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under divine illumination, to rest works. But all this is in subserwith confidence on Christ, for eter viency to the precious purposes of the nal life ; and cordially to approve gospel; that men may be persuaded of this blessed method of salvation, to flee from the wrath to come, by as honourable to God, and safe for improving his blood that was shed the immortal soul. What are the for many for the remission of sins. consequences that follow


be The terrors of the law are not to be lieving? Peace, everlasting peace, preached, that men may sink in dewith God, through our Lord Jesus spair, but that they may prize and Christ, by whom we receive the improve the great salvation. The atonement, an increase in grace, law hath concluded all under sin, progressive advancement in holi- that the promise by faith of Jesus ness, consolation in afflictions and

Christ may be given to them that trials, great peace of mind in the believe. hour of death, and everlasting life. The law is also of excellent use to

In the dispensation of the gospel, believers. Though believers be dethe law is to be stated, explained livered from the condemnation of and applied to the consciences of the law as a covenant, they are by

The extent, spirituality and no means freed from its unalterable excellency of its precepts are to be obligation as the rule of their obelargely and frequently inculcated; dience. By their deliverance from that sỉnners who are thoughtless and the curse of the law, they are bound secure, may

be awakened and con to obedience by new and endearing vinced of their sin and danger; and obligations. Tħat we, being deliverthat they may see plainly that there ed out of the hand of our enemies, is no hope of salvation by the co should serve him without fear, in hovenant of works: not from any fault liness and righteousness all the days in the law, for it is able to give life, of our life. Believers redeemed by to perfect unsinning creatures, but the blood of Christ, now view the ob. entirely on account of sin and the ject of their worship as infinitely transgression of the law. The more worthy of their choicest affections, clearly the equity and excellence of love and obedience. They well the law is pointed out, the more know, that their restoration to a evidently do the deformity, unrea state of obedience, was one of the sonableness and odious nature of great ends of infinite wisdom in sin appear. Whatsoever things the their redemption by Christ. Christ law saith, it saith to them that are loved his church and gave himself under the law, that every mouth for her, that he might sanctify and may be stopped, and that the whole

cleanse her by the washing of water world may appear guilty before by the word, that he might present God. The preaching of the law is her to himself a glorious church, the great means that the Lord not having spot or wrinkle, or any blesses, to show in what a holy and such thing. The new nature adhappy state we were at first cre mires the blessed design, and feels ated, and how happy these heavenly a deep obligation to concur in the beings are who never sinned. it

gracious intention. Beholding, as in serves to show us the greatness of a glass, the glory of the Lord in this our loss by the entrance of sin, and heavenly design, they are transto convince men that their sins formed into the same image from have been exceeding numerous in glory to glory, as by the spirit of thought, word and deed. That our the Lord. The love of Christ connatural state as born into the world, strains them to deny ungodliness is a state of condemnation and and worldly lusts, and to live somisery. And that no hope remains berly, righteously and godly in a for us in the broken covenant of present world. And though they do

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not depend on this new covenant tensive demands of the law, show obedience for justification, but on to believers the necessity of daily the obedience and death of Christ humiliation and repentance, and alone; yet they well know that that their best duties are tainted

without holiness no one shall see with much sin and imperfection. the Lord.”

That there is great necessity of the The law is of great use to be spirit of grace to enable to watch lievers as a test or touchstone of and

pray that they enter not into the sincerity and truth of grace. temptation. They are to bless God The heart is deceitful above all for all their partial victories over things, and desperately wicked. the

power of corruption--and to Who can know it? And there is a rest in faith on the promise of pergreat propensity in the best to flat fect victory; when the Lamb on the tery and self-deception. It becomes midst of the throne shall feed and us to watch and pray against this lead them to fountains of living insidious enemy of the soul. The waters, and God shall wipe away all true Christian delights in the law tears from their

eyes. of God, after the inward man. He From this very imperfect sketch, views the radical change of his na it is easy to see what it is, not to ture with inexpressible satisfaction. preach the gospel. Those do not He habitually consents to the whole preach the gospel who represent law. I esteem all thy precepts, con man in a different state from

that in cerning all things to be right, and I which the scripture represents him. hate every false and wicked way.

