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tian influence and Christian acton.

1. Resolved unanimously, That a With the design of carrying into spirit of Christian affection and unaexecution the important objects of nimity be recommended and encourthe meeting, it was moved and se- aged among all Christian denominaconded, that' a committee of four tions. persons be appointed, to draw up a' 2. Resolved, That it be recomnumber of resolutions expressive of mended to christians of different dethe views and feelings of this meet- nominations, to observe the first ing, with an address to the disciples Monday in every month as a seasonof Christ of every denomination; and of united prayer, social or private, that they report to-morrow morning for the revival of religion in our land, at 11 o'clock.

for the success of the gospel among Messrs. Montgomery, Ranaldson, the heathen, and for the establishSmith, and Cornelius, were appoint- ment of the Redeemer's Kingdom aed the committee.

mong all nations. Moved and seconded, that divine 3. Resolved, That the necessity of worship be opened in this place and vital godliness, and of personal and a sermon delivered to-morrow at family religion, be generally inculcatwelve o'clock.

ted and strongly enforced. After prayer adjourned.

4. Resolved, That spceial care and Friday, Dec. 19th.Met' accord

attention should be paid to the proing to adjournment.--Opened the

motion of the religious education of meeting with divine worship.

the rising generation ; and that the The committee appointed to pre

utmost vigilance be recommended to pare a number of resolutions expres

prevent the diffusion of infidel princisive of the views and feelings of this ples in the instruction of youth. meeting, with an address to Chris

. 5. Resolved, That united and tian professors of every name, report for the melioration of the morals of

vigorous exertions be recommended ed the following, which were unanimously approved and adopted.

society; especially as relates to inAfter hearing the report of the com

temperance, gambling, profanity, and mittee, public worship was opened

the abuse of the Sabbath day. and a sermon delivered by Rev. Eli

6. Resolved, That general exeras Cornelius, from Joel iii. first clause

tions be encouraged for the promoof the 13th verse.

tion of Bible Societies, and the disAfter divine worship the business of tribution of the sacred Scriptures. the meeting was again resumed.

ADDRESS, The expediency of an annual meet- To all who love the Lord Jesus ir ing similar to the present, was dis

sincerity and truth. cussed : whereupon, it was resolved, DEARLY BELOVED BRETHREN, unanimously, that a meeting be hol- We are assembled at the present den the third Thursday in November, time, as the disciples of one Divine 1818, at Washington, to be entitled Master. We have laid aside (for the "The Religtous Convention of Chris- moment, and we trust for ever) all tian Denominations ;” to be com- narrow sectarian views and feelings. posed of ministers of the gospel in Our prayers and praises have ascendgood standing, and officers or other ed together to the throne of God. oficial representatives of any Chris- Our hearts have glowed with fervent tian church.

affection for each other, for our ChrisRev. Daniel Smith, Rev. John M. tian brethren of whatever name, and Menefee, and Mr. William Snod- for our common Lord. Our counsels grass, were appointed a committee have been combined for the promoto superintend the printing and dis- tion of the Redeemer's kingdom. tribution of five hundred copies of the And hitherto we have been of one minutes, resolutions, and address of heart and soul. Blessed be the Lord this meeting:

for what our eyes this day witness, Concluded with prayer.

and what our hearts this day feel. D. COOPER,

dear brethren in Christ..

And now,

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-We wish to make you all partakers of the inherent temper and natural our joys, of our counsels, and of our breathing of our hearts, and is the onexertions. Therefore we have pre- ly effectual bond of union. sented you with the foregoing resolu- Disciples of Jesus, we call upon tions. And if we mistake not, every you in the spirit of holy affection, to heart, warm with the love of Jesus rally round the standard of the cross. : and with zeal for his cause, will give Different denominations of Christians to each of them its explicit and cor- are but different phalanxes of the ardial Amen. And we might perhaps my of Jehovah of hosts. We call with propriety, content ourselves upon you therefore not only to dewith simply saying, Ponder these re- sist from sunnatural and doubly dessolves in the fear of God; drink in tructive warfare among yourselves, their spirit, so far as it is the spirit of but also with holy and united vioChrist and let the fruits of that spir- lence to assail the empire of darkness, it appear in your lives. But, breth- and with fervent effectual prayer to ren, our feelings will not stop here. take the kingdom of heaven by force. We should struggle in vain to repress United exertion is efficacious exerthem. Permit us then to pour into tion. The faithful and true witness your sympathetic bosoms our whole has said, “Where two or three of heart and soul.

