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venly race, that we should deem time his zeal honours and gratifies it too carnal to comport with our the generous

sentiments of his own claims to spirituality in the service mind. We tender the President of God? Was it a confirmation to and colonel M Kinney our hearty their faith, a help to them in their thanks, and in so doing are confijourney to heaven? And shall we dent that we express the gratitude, slight it as unworthy of our accept not only of the different Presbyteance, and deserving of no more re rian churches, with their 1500 migard than an antiquated rite of Mo nisters in the United States, but of ses ? It is not to be ranked among

all the Christian congregations in those indifferent matters concerning which Paul says, “Let every

We have heard but one dissenman be fully persuaded in his own tient voice, indeed, from any quarmind.” Rom. xiv. 5. It is a pre ter, and that has just sounded forth scribed duty, which should be ac from Red Jacket, one of the Seneca knowledged and practised by every

chiefs in the state of New York. professing Christian. J.J. ). We strongly suspect, however, that (To be continued.)

Red Jacket has been prompted by
some enemy of Christianity, and
that some insidious infidel indited

his Letter, while he professed to act

only as an amanuensis; or else, The President of the United that the chief designed to please States is now pursuing a system of his Governor, by following his fameasures, in relation to the Indian

shion of attacking the administratribes within our borders, which de tion of the federal government. At serves the approbation, and entitles any rate the letter was transmitted him to the thanks of every true to the legislature of New York by Christian. Without giving a pre governor Clinton, and thus has ference to any religious denomina come before the world; when he tion, he appropriates the funds put might have kept it on the files of at his disposal for this purpose, state for his own private informaamong the different missionary es tion and guidance. tablishments, for the support of the After complaining of the depreIndian children who attend the dations of the white people on the schools attached to these institu timber belonging to the Senecas, of tions. Through our government, the frequent thefts of their horses many hundreds of these little ones and cattle, of the imprisonment of of the forest are now learning to the Indians for debt, and of the inread, write, keep accounts, and jury done to their hunting and fishpractise the most useful arts. They eries, Red Jacket proceeds to say, are forming the habits of civilized man, and will be prepared even

“Our great father, the President, has tually for citizenship.

recommended to our young men to be

industrious, to plough, and to sow. This With the spirit which animates

we have done, and are thankful for the our present chief magistrate, the advice, and for the means he has afforded superintendent of Indian trade, co us of carrying it into effect. We are lonel Thomas L. M-Kenney, is evi

happier in consequence of it. But ano-
ther thing recommended to us,

has creadently influenced, in affording every

ted great confusion among us, and is facility of communication between

making us a quarrelsome and divided the missionaries and their friends, people; and that is the introduction of and the Indians, which is in his preachers into our nation. These Black power. He is an agent well suited

Coats contrive to get the consent of some to promote the benevolent designs

of the Indians, to preach among us; and

whenever this is the case, confusion and of the executive; while at the same disorder are sure to follow: and the en

croachments of the whites upon our preacher to any nation, unless it lands are the invariable consequences. may have been by his own private The governor must not think hard of me

donation as a Christian man, who for speaking thus of the preachers. I have observed their progress, and when

does not lose his individuality nor I look back to see what has taken place his character as a private member of old, I perceive that whenever they of the church of God, by becoming came among the Indians they were the

the beloved ruler of the union, by forerunners of their dispersion; that they always excited enmities and quarrels

the nearly unanimous suffrage of among them; that they introduced the his fellow citizens. white people on their lands, by whom If Mr. Clinton, who is in our esthey were robbed and plundered of their teem possessed of a powerful mind property; and that the Indians were sure to dwindle and decrease, and be

and influence, would ever fill the driven back, in proportion to the num

chair of the union, we would advise ber of preachers that came among them.

him not to wound the feelings of " Each nation has its own customs, and the Christian people of these United its own religion, The Indians have theirs, States, by giving currency to the given to them by the Great Spirit, under which they were happy. It was not in.

Pagan philosophy of Red Jacket, tended that they should embrace the re

that Christianity would be no blessligion of the whites, and be destroyed by ing to the Indians. If this Indian the attempt to make them think differ chief writes to inform him, that the ently on that subject from their fathers.

President wishes the Senecas to beIt is true, these people have got the consent of some of the chiefs, to stay

come Christians through the preachand to preach among us; but I and my

ing of the truth, even this his Excelfriends, know this to be wrong, and that lency Gov.Clinton might have politithey ought to be removed

Beside, we cal motives for keeping to himself. have been threatened by Mr. Hyde, who

There are too many hundreds of came among us as a schoolmaster, and a

Christian ministers in the state of teacher of our children; but has now be. come a black coat, and refuses to teach

New York, for Mr. Clinton to sucthem any more, that unless we listen to ceed by a dead set against them, his preaching, and become Christians, even in the Red Jacket, and with we will be turned off our lands, and not

the bow and arrows of an Indian allowed to plague us any more--we shall never be at peace while he is among us.


