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Extracts from the Report of the proceedings, we with pleasure pre

Managers of the Female Domestic sent them, in preference to a regular
Missionary Society.

Five years have elapsed since the
Female Domestic Missionary Soci Sabbath, Nov. 19, 1820.-Preach-
ety was first instituted. The pro ing, as usual, in the mission house.
ceedings have been regularly hand In one of the exercises I was assist-
ed down by the Report of each ed by Mr. Scott. The house was well
year. Its existence to the present filled and the audience attentive.
period has been contrary to the Nov. 21.-Called to see Mrs.
expectation of many persons, and B. who is just recovering from a
cause of gratitude to all those who severe indisposition. Previous to
are interested in the extension of her illness, affliction of another kind
the Redeemer's kingdom. By be had led her to a serious considera-
ing so highly favoured, we have tion of her ways; but not till she
been taught to trust in the Lord and found herself drawing near to the
not be afraid. He will not disap gates of death, had she such a view
point in that which he has engaged of her sins as to compel her to fly
to perform. To Him we look for a for refuge to the Saviour of sinners.
blessing. A steady zeal and un She then felt herself guilty and de-
wearied exertions, on the part of serving of death, and was convinced
the missionary and the managers, that she must perish without hope,
are essentially necessary; for which, unless Jesus extended his kind hand
we are not only accountable to our to save. In her distress she called
Heavenly Master, but also to those upon the Lord, and he was gracious-
who have patronized the society by ly pleased to bring her back from
affording pecuniary aid. O, that the borders of the grave, and to
many more would come out to the permit her to hope for mercy. She
help of the Lord ! O, that they would was asked, if she believed that Je-
consider those among whom sanctu sus was able and willing to save
ary privileges are but scantily dif sinners ? She replied that she did,
fused! what a pleasure they might and that he would save all that
enjoy in adding to the little store came unto him in the right way.
which would keep in employ the “But,” says she, “I do not know
faithful missionary, who feels that what is the right way to come unto
it is meat and drink indeed, to do him.” Repentance and faith were
the will of his Heavenly Master; then explained to her, as the way in
who shrinks not from his arduous which a sinner comes unto Christ
undertaking, but willingly foregoes and is made a partaker of his salva-
many social enjoyments, and many tion. After solemnly exhorting her
religious privileges, in order to ac to remember and fulfil the vows
complish his round of duties. In made unto the Lord in the hour of
all these he is strengthened and re distress, I prayed with her and de-
freshed by a firm reliance on the parted.
promise of the Lord Jesus—"Lo, In the evening I attended the
I am with you always.” Hence, he Bible class. They manifest an in-
is enabled to foster a hope of future creasing desire to become well
good resulting from his visits to the acquainted with gospel truths, which
hovel of poverty, the bed of lan encourages me to hope that much
guishment, and the house where good will be done. O, that the King
affliction has become a guest.

of Zion would hear, and answer the Feeling assured that some ex ardent prayer" that the seed sown tracts from the journal of the mis may bring forth fruit to everlasting sionary will afford more real satis life, and that every member of this faction to the society than general class may become an heir of glory.” "


ways of sin.

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Nov. 27.--In the course of my assuredly accompany a return to the visits I met with a young man who appears anxiously concerned for the

Tuesday, Nov. 28.-Visited four salvation of his soul. In a late or five families accompanied by one voyage, whilst in a sickly climate, of the managers. We found persons he was attacked with the fever, and of a great variety of character. Some brought to the verge of dissolution. were careless and indifferent, others The guilt of his past life oppressed inquiring. Of the members of the his soul. He had departed far from

church at Moyamensing, some were those principles of truth and holi lukewarm, some were desponding, ness in which he had been educated, others rejoicing in the hope of saland had plunged into dissipation vation. We endeavoured to adapt and vice of various kinds. The our remarks, as much as possible, to recollection of these things filled their peculiar state. The immense him with terror and dismay. He importance of religion, the danger believed that he must die, and knew of self deception, the encouragethat he deserved to suffer the pains ments and consolations of the gosof the second death. No pious pel, were exhibited to their view, as friend-no Christian minister was the nature of the case seemed to near to exhibit to his view the truths demand. of that gospel which he had so much Wednesday, Nov. 29.-Recontneglected-to explain unto him once menced preaching and visiting in more the plan of salvation through the Alms-House, which had for a crucified Saviour. All was dark some time past been discontinued ness, and despair. With strong cries on account of the prevalent sickand tears he besought the Lord to spare his life, and restore him once This receptacle of poverty and more to the land of his nativity, distress usually contains, during the where the means of grace are so winter season, more than a thousand abundantly enjoyed, and vowed that inhabitants. Some of these once the remainder of his life should be moved in the first circles, and enconsecrated to God.