you shall agree as touching any thing "Too long have the professed disci- that ye shall ask, it shall be done unples of Jesus of different denomina- to you.” Under the sanction of this tions, stood at an awful distance from high authority we recommend a geneach other. Cruel jealousies and sus- exal attendance on the Monthly Con. picions have rankled in too many of cert of Prayex, established and obtheir bosoms. Bickerings and strifes served in eyery.quarter of the globe, have marred too much of their social On the first Monday of every month, istercourse. And even the sacred as the orb of day rolls round the desk (tears and blushes should cover world, he sees the. men of God in our faces at the confession) even the Asia and their heathen converts sendsacred desk has sounded forth the ing up the voice of supplication to voice of unchristian recrimination and the throne of heaven, in behalf of a rébuķe. These things ought not so fallen world. Passing towards the to be. “Behold how good and how west, he witnesses the once degradpleasant it is for brethren to dwell to- ed Hottentot, in the deserts of AfriPether in unity:"-Think of the op- ca, lifting up his voice and heart to probrium infidels have cast upon the heaven. Then he beholds a volume gospel, on account of the shameful of incense and the voice of thousands contentions of its professors. Re- ascending from Christianized Europe. member the declaration of Him we all Lastly, he hears the fervent prayers so dearly love" Hereby shall all of our Atlantic brethren of every men know that ye are my disciples, name. And as he descends beyond if ye have love one to another.” Call the western wilderness, he calls on us to mind the testimony obtained by to add our Amen, however feeble, to the primitive disciples even from en- this grand Coacert of Prayer. vious heathen, " Behold how these And our prayers, brethren, must Christians love ene another.”_Lis- be accompanied by our exerlions. ten to still stronger and more endear- Worldliness and vice prevail in our ing motives. Are we not all children land to a fearful extent. The god of of the same heavenly Father, begotten this world leads thousands captive.by the same Divine Spirit? thus made Intemperance first brutalizes, and partakers of the same holy nature, then destroys its innumerable victims. and by faith united to the same glos - The gambler's nefarious arts hurrious Redeemer. One spirit animates 'sy thousands into the depths of povour bosome, one exalted hope ele- erty and the bottomless abysses of vatas our affections, and one com- vice.-Profanity wages war upon the mon cause demands our united exer- attributes and glory of Jet•;vah, and tions. Love to the brethren, there. draws down the judgements of God fore, if we are - Christians, is at once upon the land. While the Sabbath of


the Lord, dear to every pious heart, is Under so baleful an influenee, the wantonly and impiously profaned. fairest flowers of virtue will wither, Who then is on the Lord's side? Let droop, and die. him gird his sword upon his thigh, and Above all, see that the flame of stand forth against these sons of Belial. holy affection and heavenly devotion Let us be united, energetic, and per- is kept always burning pure and severing, and the victory shall be bright in your own bosoms. Let the

The war we wage is a war of same mind be in you which was in extermination. Let us therefore ney- Christ Jesus. And by the meekness er return the sword to its scabbard of wisdom, the patience of hope, and until these heaven-daring vices are the labour of love, you shall yet obtain driven from this land, to their native a glorious victory over your own reabode in the infernal pit.

maining corruptions, over the rulers Our grand weapon, both of offence of the darkness of this world, and and defence, in these “ wars of the over the consciences and hearts of Lord," is the volume of Divine Truth. thousands af your fellow men. By The sword of the Spirit is the word these means you shall send up a rich of God. Permit us then, Christian révenue of glory to the throne of God brethren, to urge upon your attention and of the Lamb. the distribution of the sacred Scrip- Brethren, our minds and hearts are tures. Is there one family in this full ; so that we know not where to Christian land (and there are thous- stop. But we say all in one word ands) destitute of a Bible ? O tell it the word of the Apostle ? " If there not in Gath! There are institutions be any consolation in Christ, if any for the supply of the destitute ; but comfort of love, if any fellowship of they languish for want of patronage the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies, and support. There are Bibles in our fulfil ye our joy, that ye be like depositories ; but they remain there minded, having the same love, being from year to year for want of some of one accord, of one mind.” one to convey them to the houses of And hence it is that our

EXTRACTS eyes are pained, with the sight of whole families, ignorant almost as the From the First Report of the Ameriheathen of the great salvation of the can Society for colonizing the Free gospel.

