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those who are in God are in love; the Saviour has blessed its labours. that the love of Christ strongly You have perhaps read in “ 'The binds and animates all the mem London Evangelical Magazine," bers of his mystical body, which is the justification which it published the church; for we love one another, in 1818, during a persecution. Bewithout seeing, and almost with sides this church, there is also the out knowing each other; we leap chapel of our dear brother, the Rev. with the same joy, are animated Mr. Malan, who without being se. with the same hope, and pray parated from the national church, through the Holy Ghost for one preaches with boldness and faithanother.

fulness the counsel of peace. FaithMay grace and peace be multi ful ministers, instructed in the plied unto you, from God our Father, good words of the Lord, as the Rev. and from the Lord Jesus Christ, Mr. Coulin, chaplain of the hospiwho is our hope of glory. Such is tal; the Rev. Mr. Gaussen, pastor the sincere desire which the chil. of Satigny,* proclaim the word of dren of God, of Geneva, feel for you, grace in its purity. All the chil. and for all the brethren which are dren of God" live in a happy hararound you; for we know that the mony. There are many temples, Lord has a great people in the many forms, but there is but one country which you inhabit. May flock united on the same foundayou, dear brother, in a future letter tion. We bear with one another express for us the same desire. As on differences which are not essenwe wish to have from you some de tial, and which do not affect salvatails on the advancement of the tion. kingdom of God in the United There are here several instituStates, it is right that we should tions for the advancement of the inform

you how the Lord glorifies kingdom of God. 1st. A tract sohimself in us, and among us.

ciety. 2d. A society for missions Some years ago no

trace of to the heathen. 3d. A society for awakening was perceived in this missions on the continent. The folcountry, which is dear to you, and lowing brethren form the different brings to your mind the scenes of committees of those institutions : your childhood. But the grain had the Rev. Messrs. Malan, Gaussen, been sown in the earth, and it was Coulin, Gonthier, Empaitaz, Guers, not long before it began to rise and (the three last are pastors of the to appear.

At first the United new church), De Joux, jun, Munro, Brethren, then some foreign bre

a child of God, from Scotland, &c. thren, among whom Messrs.Haldane They meet at stated times; but the and Drummond, and also (in some

three first have nothing to do with degree) Dr. Mason, of New York, the society for missions on the conwere the instruments of producing tinent, at least not for the present, an awakening among us. The work, and this from conscientious moweak at first, has taken some con

tives. The small church or new sistence; and now a large door is church, 'sends missionaries on the here opened for the preaching of continent; it has now five, Messrs. the gospel ; but there are many

Méjanet, Pyt, Porchat and Bost, in adversaries. For you know that

France, Next, in Switzerland; these “ all that will live godly in Christ

are faithful servants and full of Jesus shall suffer persecution.” A

zeal. The Rev. Mr. Coulin, one small evangelical church has been of our brethren, has also gone over, formed in the midst of the general in the name of the Lord, the vallies corruption and incredulity. It is small in numbers, but it has life

* A Protestant village, six miles from through the grace of the Lord; and Geneva..


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of Piedmont, and some parts of secondary societies rally around Switzerland and of the south of this to support it; there are some France. May the Lord deign to in Switzerland, in Germany, and bless the labours of his dear wit soon there will be some in France. The Continental Society,

Christian Geneva, though very poor, whose seat is in London, and which has raised about 200 louis, within has auxiliaries in Geneva and else 18 or 20 months. The vallies of where on the continent, supports Piedmont have sent us lately a conthese missionaries.

tribution of 5 or 600 francs; and Another undertaking, begun in there is no month in which we do Geneva, is The Christian Library, not receive some offering from conducted by my wife and my sis Switzerland and from