E. S. E. “ We are afraid too, that these preachers, by and by, will become poor, and force us to pay them for living among

ON FAMILY WORSHIP. us and disturbing us.”

The President is here blamed for This duty is eminently conduthe enmity which the Pagan Sene cive not only to domestic happiness, cas feel against the Christian In but to the general prosperity of redians of the same little tribe; and ligion. If God be not acknowledged impliedly for sending black coats in our family circles, there will be among

them: but the truth is, that but little hope of our regarding him Mr. Hyde was sent to the Senecas with suitable reverence in our more by the Missionary Society of New public deportment. York, years before any thing was It is alleged by some, that we are contributed by our national govern not required, in the scriptures, to ment for the support of schools celebrate divine worship in our faamong the aboriginals of our wilder milies, and that, therefore, however ness. The black coats were preach decent the practice may be, it is not ing Christ to the Indians of New obligatory. To this specious objecYork before Mr. Monroe was ever tion, we reply, that whatever is a candidate for the presidency; and strongly recommended either in since his election to office, he has the general tenor of sacred writ, or never done any thing directly or by the example of those pious chaindirectly towards sending any racters, whose faith and practice we Vol. 1.

2 F

are directed to imitate, is binding where the worship of God was ceupon us, as we would be followers lebrated with so much order and of them who, through faith and pa constancy as to attract the apostolic tience inherit the promises. Chris benediction, and the approbation of tianity teaches us our duty, by lay Heaven? If we have not an explicit ing down the general principles of command for the duty which we are religion and rules of conduct, from now recommending, we certainly which we are to ascertain how we have, in its favour, the uniform pracshould act in particular cases. Some tice of the most eminently pious of duties are so easily deducible from all Christian denominations. This those general principles which are fact is not unworthy of notice, inasexpressly taught in scripture, that much as it supposes that good men a formal

precept would seem unne generally have considered the duty cessary to secure attention to them. to be at once reasonable, pleasant,

If we wish to know what is duty and profitable. on the subject now before us, let us Let us appeal, readers, to your look at the conduct of those holy consciences, on this subject. If famen, of whom the world was not mily worship be not enjoined upon worthy. See Joshua, the successor you formally and in express terms, of Moses, and the leader of Israel : is it not a reasonable service? As his language was, “ As for me and families do you not receive daily my house, we will serve the Lord.”

proofs of the divine munificence ? How can this resolution be recon Does not an indulgent Providence ciled with the neglect of family defend


children by worship? And, when we are told day, and watch


defenceless that Job offered sacrifices for his

slumbers by night ? Are not the children, and that he did so conti mercies of the Lord renewed every nually, or statedly, are we not com morning, fresh every evening, and pelled to consider him, as maintain repeated every moment of

your ing family worship? When we are lives ? Now, can you permit these informed that David, on a certain mercies to

pass from day to day unoccasion, went home to bless his noticed and unacknowledged? Can household, is it not natural to sup you do so without subjecting yourpose that he retired to his family selves to the charge of ingratitude for the celebration of domestic wor to your heavenly Benefactor? Sureship, after having spent the day in ly, where benefits are received in discharging the duties of his public common, they ought to be acknowoffice? What are we to think of || ledged conjointly by the recipients. Daniel, who prayed in his house Whatever arguments prove the prowith his windows open towards Je priety of public worship, may be rusalem, at the peril of being cast urged with peculiar force in favour into the den of lions ? But a greater of domestic worship; because the than these is here. Did not our circumstances of a family are more blessed Lord, by so frequently nearly alike than those of a congretaking his disciples apart to pray gation, which must be composed of with them, leave us an example of several families. worshipping God in a family capa Indeed, wherever religion of any city?

kind is professed, we When we read, in the epistles of traces of domestic worship. The Paul, of several churches said to heathen have their household gods, have been in private houses, may to which they offer prayers and we not conclude that these churches sacrifices : and shall not we, who were nothing more than certain enjoy the meridian blaze of gospel happy families, where religion light, raise our domestic altars, and sweetened every domestic comfort; present our stated tribute of adora



tion and praise to the Father of mer your obligations to divine goodness : cies, when we are so fully autho —to take shelter, at night, beneath rized to expect a gracious accep the overshadowing wing of the Altance through the merits of his Son? mighty, and then, at the return of If we do not,-if we withhold from day, to offer your tribute of thankthe only wise God, whom we are fulness to your gracious Protector, taught to worship in spirit and in is the very way to cherish the temtruth, those devout expressions per of heaven, and prepare your of homage which the pagans offer souls for its holy employments. to their dumb idols, how shall we To the younger members of your escape the doom of that servant families the advantage may be also who knew his Lord's will, but re unspeakably great. Domestics of fused to perform it? Will it not be weak capacity, and children whose more tolerable for the heathen mental powers are unfolding, but world in the day of judgment than are yet in a feeble state, are benefor us?

