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and two in the southwestern part of our society, and of forwarding the amount colcountry, one denominated Union, among lected to our Treasurer, W. Wilson, esq. in the Little Osages, the other Harmony, the city of N. York. Supplications that the among the Great Osages of the Missouri. Redeemer's name may be known throughAt these various stations, including minis out the earth, and the devoting of a portion ters of the gospel, mechanics of different of our earthly treasures, are very properly kinds, farmers, females, whose office it is united. In the former, we express our solito teach the heathen the domestic arts, and citude that his glory may be advanced, and children; there are employed more than by the latter, we evince a willingness to seventy persons, exclusive of a number of spend for that important purpose, and “with hired men. No sooner is a field presented, such sacrifices Jehovah, our God, is well seemingly white for the harvest, than la pleased.” Now, very dearly beloved brobourers voluntarily offer themselves to ther, on your exertions it must principally enter it; and the friends of Christianity, depend, whether this concert for prayer is with a liberality honourable to their pro observed in that section of the church fession, consecrate their silver and gold, which you occupy; whether it is attended and every enjoyment of life, for their sup with that earnestness which corresponds port.

with the magnitude of the object, and

whether contributions foraiding the society Dearly Beloved Brother,

in its operations are made. And can you, The object of the United Foreign Mis or we, exert our influence in a cause more sionary Society, in offering this address, is honourable and important? It must be affectionately to solicit you to hold in your matter of humiliation and grief, that the congregation the monthly concert for pray three denominations of Christians whom we er, if it has not been already observed; and, represent, having the same Bible, holding if you have already observed it, to aim at essentially the same doctrines, and observ. exciting the people to a more general at ing substantially the same modes of wor. tendance, and to greater fervour in plead ship, had long stood aloof from each other ing with Israel's God, that his Spirit might in the glorious work of evangelizing the descend upon all his churches, and that his world. “Behold how good and pleasant it gospel may be speedily diffused through is for brethren to dwell together in unity," every nation. We need not inform you, and walk hand in hand in furthering the that the success of the missionaries among scheme of redemption, which is the noblest the heathen will much depend, under God, of the works of God. Let us then unite on the prayers of the churches in their be our efforts with an ardour worthy the half. While Moses lifted up his hand Israel sacred name by which we are called, and prevailed, and probably, in proportion to endeavour to cultivate this whole westthe frequency and fervour of our suppli ern wilderness, a considerable portion of cations, will the "pleasure of the Lord which already “blossoms as the rose." prosper in the hands" of those labourers That the gospel of Jesus shall yet be whom we send forth to perishing pagans. preached to all the world, is as certain as How animating is the reflection, that when that the natural sun which rises in the east, we convene in our respective temples, on will roll along in his orbit, until he has enthe afternoon of the first Monday of every lightened and cheered in his career, all the month, devoutly imploring that the Spi. nations of the earth; and honourable will ritual kingdom may come, we hold com they be, in time and through eternity, who munion with Christians in Asia, and Africa, are most instrumental in promoting its difand Europe, and America; with that fa fusion. voured company of every clime and kin Some of you by whom this address will dred, and colour, with whom we hope probably be read, may never be seen by us shortly to swell that anthem of praise which as in the Aesh," but be assured that we are will never cease, “Unto Him that loved us

present with you in spirit, ever ready to reand washed us from our sins in his own joice in your prosperity, and sympathize blood, to him be glory and dominion for

in your sorrows. That you may not be ever.” And, without doubt, when the re weary in well-doing, but remain steadfast, deemed of every age and country collect immovable, always abounding in the work in the heavenly sanctuary, it will be the of the Lord, and at last be presented faultsubject of delightful recollection, that we less before the presence of his glory with had co-operated with our prayers, and exceeding joy, is the prayer of your brecounsels, and secular substance, in pro thren in the faith of Jesus, and your fellow moting the common salvation upon earth. labourers in the work of his gospel, Another object of the managers, in ad

ALEXANDER PROUDFIT, dressing you on the present occasion, is,

PAILIP MILLEDOLER, respectfully to suggest the propriety of

GARDINER SPRING, making a collection at your monthly con

Committee. cert, exclusively for aiding the funds of the New York, May, 1821.

The Treasurer of the Trustees of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian

Church acknowledges the receipt of the following sums for their Theological Seminary at Princeton, during the month of May last - viz.