If man is not represented as fallen, The most specious hypocrite se corrupted and ruined by sin, this is cretly dislikes the spirituality and to give such a view of man as to extent of the law. His heart is not render the gospel unnecessary. If in entire unison with its perfect preachers assert, that there is power righteousness, nor does he lament in man to restore himself to the diover every transgression. Some se vine favour, without divine power cret favourite sins are spared and and grace, they do not preach the fostered. The true believer, on the gospel ; because the sanctifying inother hand, meditates with compla Huences of the Spirit are rendered cence on the infinite holiness of useless. If they exalt the merit of God, the perfect example of Christ, fallen man, and suppose him

capaand the excellence of the divine ble of making himself acceptable to law; breathing out prayers to God God by his own righteousness, they for advancing conformity to his make the cross of Christ of none image; nor will he rest satisfied effect. If they represent Christ as with any thing short of perfection; only a pattern, and conceal or deny forgetting those things that are be his atonement, this is not to preach hind, I press forward towards the the gospel. Or if Christ is repremark, for the prize of the high call sented as only a man, instead of the ing of God in Christ Jesus.

eternal Son of God, whose obedi. And finally, the law is of great ence and death is of infinite value use to believers, as the standard of to redeem; this is something very their daily self-examination. Com different from the gospel. If they paring their hearts and conduct fail in pointing out the great end every day with the law of God, they of Christ in our redemption, to puare kept humble under a sense of rify to himself a peculiar people many imperfections. It teaches zealous of good works, and to inthem the great necessity of faith culcate the necessity of holiness ; in Christ, for pardon and daily pu their preaching is at variance with rification. The spiritual and ex the great ends of infinite wisdom

and grace in the dispensation of the security in a state of sin, like the gospel.

stony ground hearers, who welcome Besides this, the gospel may be the gospel with impenitent joy, but preached very imperfectly, when fall away in time of temptation ; the several doctrines already stated, or thorny ground hearers, who reare not exhibited in their full and tain an unfruitful profession, with a proper proportion; when a lucid

worldly, covetous or sensual life. view of the whole is not given;

Through inattention to the law, when one part is unduly insisted real Christians often neglect many upon, or its connexion with the rest

duties, and give way to many things is not sufficiently marked; or when a close and direct application of the

unbecoming their Christian charac

ter: as evil tempers, worldly distruth to the conscience is not made.

positions, perversion of words in It could easily be shown here, the heat of private or religious conthat all the errors and heresies that have troubled the church, arose

troversy, tale bearing, &c. to the

great hindrance of their spiritual from misapprehension of the true

comfort and growth in grace. The nature and distinction of law and

extensive knowledge of the pregospel, and of their harmonious con

cepts is therefore the proper method nexion and relations one to the

of rendering believers perfect in other.

the will of God, and making them The Socinian, who denies the

meet to be partakers of the inheriatonement of Christ, and the ne

tance of the saints in light. cessity of it, dishonours the holy

J. BANKS. law which Christ came to magnify. The Arminian, who trusts to the improvement of his natural powers for restoration to the divine favour,

Human Depravity Proved, by exis greatly mistaken in relation to

tracts and arguments taken from the necessity of regeneration, and

« The Unitarian Miscellany." the grace of the Spirit in sanctifica

The exclusively liberal believers tion.

in Boston and Baltimore, declare in The Neonomian, who considers

their creed, called an “ Abstract of the gospel as a system of new pre Unitarian Belief," that they “ do cepts less rigorous than the law of

not believe “the guilt of Adam's the covenant of works, and brought sin was imputed, and his corrupted down to man's present state of nature conveyed to all his posterifrailty, has very imperfect views of

imperfect views of ty; nor that there is in men any the spirituality and unalterable ob

original corruption, whereby they ligation of the law. The Antino

are utterly indisposed, disabled and mian, who vainly trusts that Christ has done all for him, in such a sense

made opposite to all good, and

wholly inclined to all evil.Misas to excuse him from obedience to

cellany, p. 19. In opposition to all the law, has gross misapprehensions this, they say,

believe men both of law and gospel.