fited more by frequent instruction, View the subject in another point than by a great deal at once. By of light. Consider the advantages joining in daily prayer and praise, which may result from the consci connected with the reading of the entious discharge of this duty. sacred scriptures, they may be

To your own souls it may be in brought gradually to an acquaintcalculably useful. If you have a ance with the divine perfections, relish for spiritual services at all, and with their own sinfulness, and these devotional exercises, in your need of a Saviour. By the habit of domestic circles, where there are attending to the several parts of dinone to molest you, or make you vine worship at home, they will be afraid, will have a happy tendency the more likely to derive benefit to promote your growth in grace, from the public services of God's and in the knowledge of the Lord

But if the attention of faJesus. They will secure to you

the milies be not frequently called to reading of a portion of sacred writ the things of religion in the course every day, which would, otherwise, of the week, the instructions of the through the pressure of worldly af- || pulpit will be in a great measure fairs, be often neglected. By stated both uninteresting and unintelligily recommending yourselves, your ble to them. Whatever good imfamilies, and all your possessions | pressions may be made on their to the care and protection of hea minds by the exercises of one Sabven, you would become more sensi bath, will probably be totally effaced ble of your dependence on God for before the next. In short, it apevery comfort. This sense of de pears next to impossible to train up pendence 'would excite gratitude our children and servants in the to your bountiful Benefactor, and nurture and admonition of the Lord, guard you against an inordinate if we habitually neglect family worpursuit of the world's treasures or ship. What will our good advice, honours. Frequent acknowledg our catechising, and our authority ment of your failures in the dis- || signify, if these means be not sanccharge of relative duties, would ren tified by prayer, and enforced by a der you more careful to ponder your corresponding example of piety and path, that you might walk before devotion ? your families in the statutes and or Having thus briefly stated the dinances of the Lord blameless. To duty, in its obligations and its probespeak, in the morning, the guid- || bable advantages, we earnestly and ance of heavenly wisdom through affectionately press the necessity of all the duties and trials of the day, attending to it. And this we do, and, in the evening, to acknowledge with that awfully solemn prophetic


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imprecation full in our view: “ Pour hearts, and make them pious; but out thy fury upon the Heathen, that you can use the means which God know thee not, and upon the fami- has prescribed, and which he ordilies that call not on thy name. ^ Jer. || narily blesses. The maxim is geX. 25. With this fearful sentence nerally true: “ Train up a child in sounding in your ears, readers, dis


he should go, and when he miss your excuses and objections. is old, he will not depart from it.” Tell us not that the duty, if it be one, As you would be happy in your fais generally neglected, and that you milies, call in the influence of faare afraid of appearing singularly mily religion. Let the spirit of the strict, or overmuch righteous. That gospel predominate in your domesit is so generally neglected, is the tic circles, and you will probably reproach of our age. It ought not to have less cause to complain of vexbe neglected; and you are not to atious servants and undutiful chil. follow a multitude in the omission dren. To enforce the discharge of of duty, any more than in the prac relative duties, religion presents tice of evil. No association, in sin, the most powerful and persuasive however powerful, can escape the motives, drawn from heaven and malediction of God. “Though hand hell—from the torments of the join in hand, the wicked shall not damned and the joys of the blessed. go unpunished.”

Remember it is the blessing of the Have the courage, then, to dis Lord that maketh both rich and sent from the practice of the multi


« The house of the wicked tude. Look at Abraham, and Joshua, shall be overthrown, but the taberand Job, and David, and Daniel, nacle of the upright shall flourish. who are now inheriting the promis The curse of the Lord is in the es. These were singularly pious. house of the wicked, but he blesseth They served God with their house the habitation of the just.” Say holds, in the midst of idolatry, cor nothing, then, of the time necessary ruption and prevailing error.


to be spent in family instruction ye, and do likewise.

Your encour

and worship. A reasonable portion agement and obligation to the duty of every day thus spent, will be are strong and indubitable. Your spent to the best purpose. It will children are looking to you for in have a tendency to promote suborstruction and example. You cannot dination, order and harmony. It bring them


in the nurture and may be the means of securing the admonition of the Lord, unless you aged from petulance and severity, pray with them and for them. Of and of guarding the young from inall 'relative duties, those of a pa dolence, prodigality and error. The rent are perhaps the most impor sacred scriptures contain instructant to the prosperity of the church tions suited to all circumstances and the salvation of souls.

and relations in life. Parents and stand at the head of a family, is to children, masters and servants are occupy a station of the most awful here taught their responsibility to responsibility. Your children are the Great Parent of the Universe, leaving you, and carrying into the before whom all must appear, to give world with them your principles an account of the deeds done in the and your habits of life, and if you body. Prayer renews and deepens do not teach them to remember and the impressions of divine truth upon to worship their Creator in the days the heart. If, therefore, you would of their youth, what can you ex secure the divine blessing upon pect, but that, following the corrupt yourselves, your children, your serbias of their hearts, they will live without God, and die without hope?

vants, and all your possessions,

worship God in the family, and You cannot, indeed, change their teach your households to keep his


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