France. ter, who are children of God; it is “ The society for missions of Geunder my direction. Another is neva," auxiliary to the school for The Evangelical Magazine, a pe

missions of Basil," has few memriodical work of news and doctrines, bers, scarcely any but Christians; which has now reached its 23d nevertheless every thing seems to number, and of which I am the edi. intimate that the national church tor. The Lord seems to have bless will enter in this plan; Mr. Gaused these different establishments. sen neglects nothing to bring it By the way of London and Basil, I about. That society publishes, from have the most interesting news time to time, reports, the digesting from Germany, and am informed of which is confided to the editor of all the religious movements ef of the Evangelical Magazine, and fected by the means of missionary they are almost entirely taken from and Bible societies. Mr. Bost, one this work, which has many readers of our missionaries, is now at Col in France, in Switzerland, in the mar, where the Lord seems to have vallies of Piedmont and in Belgia. opened to him a very great door. Two or three of our brethren exMr. Bost is one of my correspon pect to enter in the service of misdents: he travelled through Ger sions ; they have offered their sermany last fall, and saw those exten vices to the brethren of Basil ; we sive religious movements, and nu wait for an answer. merous awakenings in Bavaria, in Bern, Neufchatel, Grenoble, MonHesse, &c. among Protestants, and tauban, Valenciennes, Toulouse, especially among Roman Catholics. &c. have within them a goodly He furnishes me with accounts as number of children of God, and interesting as they are edifying on preachers, with whom we have corChristian Germany, and I insert respondence. them in my numbers.

Our brethren, Messrs. Galand, means the Christians of our country at Bern, Lissignol, at Montpellier, have become acquainted with the Rieu, at Fridericia, in Denmark, Booses, the Lindls, the Gosners, the Merle, at Hamburg, Jaines, at Witmans, all those worthy Roman Breda, in the Low Countries, Catholic priests, whom the Lord preach the gospel with success. has employed to awaken immense These faithful servants, whom the countries. Lindl and Gosner, driven Lord has called to his knowledge, from Bavaria by persecution, are are in a twofold respect your counnow in Russia, where the emperor

trymen, for they are citizens of has called them, and has given them Geneva, and what is better, citizens rich charges to cultivate.

of heaven. Mr. Duvivier loves the The school for missions of Basil, Lord; but he has

no pastoral to which we are auxiliaries, is about charge; he is at Paris teaching. to be changed into a “ Basil society Basil is the religious centre for for foreign missions.” Numerous all Germany, as Geneva appears to

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be for France. Basil is full of langer. Soon shall we cast our children of God; almost all the crowns at the foot of the throne of pastors there preach the truth. The the Lamb. To Him be praise and school for missions prospers; the glory for ever and ever. Rememstudents are solid Christians. Some ber me, and remember us all in of them are truly admirable for

your prayers. their zeal, their love for the Sa May


of our Lord Jesus viour, and their disinterestedness; Christ, the love of the Father, and they have all the spirit of their fu the communion of the Holy Ghost, ture vocation. One of them, Za. be with you from this time forth remba, is a Russian count, who was and for evermore. destined to great dignities; he has Your affectionate brother in the forsaken all to follow Jesus Christ; best of bonds, he is one of the humblest and most

EMILE GUERS advanced in the school. Others whom I know, are remarkable for their decision of character, and for

Extracts from the Report of the the fire which consumes them.

Board of Missions to the last Ge. One, named Gobat, of Porentrui,

neral Assembly. canton of Bern, converted lately The Board of Missions in makwith all his family, is the joy of the ing their report to the General Asdirectors of the school. His brother, sembly, have but little more to preformerly a grenadier of the impe sent than a review of the journals rial guard,* being on the borders of that have been received from your the grave, was lately brought to the missionaries. Lord by a cousin of his, who knew

The Rev. STEPHEN KINSLEY nothing of the Lord, except what he had heard of him, and was say.