have in themselves the power of But this is not all; through igno being good or bad, of meriting the rance or inattention to the holy rewards, or deserving the punishlaw, a legal or self-righteous spirit ments of a just God.” That the prevails among the professors of doctrine of the depravity of man, the gospel. God, I thank thee I am as maintained by the Christian not as other men are, extortioners, church in general, is not true, is asunjust, adulterers, or even as this serted by all Socinians, and espepublican.

cially by Dr. Ware. For our own Ignorance of, or inattention to the

part, we have a full conviction, that law, gives occasion to hypocrisy and every man has mental faculties,


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which are naturally good in them depravity, and it seems, that this selves; but which are never em depravity is found in the whole huployed in the performance of mo man family, with a very few happy rally good operations, until the Unitarian exceptions ! An old, wily Holy Spirit has begun in him the leader, one who has “long been an work of sanctification. The de Unitarian, and known something of pravity which we attribute to every the ways of men,” whose “expeman in his native estate, and say rience has not been limited, nor” natural to every one, since the his “ observation confined,” (p. 21.) apostacy, is a moral depravity. is our voucher for these humiliating

Now in opposition to their own evidences of almost universal modenial of the moral depravity of ral deformity. Had a novice been. mankind in general, we ask the at our instructer, we might have hesitention of Unitarians to the follow tated before we bowed to his ining considerations.

structions; but now,-look at the 1. The Antitrinitarians repre picture! See what obstacles are in sent themselves as the exclusive the way of the man, (the editor of worshippers of the one God; and the Unitarian Miscellany for inteach, that their views of his unity, stance, who would build up the are the only views consistent with cause of truth. Hear what a wonreason and revelation : neverthe derful philosopher inculcates, who less, they complain, that “this sect “ endeavours to act up to the spirit is every where spoken against,” p. of the gospel,” who has, his modest 7. We admit, that the sect of peo- self-being evidence, " charity for ple, called Unitarians, is every all men,” and who “associates free. where spoken against ; and how de ly with all good people, without praved, in their eyes, must be, not thinking it necessary to inquire, only the whole of the Pagan world, who wrote their creeds, or to what in serving many thousands of idols, form of church discipline they chose in opposition to reason; but also to submit." the whole of Christendom, with the exception of their own inconsidera “ Prescriptive errors present a formidable number, in worshipping accord

ble barrier to the progress of correct

principles. False notions of religion ing to their judgment, two or three

spring up and grow with rank exuberance. gods, in opposition to both reason They gain strength with years. Opinions and revelation! Depraved must at length become prejudices. Falsehood mankind be, indeed, if all but a

and truth wear the same garb, and are handful, consisting of Jews, Mo

received as guests of equal dignity and

worth. Before any thing can be done, hammedans and Antitrinitarians,

with much hope of profit, this delusion every where speak against the only must be dispelled. You will allow this to true

doctrine of the Deity, and are be no easy task. It is not to be done in chargeable with an idolatry, con

a moment. Clouds and mists do not vademned by every man's sound rea

nish at once. We must not expect great

changes to be suddenly wrought. The son, and by the holy scriptures. current of public sentiment can only be

2. Besides this wickedness of turned by a counter current of greater speaking against the poor, persecu

force. This will necessarily he feeble at ted little band of Unitarians, the

first, and must gather strength by de

grees.” greater part of mankind stand charged in the Unitarian Miscella Yes, all Unitarians must acknowny with “prejudice and unchristian ledge, that the depravity of manfeelings ;” and with resisting "re kind is great; that they love darkligion in its primitive purity," "by ness rather than light; and that all selfishness, intolerance, hypocrisy, the learning, piety, meekness, libe. or obstinate ignorance. These rality, assiduity, gentleness, light things evince a shocking degree of and urbanity of the self-denied, and

