The Analectic Magazine ...: Comprising Original Reviews, Biography, Analytical Abstracts of New Publications, Translations from French Journals, and Selections from the Most Esteemed British Reviews : V. 1-14, 1813-19 : New Ser., V. 1-2, 1820, Tom 7

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M. Thomas, 1816
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Strona 91 - BRIGHT be the place of thy soul ! No lovelier spirit than thine E'er burst from its mortal control, In the orbs of the blessed to shine. On earth thou wert all but divine, As thy soul shall immortally be ; And our sorrow may cease to repine, When we know that thy God is with thee.
Strona 422 - Then stay'd the fervid wheels, and in his hand He took the golden compasses, prepared In God's eternal store, to circumscribe This universe, and all created things. One foot he centred, and the other turn'd Round through the vast profundity obscure, And said, Thus far extend, thus far thy bounds, This be thy just circumference, O world.
Strona 458 - They fell devoted, but undying , The very gale their names seemed sighing : The waters murmured of their name ; The woods were peopled with their fame ; The silent pillar , lone and gray...
Strona 95 - The lancer couch'd his ruthless spear, And hurrying as to havoc near, The cohorts' eagles flew. In one dark torrent, broad and strong, The advancing onset...
Strona 95 - Till from their line scarce spears' lengths three, Emerging from the smoke they see Helmet and plume and panoply,— Then waked their fire at once ! Each musketeer's revolving knell, As fast, as regularly fell, As when they practise to display Their discipline on festal day. Then down went helm and lance, Down were the...
Strona 348 - to provide for the more convenient organization of the courts of the United States...
Strona 95 - ... succeeds The clash of swords — the neigh of steeds — As plies the smith his clanging trade, Against the cuirass rang the blade ; And while amid their close array The well-served cannon rent their way, And while amid their scatter'd band Raged the fierce rider's bloody brand, Recoil'd in common rout and fear, Lancer and guard and cuirassier, Horsemen and foot, — a mingled host Their leaders fall'n, their standards lost.
Strona 456 - Tis midnight : on the mountains brown , The cold, round moon shines deeply down; Blue roll the waters , blue the sky Spreads like an Ocean hung on high , Bespangled with those isles of light, So wildly , spirituatly bright; Who ever gazed upon them shining , And turne d to earth without repining, Nor wished for wings to flee away, And mix with their eternal ray?
Strona 331 - In 1803, the act for establishing trading houses with the Indian tribes being about to expire, some modifications of it were recommended to Congress by a confidential message of January 18, and an extension of its views to the Indians on the Missouri.
Strona 348 - ... destroy the office of the judge, and the right of the judge to vacate the act of the legislature. You have a right to abolish, by a law, the offices of the judges of the circuit courts : they have a right to declare the law void. It unavoidably follows, in the exercise of these rights, either that you destroy their rights, or that they destroy yours.

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