People of colour. Beloved brethren, we address you "The Managers of the American only on one topic more--a topic of the Society for coloniziug the free people tenderest interest and of vital import- of colour of the United States, in subance : 'Tis the religious education of mitting to the Society their first rechildren. Our youth are the rising port, are encouraged to persevere in hope of our churches and of our their efforts from an increased conficountry. Shall we urge you to read dence as well in its practicability as the word of God to your children, in its importance. In a plan of such and pray with and for them ? You do magnitude, involving the happiness this already, or you have no valid of many millions; and the success of claim to the Christian character. which, while it cannot fail to create More must be done. The sacred a general interest, might conflict with principles of the gospel must be as- established prejudice, circumspection siduously instilled into their minds, and delicacy become essential to its both by precept and example. They , progress. The first step of the Board must be prudently restrained from of Managers was to present a memofrequenting the haunts of frivolous rial to Congress at their last session, amusement and dissipation. They which, with the report of the commitmust be led to the house of God, and tee to whom it was referred, is now taught to reverence the worship and laid before this society. The nature ordinances of the Most High, and and novelty of the subject, not less above all you must beware how you than the mass of business which enintrust their education to men of gage the deliberations of that body, vicious habits and of infidel principles. did not permit them to pursue the res

the poor.

port. On the adjournment of Con- power. This letter, and the instruc-, gress the Board adopted suitable tions and commissions of the agents,. measures to promote the views of the are annexed to this report, for the Society, without waiting the lapse of information of the Society. The another session. No efficient and agents sailed from this country the decisive measures could be adopted middle of November last. until it was ascertained where the The raising of funds to mect the most suitable situation could be pro- expenditure necessary for effecting cured on the west coast of Africa, for this object, has occupied much of the planting the proposed colony; and attention and labours of the Board of although the Managers collected Managers ; and a still further inmuch interesting and useful informa- crease of our resources will be essention, and such as gave them great en- tial to its completion. Nor do we couragement to proceed, it could not fear that the American community supply the place of that which must will suffer an object of so much imbe obtained from their own agents portance, and of so high a character upon the spot. It was, therefore re- of benevolence, to fail for the want solved, shortly after the rising of Con- of necessary pecuniary aid. We are gress, to appoint an agent to visit and happy to state that auxiliary Societies explore a part of the west coast of have been formed in Baltimore, PhilAfrica. Upon further deliberation, adelphia, New-York, Virginia, and and considering the importance of the Ohio, and the Board have received mission, the variety of objects to information of the intention of formwhich the attention of a single agent ing other societies in diferent parts. would be directed--the danger of of the country. The extension of having the main object defeated by these auxiliaries is of the first importhe casualties to which he might be tance,as it is by their means the public exposed, as well as the importance of ruind must be enlightened on the great concert and co-operation in many and important objects of the Society, difficulties which might occur, it was and it is through them, in some meast thought advisable to increase the

ure, the necessary funds must be number to two. The managers, ac- drawn for its support. çordingly, after having received the The objectors to the Society are most satisfactory testimony of their generally those who acknowledge the zeal, ability, and other qualifications, importance and utility of establishing appointed Mr. S. J. Mills and Mr. the proposed colony; but suppose it Eben. Burges, Agents of the Society impracticable; and they refer princifor this pupose. It was supposed that pally, 1st. To the difficulty of promuch useful information might be

curing a proper situation for the coloprocured in England, and the enqui. ny. 28. The supposed repugnance ries of agents much facilitated by of the colonists. 3d. The expense of calling there on their way to Africa. emigration. The first objection is The members of the African institú. - assuming a dificulty without proof, tion in England have been for many and will be best answered by the reyears engaged in the laudable work

port of the agents, who have been of meliorating the condition of the

sent to explore the country. The long neglected and much abused Af

managers are enabled at present to ricans, and possess great influence in

state, that, from information derived that country, and particularly in the from various sources, they are percolony of Sierra Leone.

