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that the latter day was about to gotten; should be overlooked.” commence. I would often say, This false suggestion, so foolish and “ The glorious time is rolling on,

barefaced, was so artfully thrown The gracious work is now begun,

into my mind, that it troubled me My soul a witness is.”

greatly, and the light that was in me

now became darkness. Now I tried My anxiety for sinners was alle

to gain some relief, by reviewing viated, for I thought they would soon see the way of salvation plain- blasphemous thought met me, “ that

my former experience; and this ly.

though Christ had forgiven my sins I lived in the enjoyment of such

once, and once promised to save me, views and feelings, with but little

yet he was not obliged to keep his interruption, for about three months.

promise. None knew he had made I was admitted to the church in

such a promise.” The cunning June, and felt much strengthened by publicly espousing the cause of tempter was so bold as to take away Christ. If I had ever so many


my Lord, and I knew not where to I would devote them all to the ser

find him; or to take away his faith

fulness, which was the same thing. vice of that Saviour who has done

I went about with a heavy heart; so much for me. I felt determined

almost envied those that enjoyed to follow Christ through evil report and through good report.

themselves, and even thought that

those were better off who had never “Now all the day long,

known what it was to have their He was my joy and my song."

sins pardoned. Sometimes I want

ed to ask some experienced person “What peaceful hours I then enjoyed! How sweet their memory still!”

if it was possible for a soul to be

overlooked in eternity; but I thought I did not find my path without they did not certainly know. some thorns in the course of the In great darkness and distress summer. The first thing that I now of mind I opened the Bible, and recollect wherein the tempter got read, “Enter into thy closet and the advantage of me, was in respect shut the door, pray to the Father to secret prayer. At night it would that seeth in secret, and thy Father be suggested, that I must not pray who seeth in secret shall reward long, for my health was not very thee openly.” This was a word in good, and I should be unable to do

season. Now


former darkness justice in my school if I did not left my mind, as fast as the mist sleep. Many a good season has been disappears before the rising sun. shortened this way. When I stayed Now I had confidence in prayer, in the school-house after school, for Truly God is good. Goodness and devotion, the idea would come, mercy have followed me all my now if somebody should be look days. ing in at the window, they would I felt much for those who did not say, this is hypocrisy;" and though profess to love God, especially for I sometimes looked out and never one that was my benefactor, aged saw any one, yet the temptation was and infirm. I wished to know if he so great, that at length it became a had a hope, and what it was founded burden to kneel down at all. Still

upon. The Lord only was witness I did not like to break my resolu to


trials this account. After tion of trying to pray. One after a while another storm arose in my noon while struggling and reason mind, which was long, and tedious, ing against the tempter, a new trou and, at times, almost insupportable. ble fell upon me,

so that there were I thought I had better not have joinso many people to be raised at the ed the church till I had tried wheresurrection that I should be for ther I could love religion; for it


of men.

was better not to put the hand to good: seek peace, and pursue it." the plough than afterwards to look Job saith, “ The fear of the Lord, that back. Sometimes it would come is wisdom, and to depart from evil, with power upon my mind, that I is understanding." And in the New should do something worse than Testament the great apostle Paul ever any Christian had done, and commends young Timothy, because so give occasion to the enemies of from a child he had known the holy the Lord to speak reproachfully. scriptures, which are able to make This was my affliction, and I cried wise unto salvation, through faith to the Lord, and he heard me, and which is in Christ Jesus. Now bedelivered me out of my distress. O cause the fear of the Lord is wis. that men would praise the Lord for dom to the young; and to depart his wonderful works to the children from evil, is the way for the young

There is balm in Gilead, to obtain a good understanding; and and a physician there. Why then because this fear of the Lord arises are not all wounded consciences out of a believing knowledge of the healed ?

holy scriptures, therefore let us, my In the course of the next year I young friends, search that blessed was married, and removed to C book. And let us do this, rememI missed my Christian society of bering, that whatsoever things were young people, and found thať the written aforetime, were written for cares of the world were not friend our learning: In this the sense is ly to a life of holiness. Yet I had confined to the sacred writings of some advantages that I never had the Old Testament. This is evi. before. I found it a great comfort dent from the context, in which the to my mind to have religious com apostle refers to the example of pany at home. And though the mar Christ, and quotes a text of ancient ried

woman careth for the things of prophesy, out of the 69th Psalm. the world, how she may please her To those scriptures, therefore, let husband, yet where there is the fear our views be directed: and let us of God, Dr. Watts says, marriage refer to some of the most striking helps devotion.

things contained in them. And let By degrees I fell into the dark; us do this with a desire to learn doubted much of my good estate;

wisdom. But in this reference, and strongly desired release from where, my young readers, shall we this bondage. The Lord saw fit begin? Where but where those that I should be relieved in his own writings begin? With the creation

of the world. (To be continued.)