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Of Captain Sowers, per Robert Ralston, esq., a collection in Brown's Meeting-house Congregation, Virginia,

$12 50 and from the Female Cent Society of Staunton

11 25 Deduct a counterfeit 3 dollar note received in the above for the

Contingent Fund
Of Rev. Dr. John M‘Dowell, for the professorship to be endowed by the
Synod of New York and New Jersey, viz.
from Rahway


5 50 Elizabeth Town

52 31 Of Rev. Thomas M. Strong, in full of his proportion for a scholarship to be

endowed by the senior class of 1819 Subscriptions on Dr. Green's papers for the Permanent Fund since June last Do. of members of the last General Assembly for Contingent Fund, do. Of Rev. Robert H. Morrison, Concord Presbytery, for the professorship to be endowed in part by Synod of North Carolina, viz. from Rev. John Carrigan

$121, 00 Rev. James S. Adams

76 00 Rev. John Williamson

35 00 Rev. Aaron Williams

32 00 Rev. John B. Davis

20 00 Per do. Dr. Hall's subscription

7 00 Mr. Robert Harris

51 00 Rev. John Robinson

50 00 Rev, Samuel C. Caldwell

50 00 Rev. Eleazar Harris

26 00 Rev. John M. Wilson

121 00 John Phifer, esq.

22 50 Rev. Dr. James M'Ree, Unity in Lincoln

51 00 and Centre

30 00 Rev. Joseph D. Kilpatrick

111 50 $5 counterfeits, and $26 23° discount, are to be deducted from

the last above $804, leaving: Of do. from Rev. John Robinson, the donation of ladies in Poplar Tent

and Ramah congregations, 1st and 2d year, towards founding a scholarship

$40 00 Deduct discount

1 30 Of Rev. Reuben Post, on Dr. Neill's paper in Washington City,. for the

Permanent Fund
from Female Cent Society, Washington City, for Contingent Fund
from Mrs. Hart, near Bladensburg

do. collection in Georgetown

do. and Elias B. Caldwell, esq. subscription

do. Of do. from the First Congregation in Washington City, for the profes

sorship to be endowed by Synod of Philadelphia Of Rev. John G. Bergen, Chatham, for the professorship to be endowed

by the Synod of New York and New Jersey Of Robert MNeely, esq. Trenton, for ditto Of Mr. William Nassau, 1st, 20 and 3d instalment on Dr. Green's paper

for the Permanent Fund Of Rev. Henry R. Wilson, Silver Spring, Contingent Fund Of Rev. George Reid, the 2d instalment of Rev. John Couser, for a profes

sorship to be endowed in part by the Synod of S. Carolina and Georgia Of Rev. William D. Snodgrass, the five following sums, for the professor

ship to be endowed in part by the Synod of North Carolina, viz.
1st instalment of Duncan M‘Leran, esq.
from Rev. John M'Intyre
from Rev. Malcolm M Nair

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Brought over from the Session of the Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville

and from Rev. Samuel Stanford, Grove and South River Of do. for the scholarship to be founded by the Presbytery of Fayette

Of Rev. Dr. William Neill, from Rev. F. Herron, subscriptions in First Pres-
byterian Church, Pittsburgh, 890. Deduct $2 70, discount paid by

Mr. Herron. For Contingent Fund
Of do. from Rev. Mr. Swift, subscriptions in Presbyterian Church, Pitts-

burgh, $39. Deduct $1 discount, paid by Mr. Swift. For do.
Of do. the 3d instalment of Robert Smith, esq. Baltimore, for Permanent

Of Rev. Dr. Janeway, from Rev. Francis Cummins, Georgià, for Contingent

Fund, viz. from Bethany $18 50, and from Salem $17 50
Of Rev. John F. Clark, from the following Dollar Societies for same fund,
viz. from Flemington


Of John Fine, esq. St. Lawrence Presbytery, for the education of pious

students in the Seminary, viz. from Denmark $1 01, and Sackett's Har.

bour, $2 04 Of Rev. James I. Ostrom, North River Presbytery, for the professorship to

be endowed by Synod of New York and New Jersey; Newburg $48 62 New Windsor

11 50 and for the Contingent Fund Of Rev. Shepard K. Kollock, Orange Presbytery, a draft due in New York

on 27th June next, for $871, for the professorship to be endowed in part by the Synod of South Carolina and Georgia Of do. another draft due at same time and place for $285, and cash for the

scholarship to be endowed by the Presbytery of Orange Of Rev. Samuel Robertson, Long Island Presbytery, from Ladies Society in Huntington

$20 00 Interest on monies reported to Synod last fall

7 00 Collection in do.

8 00 These $35 are for the Synod of New York and New Jersey's professor

ship, but may now be used for the salaries of the professors. Of Rev. James Snodgrass, from Steubenville Presbytery, for the education

of pious youth in the Seminary Of Rev. James Galbraith, for the same fund, being the “donation of a fe

male in Mifflin county, Pennsylvania, one of Zion's well wishers,"

and for the Contingent Fund
Of Rev. George Pomeroy, Otsego Presbytery, for the same fund, viz.

