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which relates to the religious in God is properly conducted, must struction of their children. The tend in no small degree to impress principles, which children imbibe in

upon their tender minds the idea youth, are those which generally that the Supreme Being is an obgive a direction to their conduct in ject worthy of the esteem, respect maturer years. Hence in youth the and veneration of his creatures. features of character are almost in Family prayer, when properly variably laid-which riper age tends practised, is also excellent only more fully to develop.

means, under the influence of God's This then at once shows the great Spirit, for promoting in the minds necessity that is laid upon parents of children a love for the doctrines to watch over

the forming ideas of and precepts of religion. By the their tender offspring. If wrong im stated performance of this duty in pressions be made at first upon their a family, children are daily called tender minds, it will be found a very on to contemplate their Father in difficult task afterwards to efface heaven as their constant guide and them. Parents therefore should en benefactor. And must not this tend deavour by every proper means to to beget in their bosoms love and instil into the minds of their chil gratitude to that being who daily dren the pure doctrines and holy sustains them, and supplies all their precepts of the religion of Jesus returning wants ? This will also Christ.

have no small tendency to teach In order, however, to do this pro them to respect parental authority, perly and effectually, under the and will therefore naturally lead blessing of God, it will be incum them to submit to those necessary bent upon parents to set before and judicious restraints which that their children a consistent godly authority may impose upon their example. Living example is more conduct. powerful than any doctrine which Thus must parents proceed in recan be taught, or any precept which spect to their children, if they can be inculcated. When there would have them to walk in the fore doctrine, precept and example path of wisdom. This path is narare united, parents have certainly


and therefore the greater care much better reason to expect in is necessary on the part of parents their children piety and virtue, than to use all


endeavours to inwhen they instruct without prac duce their offspring to enter upon tising themselves; or when they it. The minds of youth ought to be may exemplify the doctrines of re well fortified with good doctrines ligion in their own lives, without in and pious habits, to enable them to forming their children of the pre oppose those seducing attractions cepts and doctrines, which ought which vice daily presents to their also to influence their principles of

view to entice them from the seraction, and regulate the whole te vice of God. Should parents then nor of their conduct.

endeavour “to train up their chilTo give their children a habit of dren in the way in which they attending to the doctrines and

pre should go," they may have the hapcepts of religion, parents should piness, when about to leave this likewise be careful to accustom world themselves, of seeing them them, as early as possible, to attend walking in the path of religion and regularly in some place of public virtue, and by their industry, honesty worship. The effect which the pub and integrity, securing the esteem lic exercises of God's house often and confidence of their fellow men; produce on the minds of children is and, when this world and all things very remarkable. The solemnity in it shall have past away, may

have whích obtains where the worship of the cheering prospect of meeting

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them in that happy region, where Judah. Errors and heresies must those pious friends, who have once prevail in the church ; and even the been divided by death, shall meet to dear children of God, Paul and Sipart no more.

T. G. MI. las, must contend with each other.

Acts. xv. 39.

To show the importance and ex

tent of this holy union, was the deBRIEF DISCOURSES-N0. II. sign of the apostle, in this chapter.

He proves, that_the same faith,

wrought in Abel, Enoch, and Noah, « That they, without us, should not be

which afterwards wrought in Abramade perfect HEB. xi. 40.

ham, Isaac, and Jacob: and that The vital union of the whole Moses, and all the patriarchs and church, to the Mediator, and of all prophets, laboured and suffered unthe members to each other, is a doc der the ancient dispensation, by the trine plainly taught in the gospel.

grace; and with respect to the Without this union, there can be same Redeemer. For Moses esneither glory to God, nor salvation teemed the reproach of Christ, to man. “I am the vine; ye are greater riches than the treasures of the branches. As the branch can Egypt. not bear fruit of itself, except it And all the holy martyrs of folabide in the vine: no more can ye, lowing ages, in the same faith, lookexcept ye abide in me. Cut off | ing to the same Mediator, “subthe branch from the vine, and the dued kingdoms, wrought righteousconsequence is the death of that

ness, obtained promises, stopped branch. “ If a man abide not in the mouths of lions, quenched the me, he is cast forth, as a branch, violence of fire, escaped the edge and is withered and men gather of the sword; out of weakness, them, and cast them into the fire; were made strong, waxed valiant and they are burned.”

If a man

in fight, and turned to flight the love not his brother, whom he hath armies of the aliens.” And now, seen, how can he love God, whom he represents the saints in glory, he hath not seen ?" 5. We know like a “great cloud of witnesses, that we have passed from death surrounding every believer, and unto life; because we love the bre calling to him, “ Lay aside every thren."