That was the morning of time, when, “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." And as this stupendous and won

derful work of God went on, and BRIEF DISCOURSES-N0. y. was finished, “the morning stars The Old Testament recommended to

sang together, and all the sons of Young Peoples

God shouted for joy.” Last and

noblest of these works was MAN, or “Whatsoever things were written afore. human kind, whom God made a me, were written for our learning." male and a female.

Rom. XV. 4.

Innocent, intelligent, and happy “Come ye children, hearken unto was then the human pair: Eden's me; I will teach you the fear of the garden, which God had planted, was Lord.” “Keep thy tongue from their blest abode. Into this happy evil, and thy lips from speaking garden, a foul spirit found entrance. guile. Depart from evil, and do He entered into the serpent, and

time and way.


through him, tempted our first pa form, having the seal of circumcirents to eat of the forbidden fruit. sion, is set up in his family. They ate-they fell; and in their Pursuing the scripture history, fall, brought condemnation on them and learning the things which were selves and all their race.

aforetime written for our instrucThis garden was planted to be tion, at length we come to Joseph. the blest abode of innocent, and obe And in his history we are ready to dient, and faithful creatures. The exclaim, ah Joseph! it is from long, human pair were such no longer, and low and deep humiliation, that and therefore in Paradise they might thou camest to ride in the second not remain. The rebel angels must chariot, and to be, in Egypt, next to be cast out of heaven; and the rebel Pharaoh. On this history, my young man must be driven out of Eden.

friends, I hope you love to dwell. But ere his expulsion, the star of With every part of it make yourBethlehem rises and shines in the selves familiar. It is one of the best promise, that the woman's seed exhibitions of the fear of the Lord, should bruise the serpent's head. of the true dignity of human nature, Gen. iii. 15. These rays of divine and of the excellence of character, light kept man from hopeless de which has ever been given. Whilst spair, and buoyed up his mind to you read it with attention, you canmeet and to bear the burdens of life. not fail being impressed by it. But ah! what early fruits of sin! When you see him the governor of How was the heart of the parent to Egypt, making himself known to his be rent, and bleed, for the death of brethren, you seem to be there. It the second born, slain by the first! is the very language of nature; it

That must have been a gloomy goes to the heart; “I am Joseph. evening in Adam's family, when Does my father yet live?” Ah! who Abel returned not from tending his would have acted like Joseph ? Not flocks. And when the dark frown those who neglect the Bible; not of malice, and the fell spectre of re they who fear not God; not they venge, sat sullen on the brow of who do not honour, love, and obey Cain.

their parents; not they who love The wickedness of men became not their brethren, and who forgive great in the earth. The whole world not injuries: they do not act like turned aside from the Lord; and in Joseph. wrath God sent the flood of waters Israel went into Egypt, and whilst and drowned them all, except Noah Joseph lived, it went well with and his family. The flood of waters them: when Joseph was dead, they could not wash out the corruption were cruelly oppressed. But the of sin, the inherent depravity of the God of their fathers is a God keephuman heart. When men were born ing covenant; and will


himafter the flood, they had just such self faithful to his people in every wicked hearts, as those who were age. The time of their extreme born before it. The Lord takes the suffering, when their groanings came wise in their own craftiness. The


before God, is made the time for means which the great ones took to him to work, and the time of their keep together, the erection of a city deliverance. and a tower, were by God over With a high hand and with a ruled for, and necessary to, their stretched out arm, did Jehovah greater dispersion.

bring them out. And Israel, reWhen the earth was again far re deemed from Egyptian bondage, moved from the fear and the know sung his praises on the eastern ledge of the Lord, behold Abraham shore of the Red Sea. was called of God, and the church At Mount Sinai he


them the of the living God under a covenant law of the ten commandments, and

that we may.

For this pur

hurdah, following them using of best kin diofe knowledge the They also

made with them a covenant. But Babylon and the resettlement of in the wilderness they rebelled and the Jews in Judea, these writings turned to idolatry; and in the wil go back to the beginning of time, derness the Lord kept them and and give a history of redemption in led them forty years. Yet Moses all the way. Hence we learn the was their prophet and their ruler: great need of a frequent, let me say Aaron was their priest. At length daily, reading of the holy scriptures; under Joshua, the Lord led them

learn the lessons which unto the promised land, and drove God hath given us. out their enemies before them. So pose each one should have a Bible, God deals with his people now. that they may never have to wait

In the things which were written the pleasure of others, when they aforetime, is the history of Israel have time to read for themselves. under the Judges, and of the Kings, We


infer also, the great usewhich followed: the history of their

fulness of Bible classes, and urge lapses into idolatry, and of the great

young people to attend on them judgments which came upon them whenever they have opportunity. - for it; and the history of their re They aid such as wish to learn, in pentings and the deliverances which learning the things which were God gave them. At length the ten written aforetime in the holy scriptribes were carried away from their tures. They are calculated to turn own land, and strangers were placed the mind methodically to the Bible there, by the king of Assyria. history, and excite attention to the

of Ephraimcaptive to

and keep acBabylon; but they were restored tively engaged. Thus they tend to again into Judea, when for seventy present happiness; whilst the things years, the land, in desolations, had which are learned point out the way enjoyed her Sabbaths.