joyed, of the good things of this Whilst

many of our countrymen, world, all that heart could desire. who despise the privileges of the Now they are destitute and forsagospel at home, but are made sen ken, and compelled to retreat to this sible of its value abroad, and die asylum to obtain a support for their without consolation and without wretched existence. This reverse hope in some distant region, this of circumstances has deprived some youth was mercifully spared. His individuals of their reason. But prayer was heard and answered, the greater portion of the inhabiand now he remembers and endea tants of this house have drudged on vours to fulfil his vow. His health

through life, between a comfortable is still delicate, but whenever he is and scanty subsistence, till, being able, he statedly attends the wor at last reduced to absolute want, ship of God at the Mariners' church, they have become totally dependant and bears decided testimony to the on public charity. Misfortune, inhappy effects produced by the la dolence, intemperance, and iniquity bours of the venerable Mr. East in its endless variety of form, are

the seamen. I explain the causes which send such numed unto this youth the mode of a bers to this abode of the destitute. sinner's reconciliation to God; I preached in one of the wards, endeavoured to invigorate his reso from Ecc. vii. 14: “In the day of lutions to persevere in the way of prosperity be joyful, but in the day life; and pointed out to him the of adversity consider.” The audiaggravated guilt which would most ence was attentive and solemn.

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Some were dissolved in tears. Af. The inquiry was tenderly and affecter sermon I had some conversation tionately made, and eagerly anwith several of my hearers. Mr. swered in the affirmative. I apG., who, during my former labours proached her bed side and asked her, appeared truly penitent, is in a de “ Do you expect to recover from sponding state of mind, and fears, this sickness ? that, notwithstanding his repentance No, I shall die, I cannot live !" and reformation, the Lord will cast “ Have you any hopes of happi. him off. The sins of his past life ness beyond the grave ?" appear so great, that he knows not

« Oh, no! I shall die, and my how they can be forgiven. He was soul will be lost! I shall be miseradirected to the Saviour whose ble throughout eternity!" “ blood cleanseth from all sin.” In “ But there is a Saviour for all stances were then adduced from who repent of their sins and believe scripture, in which the greatest sin on his name. In him we have reners had been forgiven, and texts demption and forgiveness of sin quoted to prove that the Lord through his blood." would not cast off the repenting and

« Ah! it is too late for me to returning sinner.

obtain forgiveness.” I then proceeded to the female « But Jesus receives even at the sick ward. Here thirty or forty are eleventh hour. The thief expiring lying on their sick beds. Many are on the cross obtained mercy.” evidently near their end, and but “Oh! my sins! my sins! They are very few prepared for that dreadful so great, they never can, they never event. I spent the remainder of the will be forgiven!” day among them, endeavouring to « But Jesus is able to save even bring them to a sense of their con to the uttermost, all who come unto dition as sinners, and of their con God by him.” sequent exposure to the wrath of 0, yes! he is able to save, and God, and instructing them in the he will save others, but he will never way of salvation through the Lord

Did you know, sir, what Jesus Christ, that, by repentance a sinner I am, you would think so and faith, they might be prepared too. I have led a profligate life. for another world.

Good people have tried to reclaim My attention was at length di me. They took me, placed me out rected to one whose pale emaciated of the way of temptation, and procountenance indicated that her final vided for me. I was instructed in change was near at hand, and whose the truths of religion. I once hoped frequent deep drawn sobs betrayed that Jesus would save me. Yet, the distress of her mind. A short after all, I made my escape from time before she had refused, with them and went back again to my no small degree of rage and malig wicked way of living. I threw mynity, to converse on the subject of self beyond the reach of mercy, religion with a person who had The just judgments of God have visited her, vainly endeavouring to overtaken me. I must die without exclude the thoughts of death and hope. I must be miserable for ever!” eternity from her mind. To avoid Whilst she uttered these things giving unnecessary pain, and pre such horror and despair were visivent, if possible, her being again ble in her countenance as cannot be excited by any thing undesirable or described. She had exerted all her abrupt, in this season of feebleness remaining strength to make this and distress, one of the ladies who declaration. She sunk down exaccompanied me was requested to hausted, and lay, for a moment, alinquire whether she was desirous of most motionless. At length fresh conversing with the missionary. floods of tears gushed from her

save me.

eyes. She clasped her hands and day, but utterly despairs of mercy, looked up toward heaven. Then, I was much surprised and grieved as though confounded and terrified, to find that she retains a spirit of she hastily hid her face in the bed enmity towards one of her best clothes, and lay in an agony that benefactors, who had endeavoured convulsed her whole frame.

to reclaim her from her wicked My own feelings were so power


This is truly alarming. fully excited, that for several mo Whether her repentance is of that ments I could not utter a word. The kind which is required in the word awful declaration of God, Prov. i. of God, none but the Searcher of 24–28, occurred to my mind. I hearts can determine. Her distress trembled when I thought, that, pro is, indeed, great, but it appears to bably, upon this very person his arise, not so much from a sense of threatening would be executed. But the odious nature of sin, as from a secret things belong unto God. His dread of impending wrath. If it revealed will is the

rule of conduct. arises from the latter source alone, It was my duty to declare unto her we have no reason to conclude that the truths of the gospel, and leave her repentance is genuine. They the event in the hands of the Sove who are already in the world of reign Disposer of all things. I wo experience the same kind of retherefore mentioned the invitations pentance, but it does not relieve of the gospel, noticed the descrip them from the pressure of wrath, it tion of persons to whom they were