By this shall all men weight, and the sin that doth most know, that ye are my disciples, if easily beset

easily beset you; and run with paye have love, one to another.” tience the race set before you:

To form and sustain this union, looking to Jesus, who was the auis the great design of our Lord Je thor, and will be the finisher of sus Christ, in the work of redemp your faith.” tion. “ That they all may be one; The peculiar nature of this union, as thou, Father, art in me, and I in its evidence, and its consolation, thee; that they also may be one.in will form the method of this dis

course. To destroy and sever this union, 1. The peculiar nature of this is the mighty design of satan. For union, is the first and most importthis, he persuaded Eve, that God ant part of this subject. Nothing had dealt unkindly with man, in in the whole circle of revealed reliforbidding him the fruit of a good gion, has been more misunderstood tree. For this, he instigated Cain or abused. By many, it has been to hate and kill his brother. Abra esteemed the effect of retirement ham and Lot must differ, through and meditation; and that after a their servants. Judah must vex certain course of bodily mortificaEphraim; and Ephraim must envy tion, the divine nature would con

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descend to dwell in the body, and the church.” Eph. i. 22. ' “ And all possess the soul.

Hence divine his people are chosen in him, beconverse and extraordinary visions fore the foundation of the world,” have been imagined, and confident ver. 4, 5, 6. The end and design of ly asserted; and hence fearful de this choice is, “ that they should be lusions have arisen. Others have holy, and without blame, before him imagined, that this union took in love.” This is the deep foundaplace, in consequence of a public tion, which God has laid in Zion, profession of the true religion; and for the establishment of this boly that it is the voluntary act of the union. In the fulness of time, this professor. On this account, the per .glorious covenant head, and Reson is numbered with the visible deemer, was sent forth, and came church, and has the name of Christ into the world, “ made of a woman, put on him. He declares himself a made under the law; that he might disciple or follower of Christ; and redeem them that were under the for his sake, breaks away from the law." He then laid down his life world; and, therefore, God will re for his sheep, both of Jews and Genceive him into union and fellowship tiles. They were then his, by acwith himself through Christ. But tual purchase, as they always were whenever this holy union is consi- by covenant. He not only purdered as the work of man, he will chased them, but he procured the be proud of his work; and say, like Holy Spirit for them. - The ComNebuchadnezzar, “ Behold great forter, which is the Holy Ghost, Babylon, that I have built." To whom the Father will send in my the law and to the testimony. If name; he shall teach you all things, they speak not according to this and bring all things to your rememword, there is no light in them.” brance." By the agency of this diCan the branch unite itself with the vine Spirit, this union embraces the vine? Can the member unite itself persons designed in the covenant. with the body? Just as well might They are effectually convinced of the dead sinner unite himself with sin, of righteousness and judgment.. a living Saviour. And yet he is They see the fulness and fitness bound to the utmost activity; not of Christ; and they feel his Holy in joining himself to Christ, but in Spirit, leading them in the footsteps seeking and obtaining the almighty of his flock. They then desire to agency of the Holy Spirit promised set their seal to the holy covenant. in the scriptures, to perform that They earnestly inquire, “what shall glorious work for him. And seeing I render unto the Lord ?" and the this mighty promise is free, without Holy Spirit answers, “I beseech money, and without price, all who you brethren, by the mercies of neglect it, and attempt this great God, that ye present your bodies, work in their own strength, are a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable justly rejected.

unto God, which is your reasonable Let us then show the peculiar na service.” They answer,

“I will ture of this holy union. It is a cove take the cup of salvation, and call nant union. In the covenant of re upon the name of the Lord; I will demption, Jesus Christ was chosen, pay my vows unto the Lord, now, as the Mediator and covenant head in the presence of all his people.” of all his people. Isa. xlii. 1. “Be The holy covenant is then closed. hold my servant, whom I uphold, The internal work is wrought by mine elect, in whom my soul de the Holy Spirit, in fulfilment

of the lighteth. I have put my Spirit upon covenant of redemption; and the him; and he shall bring forth judg- willing acceptance of the believer ment to the Gentiles.

is the consequence. The public given, to be head over all things to confession of his Redeemer, is at

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He is

« Let your


once his duty and his privilege; fectionate acknowledgments? “I and he accounts it greater honour am not worthy of the least of all and happiness, to be united to the mercies, and of all the truth Christ, and to God in him by this which thou hast shewed unto thy everlasting covenant, than to have servant." the treasures of Egypt poured down

And when relations and possesat his feet. The same faith, and the sions are swept away in a mosame obedience, which unite him ment, and tokens of divine displea

Christ, unite him also to his peo sure pass over, like the billows of ple. The same bond which binds the raging ocean; then does the the members to the head, binds heart fall prostrate before a sovethem to each other. And as our reign God, and say, “ The Lord own hearts are weak and deceitful; gave, and the Lord hath taken and we can know them only by their away: blessed be the name of the habitual desire of Christ, and sub Lord.” These are evidences, by mission to his service; so we know which this holy union may be fellow members, by the same rule. proved at the bar of conscience. It Not every one that saith “ Lord, must be proved also, before the Lord, shall enter into the kingdom world. Let not the people of God of God: but he that doeth the will of imagine, that they may bury their his heavenly Father.” Those there talent in the earth. They must anfore who openly confess Christ, are swer for its increase. to be esteemed his members, and light so shine before men, that they covenant people. With these, the may see your good works, and glosacred bond of the covenant re rify your Father who is in heamains unbroken, so long as they » Yet in this exhibition of eviwalk worthy of their holy vocation. dence to the world, all ostentation Such is the nature of this holy and will-worship, are to be avoidunion.