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benevolent Socinians, cannot very vidual horrors: and shall only ask, soon drive away the delusion, mists, if these things are true of the great clouds and currents of public senti MASS of Christians, what Unitarian ment. Had not mankind been glued shall hereafter deny the applicabito error, these Unitarians would, lity of Rom. iii. 9–20, to all manlong ago, have separated all Pagans kind, with the exception of his own from their wooden gods, and ninety; precious, little company, of denine out of a hundred of nominal spised and slandered mortals ? It Christians, from their Trinity and must be proved to these injured few, divine Redeemer.

that there is none righteous, no, not 3. Let us learn from this oracle, one; there is none that understandeth, something more about " the mass of there is none that seeketh after God; Christians." The scattering, igno

themselves alone excepted. They ble few need not be considered, but are all gone out of the way, they are “Tire mass of Christians are not only

together become unprofitable; there overstocked with these inherited errors, is none that doeth good, no, not

one ; but they have exceedingly false notions of

except he is a Unitarian. Their the actual sentiments of Unitarians. There

throat is an open sepulchre ; with would be no harm in this, if no evils fol. lowed. But evils do follow. Rumour

their tongues they have used deceit ; floats on untiring wings, and the loud the poison of asps is under their voice of evil report is emboldened to ut. lips; except they be Unitarians, ter the language of detraction and male. and then their words are softer than volence. The ignorant believe; the bet.

butter, and sweeter than honev. ter knowing, the hypocritical, and the interested, approve and applaud. The

Their mouth is full of cursing and greater the caricature, the more distort bitterness. ed the features, the more hideous the 4. We have additional proof of figure, the greater is the delight of those the depravity of mankind in genewho know the reality, and the more ap ral from the Unitarian sage. palling the terror of those who are thus artfully kept in the dark and deceived.

“Another obstacle is pride. Of this Unitarians are thus set up as a scarecrow

there are two kinds; pride of opinion, to frighten the ignorant and the timid.

and pride of fashion. The first, perhaps, The fabled Upas was not more to be shun

is the most pernicious, because the most ned. The multitude are warned to beware.

obstinate. It defies all remedy. The man, Some deadly poison lingers in the breeze,

who is proud of his faults, is in no good and will insinuate its destroying venom

way to correct them. I have known some into the very life springs of the rash ad.

people, who would rather be in an error venturer, who shall dare approach.”

all their lives, than acknowledge themHorrid ! horrid ! how depraved selves wiser to-day than they were yesare the mass, yes, the great body of terday. This infirmity shows itself in Christians! They are not only

nothing more strikingly, than in their re

ligious opinions. I have seen people very stocked, but over-stocked with INHE

strenuous and perverse on this point, RITED errors. They waft rumour who, in their lives and conversation, gave on untiring wing's, utter evil re no marked tokens, that they had much ports with a loud voice, and are em

respect for the realities of religion in any

shape, whatever bustle they might make boldened in detraction and malevo

about its theories and forms. Almost all lence. They know better than they

persons think it essential to their dignity speak; they are hypocritical, and and independence, to hold manfully to interested in lies, and therefore ap

their old opinions. The pride of weakplaud misrepresentation. They de

ness, and the slavery of prejudice, they

mistake for firmness of character. Their light in injurious caricatures, in

eyes are thus effectually closed against setting up the worshippers of the

the light. Inquiry is out of the question. only true God as scarecrows, and The eloquence of truth will make no imartfully strive to deceive the igno

pression here, and the arguments of rearant. What a picture! We cannot

son will be uttered in vain. It adds noth

ing, that you talk about the importance of dwell upon any thing so frightful, the subject. All subjects are equally imlong enough to point out its indi

portant to him, who wraps himself in the

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