is of no avail. It is distressing beaddressed, the “weary and heavy yond expression to see her standing laden,” the "thirsty,” the “humble on the verge of eternity, unable to and contrite." I stated the promises lay hold of the promises of the gosof forgiveness and acceptance, and pel-it is appalling to hear her detold her that the experience of claration that her everlasting dethousands in every age bore testi struction is certain. But a false mony to their fulfilment, and that hope would be of no real advantage. Jesus himself had said, “ Him that It might alleviate present distress, cometh unto me I will in no wise but must fail the moment she passes cast out.” She heard me with tears the threshold of eternity, and the and groans, but made no reply. shock which her soul must then Having committed her to the hands sustain would be rendered still more of a just and merciful God,by prayer, tremendous. The only relief which I departed.

can be obtained when meditating on Wednesday, Dec. 6.-Attended at this painful subject, is derived from the Alms-House,called immediately the truth, that she is in the hands of to see the wretched Emeline. She the “ Judge of the whole earth, who continues in the same state. No will do right.” ray of hope cheers her soul. She Dec. 24.-Preached in the female says but little. I endeavoured once sick ward, from Jer. viii. 22. After more to direct her to the “ Lamb of sermon I conversed with E. who is God, that taketh away the sins of || lying in this ward. Her life has the world."

been prolonged beyond all expectaI then preached in the married tion, but now it is evidently on the ward. The audience was attentive. eve of extinction. She was so low After sermon I conversed with a that her voice could scarcely be poor old woman who is rapidly heard; she informed me that she was sinking into the grave. She is re dying without hope. She had forjoicing in the full assurance of a saken the Lord, and he had now blessed immortality.

utterly forsaken her and refused to Dec. 20.-Found Emeline still hear her prayers. As it appeared living. She conversed freely to probable that this would be the last

time that I should see her in the of mind. From her statement to land of the living, I addressed to her me, and from the testimony of others, once more the invitations and promi I learned that she had lived a dissoses of the gospel, and told her of the lute life, and experienced the bitter ability and willingness of Jesus to fruits of sin. Destitute, forsaken, save even the chief of sinners, but and plunged into the deepest disshe replied only with sobs and tears. tress, conscience commenced its It did not alleviate, it seemed to operations; but after the pressure increase her distress. How shall I of affliction had continued for some comfort those whom the Lord re time, her convictions gradually subfuses to comfort? How shall I


sided, and she sunk into a state of peace unto them for whom there is stupid indifference as to the fate no peace? May the Lord ever pre that awaited her. In this state about vent me from being instrumental three weeks ago, she was taken to in deceiving souls. The darkness the Alms-House. Here she lay stuof death is fast gathering around pid, indifferent, and almost lifeless, this unhappy creature. 'The dark till the day of preaching in this ness of despair has already settled ward. Jesus was then announced upon her, and she is completely to her as the physician of souls. subjected to its horrors. She acknow She was aroused from her lethargy. ledges the justice of God in casting Feeling her need and inspired with her off, and fearfully awaits her hope, she determined without delay doom. O, what folly! what mad to seek his healing power. She ness to forsake the Lord, to plunge sought earnestly, and a short time into sin, and defer repentance till ago, she obtained an assurance that laid on a dying bed, when there is her sins were forgiven. She now scarcely a possibility of salvation. employs the little strength she pos

Jan. 3.-On my return to the sesses in praising the Lord for reAlms-House this day, I was informed deeming love. I spent some time that the unhappy Emeline is no in conversing with her, and exhorted more, Her spirit has entered upon her to examine well the foundation the realities of the eternal world, of her hope, and mentioned several and her everlasting destiny is fixed! scriptural tests to aid her in the During the first part of her illness, examination. She does not appear continually expecting to die, and to have experienced such deep conbeing without hope of salvation, her victions as we might reasonably agony was dreadful. But as the expect to find in one of her descripthread of life was lengthened out, tion of character, yet she feels hershe sunk into a state of fixed and self a ruined sinner, justly constupid despair. I am-informed that demned to die, whose hopes of salthe near approach of death once vation are founded on Christ alone. more aroused her to a sense of her The accuracy of her knowledge of real condition. Her agony was re the plan of salvation is, indeed, survived with redoubled force, and her prising, considering her ignorance horror was indescribable. Nearly and stupidity on other subjects, and the last words she uttered were the small opportunities for religious “Hell is opening to receive me!"

instruction she has ever enjoyed, Fearful, indeed, is the end of the and cannot easily be accounted for ungodly. “The wicked are driven but by the supposition that she has away in wrath, but the righteous been instructed by the spirit of God. hath hope in his death.”

If indeed he has changed her heart Jan. 13.~Was requested to visit the good work which is now begun M. A. a sick woman in the Alms will be completed.* House, in the female sick ward. She

I have had an opportunity of ascertainwas very ill, but in a happy frame ing the manner of her walk and conduct

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