Performed a mission of two months,

in the bounds of the presbytery ing to him: “

you are a lost man; the best thing you can do is to go to

of Champlain. He appears to

have applied himself very diliJesus, who receives sinners.” The grenadier received the word which

gently to his work; preaching very was announced to him by an uncon

frequently, and engaging in close verted man; he recovered, and soon

conversation on the subject of re

ligion when favoured with an opafter became the instrument of the conversion of his cousin, who,

with portunity. Every where he found out knowing the Lord, had never

children of the kingdom, who thanktheless preached the gospel to him.

fully received the messages of The Lord has some choice ser

grace. He was led to admire the

wisdom and goodness of God in vants in Porentrui. This is, dear and beloved brother,

thus scattering them like salt some account concerning the king

among the destitute population in dom of God on the continent; in

the region he visited. another letter, if it please the Lord, MR. RAVAUD K. RODGERS I shall be able to say more.

Send Has fulfilled a mission of three me large accounts about the United months, in the northern region of States, and tell me something that the presbytery of Columbia. From I may insert in my magazine. the great anxiety manifested by

Perhaps I shall never see you the people generally to have the again here below; but soon, soon preached word, he trusts his layou and I and all the children of

bours were not altogether in vain in God will be united around the the Lord. Mr. R. travelled one throne, and there shall be time no thousand miles, and preached sixty

seven times, besides attending the * Of Bonaparte, it is supposed. monthly concert prayer-meeting,

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among them.

which, he inforins the Board, is ge land Purchase. The region of counnerally held throughout the coun try visited by him, he observes, try. Mr. R. it was expected would is new, and very destitute of the be employed for a considerable

means of
grace. It

pro time by the people in that region : priety be called one of the dark and the Board are gratified to learn corners of the earth.

The people that a united congregation at San are yet struggling with the difficul. dy Hills and Glen's Falls, have en ties attendant on the settlement of gaged him for a year, with a view a new country. The churches geto a permanent settlement. He nerally are small, and unable to do collected for the missionary fund, much either to procure the preach$42 83, and for the contingenting of the gospel, or to contribute aid fund of the Theological Seminary, to the funds of missionary societies, 826. The assembly will hear with who send missionaries to labour pleasure one passage in his communication.

There liave been, he further re“Leaving Peru, I visited the towns of marks, no extensive revivals of reLewis and Elizabeth town. There I

ligion on the ground where he lafound a settled clergyman. In the town of Lewis, I remained for a few days, to

boured, yet some gentle drops of witness the goodness of God to that peo

heavenly dew have been shed down ple. A few months since a Sabbath upon it. The churches, though school was organized, and has been well small, were increasing, and geneattended, and there is every reason to rally living in peace. Sectaries believe that it has been the cause of abundant good. Numbers of the children

abound, but do not greatly flourish. were brought to bow at the footstool

The most numerous class of perof mercy, and cry for pardon through the sons are those who appear perfectblood of the Saviour. It was a truly in. ly indifferent to all religious conteresting sight, to see many, quite young in years, acknowledging that they were old in sin, and asking the way to Zion.

Owing to the scarcity of money, From twenty to thirty bave given a good

Mr. W. obtained but å mere trifle evidence that they have passed from in aid of the missionary funds. death unto life. Older Christians were On his mission, Mr. W. preached made to weep for joy, when they heard little children lisping the praises of Jesus.

seventy-eight times, made one hunThis good work extended, before I left dred and forty-four family visits, Lewis, into the congregation, and many visited and prayed with nine sick of riper years were believed to be hope

persons, baptized one adult and ful subjects of this work of grace.

nine children, administered the preached in Lewis and Elizabeth town seven times thrice on Sabbath, 23d Ja.

Lord's supper nine times, admitted nuary, and four times during the week.” five persons to the communion of the THE REV. ANDREW Rawson,

churches, attended six conference Who was appointed to labour in meetings, two monthly concerts of

prayer, ordained six elders and two the north part of the counties of

deacons, and visited and gave cateOntario, Genessee, and Niagara,

chetical instruction to the children has fulfilled his mission of three months. Besides travelling seven

of one school. He was every where

received with kindness, and treated hundred miles, he preached eighty:

with respect. five sermons, nade two hundred and fifty family visits, adıninistered

THE Rev. SAMUEL WEED the Lord's supper twice, baptized two infants and one adult, and at

Has performed a mission of three tended several conference-meet

months, on Long Island. He laings.