ed. “In vain do they worship me, 2. We now consider the proof teaching for doctrine, the commandof it.

ments of men.” Mat. xv. 9. The This evidence must be fourfold. path of duty marked in the oracles It must be proved at the bar of con of God, is the only way, in which science. That man, who never this holy union can be manifested doubted concerning himself, is to to the world. The careful sanctibe suspected. If he never had any fication of the Sabbath; the conanxious misgiving thoughts, that stant and devout attendance on the possibly, after he had preached to public ordinances; and a watchful others, he should himself be a cast conversation among men, will comaway, he has never yet felt the pel them, to take knowledge of the Christian warfare. My spirit made disciples, that they have been with diligent search, says the Psalmist; Jesus. This sacred bond of union, and still he implores the divine must be proved also, to the church scrutiny. “Search me, O God, and of God. As every member receives know my thoughts; try me, and comfort and protection from the know my thoughts, and see if there rest, in the natural body; so in the be any wicked


in me; and lead spiritual body, “ if one member reme in the way everlasting." He joices, all the members rejoice with watches the workings of his heart ii: and if one member suffers, all in prosperity and adversity. “Will the members suffer with it. The the hypocrite always call upon reproaches and distresses of the God pas When wealth and friends, church, and of every member of it, and success and health, are all will excite sympathy and exertion surrounding him, is the heart still for their relief. “If I forget thee, humble? Does it breathe out its af O Jerusalem, let my right hand forVOL. I.

2 E

are the

get her cunning. If I do not re- | Consolation, such as the world canmember thee, let my tongue cleave not give, flows directly from this to the roof of my mouth; if I pre evidence. “For this is our rejoicing, fer not Jerusalem above my chief the testimony of our conscience, joy.” Psalm cxxxvii. 5, 6. Toward that in simplicity and godly sinthe church, and every member of cerity, we have had our conversait, the greatest tenderness, forbear tion in the world, and more espeance, and compassion; the most ge cially to you-ward.” 2 Cor. i. 12. nerous self-denial, and suffering for The world cannot be satisfad. But their sake,

proper evidences has the evidence been faithfully exof this holy union. « Therefore hibited ? Have we confessed ourI endure all things, for the elect's selves to be strangers and pilgrims sake; that they may obtain the sal in it, like the saints of old? Have vation which is in Christ Jesus, its frowns, and its smiles, been rewith eternal glory." 2 Tim. ii. 10. ceived with holy indifference; while But this holy union, must finally be prayer for its salvation has employproved at the judgment seat. “ For ed our hearts and our tongues. Then God will judge the world in right

we may be comforted. eousness.” Acts, xvii. 31 It will Is the church of God satisfied ? then be declared to all the world, How comfortable to meet brethren that the salvation of the saints, is and sisters, the fellow heirs of the an act not only of grace, but of great salvation, in the sanctuary of strict justice. This is to close the God! This made David say, “How mouths of blaspheming men, and amiable are thy tabernacles, O Lord evil spirits, who would charge the of hosts!" “ I was glad when they Judge with partiality, unless the said unto me, Come, and let us go evidence was then displayed, upon

up into the house of the Lord.” which the final sentence shall be Psal. lxxxiv. 1. cxxii. 1. But how founded. Then their works of faith, great the joy and consolation to reand labours of love, which they had Hect, that we are even now holding long forgotten, shall be brought to communion and fellowship with the light. “Then shall the King say whole church of God! Abel and to them on his right hand, come ye Enoch are not made perfect without blessed of my Father, inherit the us; and we are not made perfect kingdom prepared for you, from the without them. “ The great cloud foundation of the world. For I was of witnesses” surround us, and look hungry, and ye gave me meat; I down with holy transport, when was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; only one sinner repenteth. The I was a stranger, and ye

took me

more perfect therefore our union, in; naked, and ye clothed me; sick with the church on earth, the more and in prison, and ye came unto perfect it is, and will be, with the me.” Matt. xxv. 34.

church in heaven. And as their feSuch are the evidences of this licity is intimately connected with holy union, as they are exhibited in ours, and our eternal reward with the word of God.

theirs, with what holy alacrity and 3. Let us now pass to the third zeal, should we labour and suffer, head of discourse, and show the for the whole family of God! Well consolation resulting from this evi may we endure, and even glory in dence. Is conscience satisfied ? tribulations; knowing that we shall After

many anxious and painful in receive a full reward, together with quiries; after years of observation the whole church of God, from the and watchfulness; is the soul ena beginning to the end of time. Lord, I am thy ser

And with these glorious prosvant, I am thy servant. Thou hast pects, can we look forward, and loosed my bonds ?" Psal. cxvi. 16. look upward, and joyfully antici

bled to say,

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