Cooperstown $12, Springfield $2 80, and Cherry Valley 82
Of Mr. Ananias Platt, from William M'Harg, esq. treasurer of the Dollar

Society of First Presbyterian Church, Albany; and given for the profes

sor's house
Of Rev. Isaac Vandoren for the Contingent Fund, being a collection two

years past in the congregation of Goodwill
and from Hopewell, for the professorship to be endowed by the Synod

of New York and New Jersey
Of Rev. Samuel Harris, Londonderry Presbytery, from Windham congre-

gation, for the Permanent Fund Of Rev. Dr. John M‘Dowell, for the professorship to be endowed by the Synod of New York and New Jersey, from Springfield,

$6 00
and from the Biblical and Church History Society of Elizabethtown 8 25
Of Rev. Dr. Samuel Blatchford, for the Contingent Fund,
viz. from Troy

$59 43
Lansinburgh and Waterford 813 85, Stephentown $6 68 20 53
Of Rev. John Frost, Whitesboro, for same fund
Of Rev. Obadiah Jennings, Steubenville, do.
Of Rev. Francis Herron, from Rev. Joseph Henderson, Bethel and Ebe-

nezer, do.
Of Rev. James Hillhouse, the subscription of Rev. William H. Barr, of Up-

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Carried over

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133 75 11 | 75

8 75 50

348 84


Brought over per Long Cane Church, South Carolina, for the professorship to be en

dowed in part by the Synod of South Carolina and Georgia Of Rev. David Monfort, from Second Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati,

$15 00 Collected by Rev. M. G. Wallace, on subscription

5 50 Deduct $1 50 discount paid by M. Monfort. Sum received for

Contingent Fund
Of Rev. John Chester, for the professor's house, viz. from Dollar Society
Second Presbyterian Church, Albany

$70 00 and collected by Rev. H. A. Wood

63 75 Of Rev. Robert Johnson, from Youhagany, for Contingent Fund Of Rev. Horace Galpin, Newton Presbytery, do. Of Rev. Dr. Samuel Miller, his 2d instalment for a professorship from Ercuries Beatty, esq. executor, in part of the legacy of John Har.

rison, esq. late of Princeton, N. J. deceased; for Contingent Fund Old subscriptions of Messrs. John Wright, Aaron Harrison, jun. and

Aaron Quinby, of Orange, N. J. for same fund
and from members of the Presbyterian Church in Frankfort, Ky. do.
Of Rev. David Comfort, Kingston Dollar Society, for do.
Of Rev. Joshua T. Russell, from Rev. M. Lyle, Briery Church, do.
Of Rev. Dr. Robert Cathcart, from Monaghan $3 75, Middle Spring $5 40,

and from Chambersburg, $10; same fund
Of Rev. Warren Day, Second Church, Geneseo, New York, do.
Of Rev. Dr. A. Alexander, from Rev. Robert Glenn, of Jonesboro, East

Tennessee, being contributions from Hebron and Boatyard, in Abingdon Presbytery, do. Of Rev. Horace Galpin, from Greenwich, Newton Presbytery, for educa

tion of pious youth in the Seminary
Of Rev. Isaac V. Brown, per Andrew Bayard, esq. from the Female Dollar

Society of Lawrenceville, for Contingent Fund
Of Samuel Bayard, esq. Princeton Church, collection for do.
Of Rev. Walter Monteith, Charlton Church, do.
Of Rev. Robert Russell, Allens township, for the education of pious youth

in the Seminary
Of Samuel Bayard, esq. his mileage as a commissioner, given to the Con-

tingent Fund Of John Beatty, esq. his do. Of Rev. Remembrance Chamberlain, for the scholarship to be founded by

the senior class of 1819

17 47 17 35


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Whole amount,,

3712 | 70

New Edition of the Presbyterian

Constitution. A. Finley has in press, and will publish speedily, the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States: containing the Confession of Faith, Catechisms, Forms of Government and Process, and Directory for Worship, as amend. ed by the Presbyteries, and ratified by the General Assembly, in May, 1821. This edition is to be printed under the inspection of the Rev. Drs. Janeway, Neill, and Ely, of this city, who are a committee appointed by the Assembly for this purpose, and whose certificate is requisite to authenticate the edition. The work is to be printed in a neat, handsome style, and will probably be completed in a month from this date.

Philadelphia, June 2, 1821.