A letter suaded that a situation can be prowas, therefore, addressed by the

cured in Africa with the approbation, President to that body, in hopes that and secured from the hostility of the the high character of benevolence neighboring nations, which will poswhich characterizes the conductors sess, such fertility of soil, and salubriof that institution, and the similarity ty of climate. as to make it an invitof the objects of its pursuits, would ing situation to the people of colour in lead them cordially to co-operate in this country. the great designs of this Society, and 2. The objection on the part of the to give our agents all the aid in their coloured people, it is readily seen,

springs from first impressions, and is, tion, its success was the subject of the result entirely of ignorance and his ardent wishes, and the prospect misapprehension.

of its usefulness to the native AfriThe Managers have ascer tained cans and their descendants, in this that there are numbers of the highest country, was the solace of his destanding for intelligence and respect clining years, and cheered the last ability among that class of people, moments of his existence. who are warmly in favour of the plan, 3d. The objection urged on the from a conviction that it will, if ac

score of expenditure in transporting complished, powerfully co-operate in so many persons to Africa, has been placing the situation of their brethren arrayed in all the imposing forms of here and in Africa, in that scale of figures and calculations. There is happiness and respectability among

a material error in estimating the exthe nations of the earth, from which pence of removing each individual, they have long been degraded. Of by the same ratio, which may be in fers of service have been received

curred in the removal of the first colofrom many worthy and influential in- nists; without making any allowance dividuals of their own colour, and

for the thousands that will be enafrom a number of familics from dif

bled to defray their own expences. ferent parts of the United States, The Managers cannot pass the octo become the first settlers in the casion, without noticing the death of colony, whenever a suitable situation thie Rev. Doct. Finley, one of the shall be procured. Without detạil- Vice Presidents, during the past year, ing the variety of information receiv- The deep interest which he took in ed by the Board on this subject, the the success of the Society, and the Managers cannot omit the testimony zeal he displayed in its formation, of Capt. Paul Cufsee, so well known are well known to many present. ln in Africa, Europe, and America, for, his last sickness, he was much gratifihis active and enlarged benevolence, ed upon receiving information of the for his zeal and devotedness to the progress of the Society, and of its cause of the people of colour. The op- prospects of success. It gave consoportunities of Capt. Cuffee, of forming lation and comfort to his last moa correct opinion were superior per

ments. When we view the Society haps to those of any man in America. in this early stage of its proceedings, His judgement was clear and strong,

as animating the hopes and cheering and the warm interest he took in the prospects of the dying christian whatever related to the happiness of

who had beer engaged in its service; of that class of people is well known,

when we view it as consecrated by 'The testimony of such a man is suf- the prayers of the pious, may we not ficient to outweigh all the unfounded be led with humble confidence to look predictions and idle surmises of those to the good hand of an overruling opposed to the plan of the Society. Providence to guide its deliberations, He had visited twice the coast of May we not expect that the benedicAfrica, and became well acquainted

tions of millions yet unborn shal} with the country and its inhabitants.

bless its anniversary.?” He states that upon his opinion alone, he could have taken to Africa at

Hibernian Society. least two thousand people of colour An obliging friend has furnished us from Boston and its neighbourhood. with the < Eleventh Annual Report In the death of Paul Cuffee the So- of the Hibernian Society for establishciety has lost a most useful advocate, ing schools and circulating the scripthe people of colour, a warm and dis- tures,” together with an Appendix interested friend, and Society a valu- containing some interesting Extracts able member. His character alone

of Correspondence. Those who have ought to be sufficient to rescue the been informed of the general defect people to which he belonged from of education in Ireland, and who the unmerited aspersions which have take an interest in those occurrences been cast on them. The plan of the which are adapted to improve the Society met with his entire approba- condition of their fellow beings, will

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