boured chiefly in the congregation The Rev. HUGH WALLIS at Babylon; though he also visited Laboured three months in the Hol. Patchogue, Moriches, Canoe Place,


and Shelter Island. In regard to several Bibles and a large number of reCanoe Place, he states, “ Immedi ligious tracts—Have abundant cause to

praise the Great Head of the church for ately after my visit here last year,

his past goodness, in not only permitting a great revival commenced ; (great me to bear the glad tidings of great joy for such a society ;) the consequence to perishing sinners, but strengthening of it was, the formation of a Presby me for the work. terian church, which now consists

"No very material change has occur.

red within the bounds of this congrega; of about thirty members."

tion during the past year. The outward Of the state of things in Baby ordinances are generally well attended, lon, he makes the following re and but one case of discipline has occur. marks:

red, which seems to have been followed

with a pleasing result. But although we “With respect to morals, no impor have not been visited with a revival of cant change has taken place. Profanity religion, we have experienced something and intemperance still abound-Sabbath of the drawings and teachings of the Sa. breaking yet prevails, but with less ef. cred Spirit. The hopes of the pious were frontery, more precaution, and I am per. several times encouraged. A number suaded to a less extent.

began to inquire the way to Zion with " The Sabbath schools have had a salu their faces thitherward. Some have tary influence upon the rising genera. come out from the world, and are professtion. During the summer season we had edly on the Lord's side. Among this three in the congregation, of which I had number, was one who had passed the gethe general superintendence. In these neral boundary of human life. This lady schools there have been upwards of two

had been a stated hearer of the gospel hundred scholars. The one in Babylon for more than sixty years, and from her was continued through the winter, and orderly walk and conversation, had been was as flourishing the last quarter as at considered as belonging to the fold of any time since its commencement--one Christ. In the month of January last, she of the others was in operation two quar

was for the first time awakened to a soters, the other but fifteen weeks.

lemn sense of the infinite demerit of sin. “ The benevolent society, which I men. For some weeks she was in the greatest tioned to you before, still continues in distress, complaining of the hardness of successful operation, and has furnished her heart, and the blindness of her mind me with funds to the amount of fifty dol. -she has since been comforted with the lars, for the support of the Sabbath consolations of God's grace, and was at schools. In these schools I have distri. the last meeting of session admitted buted as rewards, fifty-three Bibles, as a member in full communion, Eight many Testaments, and upwards of a thou others have united with the church the sand tracts. There were recited from memory by the scholars, more than sixty “ The Sabbath schools, prayer-meet. thousand verses in the Bible, hymns, and ings, and the montbly concert, at which catechisms.

a collection is taken up in aid of the Ge« Of the three Bible-classes mentioned neral Assembly's theological school, are in the former report, one has been con well attended. The moral, Bible, and stantly kept up, and punctually attended female benevolent societies still continue -the other two, from the dispersed si. to spread abroad their salutary influence. tuation of the members, have been dis But there are some things which compel continued through the past winter."

us to mourn. The love of many has

waxed cold. Some who were apparently THE Rev. CHARLES WEBSTER,

engaged in divine things have become in

different. The enemies of the truth have Who was appointed to labour three

exerted their utmost to destroy the faith

with which the church has been favoured months, on missionary ground, in

by her divine Master. We have been the vicinity of the congregation of

greatly annoyed by the pernicious hereHempstead, Long Island, has sent sies of a certain Quaker speaker, by the the following report of his labours. name of Elias Hicks, whose influence is

very extensive. He has boldly attacked Agreeably to the directions of the Bible and tract societies, and in his pubBoard, I have fulfilled my appointment of lic discourses classes them with gambling three months missionary labour, in the and horse-racing. One of his usual extownship of Hempstead, (L. 1.)– Have vi. pressions is, that the Bible is the worst sited families, prayed with and catechised of books, and has caused in a great mea. the children--attended two Bible classes, sure the wickedness of men. preached fifty-five sermons, distributed

(To be continued.)

last year.

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