Selections. A dying Follower of the World. In that dread moment, how the frantic

soul Raves round the walls of her clay tene,

Runs to each avenue, and shrieks for help.
How wishfully she looks on all she's

Now no longer her's. A little longer!
Yet a little longer! O might she stay,
To wash away her.crimes, and fit her
For the passage! Her very eyes weep
And every groan she heaves is big with

But the foe, like a staunch murderer,

steady to his purpose, Pursues her close, thro' every lane of



Nor misses once the track, but presses on,

Judge would try me once more; if he would but reprieve, and spare me a little longer; in what a spirit would I spend the remainder of my days! I would know no other business, aim at no other end than perfecting myself in holiness. What. ever contributed to that; every means of grace; every opportunity of spiritual improvement, should be dearer to me than thousands of gold and silver. But alas ! why do I amuse myself with fond imaginations ? The best resolutions are now insignificant, because they are too late. The day in which I should have worked is over and gone, and I see a sad horrible night approaching, bringing with it the blackness of darkness for ever. Heretofore, wo is me! when God called, I refused; when he invited, I was one of them that made excuse. Now, therefore, I receive the reward of my deeds; fear. fulness and trembling are come upod me; I smart, and am in sore anguish already; and yet this is but the beginning of sor. rows! it doth not yet appear what I shall be; but sure I shall be ruined, undone, and destroyed with an everlasting destruction!”

“ This sad scene I saw with mine eyes; these words, and many more equally af. fecting, I heard with mine ears, and soon after attended the unhappy gentleman to his tomb."

Till forc'd, at last, to the tremendous

verge, At once she sinks to everlasting rain.”

BLAIR, The following affecting account of the dying hours of a man of gaiety and pleasure, was given by Mr. Hervey in a letter to that son of dissipation, sin and folly, the late Beau Nash, of Bath. It was de. signed as a friendly warning to him, to prepare to meet his God; though it is to be apprehended the warning was vain.

“I was not long since called to visit a poor gentleman, erewhile of the most robust body, and the gayest temper I ever knew. But when I visited him ; Oh ! how was the glory departed from him! I found him no more that sprightly and vivacious son of joy which he used to be; but languishing, pining away, and withering under the chastising hand of God. His limbs feeble and trembling; his countenance forlorn and ghastly; and the little breath he had left, sobbed out in sorrowful sighs! His body hastening apace to the dust to lodge in the silent grave, the land of darkness and desolation. His soul just going to God who gave it : preparing itself to wing away unto its long home; to enter upon an unchangeable and eternal state. * When I was come up into his chamber, and had seated myself on his bed, he first cast a most wishful look upon me, and then began as well as he was able to speak. “Oh! that I had been wise, that I had known this, that I had considered my latter end. Ah! Mr. death is knocking at my doors : in a few hours more I shall draw my last gasp ; and then judgment, the tremendous judgment! how shall I appear, unprepared as I am, before the allknowing and omnipotent God ? How shall 'I endure the day of his coming?” When I mentioned among many other things, that strict holiness which he had formerly so slightly esteemed, he replied with a hasty eagerness : “Oh! that holiness is the only thing I now long for. I have not words to tell you how highly I value it. I would gladly part with all my estate, large as it is, or a world, to obtain it. Now my benighted eyes are enlightened, I clearly discern the things that are excellent. What is there in the place whi. ther I am going but God? Or what is there to be desired on earth but religion ?”—But if this God should restore you to health, said I, think you that you should alter your former course ?-"I call heaven and earth to witness," said he, “I would labour for holiness, as I shall soon labour for life. As for riches and pleasures, and the applauses of men, I account them as dross and dung, no more to my happiness that the feathers that lie on the floor. Oh! if the righteous

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A HYMN BY KRISHNU,. The first Hindoo baptized in Bengal, and

now a preacher of the Gospel. O thou, my soul, forget no more The FRIEND who all thy misery bore ! Let every idol be forgotBut O! my soul, forget him not. BRUMHU* for thee a body takes, Thy guilt assumes, thy fetters breaks, Discharging all thy dreadful debt; And can'st thou e'er such love forget? Renounce thy works and ways with grief, And fly to this most sure relief; Nor Him forget, who left his throne, And for thy life, gave up his own. Infinite truth and mercy shine In Him--and he, himself, is thine ; And can’st thou, then, with sin beset, Such charms, such matchless charms,

forget? Ah! no-till life itself depart, His name shall cheer and warm my heart; And, lisping this, from earth I'll rise, And join the chorus of the skies. Ah! no-when all things else expire, And perish in the general fire, This name all others shall survive, And through eternity shall live.

* The Hindoo name of the one God.

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