chev. engr. betw. three rams' heads erased, horned

or, counterchanged. an inescutcheon of Ulster. 28. Tho. Lee. Baronett. Miles pro com. Bucks. Az. two

bars or, a bend chequy or and gu. an inescutcheon

of Ulster. 29. Mont. Gerard Drake. Armig. Miles pro com. Bucks.

Arg. a wyvern with wings displayed gu. 30. Thos. Cartwright. Armig. Miles pro. com. North

ampt. Erm. a fess engr. gu. betw. three fireballs

sa. fired ppr. 31. Rich. Eliot. Arm. Cornubiensis. Arg. a fess gu.

betw. two bars gemells wavy az. a crescent or. 32. Richardus Cambridge. Armig. Londonensis. Arg.

on a pile gu. betw. six cross crosslets fitchée sa. a cross patonce of the field.

33. Gracia Bennet. Dom. de Bechampton, on a lozenge

gu. a bezant betw. three demi-lions ramp. or. 34, Leticia Pigot. Domina de Doddershall, on a lozenge

-sa. three pickaxes arg. impaling, arg. three

wolves courant barwise in pale az. 35. Rev. David James. Rectr. de Woughton.

Az. a lion ramp. within an orle of roses arg. a martlet

for difference. 36. Rev. Jo. Disney. Vicar de Cranbrook. Arg. on a

fess gu. three fleur-de-lis or. 37. Coll. S.S. Trinit. Cantab. Arg. a chev. betw.

three roses gu. barbed and seeded ppr. on a chief of the second a lion of England betw. two bibles

or. 38. Coll. S. Johannis Euang. France modern and

England within a border gobony arg. and az. 39. Coll. Buckingham sive Magdal. Quarterly per

pale indented or and az. in 2nd and 3rd quarters an eagle displayed of the first, on a bend of the

second a fret betw. two martlets of the first. 40. Eccl. Cath. Dunelm. Az. a cross betw. four lions

ramp. or. In the cave, are : 41. Gu. on a cross rayonnée betw. four crosses patée

or, a hurt charged with a cross treflée or. 42. Tho. Symonds. Armiger. Sable a dolphin embowed

holding in the mouth a fish arg. 43. Will. Bradshaw. Episcopus Bristol. Decanus Aedis

Christi. Oxon. Sable three ducal crowns in

pale or. impaling, arg. two bendlets sable. 44. Collegium Universitatis. Az. a cross patonce betw.

four martlets or. 45. Honorabilis Domina. Domina Elizabeth Hastings.

on a lozenge-arg. a maunch sable. 46. Edmund Gibson. Episcopus London. Gu. two

swords in saltire arg. hilted or. impaling, az.

three storks rising arg. 17. Rev. Martin Benson. Archidiaconus de Berks.

Rector Noster de Blechley quarterly, Ist and 4th gu. on a chev. or three crosses patée sa. 2nd arg. on two bars az. three crosses patée or. 3rd

arg. an eagle displ. gu. 48. Rev. David Trimnell. Archidiac. Leicesteriensis.

Rector de Stoke Hammond. Arg. a cross gu. over all a bend or.

Az, a

49. Rev. Tho. Tanner. Archidiac. Norfolk. Aedis

Christi O.con. Canon. Arg. three negroes

heads in profile ppr. 50. Will. Cartwright. Armet Byzantia uxor ejus.

Erm. a fess engr. gu. betw. three fireballs sa. fired ppr. a shield of pretence per pale az. and gu. three

saltires or. 51. R. Pomfret and C gen. de Newport Pagnell.

A church on a shield. 52. Will. Gore de Tring. Arm. Gu. a fess betw. three

cross-crosslets fitchée or. 53. Coll. Magdalen Oxon. Lozengyerm. and sable,

on a chief of the last three lillies slipped arg. 54. Arg. a cross gules. 55. Coil. Regal. Cantab. Sa. three roses. arg. on a

chief per pale az. and gu. a fleur-de-lis or and a

lion of England. 56. Rev. Edw. Wells, nuper Rector de Blechley.

book open arg. garnished or with the words “Old

and New Testaments.” 57. Gilbertus Symkin. Armig. Arg. on a bend sa.

three dolphins naiant or. 58. Lucie Knightley. Arm. et uxor ejus filia Henrici

Benson. Arm. Quarterly. 1st and 4th ermine. 2nd and 3rd paly of six or and gu. A shield of pretence arg. on a chev. betw. three goats' heads

erased sa. as many escallops or. 59. Johannes Fortescue. Miles Dom. Regis Justiciarius

et Domin. Elizabetha uxor ejus filia Roberti Dormer. Arm. Az. a bend. engr. arg. cotised or. a shield of pretence, chequy or and az, on a chief

of the first a demi-lion ramp. of the last. 60. Rich. Lowndes de Winslow. Arm. Arg. fretty az.

the interlacings each charged with a bezant. on

a canton gu. a leopard's head erased or. 61. Same as No. 47. 62. Henricus Petty. Comes de Shelburne. Ermine on a

bend az, a magnetic needle ppr. pointing at the

pole star or. An earl's coronet above the shield. 63. Tho. Farmer. Comes de Pomfret. Arg. a fess sa.

betw. three lions' heads erased gu. An earl's

coronet above the shield. 64. Carolus Boyle. Comes de Orrery. Per bend embattled

arg and gu. An earl's coronet above the shield.

65. Hugo Boulter. Archiepise. Armagh. nuper Episco


Bristol et Decanus Aedis Christi. Oxon. Az. an episcopal staff in pale arg. ensigned with a cross patée or, surmounted by a pall of the second fimbriated and fringed or charged with four crosses formée fitchée sa. impaling, quarterly az. and erm. in first quarter a dove ppr. and in

the fourth a bird bolt in pale or feathered arg. 66. Sir Holland Egerton. quarterly. 1st arg. a lion

ramp. gu. betw. three pheons sa. 2nd gu. three pheons or. 3rd barry of six arg. and az. a label of five points gu. 4th az, semě of lis a lion. . .

arg In the westernmost window of the north side of the north aisle are the following in stained glass : 67. The Royal Arms G.R. (Hanover in the fourth

quarter). 68 and 69. Arms of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. 70. Thos. Price. Arm. Restitutr. Fun.

Arg. three cornish choughs sa. Crest. a lion's face pierced

through the mouth in bend with an arrow arg. 71. Rich. Reynolds. Episcopus Lincoln. Gu. two lions

of England: on a chief az. the B.V.M. and child sitting crowned and holding a sceptre of the second : impaling, gu. a chev. chequy az. and or

betw. three cross-crosslets arg. 72. Nich. Claget. S.T.P. Archidiac. Bucking. Erm. on

a fess sa. three pheons or. Crest. a demieagle

erm. wings displ. crowned and beaked or. 73. Fortescue impaling Stonor. quarterly 1st and 4th.

az. on a bend engr. arg. cotised or a mullet sa.
2nd and 3rd arg. fretty sa. on a chief or three
roses gu. impaling, quarterly of thirteen. 1st,
az. two bars dancettée or. 2nd, or three roses gu.
3rd, az. four lions ramp. or, on a canton of the
last a mullet sa. 4th, az, on a fess. .... betw.
three lions faces or, an annulet sa.
saltire arg. a label of the last. 6th, arg. three
fusils in fess gu. 7th, or an eagle displ. vert.
8th, gu. a pale engr. arg. 9th, same as No. 4.
10th, arg. on a canton gu. a rose or.
a saltire engr. gu. 12th. England. 13th, or a

5th, gu. a

11th, arg.

lion ramp. gu.

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