to future bliss. In such a class, Nor should I here omit to say, from week tu week, portions of this that the mysteries of Providence in holy book are read by the scholars, the government of this world, and and are by the teacher opened to in the affiction of the righteous, are

their minds. In this way they acunfolded in the book of Job. Then quire a taste for this holy book, and follow the holy writings of the this kind of reading. Psalms and of Solomon. These May the rays of this heavenly also were written aforetime, for our light be seen by all. May this rule learning, and they have filled the be regarded in life, and guide you saints with comfort. In the books to endless life.

ISAAC REED. of the Prophets, there is much to learn. All that they have written of Christ and his kingdom, are the things written aforetime for our learning; and of this kingdom,

NAPOLEON BUONAPARTE. Isaiah has written so much, that he Messrs. Editors It seems probahas been sometimes called the Fifth

ble, from the statements made in the Evangelist.

public papers, that Napoleon BuonaMy young readers, it is of im

parte is no more. No more on earth, mense importance to give diligence, to be affected by its changes, or to be that we may learn the things which instrumental in producing them. No were written aforetime for our be more to feel the influence of human nefit. Great is the number and opinions, whether of eulogy or censcope of events which the writings sure. But he is not extinct. He of the Old Testament include. will live in the memory of history, From the time of the return from till time shall be no more. He has


"left a name, at which the world grew annihilated. He fled-and thencepale,

forth all his glory fled. He who three To point a moral or adorn a tale."

years since was the most powerful And what is infinitely more impor mortal that ever existed, is now a tant to him, he has, if death has really powerless captive in the loneliest isle set its seal upon him, finished his pe on earth. How impressively does riod of probation, and gone to receive this teach us that “the Lord reignaccording to the deeds done in the eth!" that "the Most High ruleth in body.” Probably no individual of the kingdom of men, and giveth it to Adam's race, had ever a higher re whomsoever he will.”

CLERICUS. sponsibility to "the Judge of all,” than August 18th, 1821. this man. From that judge he has received an equitable award, which will abide him throughout eternity.

ON THE DURATION OF FUTURE In the hands of that judge, who is

PUNISHMENT. soon to pass sentence on ourselves, let us leave him. But it is a duty to

(Continued from page 317.) derive instruction from the dispensa 5. Another class of texts is ad. tions of Providence in regard to him; duced in support of the doctrine of from what he was, what he did, and Universalism, because they establish what he became. Since hearing of the unlimited subjection of all things his death, I happened to cast my eye in the created universe, to the Medion part of a sermon, delivered shortly ator, previously to his resignation of after he was incarcerated in the island

his delegated empire. The texts alof St. Helena; which I send you for leged are, Ps. viii. 5, 6, Heb. ii. 6-9, publication, if you think it proper to Rev. v. xiii, and i Cor. xv. 24–29. be inserted in your magazine. The The doctrine taught in these texts sermon from which I give you this merits particular attention. As the extract, was an illustration of Psalm

same principle pervades the whole of xcvii. 1. “The Lord reigneth, let the these passages of scripture, the examiearth rejoice.” In showing that God nation of one of them will suffice. reigneth in the kingdoms of men, We shall select the last, which our the following remarks were intro

opponents have considered as furduced. “No age of the world ever nishing a Herculean argument in witnessed greater or more sudden their favour. To use the words of changes in the state of nations, or in one of their champions, this text is the possession of sovereign power, “decisive of itself, were there no than that in which we live. Three other text in the Bible of like imyears since, a fortunate soldier, raised

port." "Then cometh the end, when from an obscure original, was perhaps he shall have delivered up the kingthe most splendid and puissant em dom to God, even the Father; when peror that ever wore a diadem. The

he shall have put down all rule, and world trembled before him; and never all authority and power. For he on its surface was arrayed an army must reign, till he hath put all eneof such physical force as was then led mies under his feet. The last enemy by him, to the subjugation, as he ex that shall be destroyed is death. For pected, of the only unsubjugated he shall put all things under his feet. power of continental Europe. But But when he saith all things are put * the Lord reigneth.” The warrior's under bim, it is manifest, that he is tide of success was expended. At excepted which did put all things unthe highest point of bis elevation, he der him. And when all things shall was left to infatuated projects. He be subdued unto him, then shall the could not combat with the cold, and Son also himself be subject anto him, storms, and tempests--the artillery that put all things under him, that of heaven. The blast of Jehovah God

may be all in all." struck him. His mighty army was

This passage does demonstrate in

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